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Just Some Bored Research

So I was talking in Kesharq's ranked journey thread when a point came up about Tier Distribution and how there were more Silvers than Bronzes with the removal of clamping. This was news to me, so I took the liberty to look into this.

In the past, the majority of players were easily Bronze players (roughly 45% Bronze, 41% Silver, 10% Gold, 3% Platinum, <1% Diamond, <1% Challenger on NA servers).

Looking into more recent charts:


Percentage of Bronze Players: 36.17205%
Percentage of Silver Players: 39.87386%
Percentage of Gold Players: 15.81819%
Percentage of Platinum Players:6.52046%
Percentage of Diamond Players: 1.59663%
Percentage of Challenger Players: 0.01881%


Percentage of Bronze Players: 40.46994%
Percentage of Silver Players: 37.41485%
Percentage of Gold Players: 14.45129%
Percentage of Platinum Players: 6.14737%
Percentage of Diamond Players: 1.4908%
Percentage of Challenger Players: 0.02574%


The distribution has changed noticeably, at least on the EUW and…

Top Lane Skillz

Hey everybody,
Yesterday I played Yorick top lane. Nothing to fancy just a little PvP to calm the nerves and guess what? They had a duo top, Jax and Vladimir. Irony is they still had a jungler. Despite the added person top, I managed to not only keep my lane but bully their entire top lane down. by end game i was fighting off the entire team with Yorick's sustain.

Peace Everybody

How to fix Kassadin

Hello everyone!

While listening to some podcast, guys talked a bit about picks and bans and said, that Kassadin is either banned, or picked and usually team that has him, wins the game. Very true, unless they go like Kassa I faced recently, who got 4x Rabaddon, RoA and basic boots).

So, perpetual question - why Riot doesn't do anything about him, and how to fix him?

To be honest, Kassadin is a victim of his own OPness. He is the ultimate, current meta champ - got silence, gap closer/maker, massive burst dmg, mobility. He kills before you can do squatt as 1v1, the same goes for team fights. Since lvl 6 till the end of the game he is a constant threat and even pros can't deal with him, so he is permabanned.

Sure, he costs only 3150 IP, but why should you buy a champ, that you can play only in custom games and troll picks? (sry, I meant blind picks). One thing is clear - he needs to be fixed, but for now on it seems like Riot pretends Kassa has no problems, or that it is not importa…

Why Riot, Why? Episode 1

Good Evening.

This is going to be my introduction and first entry to a series dedicated to the things that Riot does wrong. Of course, these are all just personal opinions and don't necessarily reflect the views or beliefs of MOBAfail (which is pretty much everything I say). Today, I'd like to talk about a subject that we're ALL pretty much involved with;

Episode 1: All Talk

So we've finally entered the 2014th year of Man Kind after the birth of our dear Lord and all we've got to show for it are things like the tribunal being put into play. Yes, the Tribunal, a systems dedicated to cleaning out the filth that is the Riot community. It's sort of a backwards system, if I say so myself, given that 70% of the people who are voting on these cases are troublemakers themselves according to LoL's statistics and data released last year (don't quote me on that, it just sounds flashy and professional).

Upon reviewing a lot of these cases, I noticed that there was a really stupid trend…

My League Matches 1

Well, here we go! We're gonna start off the week and the new schedule with my league matches of the previous week.

In terms of Ranked, I played 5 of my placement matches over the weekend. I'm really late with ranked this season because me and my partner wanted to wait a little bit and then the whole thing with my Hard Drive happened. Anyways, we have 3 wins and 2 losses so far.

In Game 1, I played Top Lane Mundo and played against a Trundle. We were even in CS during laning phase but he did get 1 assist when my jungler decided to gank and got counter-ganked by their Pantheon. Our AP and AD Carrier got caught a lot and it was just one of those games where you can't win. The lesson of the game? Junglers, please STAHP ganking a farm fest lane if your Top Laner is a tank that can't carry.

Game 2, I was Jungle Shyvana since my duo partner wanted Top. I pretty much carried that game. Our support dc-ed for the first 10 minutes and our Caitlyn did an amazing job farming all alone and keepin…

Ranked Diary #2

Cursed weekend.

The last one was really good, this one really sucked. I guess I'm staying in Bronze till I figure out how to win these games. :/

SUNDAY 9.2.2014

We nearly lost because team could not group. No matter how much I pinged and asked in chat to do it. Then someone started to ping baron like every 10 seconds, until 2 other guys joined. So I went there to help and protect, since I knew enemy was coming (they all lived). Luckily Ahri went afk, we got baron in time and were left with enough health to kill 3 enemy players and finish the game.

Free Rotation Review - W4

Hello everybody!

This time I tried them all in very short time, so let's have a look today.


I got Judicator for a long time. Friends told me to get her, since she is cheap, and it's great mid champ, that can go also top, support and nowadays jungle as well. That she is ultimate hero, who can go AD, AP or hybrid and still do well. So I got her, feeded mid lanes, top lanes and then abandoned her.t when I play her, she is shiet, when others play her, they are destroying everybody. This time she got another chance to rise and shine.

As a support, I did good. This champion has slow, heal that increases movement and her ulti is ideal for either saving from certain death, or for safe tower dive. People were thanking me so much, I lost the count. Maybe I should really think about playing her as a support some more.

In mid lane it was OK as well. I faced Ryze and even though I feeded FB, from then he was by biatch. I'm becoming a real bot master than…

What is up with league-based elitism in matchmade...

(Just an unedited rant below, apologies if it doesn't make any sense, very angry atm)

So I just finished a game with possibly the most toxic Diana player in all of League of Legends history. Whines about me not leashing blue (after I spent the entire early game keeping Xin from warding our side of the river), then refused to give red to Jinx, ever. Even smited it away from her when she already killed most of the buff. Apparently because he is Diamond I and Jinx is "only Diamond III 0 LP" she has no right to any jungle camps. Even spammed laugh during a gank and let Jinx die while she stood there and watched, because "this is why you don't farm my jungle". Seriously pissed me off, and this is not the first time I've heard people use their own *******ed league as an insult just because someone else is in a lower division. What's worse is when someone duo-queues with a friend: apparently if you are the lower ranked player in duo queue, you don't deserve your rank, you should feel bad, a…

New schedule for this Blog

Came up with a somewhat good schedule for this blog. Instead of just blogging whenever I feel like it I'll blog about specific stuff on each day. Here's the schedule:

Mondays - My league related stuff. This includes my ranked matches the previous week, what I played, how my matches went and all that other stuff.

Tuesdays - LCS discussion day. During Tuesdays I'll talk about the LCS matches during the previous week. I mostly watch the NA LCS but I'll try to talk about EU LCS as well. Sorry to the OGN/LPL viewers :P

Wednesdays - Manga Chapters day. I don't think too many people will read these posts but I do read the Naruto and Bleach mangas so I'll talk about the new chapters on Wednesdays.

Thursdays - Anime series review day. On Thursdays I'll pick an anime series I've watched, want to watch or don't want to watch and I'll talk about it. I already did a huge blog post that includes reviews for most of the animes I've watched but these posts will include more detailed reviews.


My first Ranked team.

I made my first Ranked team the other day. We haven't played a game altogether because some of us are online when others are offline and vice versa, so some of us have been duoing and it's been going great. It'd be really cool if this works out, we've been winning more games together than I do on my own, and we all seem to get along. :)