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Top 10.9 Nasus 20min goD - In Depth

Top 10.9 Nasus 20min goD - In Depth

Updated on May 1, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kranidi1989 Build Guide By Kranidi1989 112 16 464,356 Views 14 Comments
112 16 464,356 Views 14 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kranidi1989 Build Guide By Kranidi1989 Updated on May 1, 2020
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Nasus
    Maxing Q
  • LoL Champion: Nasus
    Maxing E (how to ruin a Teemo etc)
  • LoL Champion: Nasus
    Nasus Getting Poked
  • LoL Champion: Nasus
    40%CDR ASAP

Runes: Inspiration (Super Legit)

1 2 3
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Future's Market
Cosmic Insight

+8 Ability Haste
+6 Armor
+10% Tenacity/Slow Resist


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None
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doG reflected is God

Hi my name is Unbréakable and I'm a player in EUNE server. I main Nasus and I really love this champ.
I love this champion because he's not mechanically difficult and everybody can have fun with him, he has super funny quotes :P and can become a HUGE THREAT for the enemy team.
450stacks on your Siphoning Strike on 20minutes is all you need.
- "lvl7 Nasus omg, get a life".
- "All you do is Q".
Heard that like a thousand times. Everybody thinks Nasus is the easiest champion in the game to play. Wrong. Before you get your Siphoning Strike stacked you need to STACK YOUR Siphoning Strike; and it ain't easy at all (most of the times). You need to know how to freeze the minion waves, you need to learn your champion and you need to calculate perfectly your every last hit (yes your Siphoning Strike) on minions.

***Important Note: Options - Game - Gameplay - Auto Attack (off)

Here's a link by RTO that I think is very helpful and shows how to manipulate minion waves, enjoy:

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Pros / Cons

+ Soul Eater is one of the best passive abilities in this game and gives you great sustain
+ Siphoning Strike works on turrets (basically it destroys turrets) and it's also one of the best abilites in the game, as it scales with creeps and ..CHAMPIONS!!! :P
+ Wither Patch 10.7 got its Range buffed super hard so you can catch 'em all!!!
+ Spirit Fire is your weapon against tanks and your secret weapon against Teemo!!!
+ Fury of the Sands is a game changer ultimate!!!
+ Nasus can carry games
+ Nasus can become a mid-game MONSTER
+ Nasus is one of the best split pushers in this game (probably the BEaST)
+ Nasus can 1v1 almost every champion if stacked properly

- Nasus is one of the weakest champions in early game.
- Nasus can become a mid-game monster, but he's not the best when it comes to
team fights because he has no gap-closer, so split-push and end the game fast.
- Nasus usually needs his jungler a couple times during the laning phase
- Nasus needs to farm and farm and farm for the first 20 minutes just to be able to make an impact later, so that means that the rest of the team may 4v5 the enemies
-Your team may flame you for not helping them enough
-Your enemies may flame you for playing an unskilled champion
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Nasus for Team

Nasus is a split-pushing machine, so probably works with any team comp.
In case your jungler's kit has stun / root / fear, it's gonna be a huge advantage with Nasus.
When it's your time to ban somebody, just ban Darius. :D

Nasus is not the best pick when it comes to team-fights. Your main job is to split push.
You need to take turrets down. FAST.

Tip: If you want to main Nasus, find a Jungler to play duo. The Jungler needs to be playing one of the champions that I left above as Ideal Synergies. The point here is that you need a Jungler with strong early ganks so that he could help you freeze the wave where you want it. If your lane opponent freezes the wave early and denies you farm and stacks, you will never make an impact in the game.
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This is the most solid pick for Nasus at the moment.
It provides you with more AD and more HEAL when fully stacked.
Pick this one if you are in a match-up with heavy poke. The extra Heal and extra Movement Speed is all you need to save the day.
The keystone to ruin a Teemo's day. Poke him all day long.
This is the fastest way for you to reach 40%CDR ASAP and also have huge impact in all the phases of the game.

Health restoration and extra gold. Suits every champion, so Nasus is no exception on this one.
The more mana you have, the more sustain.
This one also works for Nasus. Good for poking match-ups.

Life Steal on Nasus, do I need to say more?
Get rid of CC's faster, super efficient rune. Blind is also CC. Kisses Teemo!!!
More Att.Speed = More AA. Very good choice.

When it comes to squishies, this is the best option.
When you know that you will get poked a lot pick this one. When you reach your opponent, this will hurt him. A LOT.

This one + a stacked Siphoning Strike is your opponents nightmare.

Super solid tanky Rune. Nasus makes full use of it.
This one is the best option when it comes to a poking match-up.

Heal=Sustain which is always welcome on Nasus.

Heal for a persentage of the damage dealt by your abilities. Now, think of a properly stacked Siphoning Strike and this rune. OMG.

Some extra Movement Speed on Nasus is a viable choice.
This could save you from a dive or if you are a fan of Guardian Angel it's an efficient choice.

This one will help you hit power spikes A LOT easier. As Nasus can be bullied out of lane in the early game, this one can be a gift on him to get his power spike items easier
( Sheen, Stinger, Trinity Force, Kindlegem).
This rune can turn the tides in a game as Nasus.
Extra sustain is always nice, specially in a poke-heavy match-up.

Better early game, better late game, shorter ability/spell cooldowns. Excellent choice.
Great synergy with Wither.
Nice choice for champions with wick early game. Great synergy with Corrupting Potion.

This one fixes the early game mana issues most champions have.
Great choice against super aggressive Teemo players.
The most famous rune for season 10, works with almost every champion.

Super Super Super solid rune for Nasus.

The best pick for poking Teemo with your Spirit Fire.
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The most common pick for Top Laners. If you pick this one, just remind your Bot Lane to always have some deep wards. After you lay your hands on Fury of the Sands, a well-calculated
Teleport in bot lane can change the whole game to your favour. Plus, later in the game, a deep Teleport can bring down enemy turrets and even get the Victory for your team. This one is also the most missunderstood spell. You can't use Teleport each time you have it on. You need to think first. The main idea is that you want to split push the lane opposite to the most important, neutral objective, if your Teleport is available. This way, you can take the majority of pressure off the objective, as the enemies will not be able to answer you solo, and they give up the objective to your team. If you know the enemies will be collapsing on you soon, you will want to spam ping your team to complete the objective as quickly as possible. If the enemies collapse on your team, you can Teleport to them to quickly reach the fight, or chunk down the enemies defenses. Watch some guides on wave management to understand when you should use Teleport.
The most famous spell of all times. 99% of the players make use of it and Nasus is no exception. It can work either offensively or defensively.
In a long lane like Top, players like Nasus who love to farm near or even under their turrets, can use this one when the time is right and run down their opponent, before he reaches his turret.
Not a common pick for Top Lane, but when it comes to super hard match-ups like
Jax, Tryndamere etc, this one can turn the tide to your favour.
Tryndamere match-up only. You can also combine it with Exhaust to make him break his Keyboard and Mousepad! :P
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Macro Play

How good use of Teleport and Demolish in late game can win a game.
1)Use Demolish to melt Turret (s). 0:05
2)Destroy / lower the health of Inhibitor (s). 0:30
3)Leave a deep Stealth Ward. 0:45
4)Tell your team mates to lure the enemies so that they leave their base unprotected. 1:25
5)Time to Teleport in the Stealth Ward to break the Inhibitor . 1:38
6)Victory in 2 minutes.
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Start Items

Pick 3 of theese and a Health Potion if you are against a Teemo to help you stay healthy from his poison darts. They are also the best defence against Ignite. You can also sell them in a very cost efficient price. Worth, Worth, Worth.
The most common pick to start your game as Nasus + a Health Potion. Health, Health Restoration, Health Regeneration after taking damage from enemies and it also provides some extra damage against minions to help your wick early game.
In case you don't feel that confident with the match-up, pick this one. Also, when it comes to fighting, this one (while active) gives your strikes a burn effect against your opponent which makes this choice super strong early on.
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First Item

The best item for Nasus. 20%CDR, Att.Damage, Att.Speed, Health, Mana, Movement Speed. Always start building it with Sheen.
Once you get your hands on Sheen, AutoAttack and Siphoning Strike to deal tons of damage. This is your first item Power-Spike. Engage with confidence.
Build this one in case you fell behind early or in case you are against a poke-heavy team comp. This one only provides 20%CDR, Armor and Mana and it also pushes your waves. Generally you don't want to push waves as Nasus. Always start building it with Sheen. Once you get your hands on Sheen, AutoAttack and Siphoning Strike to deal tons of damage.
This is not a joke. If you are against a Teemo, this is going to delete him. It gives you 20%CDR, Ability Power for your Spirit Fire to hurt a lot and Mana to help you sustain the super heavy mana cost you pay for Spirit Fire.
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Core Item

No matter the build, if you play Nasus this should always be your second item. No other champion makes better use of this item. 10%CDR, Health, Base Health Regeneration, Magic Resist and extra 30%Drain Effect for your Siphoning Strike. Combine it with (fully stacked)
Conqueror + Conditioning + Legend: Bloodline + Death's Dance + Soul Eater and thank me later. It gives your Siphoning Strike 30% more drain. WTF???
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Buy these whenever you can. Along with your first item, or after your first item. Upgrade when you feel to.
The most common pick for a Top Laner as most of the times your opponent will be AD.
Pick these if the enemy team has lots of CC.
Pick these to outrun Slow effects or just if you are fed.
If you are a fed a*sh()le. Don't buy these in ranked games.
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OP Item

This is the most OP item for Nasus at the moment. Combine it with (fully stacked)
Conqueror + Conditioning + Legend: Bloodline + Spirit Visage + Soul Eater
and thank me later. It gives your Siphoning Strike 15% more drain. WTF???
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Last Items to Choose

Super efficient against poke match-up or poke-heavy / AD heavy enemy team.
If you are against a heavy AP team comp.
Great item against magic damage auto-attacking champions like
Rumble, Corki, Cassiopeia, Ryze.
Super efficient against AA opponents like Jax, Tryndamere, Master Yi, Kalista etc.
Super efficient against critical based builds like Yasuo or most of the ADCs.
Run like the wind and apply pressure to the whole map.
Pick this one as a survival pick in the late game or as a go to item right after Trinity Force in a Darius match-up (IF YOU DIDN'T BAN HIM AS YOU SHOULD).
If you are a fed a*sh()le. Don't pick this one in ranked games.
If you are the biggest fed a*sh()le of all. Don't pick this one in ranked games.
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This one is the most suited Elixir on Nasus. A big chunk of Health, Tenacity and a Speed buff for allies following your path.
This one is also pretty handy. Some extra Att.Damage and guess what: Extra Drain for your
Siphoning Strike. OMG.
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One of the best Passive Abilities this game has. Helps you sustain Nasus's wick early game and later one it makes you Monster.
The ability that makes Nasus so well known for. The more you last hit with it, the more your damage grows. The more your damage grows, the more drain you get. The more drain you get, the more you sustain. The more you sustain, the more strong you become. The more strong you become, the more of a threat you are. The more of a threat you are, the more people will come and try to stop you. This is where you shine. This is the tool for Nasus. Split-pushing. Your opponents have two options. Either they let you alone in a lane and in no time you win the game on your own, either they send 2-3 champions to deal with you leaving all the other lanes unprotected for you team to push and get the Victory. This is the reason
Nasus can carry games.
This one not only Slows your opponent, but it also reduces his Att.Speed. This is the tool to win a trade with AA based champions and the tool to kill ADCs.
When you land this on an enemy they receive a burst of magic damage and it reduces their armor. Also, as long as the ground is desecrated by it, every enemy that steps inside receives magic damage. Be careful though, this ability pushes the wave (you only want that if you need to go back to base), the mana cost is super high and so you should only use this ability when your going to fight your opponent and not just to farm. Teemo match-ups excepted. In
Teemo match-ups you max this one first to poke him, get creeps and push the minion wave fast.
This ultimate is a game changer. It gives you a big chunk of Health, Armor Resist, Magic Resist, and more range for your Auto Attacks and Siphoning Strike. This one also makes Nasus a champion that nobody should try to dive and turns many 1v2 into Nasus favour.
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Early Game / Lane Phase

Warding Top Trick

Nasus early game is wick. You need to be patient and farm safely. Farm, Farm, Farm. Farm near your turret and if needed farm under it. Not only farm creeps but also farm your Siphoning Strike. Give your 100% to last hit cannon minions with Siphoning Strike to get the extra gold and the extra stacks they provide. Top Lane is your playground so keep it warded to play safe (for about 20')! Above you can see a little trick of how to ward the bush when you 're playing the Blue Side. Step on the same spot next to the wall and place your cursor inside the red cyrcle.
Your first Power Spike here in early game is going to be Sheen. The next Power Spike is going to be your Trinity Force. And the last Power Spike of early game is going to be your Spirit Visage. Each time you lay your hands on one of those items, thats the best time to surprise your opponents and fight them. Always pay attention in bot lane, as a well-timed Teleport down there (after you lay your hands on
Fury of the Sands), can make a huge difference in your team's favour. One last tip, always have in mind that there is a Rift Herald near you, so if your wave is pushed and your Jungler near by, it might be a good time to collect it.

Reach 450stacks on 20' and you will cut down turret like butter!!!
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Mid Game / Split Pushing

This is the time for Nasus to shine. This is the best time for split-pushing and most of the times this when Nasus players win the game for the team. Split-push fast, split-push hard. Take down turrets, inhibitors and everything in your way. In case you use Teleport, a deep use of it can probably be the biggest step for Victory. Always be on your toes in case your team is fighting for an objective
( Dragon / Baron Nashor ) to be with them, or Teleport in when the time is right.
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Late Game / Team Fighting

Late game is not the best part for Nasus as every enemy focuses on him and he doesn't have any gap closers. Still you (can) make a huge impact. In team-fighting, let the tank of your team stay in the front, and you stay just behind it, with the peelers of your team behind you. Your goal here is to Wither an enemy team squishy and kill him fast.
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See the list above and always ban Darius. :D
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