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Kassadin Build Guide by xblademojo

Middle [11.21] Rank 1 Kassadin Complete Guide by xblademojo

Middle [11.21] Rank 1 Kassadin Complete Guide by xblademojo

Updated on October 25, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author xblademojo Build Guide By xblademojo 75 2 27,498 Views 6 Comments
75 2 27,498 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author xblademojo Kassadin Build Guide By xblademojo Updated on October 25, 2021
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xblademojo's Featured Video

Runes: Power Spikes

1 2 3 4 5
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Magical Footwear
Future's Market

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


1 2 3
Survival & Map Pressure
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Middle Lane
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Middle Lane
Win 52%
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Middle Lane Ranked #56 in
Middle Lane
Win 52%
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Hello everyone! My name is xblademojo. I’m a League of Legends Coach and a High Win Rate EUW Master tier player.
I started my adventure in season 3 and pushed my way towards my goals in the game. Started as a top lane main and transitioned to Mid/Jungle main in season 8 because I wanted to be able to carry games easier.

I decided to become a Kassadin OTP and was Rank 1 Kassadin EUW and Rank 1 Annie World. I have peaked Challenger on EUNE and after that, I focused on growing my coaching services, playing on EUW in my free time.

Currently, I'm the most rated coach on the site I work for and have a lot of experience with helping people achieve their goals. I have decided to make this guide because I love Kassadin and I wanted to create an in-depth guide about him and share all that I have learned since season 8.

I also create free content to help other with the game on Twitch.TV and Youtube!.

I have always wanted to become a player that did not have to depend on my team to win games and be able to impact the game even in 4v5 situations where a team mate is trolling or AFK. Kassadin is the perfect choice. Playing him forces me to go through a flawless early game in order to make an impact in the game. I always used to say my champion counts as Two at Level 16.

Please remember that a guide can only help you understand Kassadin and give you a nudge towards achieving your goals but the final decisions you make, your playstyle and what you like the most from runes and items is up to you! To become the best you try everything here, test it and then try to see what feels the best for you. That’s how you can become a complete Kassadin player with good game sense. Good Luck!

+Amazing Scaling, Power Spikes Pre 16
+Insanely High Mobile Mage-Assasin
+Great against Heavy Ap Team-comps
+Good Splitpush, Insane Map Pressure
+Huge Carry Potential
+Forces you to play better
+Flexible with many builds

Currently, Kassadin allows you to get your power spikes way earlier and snowball through the game. You don’t have to necessarily go for Tear of the Goddess and scale until level 16.
You can survive most of the matchups without a problem by utilizing Second Wind, Doran's Shield, and Cloth Armor. You can start getting an advantage in some matchups starting from level 1 with your Nether Blade trades. The game starts quite early thanks to all of that.
In Mid-game you always have a chance of pressuring the sidelines and crossing the map if team fights 5 vs 5 are hard.

-Easly Punished early, divable
-Weak early game pressure
-Hard to play without frontlane
-1 mistake and might be GG for you
-Unplayable against some team comps
-Lack of CC

As you probably know, one of the biggest problems is early game. Making just one mistake can cost you the game. The biggest problem for your jungler is usually your lack of priority for the river fights and scuttler → always make your jungler aware of the midlane standing otherwise you might end up getting blamed for playing your champ. Since Rod of Ages is gone and Luden's Tempest is one of the highest winrates items for Kassadin, you will be a glass cannon most of the time, which requires insanely good game sense.

Flash and Teleport

Flash is one of the best summoners spells in the game and Kassadin’s interactions with it are amazing. You can increase your Riftwalk range by using Flash right after it which can land you a kill. You can use your Force Pulse and Flash right after to finish your opponent. It's a core summoner spell to help you survive the early laning phase, get a chance for an outplay possibility and game-changer plays.

Teleport is going to help you go through the early game, allowing you to fix your laning mistakes since you can Teleport back to lane. You will also be able to match the enemy roam with your Teleport if necessary to save the game. In midgame or late will allow you to stay on sidelane being ready to get back to your teammates whenever.


Why? Kassadin has many matchups where starting Nether Blade works insanely well, and can help you snowball pre-6; same with connecting it with Resolve for the best early game potential and Dark Seal with 3 Health Potion's for early sustain. Ignite counts as 1 stack for Electrocute which makes it easier to proc it in combat.

Ignite helps your jungler get early priority and offers the both of you a stronger 2 vs 2 potential. Moreover, in some hard matchups like Lucian, Tristana etc. if they were about to dive you with your Fleet Footwork they would do that without a problem. However, they would probably be more careful about diving you if you had Electrocute + Ignite. Keep in mind that the higher the rank tier, the better the players are at punishing you, that’s why you won’t see Ignite that often in higher divisions compared to Teleport.


Sometimes running Barrier with Conqueror and Last Stand will allow you to playmore aggressively and even 1v2 at times. People don’t expect this summoner spell much and I would only play it if you are worried about getting one-shotted and planning on going a tanky build like Frozen Heart, Riftmaker etc.
I hate Zed so some juicy Cloth Armor, 4 Health Potion's with Conqueror and Barrier would make me unkillable.
Personally, I highly recommend Keystone which offers the highest potential of carrying a game, an abnormal amount of damage even when you’re behind → huge chances of a comeback. Make sure to always press auto-attack before your Nether Blade in order to get 2 stacks from it, then follow it up with Null Sphere or Force Pulse. It’s quite hard to proc it in the early game that’s why auto attack into Nether Blade is going to help a lot. In case of early kill potential, remember that Ignite counts as 1 stack for Electrocute
Another choice from Domination would be Taste of Blood for the laning phase sustain, as you know our early game isn’t too great. If you are brave boy, sure go for the Sudden Impact for even more damage
Your next decision is between Eyeball Collection and Zombie Ward.
If you feel like you can stack your eyeball fast enough, then go for it but if you feel like the game is going to be slow and you won’t be able to snowball, then go for Zombie Ward, since starting Level 6 OR EARLIER, I recommend swapping your Stealth Ward to Oracle Lens in order to start collecting stacks for it
Ultimate Hunter - Why? Currently, Kassadin is more of a squishy one-shot champion who cannot team fight for too long, which means getting a huge value out of Ravenous Hunter is impossible especially when it gives 0 omnivamp at 0 stacks. Ultimate Hunter is going to improve your mobility and increase the chances of making a clutch situation in combat.

Magical Footwear is a great choice in terms of saving 300 gold for your power spikes. Additionally, you are going to get +10 Movement Speed
Future's Market is one of the most broken runes in-game and allows you to get your power spike items as soon as possible which allows you to snowball faster. Use this rune to buy
Blasting Wand or Lost Chapter on your first base, then rush Luden's Tempest
into Rabadon's Deathcap.
Legally cheating in a video game!

Resolve - This is one of the most comfortable laning phase options if you struggle or want to fight for early snowball pre 6. Go for Bone Plating in most of melee matchups since you have a chance of outrading them thanks to trading around it cooldown, and you have good amount of decent anty-burst. Second Wind is a great choice connected with Doran's Shield in most of heavy poke matchups against ranged champs. Unflinching if opponents have a lot of cc and slows, Overgrowth if they don’t.
Sorcery If Inspiration wasn’t that much of an op choice I would go sorcery instead in most of free matchups, to get the highest damage value possible. Manaflow Band gives you 250 mana which connected with Seraph's Embraceis going to give you even more ap,
Gathering Storm even more scaling on lower Divisions people are struggling with closing the games so its a great choice which aswell secures your game in late game.
Precision These are good but not combined with Electrocute in my opinion. If you are planning on going fleet or conqueror then that's one of the best choices, but with Domination I don't really like it since I can't that much benefit from it nor I get faster powerspikes or damage compared to Resolve, Inspiration or Sorcery
Conqueror is a good choice against tanky opponents like Sylas, Diana, Galio etc. or the champs who are about to stack Magic Resist against you. Allows you to force over-extended go-ins on them without getting out damaged. Its still quite good choice but doesn’t offer that much of a burst, once you fall behind with it it’s hard to impact games that well.
Fleet Footwork In current meta its huge waste of potential but if you really feel like getting too easly punished you can go for the Fleet Footwork with Resolve for the final safe boy playstyle, but it makes your jungler way too weak, same as risk of falling behind and being useless.

In standard matchups without a problem go for 2

In matchups where opponent deals Physical Damage consider Double If opponents is Magic Damage but uses many auto attacks like Twisted Fate or Ahri consider One and one

Moreover I found Double against Azir matchup quite powerful
Still up to your preferences king!

Void Stone

Void Stone One of the reason’s why people dodge double or triple Magic Damage team comps against Kassadin, since you are basically their natural enemy.

Taking 15% reduced magic damage is quite a lot. Moreover, you are able to avoid unit collision, basically u can walk through your enemies, minons and allies. Excuses like creep blocked won’t happen here!

Null Sphere

Null Sphere is your main ability to survive through the early game, you are going to use it in order to get last hits from minions, or while walking to a minion and pressing it on an opponent to reduce some magic damage since it gives you small magic shield.

Remember that Taste of Blood works with it perfectly. The only problem is that it won’t cast if opponents enter fog of war while u are starting to cast it.

The most broken mechanics of Null Sphere is that it can cancel opponents’ channels like Katarina Death Lotus,
Fiddlesticks A Harmless Scarecrow etc. Make sure to sometimes keep it for the game-changing 1 vs 1 clutch

Nether Blade

Nether Blade in the early game is going to help you with the last hitting and mana sustain. In some matchups you are going to start with it at Level 1 to out-trade your opponent with Auto Attack → Nether Blade Combo.

Kassadin with Nether Blade isn’t a weak early game champion if it comes to melee matchups.

Most importantly, it has such a good usage as a finisher if you are going to Flash → Nether Blade when opponents
Flashes away it will end up applying the damage. U can cast your W while being in zhonya, which only confirms how unstoppable your spell is to secure kills. Moreover your Nether Blade counts as 1 for Electrocute Stack so by pressing Autoattack -> Nether Blade you need only 1 more Ability or Attack to proc Electrocute.

Force Pulse

One of your main abilities which is going to help you trade before level 6. When the opponent's spacing isn’t too great, look for a chance to slow them down--walk up and proc attack into Nether Blade to use Electrocute. It gives you possibilities of engaging or disengaging, peeling for your teammates. Great AOE wave clear control and strong in 2 vs 2 situations. You can cast Force Pulse and Flash to surprise your opponent.
Always count the numbers above your HP bar, since most of the time you can go in on the opponent without having it loaded since getting 2 more missing stacks is not a problem, you can load it during your combo.


Riftwalk One of the most broken abilities in the game. Starting from level 6, you can go all in on your opponent or you can Start with Force Pulse, walk up, proc Electrocute and jump away. Use the fog of war to your advantage with Riftwalk to get kills or sudden flanks. One of Kassadin's most important combinations is Riftwalk into Flash. Moreover there is one thing that many don't know about it. With Riftwalk, you are capable of canceling the CC of opponents like
Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab, Poppy Keeper's Verdict , Qiyana Supreme Display of Talent and once you get used to that, you can peel your teammates from getting cc’d.

Currently, Kassadin offers a few options and I will do my best to explain them in the easiest way possible!

Most of the time you want to max Force Pulse for the fastest cooldown and good AOE wave clear and damage. However, in some matchups where the opponent is often walking up to poke and you can’t really trade with them, get 3 points on Null Sphere. First, it will help you generate some early pressure and give you a stronger magic shield, which is good against some matchups like Vladimir against his Transfusion

I wouldn’t really max Null Sphere fully due to the high cooldown and lack of waveclear and is also weaker against 2 vs 2 fights.

It’s okay to max Null Sphere second but in my personal experience, maxing Nether Blade second is more advantageous since it doesn’t have a cast time, has a faster cooldown and scales better with 80% AP compared to the 70% AP with Null Sphere.
In some situations you need to save your Null Sphere in order to stop an opponent's ability like Katarina’s Death Lotus etc. so you can't really waste it to poke.

Dark Seal

Dark Seal doesn’t offer much sustain in lane but the statistics are comparable to Doran’s ring and since Kassadin’s mana sustain is not that bad, you can save a lot of gold getting this item because it’s efficient when you get it with Refillable Potion.

Doran's Shield

Doran's Shield Insanely strong item that gives you sustain against harder lane matchups due to its passive working well with melee champions. Moreover, it helps with last-hitting minions. It does, however, delay your burst potential.

Cloth Armor

Cloth Armor Great choice against heavy physical damage matchups. It can be considered aggressive due to the amount of sustain that 4 Health Potion will give you since usually your opponents only have up to 3 max. Using this with a Nether Blade start is good for trading against melees. It can also help you survive against AD ranged matchups like Lucian

Here I will explain some of Kassadin item choices--when and why you need them.

Luden's Tempest

Luden's Tempest currently the highest burst damage item due to the early flat magic penetration and mythic passive it offers. Compared to Everfrost, which gives ability power and Liandry's Anguish, which gives cooldown reduction in mythic bonuses. Magic penetration works insanely great when opponents are not buying Magic Resist so when you are the sole magic damage source in your team. Movement speed from Luden's Tempest isn’t that important but might be helpful at times.

Zhonya's Hourglass

Zhonya's Hourglass is definitely one of the core items that you should consider building second or third in most games. As I mentioned before, you are glass cannon so going in and having a 2.5-second buffer to load another Riftwalk can be a gamechanger. This item doesn’t offer great statistics but might counter many champions like Zed Death Mark, Fizz Chum the Waters, Karthus Requiem.

Seraph's Embrace

Seraph's Embrace is one of the core Kassadin items in terms of mana sustain and powerful scaling. It gives you the value of 110 Ability power and additionally for every bonus mana you purchase, you get more ability power because it increases your maximum mana by 5%. It’s one of the highest value combinations with Rabadon's Deathcap in terms of getting the most ability power.
All you need to do is to Riftwalk more and more!

Void Staff

Void Staff In most games, every mage should consider getting it as the fourth or fifth item once opponents start building magic resist from items. Why not too early? Because Void Staff Magic Penetration is % which means the more magic resist the enemy stacks, the higher value it gives. For example, if the opponent has 200 Magic resist, 40% is -80 Magic resist. If the opponent has 50 magic resist then it only penetrates an additional 20 Magic resist.

Rabadon's Deathcap

Rabadon's Deathcap In High Tempo Kassadin, I build it as the second item which scales great with Electrocute value and still gives me the highest Ability Power value. However, in standard Kassadin builds, keep in mind Rabadon's Deathcap is a really raw item that only offers you additional Ability Power, so its highest value is at the 5th or 6th item when you actually have a good amount of Ability Power.


Everfrost in terms of utility is a great choice if you feel like your opponents are dangerous in terms of mobility and burst or if your team lacks CC. It’s a great item that can change many situations by getting a pick thanks to engage/disengage possiblity. Moreover, in some matchups against like Talon or Akali, this can help with their stealth. Evelynn can’t even fully combo you because of the pressure this item brings. Keep that in mind that Everfrost mythic bonus offers Ability Power which isn't too great in terms of scaling compared to Luden's Tempest.

Liandry’s Anguish

Liandry's Anguish offers you a lot of damage per second and cooldown reduction. Flat magic penetration loses value when opponents are stacking magic resist and that’s when Liandry's Anguish and Cooldown Reduction is better than Flat Magic Penetration. However, I would only build it against extremely tanky team comps and, considering running Conqueror and utilizing a more tanky build myself.

Frozen Heart

Frozen Heart An amazing item against heavy AD team comps. You can rush it straight as the first item which will lead to out-trading opponents and still have decent damage. It offers greater statistics than Zhonya's Hourglass for the amount of 2500 Gold, mana, and cooldown which are all beneficial to Kassadin’s kit. It works amazingly well with Seraph's Embrace.

Mejai's Soulstealer

Mejai's Soulstealer you will start Dark Seal in most games, it is an efficient upgrade. Mejai’s forces you to play better and offers you an even stronger snowball potential. I would look for a Mejai on the 2nd or 3th Item depending on how many stacks you have on Dark Seal (10 the best) and how much gold you need to complete another legendary item etc. Think wisely.


Morellonomicon Sometimes you will need to get Oblivion Orb mid-game which will builds into Morello’s, however, I would l prefer to sell this item late game because it doesn’t offer great statistics. So let's hope for Mortal Reminder or Chemtech Putrifier on your teammates. This item obviously works great against Kayn, Sylas, Vladimir and many more champions

Cosmic Drive

Cosmic Drive Quite a mobile item with decent statistics. What I like about this item the most is the value of 40 ability haste especially when you don’t have much of it. However, I wouldn’t buy this item unless it’s my 5th or last one. I only see a potential of buying it if you are not planning on playing with Seraph's Embrace at all, so you have one last slot open. Keep in mind that the more Ability Haste you have the less cooldown reduction you will get out of it.

Lich Bane

Lich Bane Currently doesn't offer mana at all and gives poor statistics that’s why it’s no longer a core item of Kassadin. Late game, you depend on how many times you can smack Riftwalk on opponents than to proc an additional bonus auto. However, as I said before, if you are not playing Seraph's Embrace and you have one slot open, you can opt for this item. If the game is really free, you can build this instead of Zhonya's Hourglass while maxing Nether Blade as your second ability.


Riftmaker This item works great with Conqueror or Fleet Footwork builds (more tanky builds like when you have Frozen Heart). I’m not a big fan of it in Solo Queue, especially when people want to force fights all the time. You might encounter the feeling of powerlessness at times when buying this item because it doesn’t offer much of a power spike so your teammates might have difficulty adapting to your playstyle or itemization.

Sorcerer's Shoes

Sorcerer's Shoes Currently one of the best choices due to its flat Magic Penetration especially combined with Luden's Tempest Burst and Electrocute. Kill the enemy before they kill you. The more offensive the build, the more pressure Kassadin offers.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Ionian Boots of Lucidity I would go Ionian’s if the opponents are planning on building a lot of magic resistance in the game and are quite tanky. As I mentioned, Cooldown Reduction value is better when opponents are stacking Magic Resist. It offers us way more utility. It’s a good purchase when your summoners are still up.

Mercury's Treads

Mercury's Treads If opponents have a lot of CC like Malzahar, Sejuani, or Leona then it’s an amazing counter item especially if the enemy mid laner and jungler damage are double AP.

Plated Steelcaps

Plated Steelcaps A great choice but I wouldn’t really rush it unless at least 4 of the enemy team’s damage are auto-attack based. Frozen Heart and Zhonya's Hourglass are better choices. Don’t underestimate the potential of full aggressive Kassadin builds!

Firstly, they are few types of Kassadin Laning Phase depending on an enemy champion.

Even matchups would be against Veigar, Vladimir, Annie, Malzahar
What do I mean by even? Matchup where I can stay as much efficient as possible, having free farm since usually their champions can't punish me that well. They don’t have huge kill potential early if you play well enough, additionally there is always an option for more sustain thanks to Resolve and Second Wind + Doran's Shield if needed.

Basically, those matchups simply focus on getting your items as soon as possible, don’t force too much. Starting from Level 6 you can do more aggressive trades.
Be rational, if you are Kassadin Level 3 who can’t really kill opponent champion, then be happy with getting the cs, time is ticking for them not for you.
Play around their bad spacing and mistakes!

Passive lane in my eyes is, where you can’t really contest all minions, you have to be especially careful while your opponent is getting Level 2 and that’s happening after the first minion of the Second wave they kill. Respect opponent’s damage, don’t greed for all minions, be rational once again. Survive, and find your strong advantage points against them. Examples would be Tristana, Lucian, Talon. Orianna, Azir.

Basically, the lane with way too much poke and sustain against you, or insane physical damage with easier punishments which usually costs you half of your hp once you walk up for a minion. What to do? Do I need jungle pressure to win? For sure you can easily abuse Resolve considering between Bone Plating and Second Wind , itemization abuse against heavy ad champion Cloth Armor, rushing Frozen Heart if you have to become independent then going full Ap against some Ad Ranged champions is impossible unless there is a good early game jungler for you. Against Orianna, Azir etc. it’s enough to just get Doran's Shield and survive till 6, then your game gets better and better.

In melee matchups, don’t hesitate to try Nether Blade level 1 when trading with the opponent. You will notice how powerful your champion can be. However, it always depends on the matchup and your items. If you have Cloth Armor with 4 Health Potion, it’s good against like Yasuo, Qiyana, Talon, Irelia but what about Fizz, Galio etc.? Possible too but with Dark Seal + 3 Health Potion or Doran's Shield
But always compare enemy sustain to yours before making the decision of what spell to level up at level 1. This is your personal decision if you want to feel like an early game champion or you would rather stick to just getting minions with Null Sphere.
This is just a face-punching gameplay.
Please keep in mind that how much you can do pre-6 depends on how good/bad is enemy opponent, every Orianna player is different same for the Lucian

Whenever you want to walk up for a minion, try to use Null Sphere against the opponent’s ability damage to prevent receiving too much poke. In early game, you can use it to last hit minions or to prevent additional damage when it’s needed when walking up to last hit.

Since the enemy team knows and loves to punish Kassadin early game, developing tracking skills for the enemy jungler is the key for wave management. Connecting the knowledge and awareness of these two and adapting properly will save you many deaths.

The hardest Kassadin burden is to crash the wave and finally recall for the first time. You can always ask your jungler to help you if you are worried about getting ganked while doing so. Don’t hesitate to use your Teleport to go back to the lane with items in order to fix the wave. It’s okay if you have to Teleport back to lane before Level 6 since the important part of the game usually starts once you get Riftwalk.

Level 6 finally allows you to initiate trades to your advantage. There are 2 ways of doing that--reaching your opponent by using Force Pulse in melee range and doing your damage and then jumping away with Riftwalk (if you are worried about getting out-damaged or ganked in a prolonged trade). Another way is to simply jump in on the opponent but also making sure to know your limits. Sometimes there won't be any trades and the lane will become “Stay Efficient” State where you want to get as much as possible while playing for your teammates around Teleport and objectives.

Starting at this point, you should be looking for chances around the map taking into consideration your roam timers and trying to pressure other lanes/jungle if your opponent is playing too defensively. If possible, try to keep your teleport for more game-impacting situations or to match an enemy roam that you couldn’t follow. Moreover since you are Assasin your champion works great with Oracle Lens in terms of invading and looking for kills.

Starting from midgame, you’d want to implement pressure on the side lanes while keeping your Teleport up. You are one of the most mobile champions in the game capable of generating amazing pressure and crossing the map right after.

Once Tier 1 Turret on bot lane is taken, consider swapping with your bot laners. They will be more impactful in terms of sieging and pressuring mid-lane closer to the jungle than staying and overextending in bot lane. Since you will be rotating to bot lane, it’s easier for you to look for picks and punish your opponent’s mistakes. Moreover, you will be able to cover map and objectives with Teleport if you find it will change the course of the game. This is basically you consuming as many resources as possible to scale and add pressure.

Think about yourself like about the Hunter, looking for prey and enemy openings. You are a mastermind of abusing fog of war, flanks etc. Don’t forget about Oracle Lens in order to become complete abuser.

Generate Pressure on the sidelane → Rotate, look for the chances or flanks. If nothing happens then stay and keep a track of the enemy.

Obviously, I do group with the team for the dragon fights, baron fights, mostly looking for the best flank. You need to analyze if it’s worth grouping with the team before making a decision because here we are already implementing a lot of macro game and everygame is different.

That’s why I highly recommend watching the video at the Top of Guide of how I played and adapted to the game.

When you reach late-game, it’s when Kassadin Fullest Potential comes out because of Riftwalk’s damage and cooldown. During this time, you will be able to almost one shot enemy carries using Riftwalk → Flash Combo.

At this point of the game, you’re like a Predator looking for prey around the map.

There are 2 types of games for the late game Kassadin.

Ones where you can impact 5 vs 5 fights and actually carry with your burst.
The other one being once you group with your teammates, there’s no chance in winning and you consider split-pushing for an increased chance of the enemy making mistakes and giving your teammates space to breathe and progress in the game.

In terms of team-fighting, one good Riftwalk → Flash Combo into opponents followed by Zhonya's Hourglass might change the game for your team.
Thank you for taking the time to read my guide. I believe all of you can achieve what you want if you stay truly dedicated to the knowledge from the guide. Believe in yourself, don’t give up, and always push! Remember that growing as a better player is a marathon not a sprint. It takes time and practice.

If you would like to see me playing Kassadin or want to learn useful game tips, feel free to follow me on Twitch Channel and join my Discord Server !

Big thanks to the Maniouz for the amazing graphics and VOD edits!
League of Legends Build Guide Author xblademojo
xblademojo Kassadin Guide
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[11.21] Rank 1 Kassadin Complete Guide by xblademojo

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