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Zed Build Guide by Shakshooka

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shakshooka

Zed - The unseen blade is the deadliest

Shakshooka Last updated on November 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey Guys, this is my first Full-Guide, i hope you will enjoy and Vote it!
In this Full-Guide i will explain you how to play Zed, why i Build him up like this and why i choose that Masteries. I'll also like to give you some alternative's. I apologize if my english isn't the best, but i will try my best. So let's Start this Guide!

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For Marks i choose Greater Mark of Desolation because its easier to clear the jungle in Early-Game. As another option u can also take Greater Mark of Attack Damage but here is to say that it grant's you only 8,5 AD. The other ones let u get 15 Armor Penetration, i think its better in earlie and late game.

For Seals i choose Greater Seal of Armor because you will need that Armor in Jungle! I think there isnt any better option to this. If you like more try it out with Greater Seal of Vitality, but i think it isnt the best choice.

For Glyphs i choose 1 Greater Quintessence of Health because in my Masteries i did not spend any point on Durability and Veteran's Scars would means on Level 1 are 36 Health left. At Least i choose 2 Greater Quintessence of Vigor because there's 1 Point left on Vigor in Masteries, and it also will fill your HP faster on ways from Camp to Camp, wich means to clear jungle easier and a bit faster.

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Points in Offensive

Brute Force 3 Points, because there isnt any other possibilities. Zed don't need AP!

Butcher Would help you clearing jungle. I don't use a Summoner Spell wich i can upgrade here.

Alacrity Is here the best Choice because you wouldn't need the CDR or Tower Damage. Zed's primary spells "Q" and "E" have low CD at least.

Deadliness Is nice on Level 1 and it also grants you much more on 18 because of Living Shadow Passive!

Weapon Expertise 10% Armor Penetration best of here, because u can't get and wouldn't need
Arcane Knowledge Because you did not do any Magicdamage, instead of your Passive. At least you have no Option to skill Havoc because you don't need as an AD Offtank!

Lethality and Vampirism you get because it will help you in Earlie jungle! Instead of Vampirism u can get Havoc if you prefer!

Sunder Clearly, nothing to say here!

Executioner Works well with your passive and make you deal a lot of dmg on low HP targets!

Points in Defensive

Summoner's Resolve Grants 10 bonus Gold on Smite use! Best of for every jungler!

Hardiness Well, better than MR because you will get Mercury's Treads

Tough Skin Make it easier to jungle with Zed, because he's a bit weak in earlie game jungle!

Durability You don't need because you got Greater Quintessence of Health

Vigor Allow's you to stay longer in jungle earlie and mid game!

Bladed Armor Zed will need this because of his weakness on earlie jungle!

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Skill Sequence

Get it first and max it until lvl 9

Get it on lvl 2 and max it until lvl 13

Get it on lvl 3 and max it last

Get everytime it's possible

That Skill Sequence grants you a lot of gmd if you learned to work with Living Shadow as well as you can!

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Summoner Spells

You will need it in jungle!

I prefer Flash, because it grants you quick Escape and a lot of kills if you use it offensivley to get a last hit as well on escaping enemies!

You can choose this one if you play with for escaping.

I've tried it out but don't think that it is the best choice, it's to much aggressive, and bad chances to escape.

Same here like on Ignite.

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Full Item Build on Balanced AP/AD Enemie Team

Full Item Build on Heavy AP Enemie Team

Full Item Build on Heavy AD Enemie Team

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Pros / Cons


Quick jungler
Good Ganker
A lot of Mobility
Nice DMG on Tankiness


Weak earlie game
Can't earlie gank as well
Hard to play
Easy to counter jungle in early and mid game

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Ranked Play / Creeping and Jungling

Well if you play him in Ranked with those Runes and Masteries start jungling with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion. Try to buy on your first went back a Doran's Blade 1 or 2 Sight Ward and 1 or 2 Health Potion

Try to early Gank one of your lane's and get First Blood, go for gank with lvl 3, would means reach up lvl 3 as fast as you can!

Ask Mid Lane to help you out with some Auto Attacks on Wraiths Camp and pull the Lizard ( Red Buff ) If it will be fine use your first Health Potion here on Lizard! Smite him early if you are save and did not get invaded. After you go on for Golem's and use your 2nd Health Potion here. Look out for gank Bottom. Went back to Wraith's Camp, clear it, look out for Gank mid. Go over to Wolf's, clear it. Walk into the brush in front of Bluebuff, Use your last Health Potion and wait a bit for Energy, bring him down fast with "W" > "E" > "W" > "Q" > Smite > "E"! If you had enough HP look out for gank Top or if not go Back.

If you now got your Doran's Blade, Phage, Heart of Gold and your Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads try to get an Oracle's Elixir and some Sight Ward everytime you went back to base.

Ask your Mate's for gank or teach them to prepare for! Get some informations for Ulti's and Sommener Spells to get a save Kill on gank.

Now if you are playin Zed as well you can try to counter jungle your enemie!

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Unique Skills

Well here some Tips to play Zed in Ganks and Team fights!

Start gank with your in front of your Enemie and slow them with if you are now near your enemie throw your on him, if not, switch position first with and bring him damaged with your and now! Also if they are near turret, you will do slow with and some autoattacks now, go in range of tower, maybe some autoattacks here, than go out of range from the turret with and throw a last with your shadow on enemie and bring him down, without beeing hitted by the turret.

If you reached lvl 6 Start gank with Ultimate, instantly slow him with and try to hit him with all Shadow's and your ! Now if he isn't in range of his turret you can use your in front of him to slow him with again and pick up the kill with . If he is in range from his turret since gank started use your and switch position to get out of turret range as quick as possible and get a last hit with your Shadow and a . You also can use your here for some more dmg outout if you are tanky enough and escape with your .

If you escaping try to learn the terrain and use your > combo for get through them.

You also can steal Drake and or Baron with well timed > > > without beeing killed by the enemies! Train this and your Team will always love you. If you had no ready here, but your is ready, jump in, use , die and escape as well with your > combo again!

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Well I hope this Guide make you play Zed as well and you enjoyed it.

Train Zed with some Tips i gaved you here in Unique Skills!

I will update this Guide with Jungle-Remade and the new Items as soon as i can!

Best Regards
Shakshooka - The unseen Blade, is the deadliest!