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Community Spotlight- The Nameless Bard

Creator: Toshabi July 8, 2015 10:48pm
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Jan 18th, 2011
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Ladies and gentleman of MOBAFail. Today I've been dawned with the task of interviewing one of MOBAFail's longest standing (well, she's the only one I can remember other than HappyHappy, aka the self-proclaimed princess of MOBAFail) member of MOBAFail, The_Namless_Bard. I was given the 3100 declarations of what can and cannot be asked by the esteemed admin, Wayne3100 to conduct this interview in the most professional and most dignified way possible. (I skimmed it and quickly threw it out my window)

NamlessBard has provided to this community through many avenues, such as with her music composition skills, ability to work GIMP like a dollar *****, writing support guides comparable to instructions you'd find on sex ed pamphlets and her undeniably remarkable way of commanding large audiences with the movement of her eyebrows. Today, we'll delve in deeper to learn more than what we've already mined from this large treasure trove of Amanda, by getting in deep and asking the hard hitting question; some of which could change the lives of MOBAfailians everywhere (not really).

Starting off, Amanda really is your real name, is that correct? Many have speculated that this is some form of secret identity that you use to keep away the local fans you've accumulated over the years. In fact, folks around MOBAFail think your real name is Kyle, mainly because of the way you move your hips when a slamming member like GrandmasterDizzle drops a phat beat like a big booty hoochie momma.

Yes, Amanda is my name. I don't know that there are any, uh, local fans I've accumulated who are trying to stalk me or something.

Reports have it that members like Caucheka, Dufftime and local my little pony enthusiast Nighthawk have been reported seeing starting a local "gofundme" to stalk you at your address while writing messages of their love for you with body paint all across each other's chests.

If such an occurrence did occur, how quickly would you call 911 and would you expect MOBAfail staff supreme admin Psimander and Waynethreethousand to put an end to them on the realms of MOBAfail? Or do you feel as if they would join in on the excitement of it all and paint their chests with sweet messages about you too?

Well, I think I'd question why they bothered to stalk me of all people first, but I guess I'm probably call the police if they really did try to stalk me. I don't think Wayne or Psi are inclined to involve themselves in such things, but, I mean, I guess I could be wrong.

Many would say it's because of your ability to create visual masterpieces with GIMP that would attract all like mind-controlled flies heading towards a bug zapper lantern. In fact, we have many people across the valley of MOBAfail right here that can actually attest to what you made for them in GIMP. Do you have any examples of your work that you'd like to share with the classroom? and if so, which one was your FAVORITE project of them all, other than the one you made for me that I still have hung up on my refrigerator?

Picking favorites is never easy, but I can try to find a few examples of some I'm really proud of or just like a lot
  1. GMD and I worked on this one together, but it's one of my favorites nonetheless
  2. The first comic book style one I made and still my favorite
  3. This was really fun to make, I guess, and it turned out really pretty
  4. Another one that I just really love how it turned out, even though it's quite simple
  5. This was one of the first few in a group of signatures using Ganassa's bikini LoL fan artworks and probably the best one
  6. This was made forever and a day ago, but still one I'm pretty proud of and like a lot

Now, someone doesn't get super creative powers over night. Many of these show a lot of time and dedication picked up over the course of years. How long have you been in the business of doing graphic design like this off to the side? Or were you struck by a Michael Jackson meteorite one day and turned into some form of Graphic Design robot that has the need to put small children inside of themselves?

Well, I was really bored and started a signature thread clear back in 2011, with no previous experience at all. I had no idea what I was doing and was using an online photo editing program to make signatures. Shortly, Lugignaf suggested I try using GIMP and since it was free I figured if I hated it I could just, you know, not. For quite a while I made what I would consider pretty poor signatures, but for whatever reason people really liked them (I actually still nitpick my own work massively, even now). I eventually just started to practice by trying to figure out how to make things look a certain way on my own, rather than by following tutorials, which helped me improve massively and expanded my knowledge of how GIMP could be used. I've done a small amount of other GFX design here and there (such as designing a few logos and some other things), but most of my practice and, now, skill comes from making signatures or other, much more casual graphics.

So we can safely say, you're the one that started the signature movement on MOBAfail? And I mean the movement where you and other signature makers brainwash other lowly, noncreative members of MOBAfail to do your bidding by way of you creating gorgeous designs and signatures for them at the cost of a fragment of their soul?

Not really, no. When I joined the main person teaching everyone to make signatures and such was Xiaowiriamu and it is 100% his fault that I make signatures. I suppose there are a few newer signatures makers here and there who maybe started because I helped them and who have maybe even improved due to my advice, but I really can't take responsibility for signatures becoming so popular.

That's probably why you mained the role support afterall. Speaking of which, you're pretty well known on the MOBAfail guide making scene for your support guides. Why did you choose support to main and how do you feel your knowledge is on the role as a whole?

Support just fits my personality, so I quickly decided I wanted to play it (though my first champion was actually Sivir, since I didn't play the tutorials until after I'd played a few normal games with some friends). I didn't really think I was particularly well known for any of my guides except the truly terrible ones I used to write a few years ago (and that one top rated AP Soraka guide back in the day, I guess), but I suppose it's possible. My knowledge is good enough to function, I guess. I know a fair amount purely because I've been playing the game since season one, but I'm not necessarily all that good at using the knowledge I've gained a lot of the time and I don't know as much as I'd like to either.

Do you see yourself as one who's deeply invested in League of Legends like other people are, or do you play it simply for fun? In other words, are you in bed with Riot games like so many people want to be, or would you rather be Riot Game's best friend and have yourself a drink from time to time?

I really want to play the game a lot more than I do, but it makes me anxious and stressed. I don't like failing and I have a very real fear of disappointing random strangers who probably have no expectations of me. So, I guess, neither?

That's a fair enough answer. What was the first thing that even drew you into playing league of legends in the first place? Was it the pretty pixel fairies and magical beams that struck you in your creativities or was it simply because a lot of lame, nerdy people played it and it was competitive as heck?

Well, you see, I was dating a guy at the time who played it basically constantly with his friends. I thought if I started playing it he'd pay more attention to me and his friends would maybe stop being so aloof towards me. I was wrong on both accounts, heh. I didn't get much more attention and most of his friends actually liked me even less for encroaching on their male bonding time or whatever it is guys do when they play video games without their girlfriends.

You mean a ritual in which nerds gather together to rub their Jimmy Dean Sausages together? I do that quite often, so I can understand where they're coming from. It's a guy thing.

Yea, that. I guess they didn't like me interrupting them acting on their latent homosexual tendencies.

Speaking of homosexual tendencies, you ended up joining MOBAFail as a result of being exposed to the game known as LoL. What drew you to this community and why the HECK did you bother sticking around this hole in the internet.

Well, the same person who got me into the game also recommended I look here for guides to help me learn how to play champions. I decided to join because I wanted to write guides (given that I was level 22 at the time this was a stupid decision). I really am not sure why I stay around either, I tend to think most of the active people either dislike me or have no opinion of me and a lot of the time I find myself frustrated with the site as a whole. Maybe it's the fact that I feel like I can still do nice things for others (and, occasionally, get a thank you about it), maybe it's because I feel some sort of nostalgia, but I honestly don't know.

Well damn. I don't know MOBAFailians to be the hateful type. I'm pretty sure the hate is all in your head. That or you're actaully in line to be assassinated, digitally, by the hands of Teenage pop singer and LoL fanatic WrathOfVulkan.

Speaking of really awkward veterans, how did you come to be apart of their rankings, despite your outlook on MOBAFail and League of Lamers?

I got to the +rep threshold. I was one of the few, the proud, the automatically promoted. : ^ )
At the time I really did care though.

Actually I was one of those too. I'm pretty sure they were trying to promote me to villain, but Wayne totally ****ed up at put me in vets. And seeing how it actually rose his appeal ratings with the populous of MOBAfail (which got him reelected as admin of MOBAfail), he decided to keep me around.

So like me, you got to see the behind the scenes goodies that go on with the vets, analysing their personalities and habits. What's your opinion of the MOBAFailian vets and why am I so much better than all of them?

astrolia: miss seeing you around, really liked your guides and thought your advice was always quite helpful, even if it was sometimes kinda blunt.
Bryun: I dun like being blamed for stuff that isn't my fault. Besides that, we're cool.
Embracing: I remember when you were RosePhoenix : ^ )
emoriam: You, like me, seem to not like it when people capitalize the first letter of your name (amandamonium gets capitalized fairly frequently -.-). You seem to give good advice. I don't know you that well though.
FalseoGod: Not sure if secretly bisexual or only into me.
Janitsu: ilu janjan, we be bestest friends forevurrrrrrrrrrrr
jhoijhoi: Honestly thought you hated me for ages. We don't always agree, but you're pretty cool.
Joxuu: You seem like a cool guy. Great guides too. Can we be friends?
Luther3000: You and I seem to have similar mental issues with league, I guess, but you're a pretty neat person overall.
Mejiji: I honestly don't know you all that well, but you seem really nice. Also, what the **** was that support Tristana ******** you pulled against me that one time?
MissMaw: Used to think you hated me too for some reason. You're pretty nice though and your guides/coding are awesome.
Nighthawk: You can't have Nikki, she's mine. <3
OTGBionicArm: It's too bad we drive each other absolutely bonkers at the gaming table, but besides that you're pretty cool, even if you make me want to scream when I'm trying to make the game move along.
Searz: If you hadn't actually outright told me you didn't have some sort of grudge against me, I'd still think you did. You can come on a bit strong at times, but I think you usually mean well.
tehAsian: pretty sure you've kicked my *** in an inhouse at least once.
Toshabi: My favorite villain on MOBAFire. Also a pretty cool guy.
utopus: Pretty cool. Also, you're fun to play Pathfinder with : D
Vapora Dark: Was pretty sure you disliked me for the longest time (and was not totally wrong about that), and I think you're a bit harsh at times, but you seem to mean well and overall be a pretty nice guy. If I made you a signature that didn't include Battle Bunny Talon, would you actually use it? : ^ )
Vynertje: You give really good advice and you seem to be a really nice guy overall. Also, you once defended me on my Nami guide when someone said they didn't want to read it because I was silver and that meant a lot to me.
PsiGuard: You're awesome and ilu. Thank you for listening to my incessant whining.
Wayne3100: You give pretty great advice and you seem like a really great guy.
Lugignaf: You seem like a pretty great dude. Also, it's your fault I use GIMP, so thanks for that
IceCreamy: How much does a polar bear weigh? wait, already used that one on you, ****.
Scrax: I miss you, pls come back
Mowen: "but I thought you thought she was an idiot" Probably true and I'm not even the least bit offended. xD

So among other things, its been told by MOBAfail veterans alike that you used to allure young sailors to an island by way of using music, where you'd get them trapped in some sort of concoction of sorts and eat them.

I think I'm mixing up folklore here, maybe I'm not, but is that true?

And what sort of music do you play? For someone named "Nameless Bard" I'm sure that the name has to give off the fact that you've been jamming out on music at some point of your life. And is this something you can see yourself doing professionally?

It's not true, I'm not near that cool. I play multiple instruments (oboe, clarinet, guitar, among some others) and also sing though. I did once try to go to school for that and it kind of failed miserably, so I don't really see myself making a career out of music, no.

My name is a reference to a book character and also a comment about the fact that I was once a not as well known bard in the SCA here in Northshield (that being the medieval reenactment stuff I do) and not a lot of people knew my SCA name.

So you have a healthy affiliation with medieval like activities? Anything else you want to share about that?

I think someone in the veterans discussion said something about wanting to have you be their blacksmith, although the context of this is not safe for MOBAfire and was made by nonother than DirtyGoolash.

I mean, I made a knife once, but I'm no blacksmith. I do sword fight though. You know, in armor. Also, I'd like to point out this is not LARP. I don't have a character sheet, I can't cast lightning bolt. People call me Beatriu, but I'm still myself.

So now we all must know, have you ever stabbed someone in the name of righteous combat? And be honest here.

With a real sword? no. With a rattan sword? undoubtedly.

Digressing into this all like a hot knife through a bucket of ice cream, some of the members were actually curious about the Dungeons and Dragons side of you. Its been noted by many onlookers (mostly me, since I stalk your blolg and made a fanwebsite ) that you are apart of a few games. What's your favorite rule set of dungeons and dragons and what turned you onto the super nerdy past time?

I've played almost exclusively Pathfinder RPG for several years now. The last time I played any sort of Dungeons and Dragons was quite a while ago (like when I was 14 or 15). I've played a couple other games, such as a superhero game using the Paladium system where I was a winged humanoid alien with superhuman strength and agility and the ability to control karma who called herself "Talon" and a Star Wars d20 game where I was a Mandalorian Soldier (yes, there were Amandalorian jokes made that night), but those were a few night stands and Fantasy table-top games will always be my true love. (heart)

Now if you could take that knowledge and ability and create a table top version of League of legends.....

Wizards of the Coast already did that. I mean, 4ed is pretty much the same difference.

There you have it ladies and gentleman, not only is your precious League of Legends a wannabe DoTA, it's already been done in the table top sense. We're done here.

I wish, but these MOBAfailian vets are forcing me at fish biscuit point that if I don't ask you enough questions from their hat, they'll have me strung up like the chicken your mother bought from the market and forgot about for months on end.

I'm going to consider this next part as the "Lightning Round" because these questions are fast and furious. They'll gnaw your face off if you're not careful. So let's start at the top with League of Legends related trivia.

Other than sivir having nice badbunkadunks and an outfit that screams "Please guys, look at me and fantasize about getting hot and heavy with me", who is your favorite champion and league of legends and why? To keep this open ended, this can be for any reason other than LOL viability.

My favorite champion is Karma. She's been my favorite champion since her release and she'll probably always be. Her kit has always been unique and I really like that. On top of that, I just love the theme of her as well.

Question #2, pikachu. Imagine me saying this in the most girly, most anime voice ever: "AGUUUU! WHAT WAS YOUR MOST MEMORABLE EVENT CONCERNING LEAGUE OF LEGENDS"? ⁽(◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)⁽

Hmph. I guess, maybe, the time I ended up in champion select with some guy in ranked who had read my Soraka guide (mind you, this was back in season one). He was all excited and then someone dodged so we ended up on opposing teams and the guy insisted they ban Soraka. I think I played Lux support (badly, I might add), but we still won the game somehow. I don't have a whole lot of exciting memorable stuff to talk about. xD

Sounds about right. Honestly, for me nowadays, the most exciting moments of league of legends happen when I can turn off the game and take an enormous dump.

Now this one was asked by MOBAfail Vet #14, "WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT LEAUGE ART AND WHAT WOULD YOU BURN?!"

I'm assuming they're saying what's your positive opinion and negative opinion about League of Legend's art. I think. Don't quote me on that please.

I think some of it is really well done and some of it is pretty poor. I really wish they'd just decide on a style and stick with it, because the inconsistency annoys me a bit. I also really dislike that a lot of the recent poses for new original splash arts are kind of a pain to fit into signatures, but that's not a particularly important complaint.

For signature makers everywhere, I think that's a pretty fair statement.

Next question... errr... uh, "Sexy boys and girls from MOBAfire"? I think I might've actually written this as a "To do" list for myself, but whatever, we'll ask you it and pretend it was a legitimate question.

Well, I mean, obviously my Nikki is the hottest girl on MOBAFire. <3 As for the guys? hmm, I'm gonna go with DuffTime on this one.

I'm positive that's Swahili for Toshabi, so I'll let you have it. I'm flattered, but you gotto wait in line baby.

Now, many of the folks down in Veteran and MOBAfail chat halls have always wondered... "Is Nick a real person, or are they just a series of tubes constructed by the MOBAfail hate machine to trick small children into donating candy your way"?

If he's not a real person, then he's sure got a very elaborate scheme to convince me to knit him a free Tundra Fizz hat going on.

I had a feeling...

Now, some of the veterans wanted to know what kind of music do you listen to. We know you play a variety of instruments, so now it's time to know what kind of music it is that the great and mighty Amanda enjoys listening too.

I listen to a lot of different genres of music. I listen to just about everything that isn't country or rap at least a little bit, actually. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Dream Theater though. And a bit of Metallica

Now, lastly, instead of going on a date with the World Famous, most good looking pokemon on MOBAfail Toshabi, who is someone you'd love to do even if it were not possible? The MOBAfail vet that asked that also told me to mention some skank named Angeeleenee Julia? I think I got that right.

You know, I don't honestly have a good answer to that question.
Probably wouldn't be Angelina Jolie though, she's not my type. Olivia Wilde is more my type.

And there you have it folks, Angelina Jolie is Tier trash compared to Olivia Wilde.

Well that about wraps it up for the questions that was provided to me by our darling MOBAfail veteran staff. Do you have any closing comments you'd like to leave with our fellow MOBAfailians before we conclude this interview, young Amanda?

I guess thanks for a sometimes not completely terrible four-ish years? : ^ )

There you have it folks! I'd have something witty to conclude this with but I don't get paid enough to do this.
The end

IceCreamy wrote:

(1:07): I prefer your balls over ***hol

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Jan 8th, 2012
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep July 9, 2015 12:32am | Report
Hey, I wasn't slowing down progress. I was advancing it in a different direction!
<Ancient Member>
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Jan 17th, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep July 9, 2015 1:08am | Report
Hey, I wasn't slowing down progress. I was advancing it in a different direction!
#stophelping 8D
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Oct 11th, 2014
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep July 9, 2015 1:23am | Report
I'll give it a few months to a year before I'm going to be interviewed.

There's only a handful of interesting ppl left before the bottom of the barrel members like me and goodplays started getting dragged out of the woodwork.
<Guide Critic>
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Jan 10th, 2012
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep July 9, 2015 2:01am | Report
I'll give it a few months to a year before I'm going to be interviewed.

There's only a handful of interesting ppl left before the bottom of the barrel members like me and goodplays started getting dragged out of the woodwork.

Don't worry, we'll make sure to make it bi-monthly or even quarterly to make sure you won't get that spotlight any time soon.
OTGBionicArm's Forum Avatar
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Jan 8th, 2012
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep July 9, 2015 2:05am | Report
I'll give it a few months to a year before I'm going to be interviewed.

There's only a handful of interesting ppl left before the bottom of the barrel members like me and goodplays started getting dragged out of the woodwork.

Get to master using that terrible champion you talk about a lot like Vapora and you too can be popular.
Jimmydoggga 2.0
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Sep 5th, 2013
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep July 9, 2015 2:21am | Report
I'll give it a few months to a year before False begins stalking Nameless.

There's only a handful of interesting ppl left before the bottom of the barrel members like me and goodplays started getting dragged out of the woodwork.

I think we should interview HifromBuddha at least once. From then on we can just interview Vapora every single week.

Basically MOBAFire.
<MOBAFire Mother>
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Mar 20th, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep July 9, 2015 2:49am | Report
^^ Nice interview. You got down on yourself quite a bit there, though, Amanda :/
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Nov 18th, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep July 9, 2015 3:35am | Report
hide that december link from wayne tosh
Vapora Dark
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Oct 16th, 2011
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep July 9, 2015 3:43am | Report
hide that december link from wayne tosh

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