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LoL Champion Discussion: Vi

Vi RP Cost 880 Vi BE Cost4800
+ Wishlist

Vi the Piltover Enforcer

Pick 98%
Win 52%

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Baasje | December 25, 2012 7:54am
Vi is one of the best champs of 2012, without a doubt.
I've got a Midlane Vi build. Check it out if you're interested!
Crimson Dog (1) | December 25, 2012 5:09am
yay another glass cannon vi build...-.-"
up against any competent top, you'd just be instagibbed
Crimson Dog (1) | December 24, 2012 10:04am
85 and 45 are her healt and mana PER LEVEL
somebody fix this
shadowchild423 | December 22, 2012 4:52pm
Why are the stats broken?
VoodooDog | December 20, 2012 12:34pm
why i cant add my guide?
Mowen (606) | December 15, 2012 8:36pm
Hopefully next patch. :) (So, Tuesday)
m11kkulii | December 15, 2012 5:24am
first. When Vi comes to store? I am definitly gonna buy Vi
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