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Not Updated For Current Season

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Sivir Build Guide by SkellyBirb

Middle [11.2] A Guide to Lethality Sivir Mid!

Middle [11.2] A Guide to Lethality Sivir Mid!

Updated on January 25, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SkellyBirb Build Guide By SkellyBirb 25 1 52,204 Views 0 Comments
25 1 52,204 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SkellyBirb Sivir Build Guide By SkellyBirb Updated on January 25, 2021
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Runes: Standard

Dark Harvest
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Manaflow Band

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Champion Build Guide

[11.2] A Guide to Lethality Sivir Mid!

By SkellyBirb
Hello, thanks for checking out my guide to lethality Sivir! My name is SkellyBirb. I've been playing League since the beginning of Season 7 and have loved playing off-meta builds. These are typically things to play in normals, and possibly as situational picks that could be taken into ranked. I enjoy sharing these builds and creating guides for them so people can try them and have fun.
Why Sivir Mid Works
Sivir mid might seem like a really strange pick at first, however if you think about the nature of mid lane, it might make a little more sense.

First off, her playstyle. Sivir is an ADC that has no dashes, so at first glance it might seem that she would be a bad pick in a solo lane. However, like Lethality Varus or AP Kog'Maw, there are other ways that you could play her. Rather than building crit, you go for lethality and a lot of damage. This works because Boomerang Blade scales with 130% AD at max level. This can give you some insane burst and apply that damage twice. Lethality Sivir plays around her cooldowns a lot more than ADC Sivir since her autos won't do as much without critical strike and attack speed. You have a great combo to deal damage since you have an auto attack reset that will help burst since you're going full damage, those 2 autos will burst surprisingly hard.

Additionally, Sivir has some great wave clear. Before you even finish your first item, your Q will be able to clear caster minions by hitting them in both directions. She also has Ricochet which will pose a threat to enemies and punish them for standing in waves, while letting you CS in the process. You can freeze pretty easily after using Spell Shield and wait for it to come back up before trading or pushing.

Sivir doesn't have too many horrible matchups mid lane, which is a bit strange for an adc that doesn't even have a dash. While some can be rough, Spell Shield makes you a very safe champion that can deal with a lot of different champions, whether it be assassins or mages.

Sivir's trading is surprisingly good. Spell Shield makes it possible to win trades against many traditional mid-laners that normally burst ADCs. Negating one ability can be huge into many champions.

Into Assassins, this can be the difference between them bursting you in one shot or completely losing the trade. If they over commit while you have Spell Shield and then want to back out, you get a ton of free damage. They will struggle to one shot you through it and will have to do multiple trades before going all in, and those trades and your poke will make them likely be low and unable to finish you off, especially if you have something like Barrier or Exhaust. Additionally, a lot of assassins are melee, so Boomerang Blade is a lot bigger of a threat since they can't trade back as easily. If they do go in for a trade, you can auto attack then reset your auto with Ricochet and chunk them down.

Into mages, Spell Shield is used a bit more often. Since mages can try to hit you back when you auto or Q them, you will want to Spell Shield either their highest damage ability or anything with crowd control in order to win the trade. It's used for a similar purpose, but you will want to use it a lot more. Since you might want to play safe when it's on cooldown, you will probably be playing a bit safer than into assassins where they will struggle to engage and force it from you.

Sivir also can deal with ganks fairly well. If you Spell Shield a crowd control ability, you can often just run and kite away with Fleet of Foot and On The Hunt while throwing Boomerang Blades whenever they're off cooldown.

Sivir has decent roaming potential and can have huge map presence. On The Hunt will make your roams a lot more successful, especially since it makes it easy for your team to help and chase down enemies. You also don't have to worry as much about just getting hit by one crowd control ability and then having your roam fail, since you have Spell Shield to help with that. You can also help with skirmishes in the river with On The Hunt increasing your chance that your team can either get the kill by chasing or get away if you're losing the fight. This makes you great for helping your jungle with scuttle crabs and taking or contesting dragons, rift heralds, and barons.

Itemization is also insanely important for Sivir Mid. Without going too in depth because more will be explained in the Items chapter, Season 11 was huge for making Lethality Sivir more viable. You have a new Tear of the Goddess that you can start with that will stack on every auto when Ricochet is active. This makes her early a game a lot stronger since she won't run out of mana so quickly. Additionally, you have new items with Eclipse that gives you good sustain with the omnivamp with a passive that will let you burst with 2 autos, using your auto attack reset on Ricochet. Ravenous Hunter now provides Omni-vamp which will work on both your boomerang and auto attacks giving you good sustain.
Pros & Cons
- Great poke with Boomerang Blade
- Decent trading with Spell Shield
- Auto attack reset that makes it easy to proc Eclipse
- Great in team fights with On The Hunt
- Snowballs hard
- Safe pick into a lot of matchups due to Spell Shield
- Great wave clear
- Good mobility and kiting
- Can escape from ganks fairly easily between Spell Shield, Fleet of Foot, and On The Hunt.
- A lot of burst when building lethality.

- Very Squishy
- Off-meta pick that could anger your team
- Weak if you fall too far behind
- Can struggle against tanks
- A little mana hungry
When playing lethality Sivir, your choices for runes aren't very dynamic and will remain consistent.

If you look at keystones for Sivir, Dark Harvest will be the best for lethality. You want something to increase your damage when you use abilities, so lets go over ones that might increase your damage and see why Dark Harvest is the best.

Dark Harvest - This is a great rune since it's meant for champions to burst down enemies. This is something Lethality Sivir is pretty good at it. You can stack this pretty easily in lane by poking with Boomerang Blade until they're low enough. This also stacks well in team fights, where you will get a lot of takedowns resetting the cooldown of Dark Harvest since On The Hunt will give you an assist when your ally kills an enemy, even if you don't directly damage them. Additionally, even if enemies are above half, if you hit both parts of Boomerang Blade, you will proc Dark Harvest on the way back if they fall below it. All of this combined with the amount of damage it provides makes it the best option.

Electrocute - A lot of assassins and burst champions like this since they can proc it easily and it does a consistent amount of damage. However, Sivir can't proc this by just poking the enemy down and will need to combo them, likely with a Q and 2 auto attacks, using Ricochet for the reset. It will give you decent damage, but it's not as easy to proc as Dark Harvest and will not scale quite as well into late game. It's overall worse than Dark Harvest for these reasons.

Arcane Comet - The big reason I wouldn't like Arcane Comet on Sivir is because how unreliable it would be. Since you don't have a slow, you will likely miss a large amount of comets. This makes it too unreliable.

Summon Aery - This seems like a bit of a weird one, but some poke champions do like Aery. The issue is, Sivir isn't just poke, she's also burst, and this doesn't deal too much damage at once. You will need to proc it a lot of times to make it useful, which isn't good when you want to be able to burst enemies down quickly.

These are the only runes that might make sense really. Anything in the precision tree isn't good for increasing spell damage and bursting enemies down and poking them. The Resolve tree is meant for tanks and Inspiration for utility, which isn't gonna be a keystone Sivir wants.

Now for viable rune options otherwise.

In domination,
Taste of Blood - This one is going to be something you take every game since you have domination as your primary and Sivir can't reliably proc Cheap Shot or Sudden Impact. It will make your trades stronger and let you sustain by poking the enemy.
Eyeball Collection - This is the normal option for assassins or any champion that takes domination that wants kills. You will naturally get more AD from this throughout the game and it's a good option.
Ghost Poro - I consider this a viable alternative to Eyeball Collection if you are going to play safe because you think you will struggle early game.
Ravenous Hunter - This is going to be the best for Sivir since it will let her sustain back to full health quickly, which is important.
Relentless Hunter - This one isn't too bad, but it's simply outclassed by Ravenous Hunter's sustain. You can roam a little more with this, but you are already quite mobile and don't need this as much as you need sustain.

For Sorcery,
Manaflow Band - This is simply too good to give up. You get 250 increased mana which will increase your AD and passive because you build Muramana.
Transcendence - This is a great option since you want to be able to use Boomerang Blade a lot. It's more reliable than Absolute Focus and serves a better purpose than Celerity.
Gathering Storm - This is a solid rune, but since we are in an early game meta where games often don't go past 30 minutes, you rarely get to use this to its full potential.

Why not precision secondary?

Precision might seem really good for Sivir, having a mana restoring rune as well as more damage. However, if we look at how Presence of Mind was changed in season 11, it's a lot worse. You don't increase your max mana, so you don't get damage from Muramana. You restore so little that a fully stacked Manaflow Band will be better. While you get a decent mana restore on kills, you likely won't need it by then. It's simply outclassed by Manaflow Band for a good mana option.

Additionally, you don't need anything else from precision. Legend: Alacrity isn't that great for Lethality Sivir. You already have enough sustain from Ravenous Hunter and Eclipse that you don't really need Legend: Bloodline. Coup de Grace and Cut Down are both decent, but aren't quite good enough to make precision better than Sorcery.

Why not inspiration secondary?

I'll admit, Inspiration is probably a decent option. However, I don't think it out classes Sorcery secondary still. The 2 main runes you'd be looking at with inspiration is Magical Footwear and Biscuit Delivery.
These are both decent. You get 150 max mana and some sustain in lane with Biscuit Delivery and you get to save some gold and get 10 extra movement speed with Magical Footwear.
However, Manaflow Band gives 250 max mana and a little regen once stacked. While you don't get the health, you have 2 potions from taking tear to start and since you aren't wanting to take much damage in trades since you have Spell Shield, you don't really need the health from biscuits.
Magical Footwear is decent, but you already have solid mobility between Fleet of Foot and On The Hunt. The extra bit of gold saved and speed wont be as valuable as the ability haste from Transcendence or damage and late game potential from Gathering Storm.

For stat runes, You should take 2 damage runes since lethality Sivir uses AD very effectively. You don't need attack speed when building full AD, and ability haste will be less useful since a lot of what you build already gives it, and the more you have, the less effective the extra 8 becomes. Then you should take armor or magic resist depending on the enemy team.
Items are what make Lethality Sivir viable now. Season 11 was huge for lethality Sivir with the addition of Eclipse and how Tear of the Goddess and Muramana were changed.

Starting Items
Tear of the Goddess - You will want to start this every single game, no matter the matchup. The mana early game is too good for Sivir to pass up. You can stack it fairly well since Ricochet will let your next 3 autos stack it. The base mana is great and will let you use Boomerang Blade a few more times before backing. It enables you to take 2 potions, which the other starting items you might want won't let you do. It doesn't make last hitting too bad since you do get a bit of extra damage on autos against minions with it, even if you are down a little bit of AD.

Eclipse - Eclipse is great for lethality Sivir. You get 55 AD, which is decent, but not a ton. However, you get Lethality to make up for it, which will make you do a lot more damage against squishy champions. You get omnivamp which will help you sustain the rest of the game. The passive is amazing for Sivir. Since you only need 2 hits to proc the extra damage, Sivir will be able to auto attack twice quickly using Ricochet to reset her auto and get that extra damage, as well as a small shield and movement speed buff. You will also get armor penetration for every other item you build. This gives lethality Sivir everything she might want. Burst damage through lethality and a passive, sustain, and mobility.

Muramana - This will often be either fully stacked or very close to being fully stacked once you finish Manamune. Sivir is a very mana hungry champion, so the extra mana is so important for her. The item isn't too expensive and gives ability haste and a bunch of AD. The passive also helps Sivir burst, letting it proc on her Q and procing it twice using your W for an auto attack reset. It gives her a bunch more burst and mana, making it too good to pass up.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity - These are pretty much always the boots you want to build. They're very cost effective since they're only 900 gold. You get 20 ability haste, which is great since Sivir wants to be spamming Boomerang Blade and more mobility for roaming and kiting. Additionally, you get summoner spell haste, which is great for survivability since you will be able to have flash off cooldown more often. It helps with exhaust and barrier for survivability as well. If you look at the other boot options, none are really that great for lethality Sivir. You don't want to be taking damage so armor or magic resist won't help much. You don't need mobility from Mobility Boots or Boots of Swiftness since you are plenty mobile as it is with Fleet of Foot. Berserker's Greaves may be tempting, but they cost more and you don't really need attack speed if you're building lethality since you want your damage to come more from abilities than auto attacks.

Early Game Situational Items
Executioner's Calling - This is going to be your best grievous wounds item since it gives a bit of extra damage. A good item to build into a lot of healing since you don't need to finish it for a while but still benefit a lot from it.

Hexdrinker - While Maw of Malmortius isn't that great anymore, you can sit on Hexdrinker just as effectively and maybe upgrade it as a last item against AP burst.

Situational Items
Youmuu's Ghostblade - This is a good option for Sivir since it gives a large amount of AD and a lot of lethality while not being too expensive. Additionally, you get a lot of mobility out of combat and an active to use to kite or chase in combat.

Edge of Night - While this won't give you as much damage as Youmuu's Ghostblade, it still gives a decent amount. This is built more for the spell shield, which isn't too necessary to have as Sivir since you have your own already. It's still a great defensive item that will almost guarantee you won't get one shot between the spell shield and extra health while still giving you an okay amount of damage while being just a little cheaper than Youmuu's Ghostblade at 2900 instead of 3000.

Serylda's Grudge - This is a great item for lethality Sivir. Against enemies building armor, whether it be tanks stacking armor or just a few mages with [[Zhonya's Hourglass], it can be very worth. A little bit of AD, percent armor penetration, and ability haste are all things Sivir benefits from. Additionally, your Q will slow, so it will be easier to hit the second part if you hit the first, as well as making it easier to kite.

Chempunk Chainsword - This is going to be your item fully built for Grievous Wounds. It's cheap, gives a decent amount of AD, a bit of health, and even more ability haste. It also is easier to get the bonus than Mortal Reminder for lethality Sivir since you won't have much attack speed.

Ravenous Hydra - This is a decent option since it will make Boomerang Blade do a good bit more damage since the passive will proc on abilities. You get a decent amount of AD and a bit more sustain, which can be nice. You also get some more ability haste for Boomerang Blade.

Umbral Glaive - This isn't quite as good, but it can be decent, especially against something like Teemo or Shaco. You get lethality and AD so you will deal more damage and it's only 2800, which is cheap for a lethality item. The passive isn't quite as useful, but it can still be a solid situational item.

The Collector - While this might seem super tempting, it's still only situational. The autos will do a lot if you get that crit, but you don't normally auto too much to guarantee even one critical strike in a fight. The lethality and AD is still useful. The passive is alright, but enemies don't normally survive with under 5% hp anyway since you burst them straight through that amount. Even when they do, you can normally just auto them and it's not a big deal that they lived. A decent option when ahead, but I wouldn't build it unless I'm fed.

Serpent's Fang - This is a very situational item to build into a lot of shields. Lethality and damage and more damage to shielded enemies. It's a really good item if they have multiple champions that shield that let you abuse the passive more.

Maw of Malmortius - This isn't too good anymore, but it can be decent if they have AP Burst. I normally will sit on Hexdrinker if they do until last item then upgrade to this, since your priorities should be on the items with more damage and utility rather than a small buff to a cheaper utility item.

Guardian Angel - Damage, armor, and a revive. It's a good item for late game to survive AD burst and for the revive. If you get caught out first in a team fight, this will give you a second chance assuming you aren't immediately killed upon reviving.

Black Cleaver - This is probably the most situational item. If you have a lot of AD on your team and they are stacking armor, this can be great. It reduces enemy armor with the passive letting you and your team do more damage to those stacking armor. You also get a good bit of survivability from it and a bit more ability haste.
Early And Mid Game
Sivir is normally a late game champion, but she can be pretty relevant early game still.

At level 1, you will take Boomerang Blade and will just want to farm. Don't try to trade yet, but you can poke a bit with Boomerang Blade and even autos against melee champions.

Once you hit level 2, you can win trades. You normally will take Spell Shield and negate whatever ability that will hurt you the most, whether it be by crowd control or just damage.

At level 3, you will put a point into Ricochet, making your trades even stronger by giving you an auto attack reset.

From here, you will just abuse your range. Whenever an enemy walks up to last hit, you can throw a Boomerang Blade at them to chunk them down slowly or at least make them give up a minion to dodge it. You can punish them for standing too close to a wave using Ricochet while just farming yourself. This can be a very easy way to get stacks on Dark Harvest, even if you can't get a kill from it. They'll also eventually fall so low that they'll either have to back or miss a lot of minions if they want to stay in lane.

You will want to be careful of staying pushed up for too long and will want to ward and keep track of the enemy jungler before pushing up too far. Warding pixel brushes will help with this, or sometimes just at the bushes to river if you really need the vision. Try to pick up a control ward first back and get more vision to make sure you're safe and allow you to react to ganks quicker.

You will want to watch how the enemy acts, either to give information of if a jungler is nearby or if they're going to try to engage, which you might want to back off on. Some champions will try to engage on you but still lose trades even if they get to you, simply because you kite back and do damage after they already use all their abiltiies.

Once you hit level 6, you gain the ability to roam a lot better as well as making ti a lot easier for your jungler to gank you. On The Hunt will help you fight for dragons, rift heralds, and scuttle crabs and chase down enemies with your jungler when you get a gank. It will let you gank bot or top lane since your entire team can get the movement speed buff, encouraging them to chase with you. You can do ganks with your jungler as well if it will guarantee a kill, but be careful of them getting away because if they do it might not have been worth for you all to be there. Always shove lane before roaming.

In Mid Game, you will want to focus more on objectives. Drakes are crucial to get, and you will want to do your best to help your jungler secure them. However, this doesn't mean give up your lane entirely. You will want to pick up waves and continue farming to get more and more gold for items. Watch for crucial fights in which your presence will be the deciding factor for and watch for side lanes starting to roam once their turrets fall.

Freezing lane can also be a great thing you can do if you want your jungler to gank. While it's a bit hard to freeze mid since it's such a short lane, you can manage to do it as Sivir fairly well.
Late Game
Sivir is a good late game champion in general. She excels in team fights, helping engage with On The Hunt. In team fights, Lethality Sivir will want to sit in the back and throw Boomerang Blades at the enemies, as well as using Ricochet either for an auto attack reset or to poke the enemy through minion waves, which will do considerable damage once you have some items. You shouldn't be having any more mana issues with Muramana. However, I suggest trying to get blue buffs whenever you can as you may still run into mana issues if you stay haven't backed in a while and they can still be super helpful. If your jungler is pinging you off it, you can probably manage without it anyway, it just helps with sustain.

You will want to constantly be watching for objectives, because by now teams will look to pick up dragons as they spawn or possibly Barons as they spawn depending on how the game is going. Your job as Sivir is to be in those key team fights and help your team win by dealing a lot of damage from a distance with Boomerang Blade. Try your best to keep vision on the map, possibly pick up Farsight Alteration so you don't have to get too close and risk getting one shot if you don't know where the enemy is. Your late game will mostly come down to your macro on objective focus and knowing where to be and when as well as making important calls for your team if you need to play that role.
Thanks for Reading!
Thanks for taking a look at my guide. I'd love to hear if you tried it out and how it went, as well as any additional feedback. If you have any other item suggestions that aren't included in my build, I'd love to hear them and test them out. If they work well, I'd likely add them to my guide. I also would appreciate votes and comments that help me improve the guide and show how how like or disliked the guide is!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SkellyBirb
SkellyBirb Sivir Guide
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[11.2] A Guide to Lethality Sivir Mid!

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