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Patch 8.9 Summary

Creator: PsiGuard May 1, 2018 7:12pm
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Jun 26th, 2011
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Hello and welcome to the MOBAFire Patch Summary - 8.9!

This patch includes updates to mages and mage items as well as a host of champion balance changes, updates to Baron Nashor and Rift Herald, and a total rework of Unsealed Spellbook Read on below to learn more!

Check out the full patch notes for details on any changes that interest you, and be sure to check out Riot's video summary below!

Balance Changes

Item Changes

Removed: No longer gives base mana regen
Removed: No longer returns mana on minion kill
New: Now gives 5 mana regen per 5 seconds
New: Now gives +5 on-hit damage vs minions
Bugfix: Fixed a bug where Rageblade interacted with other bonus attack damage-granting effects to grant more attack damage than intended (lookin' at you, Jhin, but also Infernal Drake and Master Yi, etc.).

Rune Changes

Updated: Swap one of your equipped summoner spells to a new, single-use summoner spell. After using the single-use summoner spell, your original summoner spell will swap back in. Hover the icon for more details.
Bugfix: Chrysalis's adaptive damage bonuses no longer revert to health when in combat with enemy champions.
Bugfix: Chrysalis's tooltip now indicates the proper amount of adaptive stats granted once transformed.

Other Changes

  • Client

    • Choose your own profile background! Go to the profiles page, click the new cog icon, and select from any splash art from the skins or champion you own.

  • Bugfixes

    • Fixed a bug where Katarina's Death Lotus could not be cast if enemies in range could not be seen.

    • Manaflow Band can no longer be triggered by certain items.

    • Casting summoner spell Exhaust now correctly puts the caster in combat.

    • Fixed a bug where the bonus attack damage did not count towards Zed's bonus attack damage scaling on Razor Shuriken.

    • Fixed a bug where certain zombie states prevented future stacking of Manaflow Band.

    • Muramana and Seraph's Embrace now correctly grant gold when sold.

    • Shyvana Bot no longer becomes dormant while in Dragon form.

    • Rammus Bot no longer becomes dormant while in Powerball.

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

The following skins will be released during patch 8.9:

The following chromas will be released during patch 8.9:

Share Your Thoughts!

That's it on our end, time to hear from you guys! What do you think of the changes to mages this patch? How do you feel about the balance changes to items and champions? Will you be buying any of the new skins or chromas?

Let us know in the comments below!
Thanks to The_Nameless_Bard for the sig!
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Jan 27th, 2018
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Like the skin, don't like the champ. I feel like I want to start playing evelynn now.
The one guy who plays League for a good time just to get flamed and hated for having a rough game. Sadly, I know I'm bad at the game, but still, is there no such thing as a bad game?

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