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Gwen Build Guide by rian20

Top [11.8] riaN's Gwen Top Lane Guide | The Hallowed Hairdresser

Top [11.8] riaN's Gwen Top Lane Guide | The Hallowed Hairdresser

Updated on May 14, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author rian20 Build Guide By rian20 8,401 Views 0 Comments
8,401 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author rian20 Gwen Build Guide By rian20 Updated on May 14, 2021
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1 2 3
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Flash + TP
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


My name is riaN, and this is my mediocre Gwen guide.

I haven't been playing League of Legends for long, and really I'm pretty garbage, I won't lie. Recently I've been maining Rumble and Xin Zhao and Gwen really caught my interest when I saw her reveal trailer and her abilities and playstyle LOOK SO ******** FUN.

If you'd like to check me out, here are some of my socials:

Flash: I'm not sure why you wouldn't run this, considering it's the best summoner in the game. Flash gives you the possibility of escaping (almost) every fight, get over walls, and is overall just an easy, but amazing summoner spell.

Ignite: Ignite is great, it's extremely good for kill pressure and kill secure (if you want to separate the two). The majority of the time when playing Top Lane Gwen you would be bringing Teleport but there is certain matchups where you MUST bring Ignite. These matchups would be like Aatrox, Viego, Darius and so on.

Teleport: You want to bring Teleport 95% of the time when playing Gwen Top. It helps you incredibly when trying to split push, teleporting into teamfights, catching enemies off guard or even teleporting down to botlane. It can also helps in very difficult matchups when you're getting destroyed and have to get back to lane as soon as possible. Overall a great summoner spell all throughout the game.

Ghost: Not gonna lie, Ghost on Gwen is kind of good? Her lack of mobility and long fights. Combine this with Nimbus Cloak and you will be SPEEDING AND DODGING EVERY SKILL SHOT EVER.

Precision: This feels like the best primary rune set for Gwen, she exceeds in extended trades and fights, so runes like Legend: Tenacity and Last Stand are great on Gwen.

Conqueror: From my experience, this feels and works the best on Gwen. She wins the majority of extended trades against champions and Conqueror really benefits her if you can fully stack it for that 9% healing of the damage dealt to champs.

Triumph: Triumph seems the best on Gwen also, and works extremely well in 1v2 or even 1v3 situations. Triumph is also crazy if the enemy team is stupid enough to not build Grevious Wounds in a team fight, as you'll keep healing the damage dealt back again and again.

Legend: Alacrity & Legend: Tenacity: Both Alacrity and Tenacity are great runes on Gwen. Alacrity gives the extra attack speed where as Tenacity may allow you to withstand a teamfight or a duel for a longer period of time. I much prefer Tenacity as it does well, and alongside Gwen E, I don't believe that she needs much more Attack Speed. Others may have different opinions than me.

Coup de Grace & Last Stand: Both of these runes are great. Coup de Grace is amazing for finishing off enemies with your R, or for bonus damage on the final snips on your Q. If you're going for extended fights though, I would go Last Stand and not Coup de Grace as the increased damage while under 60% HP can be a duel winner, or even a game winner depending how hard it helps you to scale. Overall, both amazing runes and you can switch them up depending on what you most prefer.

Domination: Domination feels good on her, but overall I'm not sure if I would run it over Conqueror to be honest. The runes that Domination gives are great for sustain and duels, but considering that Gwen exceeds in long fights and trades.

Hail of Blades: Overall Hail of Blades incredibly easy to proc on Gwen. It feels great with the increased attack speed, and if you somehow bypass the 2.5 attack speed limit, then DAMN THOSE SCISSORS SNIPPING FASTTT. In my opinion, it's not worth taking it over Conqueror as you miss out on so much sustain and potential.

Taste of Blood: Taste of Blood is great, really there's no other rune that you can take in this row. Sudden Impact is not worth it at all for the small amount of lethality it gives, the only situation I would bring it is to buff her early. Cheap Shot is completely useless because she has no CC. Although I could potentially see it working with her ultimate.

Eyeball Collection: Just overall a great rune, once again there is no other rune that you'd want to be taking in this row. I could see Ghost Poro being brought if you have faith in your vision score and wish to stack it up more passively and scale for the late game. Eyeball Collection is great most of the time if you want to play an aggro lane or if your jungle actually has a brain.

Ravenous Hunter & Ultimate Hunter: Both of these runes are viable, Ravenous gives the omnivamp she needs for those long duels and teamfights durability. Ultimate Hunter is exactly what it says, it helps you have your ultimate for every teamfight that you will be engaging into in the late game. Overall, it can be a game winning rune with the amount of damage it will do by you back lining if you wish.

Resolve: Running this runeset secondary feels great, and sets Gwen up perfectly for the late game. Overall, I don't believe every single rune in the Resolve category will go well with Gwen but there a few that are great.

Second Wind: Overall a strong rune with the health regeneration you need to sustain yourself the most possible when in a teamfight or taking a duel in lane. The health regen can significantly help when attempting to 1v2.

Overgrowth: Overgrowth is great for health scaling heading into the late game. If you can CS very well up to the 120 minion mark before the 15/20 minute mark, you will be doing great. The additional 3.5% max health will benefit you very well in teamfights.

+ Extremely fun to play
+ Great ability shield circle
+ Amazing dash
+ Strong passive

Gwen is just really fun to play and I believe once the right people get their hands on her, they'll be able to master her and find out things nobody currently knows. Lots of potential to show off skill with the champ.
- Easy to dodge Q
- Underwhelming AP scaling
- Lacks CC
- Early-game is too weak

My problem with Gwen in both top lane and mid lane, is that she feels too weak. I understand she's an item scaler but for an AP Bruiser similar to Mordekaiser, she's extremely underwhelming early.

As we come to the end of the guide, some people may be wondering if there is any alternative builds for Gwen? The answer is....of course!
Due to Gwen's lack of mobility in my opinion, running Iceborn Gauntlet is GREAT! I've been experimenting with it recently and it's been working very well. I've secured many more kills with it and also minions :))

A very nice build that merges both AP and Tank/Sustain Gwen is Iceborn Gauntlet, Berserker's Greaves, Nashor's Tooth, Spirit Visage, Morellonomicon, and Rabadon's Deathcap. This build had to by my favourite if I was going up against a high burst team comp.

I still prefer my Full AP build as overall, I enjoy it more. In certain situations, it may be the worst possible build but if I can enjoy the champion and the game while playing along with it, then that's fine by me.

Well, as you can see I quite like Gwen. She has to be the most fun champ that I've played in so long. I really hope you guys enjoyed the read and that it helped you guys out atleast somewhat. Again, this guide might not be as reliable as I'm not the best at LoL but decide what you want after reading through it all.

If you have any feedback, anything to add or have some additions you think I could make, feel free to add my on discord at @riaN#3933.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author rian20
rian20 Gwen Guide
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