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LeBlanc Build Guide by Esoterica

Support [11.14] The Botlane Deceiver [Matchups / Strategy]

Support [11.14] The Botlane Deceiver [Matchups / Strategy]

Updated on July 10, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Esoterica Build Guide By Esoterica 15 1 33,585 Views 0 Comments
15 1 33,585 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Esoterica LeBlanc Build Guide By Esoterica Updated on July 10, 2021
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: LeBlanc
    [Damage] Electrocute
  • LoL Champion: LeBlanc
    [Manipulation] Glacial

Runes: The Assassin

Sudden Impact
Ghost Poro
Ultimate Hunter

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None
Support LeBlanc is a niche pick that aims to eliminate her two largest weaknesses: Poor waveclear, and a dependency on kills to get a lead and stay ahead.

As a support, she can create an advantage for her ADC and protect them while doing burst damage on the side and potentially oneshotting wandering squishies. Her offense is extremely flexible and can adapt to the situation as necessary. She can also ward and clear wards safely without potentially dying to roaming enemies, and join ongoing 1v1s with her mobility to force a win. She doesn't need any protection, either!

LeBlanc is extremely fun and the quintessential high-skillcap champion, where you can always find improvement in how you play.
+ High, flexible damage
+ Safe warding and vision control
+ Extreme mobility to bait abilities and stay healthy
+ Strong jungle gank follow-up
+ Mirror Image clone bodyblocks for carries

As a support, LeBlanc retains her strengths while eliminating solo laner weaknesses. Her naturally high damage combined with Ignite can kill lane opponents as early as level 2, and she can extend a lead by roaming to assist the jungler in securing objectives or turn a lost lane around.
- No healing/shielding/utility
- Must choose between peel or extra damage
- Falls behind easily
- Slow power spikes
- Utility build de-fangs her

Dependent on a lead and items to shine, LeBlanc suffers when she cannot assist lanes or force kills where a standard support would serve much better. A lack of income can hurt her kill potential outside laning phase where she will be forced to prioritise chains and kite enemies instead of being a monster.

Supports have reduced gold income and less reliance on items to make space for vision control. Your teammates subconsciously avoid areas they cannot see into. Your jungler needs to keep track of the enemy jungler's movements to act accordingly.

Help set up objectives. Clear enemy wards and pink before ambushes. Your damage can swing skirmishes and snowball your jungler (who is as much of a lane as the other lanes are). Be certain you are watching the minimap to see if your jungler has been invaded and needs your help.

A majority of CC in the game is a linear skillshot. Using Distortion offensively straight at the enemy means they can aim for both you and your blink pad. If you form the habit of returning immediately, you are throwing away a blink and huge outplay potential.
MIRROR IMAGE : When LeBlanc reaches 40% HP , she creates a controllable clone (with alt+M2) and becomes invisible for 1 second . The clone lasts for 8 seconds and automatically paths away from the source of the damage that created it. When Mirror Image triggers, ensure you control your clone to block damage for you or a carry, or path it toward safety while you stand still or hit a wall to fool pursuers.

SIGIL OF MALICE : LeBlanc fires a mark at her target that lasts for 4 seconds and can be detonated by damage from other spells. You mainly want to detonate it with Distortion or Ethereal Chains and will want to use Chains first when engaging so they have less time to react. The snare from Chains will detonate an existing mark.

DISTORTION : The Deceiver's classic ability. LeBlanc dashes to a target location and deals area damage; for the next 4 seconds, she can reactivate it to blink back to her cast location. This is used for damage, waveclear, avoiding abilities and intercepting damage for teammates. Resist the urge to blink back immediately — assess if people are aiming for where you will be, or are bringing friends with CC.

ETHEREAL CHAINS : LeBlanc throws chains that latches onto the first target it hits. If it remains tethered for 1.5 seconds, it takes heavier damage and is snared for 1.5 seconds. It is necessary you hit Ethereal Chains to maximise your damage or Mimic it for 3 full seconds of CC on key targets. Staying in danger to wait for the snare can get you killed.

MIMIC : LeBlanc recasts her previously-used ability with new damage ratios. A copied Distortion at Rank 1 deals less damage than its basic counterpart, so use it for mobility or to get in range for Sigil of Malice- Distortion as a safe trading pattern. A copied Ethereal Chains neuters champions who need to move to deal damage, such as Akali and Lissandra.

The quintessential LeBlanc rune is Electrocute and is what gives her a dangerous early game, as well as what makes cheeky lategame kills possible. No other rune works so consistently to provide single-target damage in laning phase and out. Monitor the proc's cooldown using the icon on your HUD.

Early game, Electrocute can be activated with a Q-W-AA combo. When you have amassed items, you can kill at extreme ranges with W-R-Q-AA, using the first Distortion to close the distance and using flash when necessary.
Against two lane opponents at once, taking return damage is inevitable, especially against enchanter supports. Taste of Blood slowly keeps you healthy if you can consistently damage enemies and will help your sustain slightly when leaving lane is undesirable. Sudden Impact is another rune with consistent performance you will always be able to use, but should be done when you can be certain the enemy botlane will play passively.
All runes in this tier rely on stacking to gain their effects. Ghost Poro outperforms its alternatives in most situations, as you will handle vision control as a support and will quickly reach max stacks. Zombie Ward rewards vision control as well, but relies on using a scanner and will fall behind when your team is ahead and dominating the vision game. Eyeball Collection can be tempting as a roaming assassin, but will offer little when you are stuck botlane with few chances to leave or score takedowns.
LeBlanc's ultimate is what gives her such flexibility in damage and peel to come out ahead in skirmishes. Hence, you want it available as often as possible. Ultimate Hunter will reach 3 stacks by the end of a good laning phase, which is already 17% reduced cooldown on an ultimate that naturally returns quickly. More ultimates mean more saves and even more kills. Relentless Hunter can be considered, but Mobility Boots offers all the speed we need.
Manaflow Band consists of two elements: incrementally increasing your maximum mana as you hit enemies with abilities, and restoring 1% of your missing mana per 5 seconds when it is fully stacked. These both eliminate LeBlanc's mana issues when combined with Luden's Tempest. Remember that investing in extra mana this way doesn't mean you're being too wasteful with abilities — more mana means more staying power in fights and less backing.
CDR is vital on a champion who must take some risks to excel, as your ability to contribute and find opportunities is tied to how often Distortion comes up. Many LeBlancs subconsciously play much more reservedly when they feel their Distortion just isn't there when they need it most. The free 10% CDR from Transcendence at Level 10 cushions your midgame and doesn't come with a price tag, giving you a solid base for more plays. Tasty!
+9 AP +9 AP +6 AR
+10% attack speed is tempting for a midlaner LeBlanc, but without the burden of farming we can safely squeeze out as much damage as we can with two +9 Adaptive Force shards.

A +6 AR shard handles some incoming ADC damage, but should be exchanged for +8 MR against strong mage supports. If you think laning phase will be no issue, take +15-90 HP as it scales best over the course of the game and amounts to more defences.

Glacial Augment is an investment that requires patience for after the laning phase where it can truly shine. Slowing a champion with AAs in lane can ensure extra damage from your ADC or slow an advance, but the freeze ray from active items is what makes the enemy team rip their hair out. Combined with Cosmic Insight and Ingenious Hunter, your freezing items will have a minimum 20% reduction to their use, making this a viable (and sometimes desired) alternative.

Losing Electrocute is an investment you must make good on, as your trades will add up to much less damage without it unless your ADC can follow your lead. Extra sustain from other runes in this route can make up for the missing threat!
Supports innately have reduced gold income and must make do with slower and less substantial item spikes. Magical Footwear saves on spending, but locks you out of buying T1 boots until it's delivered to you. LeBlanc excels at skirmishes in river and jungle, making this a contradictory choice, but keep in mind: 300 gold is the equivalent of a kill. We take what freebies we can get!
Perfect Timing is only seen on the likes of Morgana, but allows for a single chance to save your life or make a risky engage that turns a duel around. Though it comes in at 14 minutes, takedowns hasten this cooldown, and this replica also contributes a fraction toward a Zhonya's Hourglass in the future. Enemies will gun hard for you and use ultimates, forgetting you have a replica at the ready!
Biscuit Delivery is the only viable run in this triplet and operates as an alternative Manaflow Band with extra sustain. With this, you can outlast your opponents in trades by whittling them down, undo poke damage and come out of laning phase with a tidy +150 maximum mana from eating all three. Biscuits restore % missing health and mana, so be stringent about using them when healthy! Future's Market matters little when the borrowing fee adds up quickly and LeBlanc doesn't flounder without her components. Minion Dematerializer should never be taken on a non-farmer.
Cosmic Insight offers a base 5% CDR that extends to your Ignite, Flash and item actives, making this an absolute must when LeBlanc heavily depends on these tools to win lane and turn fights. Time Warp Tonic is a viable alternative that boosts your Biscuits and Potions by applying their effect faster and giving you a small movespeed boost while regenerating. This adds up to a more powerful laning phase, but quickly fizzles out later.
With Domination as a secondary, Cheap Shot squeezes extra damage out of your engages when you gain access to Glacial Augment. Standard LeBlanc can only leverage this rune with Ethereal Chains, but now your AAs and freezing actives will make this a suitable boost to your offense! Combine this power with oppressive ADCs like Ashe or Caitlyn to make use of this rune even during laning phase and force opponents out of their farm.
The hot brother to Cosmic Insight that makes Glacial Augment shine the moment you purchase a freezing active. Ingenious Hunter provides a flat 15% CD reduction that only ramps as you score takedowns, and ending a good laning phase should provide you with about three stacks, setting up nicely for your Everfrost. This rune also affects your trinkets, providing you with a Oracle's Lens that comes up much faster between uses.
+9 AP +9 AP +15-90 HP
+10% attack speed is tempting for a midlaner LeBlanc, but without the burden of farming we can safely squeeze out as much damage as we can with two +9 Adaptive Force shards.

A +6 AR shard handles some incoming ADC damage, but should be exchanged for +8 MR against strong mage supports. If you think laning phase will be no issue, take +15-90 HP as it scales best over the course of the game and amounts to more defences.
A short-range combo that requires the ADC is walking up to last-hit or a lane opponent facechecks early. This combo is fast and easy and usually doesn't allow for any retaliation. This is suited for being in the minion wave as they will not easily return fire with a hook or other CC to punish you.

Distorting into chain range allows you to play out of their threat range before going in, and is suitable for jumping on a farming ADC who must approach the wave. Chain must go first to minimise the chance they react to you and sidestep or move away. This combo can guarantee that you take return fire but will lock down your target for your ADC or jungler.

A safe and efficient trading combo that takes advantage of Mimic having poor ratios at Rank 1. Ideally, both Distortion casts deal their damage. This combo allows for two return blinks and is also hard to react to, as most enemies do not expect a Sigil inbetween jumps.

Ethereal Chains works identical to Charm where if you cast it and instantly Flash after, you can animation cancel it and make it more difficult to react to. The chain will originate from your new location. Flash over minions when they are prepared for you to use Distortion and surprise them.

By efficiently linking the snares of two Ethereal Chains casts, you can reach 3 seconds of CC on a key target. This is the highest damage achievable at Level 6 and should be your default when engaging. Use this on fed bruisers who must close the gap to heal or kill your carries, or mobile assassins like Zed, Akali or even Lissandra who rely on their movement abilities to deal damage.

Flash Distortion is the fastest assassination achievable with very little chance the enemy can react. LeBlanc's biggest issue in lategame is that enemies respect her power and stay close while maintaining their distance from her. This closes the gap as quickly as possible and covers 1,600 units. You must be relatively powerful to accomplish this, but can use Sigil of Malice and an AA to proc Electrocute.

Only use this combo if the target is facechecking your brush or already immobilised.
This does the most damage possible to a single target using every ability, but can easily go wrong if:
A) The chain is avoided, or;
B) they leave Sigil cast range or Flash out of your Distortion so your Mimic Sigil of Malice is wasted.
Force the enemy ADC off the wave with your presence.
Kill or make them back to deprive them of XP and CS.
Secure first dragon with your jungler.

Take Distortion at Level 1 as it is your main trading tool and will help escaping any cheese strategies if they are waiting in brush or flashing over walls before minions spawn.

When entering lane, try to catch both the enemy ADC and the first trio of mage minions in the same Distortion and finish with an AA before blinking back. You want to help your ADC hit minions (without last-hitting them) to create a minion advantage and get Level 2 first. This forces the enemy to back off or risk huge damage when you hit Level 2 and potentially score a kill with the XP difference.

Take Ethereal Chains at Level 2 and your kill pressure spikes. A 1.5 second root on a fragile target is enough to force them to Flash away, and if they have nothing, they are dead. Make sure your ADC is in range to help you do this. Do not blame them if you are too far up and take more damage than you deal.

After this, do not touch the minion wave and let your ADC decide what to do with the lane. The only time you should be pushing with them is if the enemy ADC has died and you can push the wave to tower before their return. This will cause the enemy ADC to lose both XP and gold they cannot get elsewhere, creating an advantage for you.

Ideally, LeBlanc wants to play around the brushes and avoid being visible all the time. High damage supports rely on surprising the enemy with their range or aggression, and you cannot do much if you are stuck behind the minion wave. Playing separate from your ADC means they cannot engage on both of you at once and cause more trouble than it's worth... but also means they may find your ADC easy pickings. Do not neglect your carry just for some free damage.

If the enemy ADC or support prove slippery, consider relying on counter-engages to deal with them instead. As your ADC is engaged and Vayne tumbles forward or Ezreal blinks into range, you have everything you need to burst them and force them away. This will protect your ADC as the enemy will think twice about trying it again.

LeBlanc suffers the most under the enemy tower where she cannot easily deal damage and the enemy will hide behind minions. While Caitlyn has fantastic synergy, she depends on pushing to tower to completely lock the enemy out of playing the game. Be cautious of this and other ADCs who work the same.

If you see your jungler in trouble and the enemy botlane cannot follow, help them. Even without a help ping, you need to be aware of your jungler needing your help to win a 1v1 if they are invaded or are aggressed on in river.

Control vision to outline safe routes of travel and track enemy movement.
Protect your siege champions to whittle down towers.
Set up ambushes or secure kills on lone enemies.
Make the enemy jungle unsafe for them.

When towers begin to go down and T2 boots enter the scene, the game tempo changes to be more open and laners will no longer stick to their minions. It is vital here that you focus on vision (laying down wards where enemies travel) and vision control (clearing enemy wards to make areas unsafe for them or protect your objectives). Facechecking is rare, but people do it when they think they're safe.

You want to switch to Oracle's Lens as soon as your quest evolves your Spellthief's Edge as LeBlanc thrives when enemies cannot see her movements. The additional warding power as a support links perfectly with her ability to assassinate.

At this point in the game, your prey is still the enemy ADC or support when you are alone. You should have the power you need to kill them from brush if they are unaware of you, and this can open up objectives for you to take. Other enemy laners can be safely engaged if you have assistance, as LeBlanc excels at locking stragglers down.

If you score a kill on the enemy jungler, consider how feasible it is to take dragon if it's available as the enemy cannot contest your jungler's Smite. Your presence at dragon also forces them back if they try to steal it or engage on your team.

Waves will continue to move around as champions revisit lanes to get more CS and keep ramping. Coordinate with someone to ambush them as LeBlanc can do this quickly and get back to the rest of her team. Punishing someone for trying to farm alone will force them to play more reserved and resort to taking jungle camps for income.

Kill fragile targets before they can contribute.
Lock down large threats and keep them at a distance from teammates.
Hunt down stragglers and push the advantage.

Support LeBlanc will undoubtedly have less power and agency than a midlane LeBlanc who has farmed and roamed with faster item spikes. However, this does not change that you can be a significant threat.

Before a fight breaks out (not during), assess several things:

1. Is there someone fragile enough I can kill near-instantly or without a chance they can escape?
2. Are there enemy assassins who can kill my carries?
3. Which abilities do the enemy team rely on to engage?

LeBlanc is and always be an assassin first. If you see an opportunity to kill an enemy and get to safety without dying, you are instantly giving your team a fighting chance as it becomes a 4v5 and your abilities will be back up in time for the actual teamfight.

If you do not see an enemy gathered with their team, it is a 99% chance they are hidden somewhere and preparing to dive you or your ADC/APC. If the fragile enemies you can kill are inaccessible to you, act as a bodyguard instead and punish or even kill enemies trying to dive your backline. You have two Ethereal Chains to make use of.

If there is nobody you can dive and nobody will dive you, the best case will be to work front-to-back, starting with their tanks and burning through them. Ethereal Chains is perfect for fighters like Darius or Irelia who depend entirely on sticking to targets to sustain themselves and kill. Tanks will quickly melt when they cannot move.

When the fight is won, determine if it's possible to pick up an extra kill or two as the survivors try to leave and base. Distortion and Ethereal Chains is a death sentence if teammates follow your lead, and you will widen your window of opportunity to hit towers or even inhibitors. Take this opportunity when the enemy is not there to ward. Being unable to move around in their own jungle severely cripples their ability to respond to fights or get to objectives without being engaged on.
Changelog and Credits
25/8/2020: Awarded Honourable Mention in the Mid-Season Mobafire Guide Contest!

30/5/2020: Guide published

Chapter code formats taken from:

Introduction image: 朋友是只猫 on Weibo
League of Legends Build Guide Author Esoterica
Esoterica LeBlanc Guide
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[11.14] The Botlane Deceiver [Matchups / Strategy]

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