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Janna Build Guide by PicklePantsLOL

Support [11.21] Weather Queen | D1 Janna Guide for Climbing ELO

Support [11.21] Weather Queen | D1 Janna Guide for Climbing ELO

Updated on October 29, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PicklePantsLOL Build Guide By PicklePantsLOL 105 3 369,378 Views 17 Comments
105 3 369,378 Views 17 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PicklePantsLOL Janna Build Guide By PicklePantsLOL Updated on October 29, 2021
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Runes: Your Rune Setup

Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band

Taste of Blood
Relentless Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
Standard Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[11.21] Weather Queen | D1 Janna Guide for Climbing ELO

By PicklePantsLOL
About Me
Hi, my name's PicklePants and I am a League of Legends Content Specialist. I have been playing League of Legends since Season 3- roughly before Lucian was released. For the past few years, I have been working closely with multiple League of Legends content sites: creating guides and other League of Legends content to help players achieve their League related goals and climb ELO. I am currently a full-time content specialist.

I am sitting at the top end of the Diamond Leaderboard- achieving Diamond 1 in both Season 8 and Season 9

Before I worked on this guide, I have created over 100 separate guides spanning over 2 years and over multiple websites. My most famous (live guide; RIP LOLKING) is currently a wave management guide over at Mobalytics. The guide itself is one of the more in-depth guides you'll see and is the most complete wave management guide that is up to date. I would highly recommend reading it if you want to learn how to manage waves correctly. We also have a very in-depth and complete warding guide that is for all lanes and all parts of the game. It's known to be the "biggest and best vision guide you've ever seen". To finish of my accolades, I also created the worlds biggest and most indepth guide- Everything You Need to Know About Team Comps and Teamfighting in League of Legends. You can find it here.

As a content creator, I try to make really in-depth guides that describe everything there is to know about a subject and try to help players in the best way possible. For some, that's by watching videos, for others it is reading. Whichever way is best for you to learn, I am sure that we can help you out. You can find all my other guides here.

Tier List

Summoner Spells

Flash is the best Summoner Spell around. Not only is it the most popular Summoner Spell, but it also provides Janna and every other champion a variety of options when it comes to basic gameplay. Flash can be used to engage, escape, to finish players off and to help allies. I would recommend taking Flash whenever you play Janna period.

Ignite is a must-have Summoner Spell on any Support in the current meta. As every game relies heavily on the early game, and as Janna is an AP Support, taking Ignite is a fantastic Summoner Spell that will help you win lane and dominate the enemy. I recommend taking Ignite in every matchup regardless of situation. The reasoning behind this is that if you don't take Ignite and the enemy does, you lose all lane priority. Never take Exhaust on Janna.

Alternatively, you could take Flash and Barrier if you're in a matchup that just needs to scale.

Rune Breakdown
Arcane Comet is Janna's main Keystone
I love taking Arcane Comet on Janna as it provides her with so much extra damage and poke in lane. As a Utility Support, you should be looking to poke as often as possible, and with Arcane Comet you can trade a lot more effectively. Arcane Comet will proc off your Howling Gale and Zephyr, and as you will be poking with your Zephyr as often as possible, you will be able to deal a lot more damage in standard trades. Before poking, always look at the cooldown of Arcane Comet and wait for it to be up before poking with Zephyr.

Manaflow Band is Janna's first Rune in line 1
As Janna is a champion who needs mana to use her abilities, Manaflow Band is a nice pickup on her because it allows her to have a wider mana pool: allowing her to use her abilities more frequently.

Celerity is Janna's next Rune in line 2
Janna is the fastest Support on Summoners Rift. Her movement speed is obnoxious and she can be quite difficult to kill and land skill shots. With Celerity, you're able to move around the map much quicker: roam and get back to lane faster and also deal more damage. The tiny bit of extra movement speed synergizes well with her Passive and your Zephyr.

Scorch is Janna's final Rune in her main tree
This Rune provides Janna with a little extra damage in lane which works great with the way you play Janna. Scorch's extra damage will increase your ability to harass in lane as it makes your trades with your Zephyr more potentent. This makes it much harder for the enemy to survive and lane against the Janna.

For your secondary Rune tree, you should always take Domination.

Taste of Blood is Janna's first Rune in the secondary tree
Taste of Blood is a really good Rune as it provides you with some extra sustain in lane. It works well with your Zephyr and increases your suvivability slightly.

Relentless Hunter is Janna's final Rune in the secondary tree
Relentless Hunter synergizes well with Janna's Passive and gives her a lot of extra movement speed. When this Rune is fully stacked, she will be really quick and very difficult to kill.

For your final set of Runes, I would recommend taking double Adaptive Force (in line 1 and 2) and then for the final Rune you can choose depending on the matchup. If you're against a heavy AP enemy, go for magic resist. If you're against a tank or double AD, go for armor. The health Rune isn't too hot so I would stay away from that one.

Janna should always take Spellthief's Edge. This is because it provides her with a lot more damage and extra gold in lane. Out of the 3 options, this is the better one in most matchups. I would always take Spellthief's Edge if you're in a good matchup. However, you may wish to opt for a Relic Shield if you're not able to stack this item effectively.

On your first back, you should get enough gold to at least buy Dark Seal. This item will start providing you with extra damage when trading and it will also help you out when it comes to getting kills and assists as it will give you extra AP. This will make poking the enemy and getting kills much easier as it provides you with a bunch of stats that help you out.

On your first back, you should also have enough for an additional Health Potion and Control Ward(s) . You need to buy Control Wards throughout the game and the first one is the most important. You should place this first ward near the river bush near your lane or in the middle bush if in the river if you're pushed under Tower.

The first item for Janna should be Ionian Boots of Lucidity. They're somewhat cheap, give the champion movement speed and ability/summoner spell haste. This allows them to use their abilities and Summoner Spells more frequently.

Your next item is going to be Shurelya's Battlesong This item is really powerful on this champion and allows you to empower your allies with its base stats and active. Alternatively, you can go Moonstone Renewer. Try out both and see what you prefer.

The third item is going to be Chemtech Putrifier. Due to the insane amount of healing and shielding there is in the game, getting this item is very important to reduce the enemies sustain. You can always get an early Oblivion Orb if you're against a sustain lane too.

Your next item on Janna is going to be Staff of Flowing Water. This item gives Janna a ton of AP, additional healing power and it also gives her and her allies additional movement speed when she heals them. This is going to be effective during the laning phase as it allows you to chase down the enemy. It is also going to be really helpful in team fights.

After you have picked up Ardent Censer, you should go ahead and get Redemption. It acts very similar to Ardent Censer as they both share the same Passives. It too enhances your Healing and also your shielding power through you. In addition to those stats, it provides cooldown reduction, extra health, mana regen and more. It also has an active that will allow you to heal your allies from afar.

Situational Items

To finish off this section, let's discuss situational items. Situational items are items that you may not always pick always pick up, but you might do once in a while. Basically, they are items that are not in your core build path, but you might pick up occasionally. We have also made a separate guide on situational items if you want to learn more about what items are situational and when to buy each of them.
  • Mercury's Treads are great against champions with magic damage as it gives magic resist.
  • Will allow you to escape from champions who have lot's of crowd control like Nautilus thanks to the bonus tenacity.
  • Protects you against champions with burst abilities or combos- mostly AP, but does work against some AD champions who deal magic damage.
Mikael's Blessing is a nice item if the enemy has point and click CC. It can save your allies and keep them alive for longer in team fights which can turn the fight around. I would only buy this item if the enemy has a lot of CC. You should get this instead of Locket of the Iron Solari if needed.

I don’t usually upgrade my Dark Seal, but if you are stomping the enemy, you could always upgrade it for a Mejai's Soulstealer. It gives you a ton of extra damage, but is a very risky item. Thankfully, it does suit your play style, but you need to continue to have good positioning to make it work.

If you’re against heavy AP, you could get a Banshee's Veil. It will protect you against burst and poke damage as well as keep you alive for longer. In team fights, the spell shield is pretty good and will come in handy if and when you need it. You would get it last if a game is going on for 30+ minutes as every death at this stage of the game could cost you.

Moonstone Renewer is a fantastic item on Janna.

Pretty good item. If you have multiple AD champions, get this instead of Redemption. Honestly, your last 2 items are personal preference/situational, so try each of them out!.

Don’t forget to constantly pick up Control Wards to provide vision for your team. You need to have at least 1 on you at all times during the early stages of the game, and you need to place them down as and when you move around the map.


Let's discuss Janna's abilities and what each of them does. In this section, we will talk about what each of the abilities do and provide you with some extra tips and tricks along the way.

Janna's Passive is Tailwind

Janna passively gains bonus movement speed and grants the same amount of movement speed to nearby allies walking towards her. In addition, basic attacks and your Zephyr deal bonus damage equal to a percentage of your movement speed. This means the more movement speed you have- the more damage your Zephyr will do.

Janna's Q is Howling Gale

Janna summoners a whirlwind that charges for just over 3 seconds. Recasting this ability instantly reactivates it which launches itself in a target direction dealing damage and knocking up any enemies it passes through. You can leave this ability to finish itself, and the longer you leave it, the range, speed, damage and the knock up duration are all increased depending on the length of charge.

A good time to use your Howling Gale is when the enemy cannot see it or can react to it. This can be achieved by charging it from inside of an unwarded bush, through the new alcoves or through fog of war. In many cases, it’s better to leave it charging unless you need to reactivate it quickly to interrupt something. Janna’s Howling Gale can block many dashes including Thresh’s Hook, Alistar’s basic W>Q combo, Lee Sin Q, Rakan’s W and many others.

To interrupt an enemy dash or a combo, you need to time your Howling Gale so it hits them just as they’re mid-way or just on top of you. For example, to interrupt a Lee Sin Q, you would need to aim it in his direction and then recast it as soon as he recasts his Q. To interrupt a Thresh Q, you need to recast your Howling Gale as soon as he follows through with the second Q.

There are a ton of cool things you can do with Janna Howling Gale and it is an incredibly potent ability if you’re able to land it. To make landing this ability easier: first things first, you have to practice a lot. Secondly try to aim it in the direction of where the enemy is going to be at a certain time- experience plays a huge part in this, but it is easier to achieve the more games you’ve played of League and Janna in general.

In certain matchups, you never want to use your Howling Gale aggressively. When you’re against an Alistar, Blitzcrank, Nautilus, Rakan or even Braum, you want to save your Howling Gale purely as a defensive tool just incase they try to play aggressive. You can use your Howling Gale to poke with though if you know that they’re not in a position to play aggressive.

As a final note, if you really want your Howling Gale to really hit home, keep an eye out for your Arcane Comet cooldown and charge it when it’s up. This will allow your Howling Gale to deal max damage and a little extra thanks to the Arcane Comet projectile.

Janna’s Howling Gale can also interrupt channels such as Pyke’s Q, Sion’s Q and even Hextech Flashtraption. If you see any champion channeling an ability, make sure you cast and recast your Howling Gale quickly to interrupt it.

Janna's W is Zephyr

Janna commands her aire elemental to attack a target enemy, dealing damage and slowing them. When this ability is up and ready (not on cooldown) Janna actually has bonus movement speed which can help her escape, roam and move around the map.

This ability will be your main poking tool in the laning phase. As a Janna player, you need to continue poking the enemy as much as you can to keep their health bars low. A very simple AA>W>AA combo is a great way of fully utilising this ability and to make full use of your Spellthief's Edge.

The best time to trade and poke the enemy with your Zephyr is when your Arcane Comet is available. As this ability is very easy to hit (as it’s point and click), using it on the enemy when your Arcane Comet is up is a great way of dealing extra damage in a trade as the projectile is almost impossible to miss.

Zephyr does cost quite a bit of mana if you’re spamming it, so you need to make the most of it and always use it when your Arcane Comet is up. When it’s down, you should just focus on auto attacks as it’s not necessarily cost effective to use it while Arcane Comet is down.

Another good way to trade with this ability is once you have your Mobility Boots, you can wait for them to activate and then walk towards the enemy and use your Zephyr on them. This will deal increased damage thanks to Janna’s Passive. Although, this can backfire if you get hit by enemy damage- so only do it from inside a bush!

Remember that Janna’s Zephyr is a point and click ability. This means that enemy minions will start to focus you if you’re inside the minion wave when you do it. Try to poke with a W>AA combo or AA>W>AA combo and then walk backwards to maximum your damage output for damage taken. Once your Zephyr has been used, run backwards or out of vision to drop minion aggro.

Janna is not the tankiest of champions, so you should try to poke when the enemy is not able to poke you, and you should always keep an eye on the minion wave when you walk up to poke. This is because it can prevent being attacked and taking a lot of damage in return when you use your Zephyr. As an example, when playing against Blitzcrank, Thresh or Braum, you should always make sure there is at least 1 minion in between you and them so they cannot land their Hook’s or their Q poke.

When walking up to poke, try to make the enemy waste one of their core abilities before pushing up. As another example, baiting out Nami’s W before trying to attack her will mean that you will come out ahead of the trade. Where as if she lands her W on you, you’re going to take more damage (unless you use your Eye of the Storm to shield yourself). While this isn’t always possible, it’s better to bait out an ability before using your Zephyr when you want to poke.

Janna's E is Eye of the Storm

Janna’s Eye of the Storm is a shield that can be used on herself or her allies. It lasts for 5 seconds and provides the shielded member of her team bonus attack damage. Each ability that slows or knocks up an enemy champion (her Zephyr is the slow, the Howling Gale is the knockup) will reduce this abilities cooldown by 20% per cast.

If you’re being pushed under Tower, or if you want to protect a Tower, you can cast Eye of the Storm on to the Turret which can protect it against incoming damage and prevent the enemy from destroying it, or taking Tower Plates. But be careful when doing this, you might accidentally give the enemy an opportunity to dive you or your ADC as they know your Eye of the Storm is down. In addition to this, it’s very easy to accidently Eye of the Storm the Tower rather than yourself or the ADC if they’re close to it. Keep this in mind.

There isn’t really many tips to using this ability, apart from the fact that when you walk up to poke, you can self cast it to protect you against incoming damage. Above, we talked about Nami and her W when poking and how you may want to bait it out before pushing forward to attack with your Zephyr. If this is not an option, you can self cast this ability to protect you against the enemies damage. By using ALT+ Eye of the Storm, you can still use your Zephyr and protect yourself against damage. This is very handy when playing against poke champions.

In team fights, you should be looking to protect your ADC or any low health champion on your team rather than yourself (unless you need to survive). The bonus attack damage is great for AD Carries as it enhances their damage and can carry the fight. A sneaky tip in team fights is to just use your Eye of the Storm on anyone who has participated in a skirmish and is about to kill an enemy champion. This provides you with an assist regardless if they’ve used the Eye of the Storm to help them. Do this every time (if possible) to improve your KDA and get more gold.

Janna's Ultimate is Monsoon

Janna’s Monsoon is her Ultimate ability. It’s a channel that heals herself and her allies every half a second for 3 seconds. Any enemies that are nearby when she starts using this ability are knocked back and briefly stunned. Once you move or after 3 seconds, the effects stop.

This ability is rather versatile and is really good at interrupting dashes or engages from enemy champions as well as stopping jungle ganks in their tracks. Much like Howling Gale, you can use it as soon as an enemy champion is close to you to knock them away and interrupt their engage. If you’re in any threat post 6, you should use your Howling Gale to interrupt the combo or your Monsoon if your Howling Gale is on cooldown.

In team fights, you can use your Monsoon at the start of the fight if you’re using it to prevent your ADC or other Carries from being engaged on. You should use it whenever you need to keep them alive, but in special situations; such as against assassins like Zed, Talon or Camille (who is not an assassin but has a similar hard engage playstyle), you can knock them away as soon as they engage which can destroy their combo and allows your team to turn it around.

In some cases, you can use your Monsoon to displace the enemy when they engage and put them into harms way which can help your ADC or allies survive. As an example, if an enemy engages on to you, you can use your Monsoon to knock them into your Tower or in to your teammates. This is good against squishy champions rather than champions who can engage like Alistar or Sion though.

Skill Sequence


Matchup Advice

Now let's discuss some matchup advice and tips and tricks. Please note, all of this information is taken from Mobalytics and the Pre-Game. If you want all this information and more and your fingertips before every game, definitely check out the site. Here's a quick video on how to use the Pre-Game.


» Alistar has no real form of poke damage - when attempting to go even with him, look to stay out of him W ( Pulverize) + Q ( Headbutt) combo range while punishing him for stepping up too far in an attempt to use it. Once the Alistar is fairly low, he can't threaten to engage.

» Be careful of the Flash + Q ( Pulverize) combo from an Alistar if his lane is ahead because he'll be looking to use it. Try to stay on your side of the map when this deadly combo is available.

» Without his Ultimate ( Unbreakable Will), Alistar is fairly easy to kill despite looking quite beefy. Take advantage of the 120 second CD and whenever you see him too far forward, look to engage or trade onto him.

» Both Q ( Pulverize) and W ( Headbutt) have a 14 second or longer cooldown in the early game. If one of them is down, you have a huge window to pressure and harass him.

If you're interested in finding out who beats Alistar, check out this guide!


» Annie lacks range and will have trouble trading back or dealing any poke damage if you poke her from afar.

» Annie's Summon: Tibbers has 120s CD, when it's up be careful of her Flash + R ( Summon: Tibbers) combo. She will normally try to do it with at least 3 stacks of her Passive ( Pyromania), so keep track of it to know when she might try to burst you down.

» Watch out for angry Tibbers! Even if you manage to score a kill versus Annie, make sure you have an escape plan for enraged Tibbers.

» She has strong gank assist - Use her lack of range and waveclear to shove her in and poke her down is a great way to gain an edge on Annie. Be careful though - her gank assist with Flash + stun ( Pyromania) can be dangerous when harassing her under the tower.

» Be on the lookout for when Bard tries to line up his stun Q ( Cosmic Binding) on you. Whether he uses a wall, a minion, or even your teammate.

» When playing against Bard, if your mobility spells are on CD or your Flash is down, be careful of his huge catch potential. His R ( Tempered Fate) into Q ( Cosmic Binding) combo can be the mean death to anyone not respecting it.

» Bard's Q ( Cosmic Binding) is his only real way to defend himself. If it misses, look to kill him since he's a squishy target.

» Because of Bard's Meep passive through Traveler's Call ( Bard's Passive) , he wins most auto-attack for auto-attack trades. You can bait out his empowered auto attack with a shield, wait for him to waste it on a minion, or bait him to overextend for autos.

» Keep side brush warded while hiding within the minion wave so Blitzcrank has little options in terms of hooking you while you look to harass or last hit.

» When Blitzcrank's Q ( Rocket Grab) is down, you have up to 20 seconds of free harassing without fear.

» If your Flash is down or you are behind in lane versus a Blitzcrank, do your best to keep your minion wave near the tower or else the Blitzcrank will zone you out of minions. Even worse, he may use his Flash + Q ( Rocket Grab) combo to kill you.

» His tankiness comes from his Passive ( Mana Barrier), which has a 90-second cooldown and is based on 50 percent of his current mana. When he is OOM or it's on CD he is very squishy so try to focus him down during trades.


» Brand's burst comes from the combination of landing 3 abilities that trigger his passive ( Blaze). As long as he's not able to trigger Blaze (his Passive), he won't be able to kill someone during an all-in.

» Avoid standing close to the minion wave to prevent waveclear or poke abilities like his Q ( Pillar of Flame) or his E ( Conflagration) from hitting you.

» If he ever uses his Q ( Sear) for poke, look to immediately all-in or trade into him because it's his only way to defend himself. Bonus points if you can do this away from the minion wave post-6 so his Ultimate ( Pyroclasm) doesn't bounce to you.

» Brand often uses his W ( Pillar of Flame) which has a 10 second CD as his main source of waveclear - it's also his main source of damage early on. Look to harass him while it's down.
» Braum has two ways to engage: jumping onto his allied minions that you're standing next to with his W ( Stand Behind Me) or landing a Q ( Winter's Bite) from a distance. Don't overextend into enemy minions to deny him from being able to jump, and hide behind allied minions so that he can't easily land his Q ( Winter's Bite).

» Try to avoid his Q ( Winter's Bite) poke damage since it can result in his ADC zoning you from farm or the wave. Stay in your wave to make it easier to dodge them.

» Once his Q ( Winter's Bite) is on CD, Braum has no real way of trading besides going for a full all-in using auto attacks to proc his Passive ( Concussive Blows). Use the 10-second window from his rank 1 Q ( Winter's Bite) to poke him down.

» Stand Behind Me ( Braum’s W) is the main thing that makes Braum so tanky - it has a 14 second CD at rank 1. Look to bait it out with poke damage and once it's used, you can easily kill him or his partner.
» Crowstorm ( Fiddlesticks Ultimate) is his most deadly ability and has a 150 second CD. When this ability is up in combination with his Flash, do not attempt any risky plays like dives or staying on the map with low HP. He will easily be able to punish you.

» When playing against lane Fiddlesticks the most annoying part of it is his Reap (E) as it can deal a heavy amount of poke damage at random. It has a 12s CD at rank 1 with no CDR, so to play around it stay away from your minion line when you know it's up and you see him start to cast it

» The best time to strike Fiddlesticks is when he uses his Bountiful Harvest (W) on a minion to heal as he will not be able to use his main damage ability on you.

» He is very good at diving towers and countering a tower dive. Do not attempt a tower dive or staying under tower with low HP while you have no vision of him.
» Janna is very fragile. If you're able to coordinate your damage when you lock her down with CC, you can take her down quickly before she has a chance to push you back.

» Since Janna has no real forms of hard engage, you can safely farm against her and her ADC. Do not get over aggressive and trade into her shield (E Eye of the Storm).

» Janna's main tool in the laning phase is her shield (E Eye of the Storm), which has an 18s CD at level one. Pay attention to the duration and engage her slightly before it wears off to give yourself the biggest window possible to punish that CD.

» Do not trade into her, you'll likely lose against her and her ADC. Instead, remember that she doesn't have a very good hard engage, so grab some sustain and look to out farm her.

» Leona has no form of poke or sustain. If you can poke her down, it should dissuade her from wanting to engage on you and allow you to farm safely.

» Her tankiness comes from Eclipse (W), which has a 14 second CD, and its extra armour/magic resist for 6 seconds. After it's used, she is squishy - look to turn on her for an easy kill.

» Solar Flare (R) has a 90 second CD, which is quite short for a rank 1 Ultimate. Be careful whenever you don't have Flash because she'll be looking to engage with it ASAP. Do your best to stay out of the middle of it so you are slowed instead of stunned.

» Leona will be looking to engage in the early game, so use this to your advantage. If the Leona engages from too far away from her ADC with her Zenith Blade (E), her CC won't actually have any damage to follow it up. This mistake gives you and your ADC an opportunity to turn around and punish her for being overzealous.
» Trading into her Whimsy (W) will often be a losing trade for you. Instead, look to push her into tower since she has low all-in threat.

» Trading into a Lulu lane is quite difficult due to her shield (E) ( Help, Pix!) and target CC. Look to safely farm under your tower instead due to her lack of engage options.

» Help, Pix!(E) is the main way Lulu protects herself or allies in the early game. It has a 2.5-second duration and a 10-second cooldown, so when you see her cast it on an ally, try to trade back as it's about to expire.

» Lulu is a champion that makes great trades, but her durability comes through her spell usage instead of natural tankiness. Look to lock her down with CC and take her out before she can save herself with Wild Growth (R) or Help, Pix!(E).
» She has low threat outside of her Dark Binding (Q), so put the minion wave between you and her while farming to avoid your chances of being hit.

» Whenever she has Flash + Ultimate ( Soul Shackles) and you don't have Flash, she'll attempt to Flash onto you and use Soul Shackles (R). Stay on your side of the map whenever this timing happens to avoid the heavy burst of this combo and its 4.5 second CC chain.

» If you see her cast Black Shield (E)- which has a 23 second CD at rank 1 with a 5-second duration, look to all-in her as it expires - it's her main source of defence pre-6. Alternatively, if you have multiple magic damage abilities, look to use those to break it during a fight and then land your CC for an easy kill.

» Morgana has almost zero pressure if her Dark Binding (Q) misses. If it does, go fully aggressive on her for the next 11 seconds, even to the point of walking past the wave since she has no way of stopping you.
» No need to force trades with a Nami when attempting to farm. Since she has no real way of helping with waveclear, you can shove the lane in. Be careful whenever she has Tidal Wave (her Ultimate) up as it can be used for a great gank assist tool.

» Avoid trading with a Nami when behind, Her ability to out sustain and chase you down with her E ( Tidecaller's Blessing) is strong. Instead, you must avoid poke until you see a chance to engage on her while she's playing too forward.

» Ebb and Flow (W) has a 10s CD, look to trade with her after she uses it on herself or her ADC for sustain. She is unable to trade back with you and will be forced to try and land her Q ( Aqua Prison) to disengage, sidestep this and easily win a trade.

» Nami has a plethora of damage, sustain, and CC in her kit. Therefore, frequent, short trades favor her heavily. However, she's extremely fragile and has no real escape. Coordinate well with your ADC and look to bring Nami down in one or two clean engages.
» Nautilus' burst damage only really comes from his Riptide (his E), which is relatively short ranged and does more DMG the closer you are to him. As long as you avoid his all-in, he won't put out too much pressure on you.

» All of Nautilus' early damage comes from his Titan's Wrath (W). When looking to bully him, don't be afraid to turn and break the shield, once this is done he has no real consistent damage so you can look to kill him.

» It's extremely difficult to avoid Nautilus' CC combo when he has his Ultimate ( Depth Charge), up (120-second cd rank 1). Stay safe and play passive while it's up.

» Keep minions/walls between you and Nautilus at all times so that you can harass him when he has no clear way to land an Dredge Line or when it's on cooldown.
» Be wary of Pyke's ability to roam when trying to farm out against him. He is one of the best roaming Supports due to the speed at which he can rotate and his many different CC combos. Ward the river when playing versus him and call MIA every time he recalls as well.

» Pyke's Passive, Gift of the Drowned Ones, denies him bonus HP in favor of bonus AD, meaning if his W Ghostwater Dive and E Phantom Undertow are not up he is an extremely easy kill. Once you are ahead of Pyke in the lane, look to all-in him as he can die in one CC rotation. However, avoid shorter trades attempting to widdle him down as he will regain his HP when out of sight due to his grey health.

» Pyke is to be feared as he has many ways to secure a kill. He can land a hook with charged up Bone Skewer (Q), dive in and Flash onto you for a stun with Phantom Undertow (E) or dive into melee range for a massive slow using a combination of Ghostwater Dive (W) and instant cast Bone Skewer (Q). To avoid these, you'll need to look to freeze the lane near your tower while standing behind minions to avoid getting caught by Bone Skewer (Q).

» As long as you do not get caught by Pyke's E ( Phantom Undertow) or Q ( Bone Skewer) you will not be harmed by Pyke during the laning phase. Stand slightly outside the minion wave and try to bait out his Q ( Bone Skewer) while you poke/threaten him or his ADC, once he misses you are free to bully the lane as much as you like for the rank one CD of 16s.

» Senna’s positioning in lane is key. If she steps too far forward, she is an easy target to kill. Capitalise on positioning errors by the enemy Senna to gain a lead in lane.

» Senna is vulnerable to hard engage and burst due to her squishy nature. Instead of playing Passive in lane, try to be proactive and engage/fight whenever she wastes an ability or steps too far forward.

» Senna’s Ultimate Dawning Shadow is a global Ultimate. When she is 6, ping your team so they know she can impact the map and execute/protect her allies.

» Keep an eye on your positioning and the health of your minions. By standing inside or behind the minion wave, you can prevent Senna from fully utilising her Curse of the Black Mist as she will not be able to hit you. However, it will instantly root nearby allies if she kills the target (like a minion). Don’t stand near low health minions!.
» As long as you avoid Sona's Power Chorddamage (her Passive), she won't be able to do much harm to you. Just be careful of her Jungler coming while she has her ult up.

» Try to trade with Sona while her Power Chord is down, she does very little poke damage without it.

» Crescendo (R) is an extremely powerful engage tool with a 140 second CD at rank 1 with no CDR. When she is ahead, she will be looking to Flash + R Crescendo you, so keep track of its CD and her Flash.

» Sona has no escape and is the most fragile Support but has incredible poke and sustain. Play around this by not giving her the opportunity to do small and efficient trades. Instead, bide your time and stay on high health until you find the opportunity to do aggressive all-in trades with her.
» She doesn't have a very good way to stop you from farming, but you should be trying to dodge as many Starcall (Q’s) as you can to reduce her ability to sustain.

» Do not be fooled by her Q Starcall’s low damage, dodge! Avoiding them during poke phase and all-ins is very crucial because it enables extra healing for both Soraka and her ADC.

» Trading into Soraka when behind is pointless because she will just heal it all back with her W Astral Infusion. Instead, look to save your CDs and HP for one all-in when you catch her out of position, or for when your Jungler arrives.

» Soraka's laning in the early game is very poor because her Astral Infusion (W) and Equinox (E) have 8 and 24-second cooldowns with no CDR. This means that she is very susceptible to all-ins before she scales up. Avoid letting her out sustain you and get a free early laning phase by playing aggressively against her and her ADC.

Tahm Kench
» His ability to zone you and your ADC from farm is pretty weak when you're even but you need to watch out for his Devour (R). He will be looking to use it to roam or even on his own lane with his Jungler.

» If Tahm Kench misses his Q ( Tongue Lash) which has a 6 second CD with no CDR, he pretty much becomes useless in lane in terms of offensive abilities, so look to poke him down.

» He has a very nasty combo where he can Flash, Exhaust, and Tongue Lash (Q) into Devour (W). If you are away from the tower, be aware of this potential threat.

» Tahm Kench's E ( Thick Skin) is a big part of what makes him tanky. It cannot be used while stunned so save your hard CC for when he reaches 40% health, and then try to burst him down before he can activate his E ( Thick Skin).
» Taric has no poke damage outside of running up and attempting to Dazzle (E) you. On the other hand, he offers great gank setup with Dazzle (E), Flash, into a Cosmic Radiance (R) so that he and his Jungler can dive you under the tower. This combo is likely the only way that Taric can disrupt your ability to farm.

» Cosmic Radiance (R) is Taric's main defensive tool - note that it has a 160 second CD at rank 1, which is longer than most other Ults. After a fight where both you and Taric use your Ults, start preparing for another all-in. As soon as it comes up, you can look to kill him during this timing window.

» Do not think that you are safe under tower versus a Taric. Due to the large amount of armor from Bastion (W) and his Ultimate Cosmic Radiance, he has is one of the best tower divers in the game. Avoid staying at low health under the tower - instead, look to farm safely away from him since he lacks poke damage.

» Taric's main weaknesses in the lane are that he has melee range and doesn't have any reliable tools to engage, especially since Dazzle (E) is extremely telegraphed. You can abuse Taricmore than other Supports with continual harass with very little fear of retaliation if you can dodge his delayed stun attempts.
» Vel'Koz's wave clear and poke abilities are amazing and he will likely be able to out shove you in a farming situation. Look out for him using fog or brushes to launch poke from while you last hit under the tower.

» Whenever Vel'Koz uses his E ( Tectonic Disruption) which is a knock-up and his only self-peel option. Look to all-in him during its 16-second cooldown. Once you're on top of him, it becomes very difficult for him to use his ultimate.

» Getting hit by Vel'Koz's Tectonic Disruption (E) knock-up or his Q ( Plasma Fission) slow will result in getting destroyed by his Ultimate Life Form Disintegration Ray which at rank 1 CD is 120 seconds. Grabbing early movement speed to help you avoid getting hit by these combos is strongly advised.

» Vel'Koz is a pure skillshot champion. Look to dodge his Plasma Fission (Q) by standing in the minion wave and quickly stepping out from the wave to dodge his (W) Void Rift, which he often uses to heavily push you in. It's a bit of a dance where you dodge in and out of the minion wave but if you get boots early on it makes the whole process a lot easier.
» Small trades favour Yuumi thanks to her Zoomies that can provide two heals as well as her Passive that provides her with a shield. If one of these two these materials are down, it may be your best chance to engage with the enemy.

» Yuumi has the ability to become untargetable thanks to her You and Me!. When throwing fists with the enemy, focus the ADC with your skill shots and hard crowd control as it will be harder for them to dodge it. Don’t target Yuumi unless her anchor is nowhere nearby.

» Avoiding Yuumi’s Prowling Projectile damage is rather simple. As it slows and deals damage to the first target it hits, once she uses it, reposition inside the minion wave and use the minions as cover.

» Yummi is notorious for being immobile without an anchor or her ADC nearby. Focusing down the ADC first will make it easier for your team to kill both Yuumi and the Carry.
» Keep Zilean shoved into his turret. Before he gets points into Rewind (W) and some CDR, he has a hard time getting into range of you and slowing you to land his Double Bomb (two x Time Bomb). Force him under the tower where he has a hard time CSing unless he uses his Time Bomb (Q), which will give you breathing room from his harass.

» Don't be afraid to all-in Zilean, even when he has access to his Ultimate ( Chronoshift). You can easily kill him against after he revives if you're ahead or at the very least force him to play scared and miss CS until his Ultimate ( Chronoshift) comes back.

» Don't get baited by the Timelord. Zilean will try to tease you into trying to kill him when you're behind, but Double Bomb and Chronoshift (R) are a lot to deal with unless you have teammates to back you up. Be careful of getting into his Time Warp (E) range where he can slow you into a guaranteed Double Bomb.

» Zilean is slippery but incredibly squishy. Gain an advantage early by bursting him down or calling for ganks before he gains access to his R Chronoshift at level 6.
» Make sure to avoid getting pushed in when trying to stay even with Zyra. She has an easy time poking and landing skillshots on you when you're forced into the small space around your turret.

» Keep her away from her tower. Her lack of mobility means that if she's remotely far down lane, it's easy to chase her down and kill her when you're ahead. Diving under the tower is risky unless you have CC. She has a lot of CC to try to get the trade kill on you.

» Try and Bait her Grasping Roots (E) - One mistake can be costly when playing against a fed Zyra. Bait out and dodge her E ( Grasping Roots before committing. No matter how far ahead she is, she's still squishy and slow until she purchases Rylai's Crystal Scepter / Liandry's Torment so don't be afraid to chain CC her and burst her down if you have the champions for it.

» Zyra is incredibly squishy early on and has no escapes. She's vulnerable to ganks and aggressive all-ins.

Champion Combos

Janna is not a mechanically intense champion. It’s more about reactions rather than anything else. With that in mind, she does have a few combos that can help you trade more effectively.

This combo is best used when the enemy is unable to trade back with you. For example if they’re out of mana, melee or are unable to attack you back. For best results when using this combo, try and have 3 stacks on your Spellthief's Edge as you’ll get all of them with this combo.

Similar to the combo above, you will want to use your Zephyr and then auto attack the enemy. Make sure you have Arcane Comet up before going in to maximize damage. This combo is best used when the enemy might be able to trade back with you.

While your Eye of the Storm doesn’t provide AP, it can protect you against incoming damage. Do not self cast your Eye of the Storm if the enemy is not trading back with you as it’s not the most effective way of using your mana.

Let your Howling Gale channel from outside of sight like from inside a bush or from an alcove. Then once it’s ready (or when you wish to recast it), walk up to the enemy and auto attack, Zephyr and then auto attack them again before falling back. Make sure your Arcane Comet is up before using this combo.

This combo will only be used in team fights or to counter ganks. Use your Howling Gale but do not recast it, then as soon as you’ve pressed Q, use your Eye of the Storm on yourself or an ally and then channel your Ultimate Monsoon. If the enemy continues to attack you, then your Howling Gale will knock them up and then you can potentially turn the exchange around. During the channel on your Ultimate, you may wish to recast your Howling Gale if they’re in its path.

Early Game

As a “Utility Support” Janna’s role in the bottom lane is to poke, deal damage and kill enemies. And I suppose protecting your ADC and provide them a little Eye of the Storm here and there. As the game starts, you want to move into an offensive position until you’re about to leash for your Jungler or move to lane. If you’re leashing for your Jungler, do not use any of your abilities to help them.

Leave the jungle at precisely 1:38 and no later. If you leave later, you might miss the first 3 minions and you will not hit your level 2 at the same time or before the enemy. If the enemy has a strong level 1- such as against Morgana, Lucian, Alistar, Blitzcrank, Pyke, you might need to take an alternative route to get to lane. This will prevent the enemy from being able to chunk you out at level 1 and make you blow Summoner Spells. If you’re the blue side, do not walk through the tri-brush to get to lane when playing against these champions (unless you spot the enemy laners already in lane). Instead, take the longer route: past the golems and get to lane. Leave no later than 1:36 if you’re going to take this route.

As soon as you get to lane, you need to walk up and harass the enemy laner. Start Zephyr and poking the enemy. It’s important that you hit level 2 before or at the same time as the enemy. To hit level 2, it’s the first 9 minions which is the first wave followed by the next 3 melee minions. You need to hit level 2 otherwise the enemy may look for an all in while you’re level 1, and hitting 2 will make it more difficult for the enemy to kill you. Hitting level 2 can prevent all ins and death- especially when against strong level 2 champions like Alistar, Thresh, Lucian and Caitlyn. If you do not hit level 2 first, then play safer and back off slightly until you’re level 2. When you’re not poking the enemy, you need to hit the minion wave so you can hit level 2.

After you’re level 2, you just need to keep poking the enemy: keeping special note of your Arcane Comet cooldown is key to beating the enemy. If you poke with your Zephyr whenever your Arcane Comet is up, then you’re going to have an easy time in lane. I would not use your Zephyr often when your Arcane Comet is down as it’s not necessarily the most cost effective ability without the extra damage. Your main poking combos will be Zephyr>AA and AA> Zephyr>AA. I would recommend the latter when you have 3 stacks on your Spellthief's Edge. If not, then just go for the Zephyr>AA combo before backing off.

As Janna isn’t the strongest or healthiest of champions, the best time to poke the enemy is when they’re unable to poke you back (or as effectively back). For example, you could wait for the enemy to throw out an ability; dodge it and then move forward to harass. This is in particular a very strong way of poking when the enemy has major CC abilities that they’ve missed. You need to abuse their cooldowns and poke them as much as possible when they whiff abilities.

When it comes to warding in the early game, you need to have constant vision around your lane. If you’re pushing, you should have a Control Ward in the nearby river bush. If you’re being pushed in, you should have a Control Ward in the middle of the map to help your team. Note you shouldn’t place a Control Ward defensively if you’re being pushed in as in most cases you cannot contest it; which means you’ve wasted gold as they can easily destroy it.

In most matchups, you can have a ward in the closest lane bush to spot the enemy Support if they’re hiding within. This ward can come in handy as it can also spot the enemy Jungler if they try to lane gank. If you know that the enemy Support is hiding in a bush, you should play towards the opposite side of the lane so they’re unable to hit their key skill shots.

Always keep an eye on the minimap and be prepared to back off if the enemy Jungler is approaching. Unless you have a significant health advantage or are ahead, it is unlikely you can turn around the exchange unless you have Ignite up. In which case, you can bait them in and then kill the enemy Jungler.

Your goal on Janna is to complete your warding quest by the 9 minute mark. This is pretty easy to do in the right matchup, but can be challenging if you’re against someone with a Hook like Blitzcrank or Thresh, so only go to poke when and if you can. You should have your complete warding quest and item upgrade by the 20 minute mark. Keep an eye on your Spellthief's Edge stacks and poke whenever you have 2 or 3 up. Never ever use your Zephyr when you have 0 stacks available.

Mid Game

In the Mid game, your goal is to move around the map and match the enemy, keep your allies alive and provide heals and shields to your teammates. As Janna is a utility Support, you need to be with your carries at all times. You should never leave them alone, nor should you be alone during the mid game unless you are making your way to your team. The reason for this is that if you get caught out, it could cost you and your team objectives including Towers, Dragons and even the Baron. The enemy may even start a fight knowing that your allies have little to no protection from yourself.

You should always be with your ADC: providing them with Eye of the Storm shields and healing. Keeping them alive and making sure that they can farm up during the mid game is a sure-fire way of winning the game. You shouldn’t really leave your ADC alone, unless they’re safe farming in a side lane. When that’s the case, you should go to the mid lane and keep your Mid laner safe. You do not want to stay in the bottom lane or in a side lane with them unless you’re pushing as you will be more useful elsewhere- such as in mid. This is because the enemy bottom lane will usually go mid after losing/taking Tower, and by getting to mid at the same time of them, you can make it a 2v2 lane or 3v3 lane mid.

Supports need to ward, and they will be providing their team with almost all of the vision on the map, so it's important that you place wards as you move around. Warding crucial hotspots is very important as it can provide your team with a lot of information that can help you win the game, for example, the whereabouts of certain enemy champions moving from one lane to another, or to see if and when champions are taking certain objectives.

I wouldn’t recommend going to ward objectives alone in the mid game. This is because the enemy may set up an ambush and try to kill you; then take the objective. Only ward these high risk areas if you know that the enemy is not nearby or if your team is there to help you. If they’re not, then don’t go to ward alone as it’s not worth getting caught out and dying as they will just take it afterwards.
Don’t forget to purchase Control Wards throughout the mid game and place them as you move around the map. In the early game, you may have brought only 1 or 2 and they might still be up. Now’s the time for you to replace it and place it somewhere more fitting as the game has developed. An even Control Ward can bring your team a ton of advantages.

When it comes to team fights in the mid game, you need to keep your allies alive for as long as possible. By prioritizing their health over your own, you should give them all the shields and heals over yourself, don’t worry though if you need to use them to keep yourself alive, just make sure you do enough before being killed.

Once the mid game has fully sorted itself out and teams are grouping, you should look to use your strong healing and shielding capability to get your team the victory in the fight and then take objectives afterwards. Abuse every little advantage you have in the mid game to make the late game easier.

Late Game
Once the late game has come into fruition, you need to be really effective in team fights and provide your team with the peeling they need to win. Just like the mid game, you need to be in every team fight and remain with your team so you can keep them safe. This means you shouldn’t go alone or be caught out of position.

Never leave your team's side, and walk around with your ADC and Jungler. You shouldn’t go to ward any objectives alone as if you’re caught out, the enemy can take it afterwards. You should only go to ward when you’re sure the enemy is not nearby or when you have assistance. If the enemy is sieging an objective near you, you should have defensive wards to prevent a dive. If you’re sieging, you should have offensive wards nearby to prevent a team fight.

If you get caught out during this time- either solo killed or dying at the start of the team fight, the game may be over. As death timers are quite long, the enemy may be able to start a team fight or take an objective uncontested as it’s a 4v5. Not only this, but you may also get your other allies killed if you’re with 1 of them, which will then make the game 3v5. So, you need to make sure that you stick with your teammates and do not stand in the frontline so you do not get killed at the beginning of the fight.

Team Fighting

Team fighting for Utility Supports is pretty straightforward. First of all, you need to be in as many teamfights as possible. You should not be alone, nor should you be without your team when a team fight occurs. This means that you should be with your Carries at all times during the mid and late game. As a Utility Support, dying at the start of a fight is a big no-no. For obvious reasons, it will make the team fight uneven and your team will miss out on a lot of healing and shielding. So it is crucial that you stay alive for as long as possible.

One way of saying alive for longer is by watching your positioning. You should always be positioned in the back line very close to your AD Carry or Mid. You should never be positioned in the front line as the enemy can easily take you down. Standing near your AD Carry allows you to provide them with lots of heals and shields, as well as protect them from engages by assassins or the enemy front line.

This image is taken from my indepth team fighting guide which you can find here.

Here is a brief image of where you should be stood in a team fight. While it is not always possible or realistic for each team fight to work this way, by continuingly standing next to your ADC or very close to them while you move around the map- when any team fight occurs, can you will be in a position where you can peel them.

You should prioritise using your abilities to keep your Carries and yourself alive. Only use your shield Eye of the Storm on your team mates rather than yourself to keep them alive for longer. Remember that they deal the damage- not you, so they need the heals and shields. You should use your Howling Gale in team fights to knock up the enemy frontline and to peel for your ADC. You can double cast your Howling Gale to make sure you knock up someone who jumps on to your team. If you miss your Howling Gale you can also use your Monsoon to knock them away and heal your team mates. Remember that your Monsoon doesn't stop unstoppable abilities like Malphite's Ultimate or Sion's Ultimate. You can use it to interupt jumps and things of that nature. Once the enemy is knocked out of their dash/engage, you can turn around the exchange for the better.

Early Warding
Warding in the early game is very simple. It doesn’t change much and you’ll usually ward the same places, but you will have to adapt as the game goes on and as the laning phase develops.

You will not usually place any wards early, unless you’re getting invaded or if the enemy has a strong level 1. As an example, you could ward the bottom lane tri-brush if you’re the blue side and the enemy has a strong level 1 combo like Alistar or Thresh. Many champions will try to cheese at level 1 and kill you while you walk to lane. You could ward here to spot them, and then take an alternative route, or you could just take a longer route to lane to save your ward.

Other than that, you will not need to ward unless the enemy has a strong level 2. A tri-brush or river ward early could be very helpful if you’re scared of a level 2 gank. If not, then you can just wait until level 3 before warding. There’s no exact timers to warding, so you shouldn’t be too precise about when to ward.

This image is taken from my in-depth warding guide. It shows where you can ward as the blue team when you're even in lane.

For your first set of wards, you need to ask yourself- what do I currently need? Is the enemy pushing you under Tower, you might need a defensive tri-brush ward (for the red team) or you may need a river bush ward (blue team). Sometimes you will need to have wards in the closest bush to prevent ganks when being pushed under your Tower.

If you’re pushing, you can have offensive wards such as in the river bush (as the blue team) or a tri-brush ward as the red team. These wards will help you when it comes to preventing enemy ganks and give you enough time to escape. Remember to [bold] never [/bold] have 2 wards on your Trinket as you’re missing out on valuable information that can help your team win the game.

Once you have your warding quest completed, you should continue to use the above image to ward, but you will have a lot more options on where to place extra vision. You may wish to place it into the enemies jungle (with help from your teammates or when you know that the enemy Jungler is not nearby) or near their jungle entrances. Deeper wards inside the enemy jungle should not be done alone or without assistance from your allies.

I can’t really give you too much more information when it comes to basic warding early as it is pretty self explanatory and pretty simple, but I have created a very indepth warding guide for all lanes that can help you out. Matter of fact, it has every ward you’ll need regardless of champion/matchup, so I would highly recommend it if you want more information.

Let’s move on to Control Wards. Control Wards are expensive right. That means you need to get value out of them. As a bot laner, you have a few choices to where they should go. You can either place them in the nearest bush in lane when you’re pushing, or inside the river. You shouldn’t place a Control Ward in the red side tri-brush as it will not give you much information. Nor should you place a Control Ward in the blue side tri-brush if you’re losing or being pushed in. The reason for the latter is because you do not have priority in lane and the enemy can just clear it which results in you losing the ward and wasting a lot of gold.

This image is taken from my in-depth warding guide.It shows where you can place Control Wards throughout the early game.

When you’re pushing, you can definitely ward the river and the closest bush. This prevents the enemy from getting vision and can help you escape if the enemy Jungler shows up. In addition to this, it can also allow your Jungler to lane gank or fight the enemy when they over extend. This a really good way of getting your team ahead, but it does require some cooperation.

When you’re unsure of where to place your Control Ward, a good place to put it is inside the river near the mid lane. This can provide your team with a lot of information, and shouldn’t be cleared quickly by the enemy bot. The best time to ward this is when you’re returning to lane as you will not miss out on XP or gold and your ADC will not be left alone and potentially die because you’re gone.

Mid-to-Late game Warding

Once the laning phase is over, you need to continue to place wards as you move around the map. As there are plenty of wards you can place and which all depend on the scenario you’re in, I would like again to remind you of the in-depth warding guide. I’ve created as this and more will be on there. I’m not going to go too in-depth in this section as it is all in there…

As the game develops, you need to continue to buy Control Wards and place them throughout the game. Regardless of if your first Control Ward is still alive, you need to place it somewhere else. As the game has moved on, the likelihood of the enemy walking near your first Control Ward is reduced compared to a fresh new ward.

As a general rule, all the wards you place in the mid and late game will be according to your current position and the games state. For example, if you’re playing around the Mid lane, you would place wards around the Mid lane. If you’re losing, you would have more defensive wards and if you’re winning, you would have more offensive wards. If the game is rather even or you’ve just come out of the laning phase, you would have more even wards in the river.

Where you ward depends initially on the situation, but for the most part you should ward in areas that have high priority or what I like to call high traffic areas. These include: jungle bushes, river entrances, on buffs and around objectives. On the image in this section, you can see more high priority areas.

Regardless of game state, you should always have objectives warded if they’re up or are coming up. A nearby Control Ward or a plain ward on an objective can come in handy and help your team out a lot- so keep an eye on objective timers and the map at all times so your team can move into position if the enemy starts to take it.

This image is taken from my in-depth warding guide. It shows where you may want to ward when trying to take an objective as the red team.

In the later stages of the game, you should not ward alone as if you’re caught out of position- the enemy may use the advantage to force an objective like the Baron or the Elder Dragon, and they may even try to end the game from the advantage and pick up more kills. So it’s important that you do not ward alone.

Team up with a buddy and go to ward major objectives together; or you can go alone if you know that the enemy is not anywhere nearby. If the enemy is nearby, then you cannot ward unless your whole team is together with you. If no one is in a position to ward- then do not do. You cannot ward alone when the enemy is nearby, so just don’t. Wait patiently for your team to come to you and then go and ward together.

Tips and Tricks

As a 300 thousand plus mastery point Janna, former 30 in the world (season 8), here are some tips and tricks that I’ve learnt along the way. I’ll probably update this section as and when I remember new things.

✴ Don’t always activate your Howling Gale. It’s a really good tool that deals increased damage when you leave it to run out at it’s own accord. Unless you need it there and then, there is no harm letting it run out itself.

✴ Do not move forward to harass unless you have Spellthief's Edge stacks or your Arcane Comet up. The extra damage is crucial to coming out ahead in lane, and you shouldn’t really poke when you will not get any gold in return (at least use your abilities that is).

✴ The best time to trade on Janna is when the enemy is unable to trade effectively back with you. Move in to attack and trade autos when the enemy has a key ability on cooldown so they cannot deal a lot of damage in return.

✴ Your Howling Gale and Monsoon can interrupt dashes and prevent the enemy from getting on to you. With time and experience, you’ll be able to instinctively use them to prevent all ins. It’s better for you to use them as soon as the enemy is on top of you not before or after. Knocking them out mid engage makes it really hard for them to get back on to you.

✴ Do not use your Zephyr if there's a Cannon Minion in the lane. As your Zephyr is a point and click ability, you will take minion aggro as soon as you attack an enemy. This is the same for auto attacks too. To counter this, either refrain from trading when there is one in lane, or stand near a bush so you can run inside it as soon as you’ve done your deed.


+ She's a lane bully. Win lane- win game is key to Solo Queue and this makes her a great pick.
+ Always Meta, so putting effort into learning her will always work in your favour.
+ Low skill required to learn her. This makes her a great champion for beginners learning Janna/ Support role in general.
+ Counters hard engage. It does take some practice, but you can counter hard engage Junglers/ Tanks and Supports with your basic abilities and Ultimate.
+ High skill ceiling. If you're into champions that need a bit of depth to master- Janna might be for you.
+ Is anti-fun to play against. Good thing to tilt your enemies.
+ Is good throughout the game: ahead or behind, you can count on Janna.
+ She can carry.

- Stigma behind Janna players. Do not feel bad for playing Janna.
- Is not as easy as most players think. This is a pro and a con, but don't expect to get Diamond with her easily.
- She's a squishy champion so you might find it hard against champions with CC or burst.
- Needs to get up close to land her Zephyr which might be a con for some.
- She relies on her teammates more than many other Supports. A con for sure- she doesn't have the strongest carry potential (to solo carry at least) and she does rely on her allies knowing what to do.

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