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Senna Build Guide by Doktora

Top [10.16] Doktor Senna TOP,MID,ADC,Support and Jungler FULL G

Top [10.16] Doktor Senna TOP,MID,ADC,Support and Jungler FULL G

Updated on August 16, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doktora Build Guide By Doktora 206 39 697,900 Views 6 Comments
206 39 697,900 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Doktora Senna Build Guide By Doktora Updated on August 16, 2020
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Runes: Slow Attacks for all lanes

1 2 3 4 5 6
Glacial Augment
Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery
Approach Velocity

Presence of Mind
Coup de Grace

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Chase Kills
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[10.16] Doktor Senna TOP,MID,ADC,Support and Jungler FULL G

By Doktora
Senna Guide List

Senna Skills

Passive -> Absolution

Senna is less likely to spawn souls from minions she kills herself, but will always spawn souls from Large minions, Monsters, and Champions. Senna’s crit damage is lowered by 35% as a trade-off for all of the free stats granted from gathering mist.

Q - Piercing Darkness

Piercing Darkness’ range will always match Senna’s, meaning that when you gain range from your passive, Piercing Darkness’ range will also increase. It can target almost anything (apart from inhibitors, walls, and brush) which allows for some unexpected angles and sneaky kills. Note that the heal from Piercing Darkness will always hit you. Piercing Darkness also procs on-hit effects making items such as Black Cleaver easier to stack.

W - Last Embrace

Last Embrace’s range is deceptively long, like Morgana’s Dark Binding. Your opponents may underestimate Last Embrace’s range and get caught off guard, getting rooted. If Last Embrace hits and kills a low health target, the area around it is instantly rooted. You can use this to your advantage to land an unexpected instant-root.

E - Curse of the Black Mist


b]Curse of the Black Mist grants you and your allies camouflage — which is visible to Control Wards, Turrets, and champion vision if someone gets close enough.[/b]

It’s quite difficult to use reactively due to its cast time. If the enemy is already pouncing on top of you before you start backing away, you’re as good as dead without flash available. Curse of the Black Mist is a lot more effective when used proactively, such as during a fight, utilizing the camouflage to weave in and out of vision, or to set up a gank by hiding your jungler and surprising the enemy.

R - Dawning Shadow

Dawning Shadow requires you to have map awareness in order to utilize its full potential. Look out for opportunities to help your teammates all across the map whenever they need it. Is your top laner getting dove by the enemy jungler? Aim Dawning Shadow up there to help.

Keep in mind that your ultimate cannot damage neutral objectives or monsters, meaning you shouldn’t attempt to steal Baron or dragon with it.

Senna’s Marksman Runes

Since you always heal yourself with Piercing Darkness, Overheal is great for Senna. Taking Legend:Bloodline is generally better than alacrity on her as, unlike most other marksmen, her attack speed scaling is next to nothing. As for your secondary page, you can choose pretty much anything, but I recommend either Sorcery with Manaflow Band and Gathering Storm, or Inspiration with Magical Footwear and Biscuit Delivery.

Senna’s Support Runes

This is similar to your classic enchanter support rune page taking Summon Aery for stronger poking early-game and better shielding late-game. Manaflow Band is strong on Senna due to her high mana costs. Revitalize from the Resolve tree is useful for increasing the size of your heals and shields.

Some Senna support players will likely test Press the Attack due to how easy it is to proc with the auto-Q-auto combo. Press the Attack will let you amplify your carry’s auto attack damage, which is obviously a good thing. We have seen other supports such as Leona use this before to great effect due to how easily and reliably she can proc it.

In lane you want to constantly auto attack the enemy whenever you can to get your passive Absolution and Spellthief's Edge stacked up. After attacking an enemy champion Absolution will apply Mist on them for 4 seconds. If you then auto attack them again Senna will collect the Mist gaining 1 Attack damage per Mist and after every 20 stacks she also gets 25 range and 15% crit chance (35% of crit chance above 100% is converted to lifesteal).
Mist Wraiths may spawn from dead enemies, and Senna can kill them for 3 gold and a Mist stack. This is scaling infinitely, making her a strong late game champion. You just need to know Senna Passiv to control the game to know what to build and how to farm.

With every auto attack the cooldown of Q Piercing Darkness will be reduced by 1 second, so cooldownreduction and attack speed are valuable stats. The lower the cooldown of Q Piercing Darkness is the more impactful will 1 second reduction per auto attack be.When you enemy is behind minions mark the minions whit your Q Piercing Darkness to hit him.Range of Q Piercing Darkness is Huge use that : )

You know Sena Q Piercing Darkness need a lot of mana for that use that build to have mana to control the lane.

You know Q Piercing Darkness heals all allies so use that in team fight stay behind poke from ther,heal you enemy and use your R Dawning Shadow to shild them and make a nice DMG.

The most important thing is W Last Embrace to root your enemy hit him whit 1 basic attack Q Piercing Darkness and 1 more basic attack then go back and make that 2-3 times then rush for kill and if he go under tower use your Ult R Dawning Shadow

Combos/How to play lanes


Top is simple Senna i very stong early game level 1 or 2 you can make a huge dmg on your enemy.You just need to make basic attacks (for stacks) and when you hit level 2 try to make that Basic attack W then Q and basic attack and go back make that 3 times and you can kill him whit your ignate.Next combo take a little more time you dont have big attack speed early game so the strong combo is Basic atack W basic attack Q Basic attack and if you enemy go back(run) try second basic attack.That is the best combo early game.


Mid lane is a little hard most time you will play vs AP champs and they have target spells you just cant esc from that so use that to attack you know you will take dmg so you have to make dmg to.The combo is almost the same like in top lane but here you will use mostlr Range Q or the LONG Q.How to do that is very simple most mage attack from behind minions(mage minions) so you just need to focus minions to attack your enemy whit Q you make dmg on them and heal :) then try to take your stack, most time they will run,so you can farm easy,you lose stack,but dont lose farm.


So when you play adc you make the same attack like top and mid lane (most time)use long Q and when you used try to heal your support you have to make all time combo make dmg and heal your ally.In this lane stacks is good, but farm is very importan so dont lose farm try to take any minions and use combo whit your support to make strong dmg or a kill. : )


Here you just need to poke more and you Top lane combo early you have good range and strong dmg all time you will focus the enemy support so all time enemy support must be 50-60% HP from your attacks when you have good W shot to enemy adc used to take him down. but you have to stay close to your adc or behind to use your Q for heal thne go frond you to take the dmg. :) And the most important thing is try to not steal kills give all to adc(if you can). : )


For level 1 >>
Basic attack W then Basic attack and try for second Basic attack
For level 2 or more>>
Basic attack W then Q and basic attack
Basic atack W basic attack Q Basic attack and if you enemy try to escape hit a second basic attack
Q basic attack(or TWO basic attacks) W basic attack(or TWO basic attacks) Q and final basic attack
For level 6 or more >>
Big combo Basic attack Q Basic attack W Basic attack R Basic attack Q and Basic attack
Second big combo Basic attack Q Basic attack W Basic attack R TWO Basic attack Q and Basic attack
Third big combo Q TWO Basic attack W Basic attack R Basic attack E TWO Basic attack Q Basic attack

Most combo is for Basic attacks Q and W ,when you start Q first then Basic attacks to reduse CD on you Q to used second time : ) ,BUT you have to know W have 2 sec delay before root your enemy you can try to hit him or enemy minions you can focus minions for no delay. Your Ult R most time you will use it like Lux,Ez,Draven,Jnix for last shoot to take him down on towers or when he try to escape.
I dont talk to much for Skill E it is simple in top and mid i dont use to much that skill i use it to help my jungler to hide from tower to bushes and he make a good gank that is very good use(mostly for that).When you go in team figts try to stay behind to poke whit your Q and heal your allies and your ult to make dmg and shild them.


I have test the Senna in jungle and she is not bad,but early you will take to much dmg so start from Blue is good for you.You can try from Red,but you need big help from your team is very squishy first 3 levels after level 4 and first back you control the jungler lane.
How to play it it is simple here you need to use E all time for speeding in jungler and for gank W is you prime spell for 2.25 sec Root (at max level). if you go for Red and have help try to gank top at level 2 you are strong in level 2 to take First Blood(prefer top take ,but you can take it to ( : )

For patch 2.23 Senna Support best item for her is BLACK MIST SCYTHE and she is one ot the best support for new patch.

I will make even more detail guide very soon(just need little more games)........
League of Legends Build Guide Author Doktora
Doktora Senna Guide
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