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Senna Build Guide by Bouhhsolene

[10.22] Follow the screams!

[10.22] Follow the screams!

Updated on October 30, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bouhhsolene Build Guide By Bouhhsolene 66 5 386,210 Views 5 Comments
66 5 386,210 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Bouhhsolene Senna Build Guide By Bouhhsolene Updated on October 30, 2020
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Runes: Late game rune

1 2 3 4 5 6
Dark Harvest
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Agressive/Against substain champions
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[10.22] Follow the screams!

By Bouhhsolene

Hello ! Welcome to my guide to Senna The Redeemer !!


My Name is Solène, and so is my nickname, SoIène, I'm a Plat 2 player from EUW that started playing around 2~ 3 years ago. I fell in love with Senna just when she go announced, I loved her personality, her voice, her look and her abilities. Also her appearance in Giants is also pretty cool! I started spamming her once she got released and right now I have her to Mastery 7 with 40k points

and right now I stand with around a ~ 65 % winrate (in ranked) on her while playing her mostly Midlane and Support !

If I'm doing this guide, it is to share my knowledge to the champions, to make people enjoy her, and learn to play the amazing champion that she is !!


So, this guide is a guide for Senna, focusing more on her on the Support Role, as I think she won't be as strong in other roles after her nerf to come, even though I will still cover her in the midlane, even though it won't be as in depth as her support guide.
I will try to cover everything I can the most in depth as possible, but if you're tired to read every single thing of the development, after every part, I will try to make a sum up of what I said !


I guess this should stay in the introduction.
Senna is a champion that is quite strong right now, being a support that adapt into a carry or a peeling champ. She is also a champion that poke if you like poke champs, that heals if you like healer, a late game carry if you like that kind of champions ! Senna is a champion that has many playstyles that are strong, to please everyone. She is a strong champions in all elos and she has a lot of carry potential as a support, being designed to be a carry; so; if you want to solo carry games, Senna is a good champion!She is a champ that can be played to learn to play support and ADC as the same time, as her R gives you map awareness, your Q is a supportish ability and her whole kit will make you learn to kite. Also, she has a very smooth playstyle and she feels so satisfying to play, especially with True Damage!
So, why not give her a try ? :)



Pros and Cons

Summoner's spells and runes

Abilities and use

Item build

Playing in game


Pros and Cons


- Decent early
- Good trades midgame
-Good scaling
-High damage
-Huge range
-Big utility
-Easy to escape ganks
-Impact on the map with R
-Can adapt to all situations
-Satisfying to play
-Easy to take visions with Umbral Glaive


- Squishy
- Get easily outpoked early
-Vulnerable to cc
-Low attack Speed
-Forces enemies to buy armor if full ad comp
-Banned a lot so impossible to OTP
-Can't do much against CC tanks
-Will probably getting more nerfs
-Vulnerable to ganks if you have no wards


Overall, I think Senna 's biggest strength is her ability to adapt and her power in all phases of the game. As for her weaknesses, I think her bigger one is her vulnerability to CC, so I think to get off of that weakness, you should ban Nautilus or Leona. For the fact that she is banned a lot, I think it will soon be over by the release of Aphelios coming soon, along with nerfs to Senna, people will stop banning Senna cuz she's op, because she won't be anymore, and because people who bans new champions will ban Aphelios instead of Senna


Flash : Flash is obviously the most important spell on Senna, as it gives her escape: on lane, if you're getting ganked, try to E then flash, so your E has the time to activate. It also gives her gap closer, and everything a champion without escape would need.

Ignite : In a lane where you want to kill, and in almost every lane even, that's what you wanna go for. It gives you more kill potential, and, well kind of more damage. When you don't have any other summoners spells to go for, go for ignite.

Barrier It is was you should take against agressive lanes such as Leona or Thresh (not if they have too much CC though, if they have too much CC go for Cleanse. It will allow you to survive an all in, and it also gives you some out play potential: Barrier during the cast time of your R so you got the two shields. It will also allow you to do more dmg in fights as you can survive more.

Heal It's what you should take as ADC or when your ADC take teleport of cleanse.

Teleport It's what you should take when you're a solo laner and don't need Barrier, it allows you to roam and go to lane easily; or to go back to lane faster overall.

Cleanse : It's what you should take against heavy CC champions like Elise Sejuani Twisted Fate Leona Ashe for example. It will allow you to survive ganks and survive in TeamFights.

Overall, I think you should either go Flash + Ignite or Flash + Barrier everygames, for what I explain before. You can also go Exhaust if you like it more, but I really don't like exhaust so ...


Dark Harvest:

Dark Harvest is probably what I like more as it allows you to get the two substains tree. While playing Dark Harvest, you should take in principal tree: Taste of Bloodfor the bit more of substain in lane, Eyeball Collection for more damage and Ravenous Hunter for even more substain. In secondary tree, you should go Precision with Presence of Mind as Senna is a champion who needs mana, or Triumph if you like it more and with Legend: Bloodline for the big substain it gives!
You can also go Resolve secondary if you like it more with Font of Life and Revitalize for more healing on your allies, and for more supportish utility.
Dark Harvest is what you should play when you're looking for some late impact, and if you're really looking for damage, or if you just want lot of substain. I think it's pretty cool on Senna because it procs easily on her R and on her Q, and it will allow you to finish your targets with Q or R.

Press the attack:

PTA is also what can gives you the two substain trees. I personally use it most of the time as ADC or in solo lane, as it is easy to proc with Q + Auto + Auto and you can proc it early for more damage. It just lacks late damage compared to Dark Harvest.
In primary Tree, you want to take Presence of Mind for the more mana it gives, as Senna kind of need Mana, or Triumph if you like it more, with Legend: Bloodline for the big amount of substain it gives, and Coup de Grace for more finisher damage.
In secondary, you should take Domination with Ravenous Hunter and Taste of Blood as those two gives you more substain.
You can also go resolve with the runes I wrote in Dark Harvest but I don't really like it as when you go PTA, you're most likely to be a carry and not a support.

Fleet Footwork

Fleet is what I take to substain more in lane against poking champions such as Xerath or Brand , and, just like before, it gives you the two substains trees.
In primary Tree, you want to take Presence of Mind for the more mana it gives, as Senna kind of need Mana, or Triumph if you like it more, with Legend: Bloodline for the big amount of substain it gives, and Coup de Grace for more finisher damage.
In secondary, you should take Domination with Ravenous Hunter and Taste of Blood as those two gives you more substain.
You can also go resolve with the runes I wrote in Dark Harvest, as it will still gives you some more substain.

Summon Aery

Summon Aery is what you should go to poke as a support, and, well, be more supportish, as it will gives shield to your ADC when you heal him. In primary tree, you should go Manaflow Band for the bit of mana it gives, Transcendence as CDR is good on Senna, and while playing lethality you will build CDR so it will be good if you have too much CDR,and Scorch for the bit of more poke in lane.
In secondary, you should either go for Domination with Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter for the substain it gives YOU, it is mostly if you play as a carry, or Resolve with Font of Life and Revitalize to heal your teammates better, and to be more of a support.

Glacial Augment:

Glacial Augment is a rune you can take if you want to chase as a support, to have more utility and if you struggle to hit your W, but if you don't need any of those reasons; don't take it.
In primary tree, you should go Magical Footwear as free boots can be good (and the rest of the runes in this branch aren't the best), Biscuit Delivery for more substain in lane and finally Approach Velocity to be faster and be faster in W range. In secondary, I'd say Resolveis the best with Font of Life and Revitalize as Font of Life will proc on your auto attacks, and it will gives you more healing as the support you will be. (By the way Glacial Augment procs on Q).
You can also go for Domination second with Taste of Blood and Ravenous Hunter for substain for yourself if you want to play like a carry.


Out of the various runes Senna can use, I think you can go Summon Aery and Glacial Augment if you're looking to be more of a support, or else you can go for Press the Attack , Dark Harvest or Fleet Footwork if you're looking to be more of a carry than of a support!!

Passive: Absolution

Senna's Relic Cannon is slow to fire, but deals bonus damage. She can power up its range, Attack Damage, and Crit chance over time by absorbing Mist from enemy champions she's attacking or from wraiths that spawn from dead enemies.
In depth:
Senna's passive is probably what gives her most of her damage, her scaling, or anything. It drops after two autos (Q count as auto) or when a creep dies. The droprate is higher on creep you don't kill. Each soul gives 1 of attack damage and every 20 souls, your crit chance will rise from 15% and your attack range by 25 (i think).
To use it correctly, you should try to AA + Q lots of time, and try to take trades once you get 20 souls. You can try to 1v1 the ADC when you have around 80 souls if you're AD. Also, try to get as much as there is on the ground, just right click on them, but be careful, you are vulnerable for around ~1second if you pick up a soul.

Q/A: Piercing Darkness

Senna fires a bolt that heals her allies, and damages her foes. Senna can keep attacking to decrease Piercing Darkness’ cooldown.

In Depth:
So, as I said earlier, Senna's Q is considered as an Auto Attack, so you can use it to proc your passive. You can cast it allied and enemy's minion, wards, turrets, jungle camps, souls and champions.
It will deal damage in a straight line of what you cast it on, healing your allies and damaging your enemies.
You should use your Q to damage, proc your passive as said before, and to heal your enemies. When you know you're safe, you can use it on your ally to heal him out of combat. You can also use it to damage and mostly to poke in lane.
In teamfights, as you will have a bit of CDR, use it to damage, and to heal your teammates.

W/Z:Last Embrace

Senna commands the Mist onto the first target hit, damaging them and then rooting that target and surrounding enemies after a brief delay.

In Depth:

Senna's W has quite a long range, but it's hitbox isn't "unfair" like Nautilus Q for example. It is the hitbox showed in the range indicator. In lane, try to hit it to take trades or use it to disengage: use your W and cast E, the time for you to cast E, they will be rooted and you will be able to escape.
Senna's W can engage fight: if you hit it on multiple champions, it will give a free engage to your team.
Try not to use it randomly as the frame where you don't have W can be a free engage on you.

E:Curse of the Black Mist


Senna dissolves into a cloud of mist, gaining movement speed and camouflaging her and her nearby allies. Teammates who emerge from the mist appear as unclickable wraiths to enemies until they either attack or get close.

In depth

Senna's E is something I talked about before.
You can use it to engage in teamfights: E and let your engage in it, and he will engage without the enemys having informations.
You can also use it to escape ganks, like I said with her W.
You can also use it to go to lane faster, but when you get to mid/late game try to keep it and don't use it randomly as it could give your opponent time to engage.

R: Dawning Shadow

Senna fires a global beam. Allies in the beam are shielded and enemies caught in the center of it take damage.

In depth

Senna's R is a global R, and I think it really helps you to have some map awareness.
If you see there is a fight happening in the toplane or midlane that will be close, R to shield your ally and try to target your opponent so the fight will be a win for your as you will have an advantage. In late, the shield and the damage can be really important, if a fight starts in the midlane, R so you shield your whole team. You can also R to try and kill a low hp enemy, but be sure from where he is because it has a really long CD so don't use it randomly.




To master Senna, you will need to know how to use the proportions of her passive with the every 20 souls and know when to take trades when you have enough souls. You shall use your Q to poke or to heal, use your W to CC/Disengage, your E to engage/Disengage and your R to look over the map and secure some of your teammates fights.

Starting items as support are always: Spectral Sickle plus 2 Health Potion as it's the best supp item for Senna as she is an AD Carry and she needs AD more than AP.

Starting items as a laner are either Doran's Shield if your opponent(s) has a lot of damage or poke, or Doran's Blade if they don't.
You can also go for Corrupting Potion as a Solo Laner if you like it, I think it's just if you like it or not.

Supportive build:

Senna's supportive build is to take when you have an hypercarry to peel (for example Jinx or Tristana, when the enemy team has an huge burst, if you feel like your team needs a support more than a carry, or just if you have a more supportive playstyle.

When playing with the supportive build, here are the items you should build:

1: Athene's Unholy Grail : Back with a Chalice of Harmony, then with a Fiendish Codex and finally finish it. (don't forget to buy wards).
It is what you should buy first as it empowers your heal, gives you CDR and gives you some healing on your R too. It is a basic support item.
You can also build it even when you're not playing with a supportive build because it's still a good item who synergize well with Senna.

2: Ardent Censer.
Ardent censer is what you should build when you really have an hypercarry to peel as it will give them more damage and that could be significient in teamfights.
It will also gives you more healing. You can also build it out of the support build when you really need to peel for someone, else you don't really need it.

3: Redemption : It's what you need to complete your supportive build. It will also empowers your heal and the heal from the item itself can help you tempo.
This time, you really shouldn't build it out of the supportive build as it isn't the best item for Senna.

Carry / AD build

Senna's carry build is what you should go for as a Solo laner, ADC, or in support.
As a support, it is what you should build if you like to play as a carry, if you don't like supporting, or if you lacks AD or carry, like if you have an Heimerdinger or Veigar ADC.

With it, you will do lots of damage and scale really hard.

When playing with the AD build, you should always build:

1: Umbral Glaive
Umbral glaive is really interesting on Senna, and really important: it gives you damage early and, most important, as Senna's auto are really slow, it helps you get vision and mostly to one shot wards instead of taking 5 seconds to take one down.
You should back with your Serrated Dirk and with the 1300g for your finished item.
It doesn't cost much so it's a good item to go on early. You can also go for it in the supportive build as it really is a good item on Senna.

2: Duskblade of Drakhtarr or Youmuu's Ghostblade. Draktharr passive goes well with Senna's E and Youmuu's can be good if you want to go fast. You can go for either of those two items as you like. They are good as they give you damage plus CDR, and letha that can be good on your Spells.
Either of those items or an Edge of Night is must have for Senna as the lethality is important (I'll explain why later for the edge of night)

3: Infinity Edge
This synergize very very well with Senna and is a must have in late. As Senna's passive gives her critical strike by itself, IE will give you more damage on those, and will give you more lifesteal in late as when you exceet 100% critical strike you get lifesteal.
You should always build infinity edge !

Situationnal items:

Manamune: Going Manamune or not is a question of whether or not you like it or if you have enough gold to buy a tear/ pickaxe first back. As Senna really lacks Mana and Q can be single target, it can be very good on Senna.

Guardian Angel: That's what you should take when you have a big threat in the enemy team and you're the main focus, or when they have huge AD damage. It will help you survive in teamfights and that could change all.

Bloodthirster: That's what you should go when you don't need any other items. You always like some lifesteal as Senna.

Mercurial Scimitar: That's what you should go when the enemy team has heavy CC that threatens you ( Morgana, Sejuani), that could help you survive or dps more in teamfights. Also, the lifesteal is very interesting.

Mortal Reminder Lord Dominik's Regards: It's what you should take when you need anti-heal (mortal reminder) or when they stacks armor or all have tabis to deal more damage.

Maw of Malmortius: It's what you should go when they have heavy ap damage to help you survive.

To conclude, if you wanna play Senna, you can always adapt, adapt your build either to your playstyle or to the game, you can always go for whatever you like, a supportish build, a carry build, or a mix of the two!


In laning phase, you should just poke with Q + Auto to get as much souls as you can but don't try to take trades too early, as you won't have that much damage in early, and most of the champion will outdamage you. (In the midlane, you can take trades early because you are most likely to win them tho, it's only as a support that you won't win the trades that much). You should back with Serrated Dirk when you have around ~ 20 souls and when you go back to lane, you can start to take trades. To take trades; hit your W and then attack like your ADC. Most of the time, you will outrange anyone once you get 20 souls so it will become easier to trades.
The only time where you should avoid taking trades is against strong early lanes like Lucian or against your losing matchups Leona or Nautilus. Against those lanes, you should let yourself get pushed under turret and get as much souls as possible and teamfight.


Teamfighting as Senna can be quite hard when you're used to some hard dps carry like Jinx.
You should either let your team engage, or engage with your W Last Embrace.
Then, you should stay behind your frontline and Auto; keep your Q to heal as much as you can as you're more dependent of your Autos rather than your Q.
If both of the teams are low, R in the middle to shield your allies and be decisive on the fight.
In teamfights, overall, you should just
Try to take the fights as much as you can in LANE rather than in jungle, even though it differs of your team.
If you can't teamfight, try to take as much vision as you can and try to make some catches if you hit your W.
If you don't feel like fighting, try to stay with your ADC and take as much souls as possible, once you get around ~100 souls, you will be VERY VERY efficient.

Overall, you should play safe in early, but still take trades around ~10 minutes of the game, and, in teamfight, you should either stay back and heal, or stay back and auto like a carry.

Thanks for reading !
I hope you enjoyed this guide and if you have tip or review about it, I'd like if you could tell me !
If you like it, feel free to upvote it and obviously feel free to try out Senna in game !

Also, feel free to check out my Neeko guide,my Taliyah guide, Kayleguide and Quinn guide !

I hope you will have a good day !
League of Legends Build Guide Author Bouhhsolene
Bouhhsolene Senna Guide
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[10.22] Follow the screams!

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