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Kled Build Guide by Evandabank

Top [12.18] The ONLY Kled Guide You Will EVER Need✔️ All-Matchups ✔️ Runes, Items ✔️ Gameplay ✔️

Top [12.18] The ONLY Kled Guide You Will EVER Need✔️ All-Matchups ✔️ Runes, Items ✔️ Gameplay ✔️

Updated on September 23, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Evandabank Build Guide By Evandabank 16 0 14,332 Views 0 Comments
16 0 14,332 Views 0 Comments
League of Legends Build Guide Author Evandabank Kled Build Guide By Evandabank Updated on September 23, 2022
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Evandabank's Featured Video

Runes: Conqueror (Main Page)

1 2 3 4
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Standard Page (No Flash)
LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

[12.18] The ONLY Kled Guide You Will EVER Need✔️ All-Matchups ✔️ Runes, Items ✔️ Gameplay ✔️

By Evandabank
Hello! My name is evandabank and I'm a Master Kled Main (200 LP Peak) from the United States, I'm 17 years old and pretty soon I will be going to college for computer science and buisness management.

I actually started playing DOTA a long time before I played League. Growing up I would play Warcraft with my family and I got introduced to DOTA 1 when I was probably 3 years old. I started playing league back in Season 1... Then I quit because I thought the game looked ugly compared to DOTA 2 but, I came back in season 3 and found the game much more enjoyable. And for 10 years now I have been playing League for at a minimum 5 hours every day (13 during weekends and summer). I started playing Kled because my older brother was Diamond at the time and I wanted to be better than him at something. So I stole his champ and became better at it.

I have a couple thousand games on Kled across A LOT of accounts and I now spend my time streaming on Twitch. I hope you guys enjoy this guide and I will be responding to every single question in the comment section.
Kled is one of the best laners/ lane bullies in the entire game. And in top lane where the lane can snowball and one death can lead to you being unable to play the game, Kled is the perfect champion to take advantage of a fighting role. His turret diving makes him super potent in low elo and allows him to push his lead regardless of how safe the enemy is playing.

Kled is also the perfect champion for smurfing and playing against low elo players. I wouldn’t say that Kled is the best champion in the game: he’s far from it. But when you’re climbing below diamond, it doesn’t really matter how good your champion is. Your opponents will be making A LOT of mistakes and Kled is the best champion at taking advantage of this.
✅Incredibly strong early game
✅Good poke for a bruiser
✅Strong early roams
✅Insane turret diving
✅Strong engage tools
✅Nobody knows what he does
Kled is so incredibly strong in the early game and he has some matchups which are literally unwinabble for your opponent. He has an insane amount of control over the game because of his control over his teams engage and his ability to solo carry after creating a lead. He is the perfect champion for someone that desires more control over the outcome of their games... without just queing jungle instead.
⛔Has 4 Terrible Matchups
⛔Useless from behind
⛔Struggles against Enchanters
⛔Cannot peel for carries
⛔No Crowd Control
⛔Needs to flank late-game
Kled definitely has a big problem with scaling. He is super strong during the mid-game, however he falls off during the late-game compared to most of the meta top laners right now. He has a lack of crowd control and as a result, has no ability to peel for his ADC when he falls behind. Kled has to find flanks in order to successfully get onto the back line and you will often die trying to create those opportunies.

P: Kled rides ontop of his mount Skaarl gaining bonus HP that you can see on the orange part of his health bar. When his orange bar reaches 0, Kled becomes dismounted gaining a new ability Pocket Pistol, bonus range, bonus move speed towards enemy champions, and decreased overall move speed. This is what makes Kled have an insane amount of outplay potential.
This ability defines you as a champion and in a large part, what seperates the best Kled players from average ones.

Q: Kled throws a bear trap attatched to a rope, over the course of 1.75 seconds, the distance of the rope shrinks and Kled must stay inside the range to keep the ability active. After the time has expired, Kled yanks the enemy towards him applying grevious wounds and slowing their movement speed. This ability is Kled's main source of damage, and if you miss this ability, you are useless.

W(Passive): Kled's next four auto attacks are empowered gaining bonus attack speed with the fourth auto attack dealing bonus damage based on the target's max health. This ability allows you to remount super fast and does a lot of damage. It also makes it so that attack speed is not the best stat on Kled because he already has a built in steroid, allowing us to focus on attack damage for the rest of our build.

E: Kled dashes and if he dashes through a target, he gains a short burst of 50% move speed and gains the ability to dash back through the target. The second dash can go through terrain. This ability is very simple and provides a lot of sticking power but not very much damage.

R: Kled rides on top of Skaarl like a ball and they charge toward a target location automatically pathing around terrain (unlike Sion R). As they charge, Kled gains move speed and a stacking shield. When they come in contact with an enemy, Kled rams into them knocking them backwards and dealing a burst of physical damage based on distance traveled and the targets percentage max health. This ability is insane for making engages into fights. If your team is winning and you have a Kled, the enemy team literally cannot play the game because you can charge into them from anywhere on the map

--- Keep in mind that all of these abilities are not usable while dismounted EXCEPT for the voracious strikes passive autos ---

Q (Dismounted): Kled shoots 5 shells out of his shotgun dashing backwards. has a base damage value that marginally increases if you hit more than 1 shell (similar to Graves auto attacks). You gain 5 courage per shell hit.
Conqueror is the go to Keystone for Kled every game now. It is a rune made for fighters/bruisers and Kled fits this description perfectly. It gives you stacking adaptive force (Attack Damage) that gives you a massive increase in damage the longer you are fighting. At max stacks, Conqueror will also heal you for a percentage of the damage that you deal however this part of the rune has been nerfed massively and is definitely not the reason we take it. We take is because it gives us stacking damage and helps us oneshot our targets.

Press the Attack is a rune that is viable on Kled but definitely has its flaws. Firstly, PTA is really good in the early game and provides you with a lot of burst in lane. But despite that, I still prefer the stacking adaptive force from Conqueror in long trades in the early game. PTA is also a terribly poor scaling rune and you will definitely feel the lack of damage from not taking conq if you play with PTA. In general, you can consider running this into squishy ranged champions, but in every other scenario, it is extremely troll.

Triumph heals you and gives you 20g when you kill a target. It is just really nice because it allows you to kill an enemy and survive if they still have an Ignite ticking after they die. In teamfights it can help you heal when you are dismounted and be the difference between getting a clutch remount off. The alternatives are really bad because with Presence of Mind we don’t even have mana and Overheal is a joke of a rune even on ADCs.

Legend: Alacrity is your standard rune in this page. You gain stacks toward legend runes whenever you kill enemies, and Alacrity stacks the fastest out of [legend: Alacrity] [legend: tenacity] [legend: bloodline] making it the best option in the early game. Take this unless you need tenacity because the enemy team has a lot of CC.

Legend: Tenacity great rune into champions like Fiddle, Seraphine, Teemo. It can be the difference between suffering through CC and actually being able to play the game. You should always take tenacity if you feel like you are going to be eating Crowd Control from multiple people. The attack speed that Legend: Alacrity gives you is not incredibly helpful so sacrificing its damage is not a huge deal.

Coup de Grace vs. Last Stand Take last stand VS. Bruisers and tanks because the rune mathematically does more damage in fights. Take Coup de grace against squishy/ranged champions that you can look to all-in on cooldown.

For your secondary tree, check my matchup guide on what runes to run into what lane but the general formula is as follows.

Run Transcendence + Gathering Storm because it gives you the best scaling option. Resolve was nerfed significantly last patch and so Conditioning is no longer extremely broken. You are basically running this page into super easy lanes or lanes where resolve tree doesn’t help you all that much and so you just want a page that scales hard.

For the Resolve tree, this is entirely dependent on your lane matchup and the enemy team comp. I like to run Demolish + Second Wind into ranged champions that lack CC because I can kill them after sustaining their poke with second wind, and then look to take a lot of plates with demolish.

Against bruisers like Rene and Trynd, take Bone Plating because these champions can’t easily proc your bone plating before they go for an all-in. Run Unflinching as a strong alternative to Demolish if you don’t think that you will win lane. Demolish gives you no value in teamfights and really only has a purpose to give you gold from pushing for plates early on into the game.
Goredrinker is by far the best mythic on Kled at the moment. Although they removed Spite a couple of patches ago which gave bonus AD based on your missing health, the item is still fantastic.

The stats that goredrinker gives are perfect for Kled as it gives AD, CDR, Health, and Omnivamp. In general, any item that gives Kled a lot of AD and CDR is fantastic but goredrinker has especially great stats compared to Stridebreaker because part of its' stats are not wasted on attack speed.

The active is super low cooldown and great for clearing waves. It can also be used if you just need a small ammount of burst to kill a squishy target but it is best served as an aide to you for remounting.

Whenever Kled doesn't manage to remount, it is usually super close and Goredrinekr's active gives you that little boost in healing, HP, and effectively time that you need to gather courage so that you can remount. The difference between getting off a remount and not remounting is so massive and goredrinker's value in this scenario cannot be understated.

Black Cleaver is Kled's second item almost every game (first against tanks). It gives you 30 CDR which is the most that you can get from any AD item in the game now.

This 30 CDR combined with goredrinker allows you to have 40% (or more with transcendence) reduced cooldowns at your 2 item spike. This is absolutely massive considering we are a fighter and love to spam out spells in teamfights.

The passive "Carve" actually applies once for each shell of pocket pistol that you manage to hit on Kled so... hitting 5 shells will apply 5 out of the 6 stacks of carve massively shredding an enemies armor.

In general Black Cleaver is just a really strong item on Bruisers and it is made even stronger because of the shear amount of damage that Kled can deal especially against targets with shredded armor.

Ravenous Hydra is not the best option because it doesn’t provide you with any HP.

Enchanters are super meta right now and they thrive with bruisers and tanks that can serve as shields for them while they carry the team fights from range.

Playing for damage in this meta is generally not a good idea and you will typically only have one other melee member on the team. Hydra is really good however if you are looking to play for the split push because it allows you to shove waves really fast and takes jungle camps or look to rotate mid and help your team.

The omnivamp that ravenous gives feels wasted because you have the sustain from Goredrinker that keeps you topped up while you take enemy camps and clear waves.

Hullbreaker is a good item if you play for the splitpush. After the nerfs to hull breakers stats in the early game, its not the best item to go second anymore however, it is still a good item after Black Cleaver.

It gives you bonus resistances when you have no allies nearby which will allow you to 1v1 almost anybody if they don't have a lead on you. Hullbreaker also buffs your cannon minions making them practically super minions .

When splitting, ping your teammates to leave you alone and have them push other lanes. We will talk more about split pushing in the Mid gameplay section. Keep in mind that hullbreaker no longer does more damage to inhibitor .

Plated Steelcaps are the best option in terms of simply raw defense. The reason for this is because unlike Mercury's Treads which does give Magic Resist comparable to the armor given from Steelcaps, the passive from steelcaps reduces damage taken from auto attacks by 12%

This passive is so incredibly impactful and if we were to translate how much HP this passive is worth, it would probably be worth 600 during mid-game. You can feel how much of a difference this makes by simply playing against someone that builds tabis as Kled. It is the same when you are playing any other bruiser into tabis. It feels like they literally cut your damage in half.

Look into buying steelcaps when the enemy team has a lot of auto attacking based champions. If the enemy team has 1 or 2 auto attacking based champions which is not many considering they will almost always have an ADC, then it will be worth getting steelcaps if they don’t have much CC. Steelcaps are a great option if the game does not call for you to build Mercs or Swiftness boots.

Stridebreaker was a solid item on Kled but it’s not the greatest anymore. The major problem with stridebreaker is that it gives you a lot of things that we… already have.

First and foremost, the active with stridebreaker provides Kled with a really nice 40% move speed slow that helps us stick onto targets. However, we already have Jousting to help us with target access and so if we are already on top of someone, they can’t escape anyways.

Before, Stridebreaker used to give a dash on use which was extremely broken on champions like Darius so they removed it. This was really nice because the target access it provided was super strong. However, with it removed we are left with an active that provides little more than damage given we have no problems with sticking onto people.

The mythic passive from Stridebreaker is just raw move speed which is way worse than goredrinker 7 Ability Haste per legenerday item and the attack speed that it provides us is just simply useless because we already have our W steroid.

Death's Dance is overall a great item on Kled but it does have its' drawbacks. Typically when you fight as Kled, you will take a lot of damage while you are mounted and then you will dismount and all of that Death's Dance damage will start to be ticking on you. This drastically reduces the time that you have to remount.

However, if you manage to get a kill and cleanse your Death's Dance damage pool, you can start healing while you are dismounted and essentially gain a free remount. It is a super high risk/ high reward item.

Build this item if you are positive that you can get a kill super easily. This item should not be built into tankier teams because you cannot guarentee that one of them will die fast enough to cleanse the damage pool.

Titanic Hydra used to be a good item on Kled however sadly it is not quite what it used to be. It provides you with a good amount of HP and a lot of wave clear but the bonus damage from its passive is just not that much.

At the moment I recommend that if you are playing for split push you build hydra unless you are just super ahead and then you can build titanic so that you have more HP and don’t give up your shutdown and throw the game.

Guardian Angel is a good item on Kled but it does have a high gold investment at 2800g for its’ purpose. You should be buying this item 4th, 5th or 6th item.

While it does give 40 armor, the stats on it are relatively negligible and the only reason that we are buying it is for the resurrection passive. I generally do not like this item but I have a massive shutdown I will usually buy this item so that I can guarantee that I do that give it up.

Late game, you should sell this item and purchase something else once you have used the passive. Make sure that before you combine the components into a full GA that you have used your stopwatch and gotten the value out of it. Stopwatch is really broken in teamfights and can provide some crazy utility that you do not want to go to waste.

Mercury's Treads provide you with 30% tenacity, the value of which can not be understated. Making a correct boot decision is imperative especially when it comes to mercury treads because it will allow you to play the game into champions like Fiddlesticks Teemo and Leona.

Keep in mind that lanes such as Teemo will usually require you to run mercs simply because you cannot damage them if you don’t build them. Info on required boots will be detailed in the matchup guide as needed.

Do not buy mercury treads just because the enemy team has a lot of AP champions. This is a terrible idea because you are spending 1100g on an item that gives you 25 Magic Resist! Just buy a Null-Magic Mantle it does the same thing. Instead, just build tabis even if they have only one attack based champion or Boots of Swiftness if you are getting kited.

When I first started playing Kled, I actually learned by using the Sunfire Aegis build. This mythic is suboptimal and requires you to play Kled in an entirely different way. It does make you a really tanky front line unit, but at the cost of way too much damage.

With sunfire, it’s important that you go for long fights so that your immolate can stack up and eventually begin doing double damage at max stacks. This is when the item actually becomes pretty strong.

If you decide to build a sunfire, you are going to want to build a titanic hydra second because it gives you a lot of damage with its scaling based off of bonus HP. After hydra, either decide to go full tank or build bruiser items ( Death's Dance, Maw of Malmortius, etc.) I would give you advice on which build to go in which scenario but honestly they’re both bad so build whatever your heart desires.

Maw of Malmortius was a terrible item but they recently buffed it and now it is super strong. It’s excellent into AP champs because… it gives MR.

This item should be bought third or fourth after your core item build (Gore into BC). The passive from Maw is a lifeline active just like Shieldbow and, more importantly, Steraks. So Make sure that if you buy Maw because you need Magic Resistance, that you don’t also plan on getting a Steraks.

You need to make a decision between the two. Typically I will buy maw and give up the steraks because of a lack of meta magic resist options at the moment.

Serylda's Grudge is a good option when you are really really accelerated into a tanky team that you are having a hard time killing.

This item should typically be bought 3rd if you need the penetration to win the splitpush, or 5th/6th item once enemy bruisers have begun to purchase too much armor for you to do damage.

It goes without saying that the purpose for buying this item is to counter armor stacking from the enemy team.

Gargoyle Stoneplate is a fantastic item mainly because of its active “monololith” which grants you a shield based on your bonus health. This is incredibly good for Kled because of his passive with Skaarl which gives him a ridiculously large amount of HP.

Monolith will usually shield you for a thousand and it will essentially give you 2.5 free seconds to gain courage while you are dismounted. It also gives you 60 armor and 60 magic resist which in general is just really really nice if the enemy team has a lot of mixed damage and you need both resistances.

Build this 4th or 5th most games and it is a great item to purchase after you sell your guardian angel late game.

Boots of Swiftness are a fantastic option into a couple of really annoying lanes. One specifically that sticks out to me is the Lillia lane because it helps you dodge her Blooming Blows. It also allows you to stick to Lillia and champions that function like her with high move speed such as Gnar.

Keep in mind that they also reduce the effectiveness of slows. Everyone has been picking Ashe support lately and so it is a good option into team comps that have both range and slows both of which are exemplified by Ashe.

Do not underestimate the value of 60 movespeed. It may not seem like it is that much but as you will have witnessed if you’ve seen Thebausffs play Sion, swiftness boots are a massive advantage to frontline units in so many different ways: dodging skillshots, running down enemies, escaping enemy ganks, reducing slows, and sticking on top of people to name a few.

Early Game Overview

Now we can finally talk about Kled gameplay! It is important to understand the type of champion that we are working with first and foremost.

Kled is a fighter, but unlike champions such as Fiora and Garen, his damage is more frontloaded causing him to function more like an assassin in the early game. He has incredibly strong short trades and it is this key aspect of him that we will look to play around.

Kled's cooldowns early are relatively long and by this I mean they are not spamable such as Five Point Strike, Empower, and Lunge. So although we are an early game champion, we need to be careful taking long trades because our rotation will not be coming back off cooldown. Luckily, gaining Pocket Pistol does provide us with more damage after we dismount, but in general just recognize the core theme of Kled sticking to short trades at least until his first reset.

*Remember to always save a skill point after level 2/3 so you can skill your W once you need it*

Level 1:

When the lane first starts there are two types of champions: The champions that you can 1v1 level 1, and the champions that you can't. Keep in mind that summoner spells will affect who will win the fight level 1 as Ignite and Ghost can help with both damage and kiting respectively.

It is typically self explanatory which champions you can and cannot beat level 1 although you will win against most of them. Champions such as Darius, Sett, Jax, and Jayce are champions that you cannot beat. The reason for this is because they will either kill you (Darius and Sett), or they will just kite you and you cannot play (Jax and Jayce).

Against the champions that you can beat level 1, you can look to run up the lane and zone them off of cs. These champions have such low DPS that if you get dismounted early, you can easily just remount again because they mathematically cannot kill you before you gain enough courage. Continue to play agressive, trying your best to deny them XP whilst staying close enough that you get the XP yourself. Keep using your Q from range and trying your best to avoid tanking too much minion aggro. Minion aggro can be dropped by running into the bushes on the left side of the lane.

Against the champions that you cannot beat level 1, of which there are very few, you will still outrange many of them. Poke them down with your Q when they go to CS those first 3 melee minions. Try to stay inside your tether range but not so close that they can auto attack you. If you are outranged level 1 such as playing against Kennen then just pick up some CS with your Q and try to play around bushes so they cannot auto attack you.

Level 2:

Against melee matchups, you should now have skilled your W unless they are playing super safe, in which case you can use your Q so that you can engage onto them, and against Ranged matchups, you should skill you E for target access.

Against ranged champions such as Quinn that have strong disengage tools ( Vault, Lightning Rush, and Condemn)) do not engage onto them or you will lose a lot of HP. Continue to farm Q and dodge skillshots with your E.

The weaker ranged champions like Vladimir have bad disengage tools and so you can just E+Q Combo onto them now that we are level 2. Details for what an E+Q combo is will be below.

For the melee matchups, we skilled our W and we can now win a short trade against literally everyone with the exception of Jax and Fiora (Which you should have banned or dodged). Look to Q them when they go for CS because they cannot dodge it and then skill your W and look to get a solid trade that will take probably 70% of their HP. You can continue to auto them after using your W and Q against champions that are weak in long trades at level 2 such as Irelia but against champions like Darius, just use your combo and then back off.

Against the melee matchups where the enemy is terrified of you, you should skill E only when you see an opportunity to engage onto them, and if not, just save the skill point in case you need to skill up your W because the enemy jungler has ganked you.

You can also do what is called a cheater recall and then setup a freeze. This is only a good idea against champions that are weaker than you and cannot fight you to break the freeze ( Vladimir, Irelia, etc.). This video explains it fantastically and I promise it is incredibly worth your time to learn it (Skip to 1:15 it won't let me timestamp it ☹️).

Level 3:

At level 3, you have hopefully done either 1 of 2 things. You have skilled all three abilties, or you have a point in both Q and E, and are saving one skill point until you are ready to use your W.

You win against almost every champion in the game, and will continue to do so until level 6. Champions such as Jax, Fiora, and Olaf are not beatable at this level. At this point, you should read my matchups section before you get into game for information on the matchup that you are about to play.

Use your E+Q combo to engage on top of people. Be sure to save your second E so that you can follow them in the case that they flash or dash away. Against some champions that have a dash and have been dodging your intial E+Q Combo. Just use your E and DO NOT Q. Then, they will dash because they expect you to press Q. Afterwards, you can just perform an E2+Q combo. I will often use this combo against people that are non-stop wiggling back and forth. Just E onto them and save your second E+Q until they stop wiggling. If they never stop wiggling, they will just eventually die to auto attacks.

Level 6:

You now have your ultimate and some of the best roaming power in the game. You can continue to smash your laner if it is an easy lane.

Keep in mind that you can use a R+Q combo now. The idea behind this is because your R applies a small knockback, they will be unable to dodge your Q afterwards.

Against lanes that you aren't winning, or if you have a losing team and just want to help them out. You can run bot/mid and try to ult the enemy. Make sure that you ping your team ahead of time so that they are on the same page. In order to make a roam like this, make sure that your opponent has either really bad waveclear and cannot shove the wave under your tower before you get back, or that you have Teleport so you can TP back to top lane after your roam. If you roam mid you can usually just walk back to top but botlane is too far away to walk up the entire map.

--- A quick break before we discuss what to do during Mid and late game ---

This is by far the most important part of the guide so pay attention. Count Kledula is the best skin for Kled. It is the only one that is somewhat rare because it is only purchasable during Halloween which gives it a boost in the list. It has the best sound effects and looks really cool. That is a fact not an opinion.

Maradaur Kled is in A tier because the skin is actually OP. It literally makes you do more damage and its not fair. If you use this skin then you are cheating and ruining the integrity of the game. I'm convinced that Kled does not do this much damage normally. There is no way.

Sir Kled is at the bottom of this list because other popular streamers have made it "their skin" by using it every game and becoming known for it. Well fine then be that way. It's your skin and it sucks so it goes in F tier where it belongs.
Mid/Late Gameplay
We have now hit the midgame. Congratulations you are Kled in the mid game so you now run the rift. The first question that you have to decide is whether to splitpush or group with the team and play for invades, picks, and objectives. Well there's a simple rule that I like to use for myself to answer this question.

If I'm in Gold and below, I will split push because my opponent will usually just die to my tower dive and I can win the game by taking towers and eventually getting to the Nexus.

If I'm in Plat/Diamond I do not leave my team. The opposing top laner is usually smart enough to clear the wave safely and not get dove by me. However, my team sadly is not smart enough to not take a 4v4 or a 4v5 fight and get Aced. This is not a fun experience and so in Plat/Diamond I sit around my team like children. Act like a child get treated like a child.

Above Diamond, you now have to use discretion. Your team will probably not die if you are splitpushing however your opponent is typically not going to die to you. We will now employ the advanced strategy known as "Shove and Roam"

Split Pushing as Kled or any champion for that matter is more nuanced than you may think. First, if the enemy team has a Twisted Fate or another roaming mid laner than be ready at all times for a 2v1. Also keep note of global ultimates such as Cannon Barrage and Wish that may give you a hard time. For split pushing, you can pick up a Hullbreaker for bonus stats and a Tiamat, Ravenous Hydra, or Titanic Hydra for wavelcear. These items will be a massive help.

To decide where to split, you always want to split away from everyone else. So make sure you are not near a spawning dragon or baron nashor because everyone will rally around there for a fight. If 0 objectives are spawning soon, you can either run to the lane farthest from the enemy team, or run to the lane that has the most available towers for you to take. If you already took 3 towers top lane, then there is no point in continuing to push toplane.... so go bot.

Now we can talk about playing around your team. You still need to pick up side lane waves as they get pushed into your turret so that you don't fall behind, but now your main goal is playing for your team. You want to use your Chaaaaaaaarge!!! as an engage tool to get picks on the enemy. Common times you can get picks are when the enemy support goes to take the control ward in the river, their ADC goes to farm the midwave, or you can ult an enemy that is pushing in a sidelane. The main premise around being with your team with Kled is that you apply an enormous ammount of pressure. Your R can move the entire team from Mid to either side-lane incredibly fast. Use this to your advantage and try to ping your team to follow your ultimate.

Shove and Roam

Now lets talk about the "Shove and Roam" strategy. In this "Shove and Roam" strategy the plan is simple. We will shove the wave under the enemy tower, leaving the enemy laner to collect the CS. Then we will run or ult to the midlane/our team and try to engage a fight while we are 4v5 because the enemy top laner is clearing the wave. You can also shove and then take enemy jungle camps. This is something that I learned to do by watching Tryndamere players play because they would exploit their superior mobility to run and fight before the enemy would react. Kled can do the exact same thing.

Team Fighting

Kled admittedly, has a really hard teamfight. It is not that bad, it just takes a lot of work and experience to execute effectively. The first thing that you should be doing before every team fight is deciding if the fight is winnable. It is very simple, but something that new players often don't even think about. Press tab and look at the items. Does the enemy have an unkillable tank? Is your ADC 0/7 and your team is down 15 kills? If the fight is not winnable, do not just fight for the sake of fighting. Ping your team to back off and go farm and try to collect shutdowns.

Now if you determine a fight is winnable, a couple of things could occur. Typically before dragon, the enemy team will either just be standing around the pit or shoving mid wave. Punish the enemy team if they are split up in any fashion. If the ADC is still shoving mid,ult him. If the enemy Jungler gets seperated from his team ult him.

The most important thing for Kled in these fights besides ulting the enemy with bad positioning, is to determine how they are going to get on the ADC. Sometimes you can just Flash on them and that is excellent. However, most of the time you will need to set up a flank.

A flank is where you position yourself behind or lateral to the enemy team so that you can engage from a different angle. This allows you to avoid the enemy frontline and run straight onto the enemy backline. Be careful though and Buy a sweeper if you plan on teamfighting like this because the enemy could spot you seperated from your team and kill you easily.

When we engage the fight using our ultimate or flashing on the backline. Use your normal rotation which will be discussed in the next two sections. No ADC at enemy point in the game should ever be able to live against your Combo. It is your only job to kill the enemy carries. You function just like Fizz and Zed. You are an assassin
Kled has one main rotation but to go over this, you first need to know what his combos are.

Kled's main combo is the E+Q combo. It is as simple as it sounds. You press E and then you press Q. The effect of this is that while you are dashing towards the enemy, Kled will throw his bear trap and it is extremely hard to dodge. The video below showcases the E+Q Combo.

Keep in mind that your E has a wider hitbox than your Q so sometimes, even if you miss the Q, you will still be able to E2 back through the enemy and run away.

In higher elo, the enemy will know that you are going to E+Q combo. To counteract this, only use your initial E and then save your E2 to perform an E2+Q combo for the same effect. People will start panicking when you do this and begin dodging back and forth which prevents them from running to their tower. Just wait until they stop dancing like a chicken and then do the E2+Q combo. Don't wait too long or your E will go back on cooldown.

The second combo that you can perform is extremely basic, even more so than the E+Q combo. It is the R+Q Combo. I thought this was worth mentioning because most people underestimate the value of Kled's R. The small knockback is not great in melee range , however, it provides you with some CC that will guarentee that you hit your Q becasuse the enemy cannot move. Always try to use your Q right after you slam into them with your R.
Main Rotation
Now we can go over Kled's main rotation. You will typically use your E+Q combo to engage, however, as mentioned early, you can do the E2+Q combo but it is not necessary. Then you will auto four times with your W and use your second E for some extra damage but save it till the end in case they try to flash away.

A variation of this rotation would be using your R to engage, then pressing Q after followed by Eing into them and then using your auto attacks. For both combos, you should of course continue auto attacking them if you win the fight until they are dead. Don't just back off after your combo if you do not have to. Continue laying down as much damage as possible although you will be able to kill most champions with the initial combo.

Kled also has a rotation for when he is dismounted. You need exactly 100 Courage in order to remount and the amount of courage you gain from different actions is as follows:
  • 4 courage from killing an enemy minion
  • 20 courage from killing an enemy champion
  • 5 for attacking structures and epic monsters (Dragon/Baron)
  • 15 for attacking an enemy champion

The combo for 100 Courage is as follows: Q, 4 W auto attacks, Q (Apologies for the size of the video below)

Keep in mind that sometimes you will not have your W off cooldown and you most likely won't remount. This is because with the combo above, you use 2 Q's and 4 Autos which gives you 110 Courage. You still need to perform 2 Q's and 4 autos if you don't have W which will take you literally 6 seconds. That's a lot of time. Luckily there is a way to make these combos a little bit shorter.
Tips and Tricks
Kled can cast his Beartrap on a Rope with his back against a wall in order to shorten the amount of time he spends on dashing backwards. This drastically increases the speed at which he can remount. This is similar to how Kayns will speed up their combo by Qing directly into a wall.

Kled's Violent Tendencies goes on Cooldown after he uses all 4 strikes not after he uses the first one. In order to cycle abilities faster, make sure you use the strikes ASAP.

Kled always dismounts towards his nexus so if you have your Beartrap on a Rope on a target and then you dismount, sometimes you will fall out of the tether range.

Kled's Jousting is extremely weird and will sometimes just make you fly across the map almost inexplicably even though the enemy should be out of your E2 Range. The clip below will explain what I mean.

Kled's Chaaaaaaaarge!!! is a very buggy ability that will sometimes cause Kled to not follow the shown path while he is riding on Skaarl, the game however does register his location correctly so it may make it that you are too far away to slam into an enemy.

Kled has a bug with Mordekaiser where he can ult into Morde's death realm wall and ride slightly outside of its range.
Thank you guys so much for watching! I spent a lot of time on this because I found that there were 0 good resources for me to learn Kled when I first started playing him.

I believe that this guide is currently the best and most in-depth Kled guide on the internet.

Please if you enjoyed and are also interested in Fiora, go check out POTENT213's Mobafire guide on Fiora. I used his guide as a model for what the perfect guide should accomplish for the reader.

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