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Malphite Build Guide by Fryx

Top [12.15] Master Top 37 Malphite World Guide how to press R

Top [12.15] Master Top 37 Malphite World Guide how to press R

Updated on August 10, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fryx Build Guide By Fryx 102 4 336,597 Views 2 Comments
102 4 336,597 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Fryx Malphite Build Guide By Fryx Updated on August 10, 2022
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Runes: GRASP AGAINST MELEE (Check Threats if Comet is better)

1 2 3
Grasp of the Undying

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


Must Take Summoner Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[12.15] Master Top 37 Malphite World Guide how to press R

By Fryx

About Me
Hi Summoner! I am Fryx, fellow League of Legends fan just like you are. When I started this Guide I was Diamond 2 but happily I am now Master by only playing Malphite. I used to play Pantheon but after his changes I felt lost and eventually found my future in Malphite, which I am happy to main with over 400 Games and 60% winrate now. Right now I am ranked #39 of the best Malphite's in the world at This guide was made to make you a great Malphite in the short time we have together. I would love to see you on one of my streams at It would be an honor for me to entertain you and show you some tricks and tips of League of Legends. If you like the Guide please consider leaving a like and a comment so others can see and talk with me about Malphite

Check out my Malphite Montage:
About the Stone
“THIS ROCK IS INFESTED,” said the voice... Check out Malphite's Story.

Malphite is straightforward and one of the best Toplaners in League of Legends. He is easy and can bring a lot to the team in terms of utility, tankiness and lane control. Thanks to his Passive Granite Shield he can trade very efficiently in lane and his poke with Seismic Shard combined with Arcane Comet will make most of your enemies cry. Obviously you want to play Malphite because his Ultimate Ability Unstoppable Force is one of the best Ultimate Abilities in the Game and can solo win you games.

In this Guide I want to show you the Pros and Cons of Malphite and give you some Tips and Tricks so your enemy opens mid and hands you those juicy LP points over fast and easy.
Pro And Contra
Malphite's Positives
Great Poke on lane
Great Initiator with his Ultimate Ability
Very Tanky especially against AD Heavy Teamcomps
Very good at ganking lanes

Malphite's Negatives
He is rather weak early game
He has no lane priority in the early stages of the game
Malphite is an immobile Champion without his ultimate Ability
Without Ult he is not very useful in teamfights
Very Mana Hungry in the early game
Weak against AP Damage

As you can see Malphite has very strong positives but also very many negatives which needs to be kept in mind all the time.
Summoner Spells
You always take Flash. You can use Flash and Ult. Makes sense and is absolutely op.

You can use Teleport to come back to lane or to gank other lanes using Teleport. Don't take Ignite
Primary Runes
Is so good with Malphite because since your Seismic Shard slows the enemy it makes it very hard to dodge this rune. It makes Malphite very strong in laning phase since your enemy takes a lot of Damage over time.

Is essential on Malphite since he consumes a lot of Mana in the early game. This rune helps you annoy your enemy even more.

Gives Malphite a lot of Damage since most of the Engage and Poke will be done from over 70% health. Ability haste usually doesn't do much for Malphite.

Improves the early poke damage even more. In combination with Corrupting Potion Malphite's Poke does serious Damage over time.

should be taken if you are sure the enemy will pick up Doran's Shield since the Scorch damage won't stick on your enemy and it makes more sense for you to scale harder through the game.

is good on Malphite but it is very hard for him to get into auto attack range and have it up constantly. In melee matchups it can be very good such as Sion and Shen. I also like to pick it up against any champion that relies on shielding your Q such as Riven.
Secondary Runes
I love the gold value and the extra movementspeed this rune provides. Toplane is expensive. Buying Tear of the Goddess and Warden's Mail has a lot more priority than Boots and therefore it makes sense to take this rune.

Enhances the value of Corrupting Potion and gives you some solid extra sustain on lane.

Is also very good on Malphite since it gives you more laning power and can even be sold for some extra cash. I personally like Magical Footwear more.
Rune Shards
Take Diamond as the first one since some extra damage will be useful.
As second and third you should depend it on your Lane/Jungle Matchup.
2 ADs? Take Double Shield 2 APS? Take Double Circle.
If they are mixed I would go for 2x Diamond and one Shield. It always depends.
Early Game

Malphite consumes a lot of mana and does not deal a ton of damage in the early game. In the early game it is all about taking farm without losing a lot of hp and using your Seismic Shard to proc Arcane Comet with Manaflow Band and Scorch. If these runes are not up don't use your Seismic Shard. If you do and have lost some considerable Health and Mana always use your Corrupting Potion while your Seismic Shard is travelling so you will proc the Damage over time effect of the item.

If your enemy goes too close to you use an auto attack and animation cancel it with Thunderclap to put him back in his place. Use your Seismic Shard to create space afterwards.

Remember: Malphite is mana hungry so do not use Ground Slam if not absolutely necessary since it does little damage early and consumes a good chunk of your mana.

If you get to push the lane early let the canon minion wave crash go base and buy Tear of the Goddess. This is called the cheater recall since you will only lose 3 melee creeps for going base and will come back fully restored and with a new item.

Malphite can freeze the lane in front of his tower very good because of his passive Granite Shield. Take advantage of that and pull the wave away from your tower so the enemy laner has to come close to your tower and may not be able to poke you or withstand a gank from your jungler.

IMPORTANT: Since you will most of the time will NOT have lane priority in the early game, you should tell your jungler to start topside since you will not be able to help him properly when the scuttle crab spawns should he decide to start botside. This can be very important for your jungler.

Mid Game

Depending on your matchup your team has to decide which lane should be ahead. To keep this part simple: If your enemy laner is a bruiser/carry like Kayle or Riven, you should consider staying on lane most of the time and to deny as much as you can from your laner. Freezing the lane, diving your enemy laner and killing him with your jungler is the priority here.

Against most other matchups it makes sense for you to use your Teleport to gank botlane since combined with your ultimate Unstoppable Force you can easily get priority on dragon and botlane.

If possible, get your jungler the rift herald and destroy the midlane tower with it to get tower plates. You can also use it toplane but make sure the enemy won't freeze the lane afterwards since this can lose you experience very fast.

You can look for plays by activating your Turbo Chemtank to close the gap followed by your Unstoppable Force. This will work many times without you having to burn your Flash

Late Game

Malphite can look for plays flanking the enemy with Unstoppable Force together with Teleport. Most of the time it makes more sense to stay with the team since they need an reliable front line to soak the damage of the enemies initial engage. When fighting front to back, make sure you Ground Slam signature AD targets which require Attackspeed and use your Seismic Shard to create distance once your Health goes down. Gargoyle Stoneplate is great to give you another burst of health if you realize the enemy tends to burst you down.

Imporant: Make sure YOU engage on the enemy and THEY don't engage on you. This is very important since Malphite is NOT good at peeling for his teammates. Yes you can use Unstoppable Force against the enemies frontline but most of the time it will result in the enemy frontline having too much space in the teamfights. So keep this in mind.
Gives you extra armor on your passive Granite Shield so tanking some minions for a freeze is very comfortable for Malphite.

Draws Minion aggro so make sure your passive Granite Shield is not still on cooldown when you use this ability. The minions may attack you and reset the cooldown. Always go into a brush after using your Seismic Shard to reset the aggro.

Use your Seismic Shard before your Flash to cancel the animation. It will help you create distance on sticky situations since turning around and casting Seismic Shard can easily get you killed.

If faced against counter spells like Riposte or Sanguine Pool you should either go extremely close to the enemy and bait out the ability or surprise them with a very fast Flash Unstoppable Force from fog of war.

Always make sure your Seismic Shard is best when Arcane Comet, Manaflow Band, Scorch and Corrupting Potion is up.

Use your Seismic Shard before your Unstoppable Force to cancel the animation.
Final Words
Hi! Thank you for staying with me until the end!
If you liked the guide, please consider liking and commenting the guide! I will be happy to interact with you! If you want to enjoy some gameplay maybe come over at

Thank you for your time! Have a nice day!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Fryx
Fryx Malphite Guide
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[12.15] Master Top 37 Malphite World Guide how to press R

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