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Kindred Build Guide by Gamyeon

[11.17] Rank 1 Kindred - Never One Without The Other

[11.17] Rank 1 Kindred - Never One Without The Other

Updated on August 26, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gamyeon Build Guide By Gamyeon 9 0 9,465 Views 0 Comments
9 0 9,465 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Gamyeon Kindred Build Guide By Gamyeon Updated on August 26, 2021
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Runes: Primary

1 2 3 4 5
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Cut Down

Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None
Who Am I


Hi, I'm Gamyeon, I play in the BR server and I've hit Rank 1 Kindred BR a few times.

I'm a one-trick Kindred and one of the most skilled players with the champion in the server, with a 65% Winrate. I started playing Kindred because it seemed like a really hard champion to play well and that peaked my interest. Even to this day I still find myself learning and getting better and better with the champion every match as its skill ceiling is infinite.
Why Kindred


Kindred may seem like an horrendous pick at first, I know, but that is because the champion is so hard to pull off that most people don't even consider playing it (even pro players). Most people who will have the most success with the champion are players who are not scared of taking risks and know how to properly use 100% of their kit.

No, Kindred is NOT a META pick and it will never be. But that has nothing to do with the champion, but with the players. I took around 100 matches to start learning how to properly position myself with Kindred and around 200 more to feel confident kiting with it. Nowadays I feel confident dueling almost any jungler level 3 and above. That is because the champion can turn even the most lost matches into a win, as it has a kit built for baiting and turning fights around.

Kindred is propably the hardest jungler in League of Legends, so if you really are interested in mastering it, be prepared for the worst, as you will often find yourself in many losing streaks and in targeting of toxic teammates, but if you put enough time and effort, that will not last. Kindred is known for its High Skill Ceiling and most people who play agaisnt a well-played Kindred will think the champion is actually broken when it actually just has too many windows of opportunity.



  • If the enemy team has too much CC or too much AP Burst.
  • If the enemy team has too much AD Damage.
  • If you feel like the game will not last until the Late Game and you're ahead.


  • If the enemy team has Sustain, Bruisers or Tanks.
  • If the enemy team has too many squishy champions or casters.

Second Item

  • If enemy team builds Health or Armor.
  • If enemy team has too many squishy targets.
  • You will rarely build it but if you are behind, you can finish it instead of boots.

Third Item

Always build . You can also buy before the if enemy team has too much healing.

Fourth Item

  • It's a no-brainer, just build it and you'll have a lot more range to poke before Teamfights.
  • If enemy team builds Health or Armor and you bought as Second Item.
  • If you built Executioner's Calling and you're behind.

Fifth Item

Buy or if you prefer.
Finish if you have .


Unless you're planning on invading the enemy jungler you should never start Red Side. Kindred has terrible clearing on Raptors and Krugs so starting Blue Side will give you the possibility of full clearing while being healthy. If you are starting on Blue Side, don't smite the Gromp , save it for Red , you will end your clear full health as the opposite you'd have to burn a flask to fight for Scuttler .

Kindred is not a farming jungler so your Pathing is not really as crucial as other junglers such as Evelynn or Karthus, so usually what you want to do when playing Kindred is to divide the Red Side and the Blue Side in two different stages, that gives you enough time to invade, gank and fight for Scuttlers . Dividing the Red Side and the Blue Side is something that most jungler do not even know of, to do so, you must skip your first Raptors and Krugs and invade the opposite buff camp in your level 3. If you won the invade you can get the enemy jungler camps and maybe both Scuttlers . Then you base and either do Dragon or start at Krugs and go down for a full clear or half clear into Dragon (this obviously works better when playing on Red Team).

As explained in this guide, Kindred's Mid Game is not so great, so you must give early prio to objectives as you most likely might lose the third or second Dragon . (Always prio Rift Herald over bad Dragons such as Earth and sometimes Wind).
Early Game


Kindred is the only actually ranged champion viable in the jungle, and that comes with MANY advantages. Knowing that, understand that most junglers have a gap-closer (which means that they are good agaisnt ranged champions), that doesn't affect Kindred however because she can jump walls and she can do that around 4 times in a Skirmish, tell me one other jungler who can do that and be useful while doing that (exacly, there isn't). With that in mind, abuse it, play close to walls, play aggressively early and destroy the enemy jungler who thinks he can 1v1 you just because you're squishy but he actually can't even get near you.

Most people when facing Kindred will say: "Oh, a Kindred on the enemy team, I'll abuse her Early Game and not let the game prolong too much so that she doesn't get to her Power Spike". That is the most non-sense thing that everyone thinks and is completely WRONG. Kindred is NOT a Late Game champion, Kindred's Power Spike is actually on her first item and on her fourth mark, so the fact that most people think Kindred is a Late Game champion actually is pretty useful as they will often find themselves surprised and completely overwhelmed by the abusive power Kindred has Early Game.

Kindred has one of the best level 3 in the entire game. Lots of damage, Lots of Sustain and Lots of Mobility, what else do you need? You can do whatever you want whenever you want with this kit level 3. So, if the enemy jungler is not Lee Sin, Master Yi, Udyr, Warwick or Xin Zhao you can invade him after 3 camps on the opposite buff and either get a first blood or burn his Flash (both most of the time). Don't care too much about lane prio, usually it'll be way to fast to react (and you can jump 30 walls in a second) but sometimes it can end in a 1v2, so be a little careful about that.

Level 3 Invade: (Buff, Gromp , Buff) > Enemy Buff Camp jumping Baron or Dragon Pit (watch out for Zombie Wards).
  • Invade Level 3 if you can win the 1v1.
  • Fight for Scuttlers if you can win the 1v1.
  • Abuse the enemy jungler by invading him as much as possible so that he can't even play the game.
  • ALWAYS prio the enemy camps over EVERYTHING (besides crucial moments for objectives or ganks).
  • ALWAYS communicate with your teammates on where the enemy jungler is or might be, do not be shy of calling out a gank prediction just because you're scared of being wrong, you're better out safe than sorry, in the end, playing well and avoiding bad decision making is all that matters.
  • If you're in Low Elo (D1 or below) SPAM PING EVERYTHING, spam ping Dragon , spam ping Rift Herald , spam ping ganks, EVERYTHING. Your team will get hyped and they wont die for no reason.
Mid Game


If you played the game perfectly until Mid Game, your first death will most likely happen at this stage of the game, so you should be extra careful playing Kindred in this moment. Mid Game is where most Kindred players throw the game, it's very hard to properly fight and to properly position yourself with Kindred during the Mid Game (especially if the enemy team has assassins or hard CC). So understand that Mid Game is the WORST moment for Kindred and usually the BEST moment for mid laners. Play around your side lanes with Herald and try to prolong the game for either Late Game if you think it's necessary or try and end the game playing tactical with your teammates (never alone during Mid Game).
  • Play with your teammates.
  • Play around objectives with proper Pathing.
  • Understand that if you get picked even once during this stage your game will be much harder.
  • Do NOT kill yourself for marks, marks are only important until the fourth one, after that they are just unecessary bonuses.
  • If behind play smart and counter gank the enemy jungler or try to respond on the opposite side of the map.
Late Game


Late Game Kindred is where you separate the boys from the mans, the elite players from the new ones. Late Game Kindred is where the fun is set on, not because she is strong during Late Game, no no no. Kindred's Late Game is actually just like most ADCarries, the difference is that your ultimate is extremely valuable for every single Teamfight. If you are planning on playing for Late Game understand that the better comp almost always wins and your ultimate is a big deal on that composition of yours. Having a great follow up from your team is always extremely important after you ult. Kindred can't do much by herself during the Late Game because (let's face it), nowadays every comp has tons of CC and tons of Tanks and Kindred falls flat on her face against lots of CC.

Instead of trying to do everything by yourself (like you should in the Early Game unless you have a nice mid laner or support) you should bait the enemy team with your ultimate into bad positioning for them, Kindred can prolong the fight for a long time and that is more than enough for your team to melt everyone inside your ultimate while you're being focused.
  • Always prio vision control during the Late Game, buy Control Wards and use Sweeper.
  • Remember, you are both a second support and second ADCarry, you can engage but you must do damage.
  • Pay attention where you are at. Late Game is the moment where every little mistake can cost the game, you cannot die for no reason, stay close to your team.
  • If ahead, you can give prio to your side laner and shadow him (stay inside the jungle close to him to pickoff the enemy side laner or engage a Teamfight).


Usually Skirmishes happen during the Early Game when fighting for Neutral Objectives such as the Scuttlecrab. They involve either the Top Lane or the Mid Lane and usually fall in Kindred's favor as she is a GREAT Skirmisher. As Kindred you are always trying to force early Skirmishes as she shines in those moments, do not be scared of fighting, Kindred was made for this (even if your Micro is not the best, you should do it for the sake of training).

How to play Skirmishes:
  • Play close to walls, most junglers can't keep up with your mobility.
  • Usually you should focus the squishier champion.
  • Do not be scared of getting low on health, playing close to walls will garantee you a safer approach.
  • Try to be in sync with your Mid Laner or Top Laner, do not flame nor spam ping him for mistakes, you are also human and flaming will cost you the game.
  • Your E ability is extremely valuable as it can outdamage most abilities in the game in this stage. You should use it when either you need to slow your opponent or when it is on half health.


Kindred's Teamfighting is the most unusual thing for ranged squishy champions like herself. Your positioning Pre-Teamfight must either be outside vision where you can focus the back-line or baiting the enemy team into engaging in you and therefore putting themselves in a bad position. YES, you do want the enemy team to completely focus you at the start of SOME Teamfights because you can ult and now (for some reason) everyone is inside your ultimate and they wont get out until it is done. Don't ask me why, people just think they will insta die if they're not inside it when actually that's exactly what you want as your champion was MADE for winning inside your ultimate. Don't fool yourself, you're not putting yourself into dangerous positioning to 1v9, actually you're doing that so that the enemy team will foolish pop their cooldowns on you when you are not actually going to die so quickly as they would like. In the end of the Teamfight when playing like this you will most likely die but at this point you just gave too much of an advantage for your team that it doesn't even matter.

Kindred is not a 5v5 champion, she is actually a Skirmish champion, so you will often die in even Teamfights unless you have properly positioned yourself.
Wolf Marks


Understanding Wolf Marks is ESSENTIAL for high elo Kindred mains and that may be the most annoying and boring thing to properly master. Wolf Marks have a pattern of marking based on how many marks you have and which camps are alive.

Wolf Marks:

0: Skuttlecrab.
1-3: Skuttlecrab, Raptors or Gromp.
4-7: Kruggs, Wolves, Blue Buff or Red Buff.
8+: Dragon, Baron, Herald.
  • Wolf takes 45 seconds after the mark is taken to mark another target.
  • The mark on your minimap (and on everyone else's) will last 10 seconds after its death.
  • This one is not really documented nor known but marks may target a dead camp if the camp is about to spawn (as it is not a known thing I don't really know how much time in spawning it needs to be to mark the camp).

Understanding the pattern is extremelly usefull as almost no one except Kindred mains put effort into understanding it, so you can predict a mark and be waiting for it when it spawns.
Lamb Marks


Lamb Marks are very easy to work with. Here are some useful tips:
  • Marking an enemy champion takes 8 seconds.
  • Once the game starts always mark the enemy jungler.
  • After you kill the enemy jungler usually you want to mark the enemy mid laner, but you can mark another lane if you have plans on camping.
  • NEVER mark the lane you intend on ganking before you start the gank, always mark after you've been seen.
  • Marking a person is the same as ulting with Nocturne, people get scared and run, so marking a losing lane might give him some breathing room.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gamyeon
Gamyeon Kindred Guide
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[11.17] Rank 1 Kindred - Never One Without The Other

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