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Zyra Build Guide by 88ash88

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 88ash88

Zyra season 3: kissed by fire

88ash88 Last updated on December 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I made this guide because I couldn't find any that reflected the item changes in season 3.

Normally I use Isthatoks guide for Zyra, which is much more in-depth, but I feel like an item such as Liandry's Torment would be a nice addition, and also with the transformation of Archangel's Staff when it caps into Seraph's Embrace, this item will help Zyra a lot in late-game where she often gets targeted.

I'm not a veteran player, so bear that in mind if you choose to read on. For totally new Zyra players however it might be useful.

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Laning and teamfights

Harassing and killing

Lvl 1

Use the range of Grasping Roots(E) to deal a bit of damage to your opponent.

Lvl 2

When your opponent is away from their tower, use Rampant Growth(W) with Grasping Roots(E). Remember to target your opponent with autoattack because your plant will attack whatever you're autoattacking.

Lvl 3-5

You can now start killing your opponent if they push too far from their tower, make sure to save up two seeds for this, if you only have one it's better to wait. Use Rampant Growth(W) quickly followed by Grasping Roots(E), then Rampant Growth(W) again (after the Grasping Roots(E) has hit), then quickly Deadly Bloom(Q) on top of the opponent (and your Rampant Growth(W)). Proceed to autoattack your opponent.

Lvl 6+

Use the same combo as lvl 3-5, but throw in Stranglethorns(R) after, this will make the two plants you've made gain +50% attack speed (along with the extra CC).

Initiating teamfights

For Zyra to initiate teamfights sucessfully you'll need to be sure that you won't be CC'ed (or killed outright) before you've completed your lvl 6+ rotation. That means you will only be initiating very rarely, mostly when your team catches the opponents stretched a bit out, with no gap-closing enemy close enough to attack you immediately. You initiate with the lvl 3-5 combo on the opponent that is the closest to you, then hold Stranglethorns(R) for a second for the other opponents to engage and then Stranglethorns(R) where you can hit the most enemy champions (or if a bruiser is hammering your carry, use it there).

Joining teamfights

Usually you will be joining the teamfight from behind your tankier allies, in this case it's pretty much a matter of locating the squishiest enemy champions and hitting as many of them as you can (without diving into the enemy lines) with your lvl 6+ combo.

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With the halving of the boots movement speed boost for season 3, I've postponed buying boots till about the 3rd time I return to base. The ceaseless harass you can do with Chalice of Harmony, or the benefit of starting to charge up Tear of the Goddess early on (to get that yummy Seraph's Embrace faster) makes up for the slight delay in boots. If you're against an opponent where you need to dodge skillshots or you want the safety 25 extra movement speed gives against ganks, then get boots first.

Remember, if you choose to go for Seraph's Embrace, spam your spells whenever Tear of the Goddess/ Archangel's Staff is off cooldown - even Rampant Growth(W) counts towards the charges. Don't spent all your mana for no reason, and make sure to have seeds when you need them, but when you do have spare mana/seeds, for example running around somewhere, by all means use your abilities to speed up the charges.

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I generally prefer to stay far away from enemy champions. My choice in summoner spells reflect this (the offensive summoner spells all have pretty short range).

Flash is nice for multiple reasons - for Zyra mainly as escape. I wouldn't swap this for anything.

Teleport is a personal favorite of mine. The ability to instantly return to your lane after going to buy or heal up (instead of spending as much time running as a death mid-game costs) is going to help you get ahead of your laning opponent. Add to that the ganking potential of this high-CC champion, and you have an idea of why I get it. Also note that both Flash and Teleport both benefit from Summoner's Insight and Enchantment: Distortion

Ghost would be my 3rd pick to gain an additional way to get away from melee champions.

Exhaust would be my 4th pick to gain an additional way to get away from melee champions.

Ignite isn't something I would get on Zyra because I don't want to get close enough to use it normally.

Barrier is another good option, especially if you don't want Seraph's Embrace to get that extra bit of survivability.

Heal is a bit too weak in it's present form, but it could help you stay in lane slightly better if you're up against a strong harasser.

Clarity isn't really needed in this build because this build has plenty of mana regen in runes and items.

Cleanse could be useful if you lane against a heavy CC champion or someone like LeBlanc who has lingering effects that can be devastating.

Clairvoyance it's always nice to know where your enemy champions are (or aren't), but I wouldn't recommend it for the AP carry.

I wouldn't consider using any of the other summoner spells.