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Rell Build Guide by PumpkinMatters



Updated on January 21, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PumpkinMatters Build Guide By PumpkinMatters 4,057 Views 0 Comments
4,057 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PumpkinMatters Rell Build Guide By PumpkinMatters Updated on January 21, 2022
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Runes: Icy Rell

1 2 3 4
Glacial Augment
Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

Bone Plating

+8 ability haste
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


1 2
The Basics
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide


By PumpkinMatters

Welcome to my Rell guide, you, who's curious about this almost not-used support. Unfortunately, not everybody knows the strenght Rell represents to more aggressive comps, but we'll try to solve this with this guide. Differently than other available guides here on MobaFire, I suggest a new set of runes, which probably people will find weird, but I'm sure that Icy Rell will shine, whenever they understand how our favorite Ferromancist synergizes with Glacial Augment.

Anyway, I'm PumpkinMatters, a casual brazilian player who enjoys studying builds, runes, synergies and so on. I'm a main support, but I like to have fun on toplane and as an ADC. No, you won't find a Grandmaster player experience here, but I hope you test this build and see how well she goes with Rell.
Pros and Cons


Best engage in the game
She has a horse which becomes an armor
Easy combos
One of the most game-changing ults from the entire game
Naturally resistant


If not followed, dies
Low move speed outside the horse
Any mistake can be easily punished
Only has one skin :(
Very risky combo

Break the Mold

Passive. "Rell attacks very slowly, but temporarily steals a portion of her target’s Armor and Magic Resist to deal bonus damage based on the amount stolen. Additionally, Rell can siphon resistances from multiple different foes to grow extremely tanky." Rell's passive turns her into a teamfight monster. First of all, the diminishing of resistantes of her targets allows her team to give a lot more damage to the enemies you auto attack or use your Shattering Strike, which applies the passive to the first enemy hit. In second place, the passive steals 10% of the targets resistances. That is, to each unique enemy struck by auto attacks or Qs, your armor and MR will grow from 10% of your enemies' resistances, getting to a maximum of 50%, if you manage to hit all the enemy team. Besides that, to each hit on an opponent already affected by your passive, the ability time is reset. In the case of enemy champs, the following attacks reset the passive on everybody around.

Shattering Strike

Q. "Rell stabs forward with her lance, breaking any shields and damaging all enemies hit (damage decreases after the first target). If Rell has an ally bound with E - Attract and Repel, she and that ally recover health for each champion hit by this ability.". A very important skill, that can change the result of any fight, if used in the right time. There are two things to consider with Shattering Strike: the shield break and the heal. In my opinion, the fact that Rell's Q breaks ANY shield, it doesn't matter the size, is the most important. Are you facing a Tahm Kench? Maybe a Sett? Mordekaiser, Riven, Lee Sin, Camille; all of these champs have theirs kits revolving around the right usage of their shields, but you end their party with a single Q in the right moment. And don't forget it works with items too. There's a disgusting Yasuo jumping around, showing off his Immortal Shieldbow? An Illaoi with Sterak's Gage? If you see anyone with Locket of the Iron Solari, Maw of Malmortius or Gargoyle Stoneplate, hold your Q and wait for them to activate, because there'll be only tears and pain afterwards. The heal, whatsoever, also exists, even though it's not that big, but during teamfights every heal is valid. And, following this guide, you'll finish your build with Redemption and boost it by 10%.

Ferromancy - Crash Down/Mount Up

W1 - Crash Down: "(Can only cast while mounted) Rell leaps into the sky and transforms her mount into heavy armor, gaining a huge shield that lasts until destroyed or remounting. Upon landing, she knocks up all enemies around her. Rell can cast E - Attract and Repel and R - Magnet Storm during the transformation. Rell has increased durability, low movement speed, and a movement speed cap while in armored form. After the transformation, this ability changes to Ferromancy: Mount Up."

W2 - Mount Up: "(Can only cast while in armored form) Rell rushes forward and transforms her armor into a mount, gaining a burst of movement speed. During her next attack, she charges her target to deal bonus damage and flip them over her shoulder. Rell has increased movement speed while mounted. After the transformation, this ability changes to Ferromancy: Crash Down."

I consider Ferromancy - Crash Down / Mount Up the core of our kit; the skill that will allow Rell to do what she was created to do: engage, start fights, break the enemies formatio, make the other team ask for mercy. Our W is a risky ability, that can win a teamfight or kill us, there is no in between, so it's necessary to know when to use it, to guarantee that at least two enemies are taken, so the engage is worth it. "Pumpkin, so I can't throw my horse on one enemy only?". Of course you can, curious person, but you have to analyse what is worth. To eliminate a lost enemy in the jungle, without the rest of the team, is really valid. However, during teamfights, to land our W on two or more opponents is gonna bring a lot more advantages to your team. Keep in mind that W2 - Mount Up is also quite powerful. Some times is more valid to keep off of your horse and wait for a chance to engage, because the move speed we get from activating W2, altogether the blow that throws the enemy behind you, is capable of giving your ADC a kill very easily. There are a lot of details to consider in this ability, that's why it's ideal for you to train it always, but that's the summary: jumping from your horse can lift the five enemies at once, give you shield, raise your resistances in 10% and slows you down; mounting your horse raises your speed in 15% and allows you to throw an enemy behind you.

Attract and Repel

E. "Rell magnetically binds a piece of her armor to a target allied champion, granting them bonus Armor and Magic Resist while nearby.
Rell can recast this spell to break the bind and stun all enemies around and between her and her bound ally". Normally is what follows our W engage. What's the idea behind this ability? The ideal is for you to be always binded to someone. Till, more or less, the first 15 minutes, probably it's going to be your ADC, but when teamfights start the ideal is that your Attract and Repel is activated in someone who's gonna benefit more from the armor and MR. Be VERY careful when analysing if you're really binded to someone, principally after landind your stun, because after the connection is broken, it's needed to reactivate it (trust me, I always forgot it in the beginning). The skill's image becomes black-and-white when it's not in use. Regardind the stun, it is applied when you activate your E, after binding it to an ally, and click a spot that's not an ally. Any enemy standing on the line between you and your bound champ, or in the area around any of the two, will be stunned. Attract and Repel can be used aggresivelly, as part of your combo, or defensively, to stop a chase or to impede an opponent from finishing your ally.

Tempestade Magnética

Ult. "Rell erupts in magnetic fury, yanking nearby enemies toward her. She then creates a gravitational field around her, pulling nearby enemies in for a few seconds. The field doesn't interrupt her enemies’ other actions.". In my opinion, it's one of the most powerful ults from the game and also one of the hardest to land, because it doesn't actually stuns, provokes, roots or supresses, so it's quite possible to leave the area of influence. However, if caught off guard and without escape tools, it's almost certain death. The safest way to use Magnet Storm is after Ferromancy - Crash Down / Mount Up and Attract and Repel, but in "Combos" I bring other possibilities. Remember that you can ult on your horse, so you benefit from a higher move speed. Another tip is to use Magnet Storm to move enemies to advantage points, as under tower, far from objectives or from your low-health allies.
* The shield from Ferromancy - Crash Down / Mount Up is very powerful and it can save from many risky situations. In the case of a chase, in which your health is low, activating the skill to get to a safe point can be the difference between life and death

* Your binded allies from Attract and Repel can also guide your stun towards enemies. If your with a Tristana, Kai'Sa or Samira, for example, their mobility abilities are capable of putting the enemies inside your E's area of influence, what makes easier to land your CC and see the magic happens.

* Be aware that Ferromancy - Crash Down / Mount Up have two CC zones: the primary, which is the point where you land; and the secondary, which the path Rell moves after landing. So, even if your target is a little bit outside the primary area, it's still possible to lift them up.

* The cure from Shattering Strike is almos insignificant, so don't consider it as a big part from your kit. Against shielding enemies, however, you can hold the ability to when they activate them (part of their life gets white, which is more commom, or, in case of champs like Camille or Morgana, orange or purple).

* Your skills areas, principally Ferromancy - Crash Down / Mount Up and Magnet Storm, make fights inside the jungle interesting for Rell, so try to be always besides your jungler, so even 2v3 fights can be won.

The Basic

> >
The simplest combo we have. It works with and without the ult, principally during laning phase pre-6. Because of the range and previsibility of our Ferromancy - Crash Down / Mount Up, it's not so easy to land. You need to be careful and sure of the engage's right moment.

The Flash Landing

> > >
Basically the same combo (it can also be done without the ult), but using Flash to start. This removes your combo's previsibility and it makes so hard to escape it, but burns our spell to future fights. This last reason is why we should be very careful, because it's a combo that needs to be worth. If you don't take any spells from your enemies, or kills, the punishment can be very heavy afterwards.


A very important combo to take an enemy out of positioning, putting to use all of our additional move speed we get from mounting the horse again. The time the opponent takes to get back from the lift, and the stun, is enough for your team to help them go back to their base.

Flash Lifting

> >
Same combo as before, but using an aggressive flash after mounting your horse. This makes escaping from all your CC almost impossible. You just have to choose your target and call their Uber back to base.

Flash Ult

This combo can be done in any order, but the idea is very simple. As I commented before, Rell's skills are very predictable, and that's why we use our Flash aggressively. Here's not different. This combo makes it harder for your enemies to preapare for your ult, which gives enough time for your team to get close and land all of their damage.
For this guide, our primery rune will be Glacial Augment. I know it sounds weird, even because she's known for running - and pretty well - Aftershock, as other engage supports do, but Glacial Augment will potentialize a lot your early game, allowing you to start fights since level 1, because even if you don't land Ferromancy - Crash Down / Mount Up on both enemies, the ice rays will. Not everybody knows, but Glacial Augment also decreases opponents' damage by 15% against your allies, giving your ADC enough protection to follow you and get a double kill in the first minutes of the match. It works on every moment of the game, but it shines during teamfights, where not only you'll land your entire CC, but also slow down the whole enemy team and decrease their damage by 15%. Why would you want something different?

For subrunes, we have Magical Footwear, because I'm not very fond of Hextech Flashtraption and, as we don't use Zhonya's Hourglass, Perfect Timing is useless for us. Magical Footwear will save us money and, after we get it, our boots will also have 10 more movespeed, which is vital for us. Still, don't ignore Hextech Flashtraption strength, which allows us to maintain our more aggresive combos when Flash isn't available.

On last two lines, we don't have many options, other than Biscuit Delivery, which gives us sustain, and Comic Insight, because of items and spell haste, that we're using principally for our Flash and, further in the game, Redemption.

To secondary, our main choice is going to be Resolve, to compesate the resistances we lose by leaving Aftershock. To be honest, we can vary our options here, because they're all viable to our lil' Rell. Demolish allows us to help the team with towers, Font of Life heals allies after we CC enemies, Shield Bash gives us a damage boost when we raise our W shield, Conditioning raises our resistances after 12 minutes, Second Wind gives us sustain, principally against poke, Overgrowth will raise our life infinitely by keeping close to dying troops, and Unflinching boosts our tenacity by 10%. All the options here are valid and can be chosen, but my favorite combination is this one: Bone Plating and Revitalize, because the protection the first one gives helps our engage, while the second will boost our W shield and Q heals, as well as our Redemption late game.

Other options

As good as Glacial Augment, Aftershock is an amazing option to our lil' Rell and it gives us resistances everytime we engage, what makes a huge difference when we teamfight. It's activated in the moment we apply any tipe of CC, and then it explodes, damaging anyone nearby. It's the main choice to Rell players, normally, but it's only because they didn't discover the power Glacial Augment has in our hands. Still, it's a safe option, solid and it fits perfectly in what we want. As secondary, you just have to follow what I said before: any combination fits, but I normally run Font of Life, [[Bone Plating and Revitalize.

Normally when we go Resolve as main runes, for secondary we run Inspiration, wirh a little more limited options, although important, which are the same I described before. In this case, however, when we have only two choices, Cosmic Insight loses priority over Biscuit Delivery, Magical Footwear or Hextech Flashtraption, but any of these are viable.

Another secondary option (after all, Sorcery page doesn't quite fit Rell's kit with its essential runes). It works better with Aftershock, but it's also an option with Glacial Augment. Just remember that, in this case, we're receiving almost no extra resistances early game. The pair of Celerity and Waterwalking is focused in roaming, for matches in which you have the disposition of doing it. Rell works pretty well (haha) with movespeed, so these bonuses really fit our kit. The ideal, in this case, is that you go Mobility Boots to make the best out of this more mobile, and risky, playstyle.

Core Items

For this new Rell build, we are focusing on this DELICIOUS new support item, Evenshroud. There are other options, and I talk about them here, but this one is simples EVERYTHING we want as a support. First, it makes us really resistant. In second place, we get life and ability haste out of it: two stats that make Rell shine. In third place, Evenshroud gives us 5 armor and MR for each legendary. In forth, and most important, the HUGE passive we love. After immobilizing an enemy, the target and everybody around will suffer 9% extra damage for 4 seconds. That's all, folks.

I choose it 90% of the time. Not only because of the MR, which is great, but because its passive, that gives us tenacity. And tenacity is very good for us, believe me. There are other boot options, but I talk about it later.

Zeke's is another wonderful item, and it makes a very interesting combo with Evenshroud. Not only you'll fall with an enourmous horse onto the heads of your victims, as it will make them get 9% of extra damage and ABOVE IT ALL, your ADC will give on-hit magic damage to your CC target for eight seconds. Just feel it.

More Balanced Complements

Thornmail is a pretty good item, principally against healing comps ( Soraka, Sona, F#CKING Yuumi, Vladimir, Dr. Mundo, etc), but Rell benefits mainly from its passive, which gives back part of the damage as magic damage. Immobilizing enemies also cuts 60% of the heal they receive from any source. However, we can consider it as situational, because there are cases in which it won't fit quite well, but the other options I discuss later.

Putting Redemption here can sound weird, principally for an engage support as Rell, but I found out that it's just a wonderful item on her. First because our Q heals, and this cure is raised in 20%; second, our shield will be ENOURMOUS; and in third place, if you activate the item in the right moment (in this case, half second BEFORE you engage), be sure that you'll survive and can even kill enemies in the area with TRUE DAMAGE.

Other Mythic Options

To be very honest, I would only recommend the Locket as an option here, and in very specific situations. In hard matches, those you already felt you'll lose lane; when your team is losing many fights and can't land their damage, Locket of the Iron Solari is very valuable, because of its active (area shield) and passive, which raises your allies armor and MR. It does a lot of difference in teamfights, if used right (I never use it right).

Chemtank was Rell's main item, before Riot tried to kill it with two nerfs, but against comps with a lot of mobility it does quite an ok job. The active will help you start your combo more confidently, but the slow apllied afterwards don't make that much of a difference, because if you activate your skills in the right moment, your opponents won't be capable of moving before returning to base.

The Gauntlet, to Rell, is maybe the weakest option, but it's also viable, principally if your team doesn't have that much of damage. The passive is ok, because, even if they survive your combo, it's gonna be really hard to escape from you. The problem is: after using all of your kit, if your team don't kill the opponents, you are probably dead.

Items to Replace Thornmail

Gargoyle Stoneplate is one of the strongest tank items in this meta. Not only its properties are amazing (tons of armor, tons of MR and ABILITY HASTE AAAAAA), as its passive strengthens your combo, combining a GIGANTIC shield with the one from your W. Against balanced AP/AD comps, it's just wonderful.

In pre-season, Riot kinda destroyed the item, but when you have AP carries in your team, it shines. "Pumpkin, but when the other team is almost full AP, it isn't a good option" - in a certain way, yes, but in this case Force of Nature is way better. The Mask's focus is to DIMINISH your enemies' MR, so when you have AP carries in your team, this passive will combine with Evenshroud and Zeke's Convergence to help tem give MASSIVE damage.

Force of Nature has a lot of MR, movespeed, 25% damage reduction, what else do you want? There are a lot of AP menaces in the other team? Don't even think about it, because Force of Nature looks like it was made to Rell.

Not everybody respect what the Blessing can do (I included), but it is a pissed Redemption . A lot of MR, enhanced heals and shields, ability haste and an amazing active, which frees anyone from some types of CC. If there is a lot of CC in the other team, with lots of AP, this item is game-changing. Be aware that some types of CC are not affected by the Blessing.

Dead Man's Plate is a fantastic item to Rell, that works pretty well in case you need armor, but not the anti-hell Thornmail offers. Think of a Force of Nature to physical damage, with a simpler passive. A fast Rell is a scary Rell.

Do you know when you have a 20/10 Yasuo (after activating the secret passive) on the other team? And he's the only one strong? That's the reason Riot created Anathema's Chains. It's a fantastic item, which serves to neutralize unique menaces on the enemy team. When its passive is procced, you'll get 30% less damage from the target and, above all, they'll have 20% less tenacity when you're close. Low tenacity against a Rell is the formula to the emotional collapse of a 20/10 Yasuo.

Other Boots

I love Mobility Boots, and I consider them a second option, with close priority to Mercury's. We just need to understand that our playstyle will change. They'll help us roam, principally, and to start our engage more easily.

Tabis (everybody knows it's their real name), or Plated Steelcaps, are only chosen in one occasion: if the enemy team is full AD. That's it. Mercury's passive is way better.

These boots work well with lil' Rell, which is thankful for movespeed, and helps compensating the slow that comes after our W1, however they need to be bought very carefully. I would only choose'em if the match is going well, and if there is a source of slow annoyingness on the other team, as a Braum, an Ashe, a Karma...

Very Situational Items

Randuin is a very powerful item against mobility, AD and critical comps (Yasuo brothers, already strong ADCs, Tryndamere, etc). It gives you armor, haste, health and an active that slows enemies down and drops their damage in area. It's pretty good with Rell, but normally your top, or bruiser mid, will buy it. Anyhow, it's an option that makes an amazing combo with our kit, if the need arises.

Frozen Heart... look... the item stats are interesting. Haste, armor, MR; the passive protects you a lot and the aura, which cuts attack speed in area, even makes sense, but... it's too defensive for Rell's playstyle. I've never bought it, because I think that all the other options are better, but it exists and it's good. Against full AD comps, with 2+ opponents making attack speed, in a situation your tem is being pushed and you can't engage, it can make a difference.
The End
Thank you so much for reading! It's a constant evolving guide, so in case you've seen something you wanna contribute on, use the commentary section and we'll have a talk! See ya!
League of Legends Build Guide Author PumpkinMatters
PumpkinMatters Rell Guide
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