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Yasuo Build Guide by loldoppio

Middle [12.15] Doppio Yasuo Guide [IN-DEPTH]

Middle [12.15] Doppio Yasuo Guide [IN-DEPTH]

Updated on August 17, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author loldoppio Build Guide By loldoppio 16 2 56,824 Views 1 Comments
16 2 56,824 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author loldoppio Yasuo Build Guide By loldoppio Updated on August 17, 2022
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Runes: standard

Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[12.15] Doppio Yasuo Guide [IN-DEPTH]

By loldoppio

Hi everyone, I am a yas main with over 1.5 mil mastery points. I reached masters with yasuo on two accounts last season as well as this season so I definitely have a lot of experience to share!

Keep in mind everyone has different playstyles and build preferences. I am just showing what runes/builds/tactics that WORKS for me, but may not work for others! So take what I mention here with a grain of salt. :) With that being said, if you guys find this guide helpful, please leave a like or comment they mean a lot to me!



-> Come watch me play live at

->Check my youtubes channel for tutorials and helpful gameplays.

-> For a limited time I am doing free vod reviews/coaching. Check out my discord channel for more information.

FLASH: Always take, no question about it. Allows you to do so many mechanics such as BEYBLADE and to escape sticky situations.
IGNITE: Take whenever you have kill pressure.
GHOST: Honestly I've been taking ghost as my primary spell instead of ignite. It's like the jack of all trades. You can chase down MOBILE champions as well as escape sticky situations. **WATCH VIDEO DOWN BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION**
EXHAUST:The go to spell for BOT LANE. You can also take this mid vs ASSASSINS and DPS CHAMPS, such as Zed and Cassiopeia.
CLEANSE: Take this vs HEAVY CC TEAMS. Good vs ZOE and LISSANDRA mid lane.
TELEPORT: The go to spell for TOP LANE. You can also take this mid when you have NO KILL PRESSURE.


Hands down the best keystone for yasuo right now. Lethal tempo give you a really strong level 1 because your q CD lowers with attack speed!!
I can't recall how many times the execute heal saved me, the extra gold is a bonus to help you reach your item spikes faster. TRIUMPH>OVERHEAL IMO
Up to PERSONAL perference, but I always run alacrity because I want to cap Q CD ASAP! You can go vs heavy cc comps IF you want the extra lifesteal
DEPENDS ON MATCHUP: coup de grace vs SQUISHIES/ cut down vs HP STACKERS/ LAST STAND is universal, as Yasuo you are going to be fighting with low hp most of the time! TAKE LAST STAND if you are not sure of what rune to take


Take for scaling, personally I never use Good vs poke/range champs Good vs bruisers/melee champs
Take for scaling Good if your team has a healer/shielder Take vs a lot of CC

An indepth comparison between LETHAL and CONQUEROR



This is used to catch the enemy off guard. You could also use this combo to initiate a team fight if the enemy is clumped together. Make sure to use this wisely, flash is an important spell and if you waste it, it leaves you prone to ganks.


Once this combo is excecuted you can get the stack tornado ready in a single Q instead of 2 Q's. It also deals an extra Q damage onto target. **You will know if you are doing it properly if the the ult animation looks like you are spinning, also you need to cap your Q CD at 1.33 seconds for this combo to work!~**


BEYBLADE + AIRBLADE combine. You get extra style points if you could pull this combo off :)




Check out my indepth wall dashing guide below, featuring all wall dashes and neat interactions that you might not know about!

How to play laning phase:
Yasuo players often time shove the wave and constantly overextend making them vulnerable to ganks. You want to playback, only last hit the minion and make them push to you . Your goal is to get them in a spot where they are closer to your side of the map and overextend.
Look for trades when your opponent uses an important CD or overextends (say they push towards your tower, perfect opportunity to go all in and get their flash out). Once your laner burns their flash look for opportunities to kill them. Ping your jgler to come, or if you are confident enough you can kill them yourself.
When you dash in, it is good practice to leave a spare minion so you could dash out and escape sticky situations.
Focus on farming! (Level 6-12)
Remember, Yasuo itemization is expensive! Your goal is try to get Infinity Edge and Immortal Shieldbow spike ASAP. IF your laner roamed, punish them, crash the wave into turret and get the plates. MANY LOW ELO players make the mistake by following the roam and end up getting no value out of it.
Look for roams IF your teammate have knockups. IF top lane is playing a darius, SHOVE The wave and roam top. Make sure you get RED trinket at this stage in the game. PRIORITIZE lanes that have knockups, else just keep pressure mid!!

Teamfight or splitpush? (level 12+)
Yasuo is a strong duelist. He excels at 1v1's and splitpushing, at the same time he is a menace in teamfights with his 5-man ult. What should you be doing? Grouping with team or splitting? Every game this question comes up, and the answer is simple. If your team has a reliable knockup for you to ult off of (malphite, diana), you should always group with the team. If your team has no knockups, you should just split. SPLIT on the side lane with objective up (say dragons spawning in 30 seconds, you should split botside). Apply pressure on the sidelane even into losing matchups. A yasuo with no knockups is like playing the game with a cast on your arm. Keep your laner on the side lane. There are some scenarios where you want to stick OFC, like fighting for souls etc, but you should prioritize objectives and opening up the map.
In teamfights you want to use your windwall wisely. Use it on crucial abilities like miss fortune ult, and ahri charms. Use it to zone off the adcs. Windwall is the ability that makes Yasuo "broken". Abuse it. Be patient with it.

What if you are behind?? (Mid-Late Game)
If you are really behind, like 0/10 kind of behind, CONTINUE to INT. You will contribute nothing in team fights anyway if you are compared, to your laner ( 1 item vs 3 items ) in teamfights. You should be drawing pressure away from OBJECTIVES, meaning when dragon is spawning you want to split TOP (farthest away from the objective). By doing so, you are forcing your laner to stay top with you and giving your team a chance to win the 4v4. In some cases they will send more people for you which is even better! That is a free objective.


Doran's Blade

Doran's Shield
Either one works, but the general rule of thumb is Doran's Blade against bruisers/melee champs, OR Doran's Shield against poke/range champs.



Berserker's Greaves

If you have less than 500 gold, Cull is a good option if you want to just farm and scale. Dagger, Long Sword, or Boots is also a great option for <500 gold. You want to have enough gold on your first recall for Berserker's Greaves, it makes you so mobile and gives you a lot of attack speed which synergies well with Steel Tempest. Zeal is an optional buy after berserkers, it makes you even more slippery and you get an early crit chance powerspike. The con is that you are delaying your core build.


Immortal Shieldbow

Infinity Edge
The bread an butter of Yasuo. Remember, Yasuo's passive double crit chances, so with these two items you will reach your 100% crit chance powerspike. Infinity Edge amplies crit damages while Immortal Shieldbow gives you a nice sustain and defense against bursts.




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League of Legends Build Guide Author loldoppio
loldoppio Yasuo Guide
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[12.15] Doppio Yasuo Guide [IN-DEPTH]

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