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Sivir Build Guide by v0idvv

ADC [12.10] V0idWitch's Critvir Guide

ADC [12.10] V0idWitch's Critvir Guide

Updated on May 27, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author v0idvv Build Guide By v0idvv 26 2 40,396 Views 1 Comments
26 2 40,396 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author v0idvv Sivir Build Guide By v0idvv Updated on May 27, 2022
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Runes: Build 1 (Fleet)

1 2 3 4
Fleet Footwork
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Cut Down

Gathering Storm
Manaflow Band

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
standard matchups
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal



Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[12.10] V0idWitch's Critvir Guide

By v0idvv
Hello and thank you for checking out my Crit Sivir Guide!

I personally love the champ and am excited to share my knowledge on her. She can be a tougher than most adc to learn but can be super rewarding and is one of the best late game AD carries in the game still.

I am a former Master ADC main on the NA server. I main Tristana, Kai'Sa , Miss Fortune and of course Sivir. My summoner name is V0idWitch and you can check out my porofessorhere I was near a Sivir OTP last season, I peaked at #86 World; #4 NA on Sivir in S11.

If you'd like to see how I play Sivir feel free to stop by my twitch and hang out. I'll give any live advice on the champ or feedback any time I'm live. I do VOD reviews for subscribers so if you want someone to check out your gameplay just drop on by. :)

Enjoy and have fun out on the rift with our Queen <3
The Lethality VS Crit Debate
If you spend any time speaking with fellow leaguers about Sivir you hear a lot of argmuents about which build path is better. My answer is highly dependent on your current elo, don't get me wrong, nearly one-shooting an enemy bot lane with 1 Q can be super fun and satisfying, but it's not ideal in most comps/games. Building lethality you are not utilizing Sivir's full kit, your damage is solely dependent on your Q and with that comes a ton of counterplay. Sivir's Q is not the hardest ability in the world to side-step, especially in the hyper mobile meta we are currently in and it next to useless again decent assassins. It's also an issue of scaling, with lethatlity you peak at about 2-3 finished items, your damage output is not going to get much better after Dusk/Manamune/Collector. The excellent part about crit is it's get better and better and really shines at 80%-100% crit chance. With late game crit the enemies front line is your best friend and you can shred through a grouped enemy team before they realize what's happening. I also think that with the new damage reduction patch coming soon that lethality Sivir will no longer even be viable but I will update my thought when that releases and I have some time with it.

-TLDR; Going crit allows you to fill the role of a more traidional adc for your team, let's your mechanics shine and scales better.
Pros and Cons


-Really good scaling champion
-safe pick
-strong engage/team fight with ultimate
-good poke
-not picked/banned a lot
-nobody respects the Ricochet damage
-maybe the best waveclear in the game


-short auto-attack range
-weak level 2
-weak all-in potential
-loses a lot of trades
-not a ton of built in outplay abilities
-bad early game
Laning Tips
Arguably the weakest part of Sivir is her early game. With these builds you can play the lane a couple of different ways, you can play super passive and scale up or play super aggresive before they realize that they can punish you. I personally like to get some early damage out from my Q and once I hit 3 hard shove lane and get the enemy botlane under tower, then just put pressure on the enemy adc by throwing Qs while they try and farm under tower. This will help you get a cs lead, it's unlikely in most matchups that you will get a ton of early kills on this champ so the cs lead is vital for you to get ahead and outscale your opponent. This kind of pressure strategy will likely pull the enemy jungle down bot lane so vision is vital. If you do get ganked, don't panic, your spellshield is a huge ability to negating ganks, use it effectively and you can help take pressure off of other lanes while not giving kills.
As mentioned below in items I'm recommending Fleet Footwork as your go-to rune with the sorcery tree as your second. I recommend gong Manaflow Band in every build EXCEPT for the caster build (build #3) where you rush Essence Reaver. Still go sorcery but you can go for more damage focused runes.

If you still want to go Lethal Tempo it is still viable and can be swapped in place of Fleet Footwork you're just going to have a much rougher early game with the new durability of champs but you scale very well. For Lethal Tempo builds prio Berserker Greaves and take Legend: Alacrity.

The 4th build that is a variation of the anti-tank build that is going to be very valuable in the upcoming meta does not currently have the rune page showing properly on mobafire is similar to the 3rd page, the major difference being swapping Absolute Focus for Manaflow Band.

If you are good at using Sivir's Spell Shield but are going to be going in to a rough lane/ not going to be able to Spell Shield effectively in lane you can also swap out the sorcery tree for inspiration and take Magical Footwear and Biscuit Delivery. I don't recommend this except in specific situations 9inspiration can help save some gold on pots/boots if you believe you're going to fall majorly behind) however you're really hurting yourself mid-late game and with Sivir being a late game champion it's definitely not ideal especially if your team can't pick up the slack.
Item/Build Thoughts Expanded
With the new durability patch fleet footwork is optimal on Sivir. The rune gives her some extra sustain, damage and maneuverability. I am recommending building Stormrazer on her to help transition in to an anti-armor item like Lord Dominik's Regards while still getting good AD and attack speed at the same time. Also the energized effect works with Stormrazer and Fleet Footwork promoting you to be constantly moving and using Sivir's passive and ultimate. Previous patches crit Sivir builds have tried to compensate her poor auto attack range with Lethal Tempo and is still very much so viable, but i believe using her mobility and more mobility focused items is a more optimal way to deal with her short range allowing you to kite more effectively. A lot of Sivir players will do Galeforce in to Essence Reaver and then standard items like Phantom Dancer, Lord Dominik's Regards, Infinity Edge etc. The pro to this is it eliminates mana issues, lowers your cooldowns and allows you to spam Q more. The issue with this in my opinion is Essence Reaver is a weaker attack damage item and doesn't help Sivir powerspike which keeps her in her rough early game damage longer. Going collector 2nd gives you a taste of those spicy Qs you get from the lethality build, while providing a good amount of attack damage and still gives crit. Another important part of including this item is from my experience Sivir sometime has the same issue as Ashe which is she can't outburst a lot of other carries on your team (sometimes even your supports if they are going mage supports like Brand and Xerath) which means she ends up falling in to more of a supportive/utliity role instead of a carry. This is ok in teamplay, there's nothing wrong going 3/3/16 if your team wins, however in soloque (especially in lower elo) you're going to see more consistent climbing if YOU take control of the game, get the kills, get the items, use her massive waveclear, push objectives and carry your team to victory. I think Collector helps you secure kills and gets you snowballing which allows you to hit the sweetspot of 60-100% crit chance that makes Sivir an absolute monster. If you don't personally like the item I'd recommend still skipping the Essence Reaver and just building Galeforce or Kraken Slayer depending on team comps then Phantom Dancer> Infininty Edge > LDR if needed and try throwing a Navori Quickblade 5th or 6th item.

If you are noticing you are having major mana issues, I'd recommend taking the scaling page that includes Manaflow Band and just do your best to use her spellshield. Don't be afraid to use it on cooldown, for example if the enemy support takes Arcane Comet use that your your advatage, that's a super easy rune to abuse for free mana and then just play safe and behind your minion wave while you wait for cooldown. Only take the runes with biscuits if it's a lane that you feel like it's going to be hard to block spells/abilities to get that mana. The inspiration tree honestly does work better with the Galeforce + Essence Reaver build path.

Arguably the worst part about Sivir is her auto-attack range, the new Lethal Tempo helps her out a ton, Rapid Firecannon helps even more and makes her a complete monster with Kraken Slayer which is why that is my top build. It is definitely situational, it is not worth going 2 zeal items so if you're against a team with a lot of healing/shieldbows/etc the Galeforce build with Mortal Reminder is probably overall better. Again, a lot of this is highly dependent on their team comp, do they have tanks? will they have a lot of healing? do they have assassins? are all questions you should ask yourself when choosing a runepage/buildpath but to summerize, you may find yourself not able to finish a lot of kills and it may be tricky for you to get close enough to their team for maxiumum dps with Kraken Slayer if you don't have Rapid Firecannon. Then obviously prioritize either Lord Dominik's Regards or Infinity Edge in both of this builds depending on the enemy team comp. If you are good at positioning it's not bad to skip Guardian Angel and go full glass cannon and build whichever of Lord Dominik's Regards or Infinity Edge you had not already completed.
Threats/Synergies Explained
Just to expand a bit further on my threats/synergies section, basically the thing to remember is she works well with enchanters ESPECIALLY with enchanters that power up her auto attacks/give move speed. Especially when going my Kraken Slayer build, pairing yourself with a good Nami or Lulu will make you an unstoppable dps machine. You can definitely make a high damage lane like Lux/ Brand/ Xerath work, but really those work wayyyyy better with the lethality build opposed to crit. You want an enchanter that powers you up first, or an enchanter that heals/shields you or a tank with high engage/peel in that order.

For threats the main thing is early it's hard to "all in" with Sivir. Basically early you are looking to poke and farm and then fight if your support gets a good engage. Mobile high damage duelist adcs like Draven, Vayne, Lucian or even Twitch can be super hard to deal with because they'll dash and chunk you before you're able to respond. You can definitely win these lanes, just be smart and remember WE SCALE.
Closing Remarks
I appreciate you all checking out my Sivir guide. Again I really love the champion, she's held a special part in my heart since I started playing the game in season 1. She may not be S tier in our current meta but she is still viable and can be an absolute monster on the rift. Feel free to leave a vote and comment to let me know your thoughts and any critiscim. This is a guide I try to adapt to current patches so we'll see what changes come with the big damage reduction patch.

Happy Climbing <3

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