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Camille Build Guide by IMissedMyQ

Jungle [12.21] Camille JUNGLE |Ultimate Comprehensive Guide To Camille Jungle in Season 12!

Jungle [12.21] Camille JUNGLE |Ultimate Comprehensive Guide To Camille Jungle in Season 12!

Updated on February 20, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IMissedMyQ Build Guide By IMissedMyQ 120 17 345,122 Views 15 Comments
120 17 345,122 Views 15 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IMissedMyQ Camille Build Guide By IMissedMyQ Updated on February 20, 2023
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Runes: Standard Tri-Force Carry

1 2
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Treasure Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Champion Build Guide

[12.21] Camille JUNGLE |Ultimate Comprehensive Guide To Camille Jungle in Season 12!

By IMissedMyQ
My name is I Missed My Q (or Ben) and I am a Jungle main on the NA server who's reached Challenger this season. I have an educational and entertainment based stream at where you can feel free to ask me any question you may have about this guide or Jungling in general.
Press the Attack is a very strong rune for snowballing Camille early. Press the Attack provides good, strong burst early game, while also scaling much harder than Electrocute. Your Q, Precision Protocol, is an auto attack cancel, so you're able to proc Press the Attack with AA, Precision Protocol, AA. This combo takes about .75-1 second flat.

Conqueror is a great alternative to Press the Attack. This rune is miles ahead of Press the Attack once you've got a few items under your belt, however Camille jungle MUST snowball early to be a strong pick. I would consider using this rune in the Goredrinker build because of the healing synergy, however otherwise I would only use this rune in matchups against multiple tanks (i.e. Sejuani, Malphite, Alistar, etc).

Triumph is a staple in every Precision mastery tree for a reason. The HP gain is incredible in team-fights, turret dives, and skirmishes. When you're chaining multiple Triumph's in a fight, the HP gain is far from incremental. The gold gain is a great cherry on top, especially in games where you are acquiring a lot of assists.

Legend: Alacrity is the better early game choice for the Legend mastery choices. It provides some base Attack Speed, while also scaling nicely.

Legend: Bloodline is INSANE late game. It can be rough missing out on a kill every once in a while early game because you're running Legend: Bloodline instead of Legend: Alacrity. Keeping that in mind, I still think it may be worth running Legend: Bloodline over Legend: Alacrity in all builds. It will come down to your personal preference.

Coup de Grace is a great rune that is very versatile. The other two options in this Precision branch are more situational. I think Cut Down will never be very effective on Camille because of how much HP you build, so I would just stick with Coup de Grace.

Sudden Impact is very easy to proc as Camille, thanks to Hookshot / Wall Dive. This does the most damage out of the Domination tree.

Ravenous Hunter is the only reason we are using Domination as our secondary tree. It provides an unreal amount of healing mid and late game. Combo's with your Q, it is honestly not balanced. They need to nerf Ravenous Hunter and until they do, you should be taking it on Camille without question.
Control Ward's are not just core to Camille, but to every Jungler. This item not only allows you to track the enemy jungle, it allows you to track enemy laner roams, prevents your team from getting picked by an otherwise invisible threat, it controls vision in key areas like Dragon Pit. I could go on and on. Don't be a low elo, high ego player and think you're too good for this item. Any spare gold after a recall should be spent on at least one of these. Don't beat yourself up if you don't remember to buy it every time(I still don't). Just make a conscious effort to improve your vision game by buying these.

Emberknife is your first buy. Challenging Smite is stronger than Chilling Smite in every way that matters. More damage and more tankiness. You don't need the slow from Chilling Smite as Camille has a lot of ways to stick to targets built into her kit.

Plated Steelcaps are a great versatile item. Everyone in the game auto attacks, therefore it will never be a dead item. They're a huge bonus when you're facing something like Talon mid and Pantheon jungle.

Mercury's Treads are a great choice when you're facing an Ability Power jungler ( Elise, Evelynn, Karthus, etc). I would buy these only when there are at least two strong AP sources (one has to be in the jungle) or there is a strong AP source in the jungle and then HEAVY Crowd Control.

Hearthbound Axe is the best Trinity Force component for the jungle. It provides Attack Speed, Attack Damage, and Movement Speed, all for only 1100 gold. Sheen is great and all, but not so much when you're trying to clear jungle camps.

Trinity Force is everything the perfect item for Camille. All of the base stats of Trinity Force are good strong high priority stats that Camille wants from her items. What makes this item so powerful on Camille, is the empowered Sheen effect. Combined with the second part of Precision Protocol, Camille has an incredible amount of True Damage that she deals. The Sheen effect is dealt as True Damage. Long story short... Buy this item...

Ravenous Hydra is an exceptional item for toplane Camille. This is because it helps her clear waves very fast, while also giving her a high amount of Healing. This carries over to Camille jungle, as her clear can be a bit slower than other champions later in the game. The added AOE will allow you to farm your camps quickly, and also push out sidelanes, keeping your farm up. The Omnivamp also allows you to take over a game when combined with Ravenous Hunter.

Executioner's Calling is a staple in Season 11. Every champ in every role should probably be building some level of anti-healing. In an age of Ravenous Hunter and Omnivamp Mythics, we need multiple sources of anti-healing. It might be better built on someone other than Camille, but can you really trust your team to build it???

Sterak's Gage will allow you to hard engage a teamfight. It can be very hard to be the lead engage on your team as Camille. Sterak's Gage allows you to be the primary engage, and Hookshot / Wall Dive into multiple enemies, unfearful of being bursted down. This is a great item, over Ravenous Hydra, if you're going to be the primary frontline for your team. It can also be built with Ravenous Hydra if you want to wait until your 4th item or so to build Sterak's Gage.

Death's Dance will be the primary item that comes after Ravenous Hunter or Sterak's Gage. The only way I wouldn't automatically build this item is if there is very little Attack Damage on the enemy team. As an example, if you're playing against a Veigar or Brand, Death's Dance isn't saving you from that burst.

Titanic Hydra this is a great item when paired with Sterak's Gage. It provides additional waveclear if needed, however I would not build this if I just planned on teamfighting, rather than splitting. There are much better teamfight options.

Gargoyle Stoneplate is an item that you will only want to take when you HAVE to hard engage, and you are the only frontline/engage on your team. This allows you to Hookshot / Wall Dive into all five members of the enemy team, use Hextech Ultimatum, and still be alive to deal/soak damage.

Guardian Angel is a nice item to pick up when you're against assassins, or you need to dive the backline. Guardian Angel allows you to Hookshot / Wall Dive into the back-line and Hextech Ultimatum that pesky Caitlyn or Xerath just long enough for your team to follow up while you wait on the resurrection.

Dead Man's Plate is a great tool for making picks. If you recognize that your team will not be able to win teamfights, you should consider this item. It will allow you to collapse very quickly on an immobile champion in a sidelane.

Goredrinker is a much different style of Camille gameplay. You will typically be hard engaging with this item as you will have an incredible amount of healing. Remember to use this when you are low, but you should also consider using it early if you think it will be a long fight. That way you can get multiple triggers off.
Adaptive Defenses is your passive. Even though its your passive, you should still treat it like an active ability. For the most part, you are able to control when and how you use this. Most of the time, Adaptive Defenses will trigger when you initially engage and there isn't much else you can do. However, if there are multiple champions in the skirmish you are able to choose which damage type you want to absorb. This is especially helpful if one source has not used their burst/cooldowns yet. There is more finesse with this ability once you're in the middle of fighting, as the opponent may not see it coming, and you can time the shield with his burst. This can create a huge swing in a skirmish or a fight that has razor thin margins.

Precision Protocol is a two-part ability. Both parts are Auto Attack Cancels. This means that if you press Q, or Precision Protocol immediately after an Auto Attack, then you will cancel the animation of the previous Auto Attack by immediately Auto Attacking with the empowered Precision Protocal attack. This is something that is MANDATORY. Do not play this champion if you are not going to utilize AA cancels. If you are new to AA cancels, do not worry, it is a very easy concept to implement in your game. Just head into the practice tool and give it a 5 minute practice. You'll be AA cancelling like a pro.

Tactical Sweep is a simple ability at face value, but provides a lot of depth to the character. This ability has two hit boxes. The smaller, closer to Camille arc has very little damage and no slow. The larger, outer arc has high damage, heals you, and slows. It is very important to hit with the outer arc. We will go more in depth on the uses of this ability later on.

Hookshot / Wall Dive is your typical engage method. You will hook onto a nearby wall, followed by a sling-shot off it onto a nearby target. When you hit a champion with Hookshot / Wall Dive, then you gain massively increased Attack Speed. In early game fights especially, it is very important that you connect with a champion so that you gain that increased Attack Speed. Otherwise you are a very weak champion early on without it. It is imperative for dueling early.

Hextech Ultimatum is SO good against a wide range of champions. In the age of high mobility champions, it is so nice to have an Lockdown ult that keeps people in place. This ability can also be used to dodge skillshots, and more importantly any targeted ability as well. This is because Camille becomes untargetable when she uses Hextech Ultimatum, therefore any targeted ability that is mid animation and has not reached her yet fizzles. It disappears, and Camille is also locking a target down.

Extremely specific 10 part combo's are so unnecessary, and are not what makes someone good at a champ. I will list below some of the basic combo's that are necessary and practical to playing Camille. More in depth combo's will be added at a later date, however here are the core combo's that you will use very regularly.

AA + + AA

AA + +

AA + + AA + + AA + +

+ (use this mid-air) This combo is one of the simplest, yet hardest to hit consistently because of how many variables can affect the timing. The goal of this combo is to hit the target with the outer part of your w while in mid-air and also landing the Hookshot / Wall Dive (unless you only want to apply that slow)


Hookshot / Wall Dive + Flash (mid air/flight)

This combo will allow you to get extended range on your Hookshot / Wall Dive. I highly suggest going into practice tool and learning how to consistently do this combo. It will seem a little difficult at first, but once you understand the timing, it is very simple to pull off.
Early Game Jungling
NOTE: Jungle pathing pictures will be uploaded in the near future for clarity/added effect

In this section we will go over some of the decision making that you will need to make during the early part of the game. The early game is the most important part of the game as a jungler. It sets the pace for the rest of the game.

Always start at RED BUFF

Always KITE THE CAMPS. If you are newer to jungle and don't know how to kite camps yet, I would suggest watching a quick 2 minute how to on how to kite a jungle camp. It will change your jungling life!

Starting Red Buff allows us to get level 2 and also have the slow from Red. This is all we need to start heavily impacting the map. We have a couple different options after Red Buff that I'll outline below:

1. Walk Mid and Hookshot \ Wall Dive + Flash combo their mid.

2. Walk to the side lane closest to you and Hookshot \ Wall Dive + Flash combo the side lane.

3. Invade the enemy Jungler and kill him at his camps.

4. If none of the above plays are possible, then you should look to kill Gromp and Blue Buff for level 3.

Now that we have made our first decision as Camille jungle, we will go over the options that will further stem from number 1-4.

1. Now that you have gone mid and killed or chunked out their midlaner, you should look to invade the enemy jungle with our midlaner. This is the strongest play that can follow from a successful mid gank. If you are unable to invade, or your gank mid was not very successful, then you should first look to see if a nearby sidelane is gankable. If it is not then consider clearing your Gromp and Blue Buff to get level 3 for a potential scuttle fight.

2. Now that you have gone to a nearby sidelane (we will say bot lane for this example) and successfully killed or chunked out their bot lane, you should (like number 1) look to invade the enemy jungle with your bot lane. Do not do this if the enemy jungler started on that side! This is because there may not be ANY camps in that jungle so you will just be wasting your time. Instead, you can look to roam mid alone, or with a friend :P, and try to get a successful gank off mid. NOTE: The sidelane gank is very risky. If it does not pay off you could potentially fall very behind if the enemy jungle steals your camps in response and is unpunished.

3. Now that you have successfully invaded the enemy jungle at his second buff and killed him/stole his buff, you can look to make an uncontested gank mid or the nearby sidelane. Higher ranked players will be harder to gank after this, since it will be so telegraphed, but most people will still play too far up to be safe from a Camille gank. If no ganks are available, consider taking some of his camps, going back to your jungle(safety) to farm camps, or recalling with your kill gold and possibly invading him AGAIN on the opposite side of his jungle.

4. You're now level 3 with your full skillset at hand. Most laners should still be level 2, so you should check again for nearby lanes that can be ganked. If there are no gankable lanes, then you should consider a Counter-Gank. Usually when your lanes aren't gankable, they are gankable for the enemy. Try to read the enemy jungler and predict his next move. NOTE: This part can and does apply to numbers 1-4 and jungling in general. Tracking the enemy jungle is one of the most important jungle skills there is.

From this point on, cookie cutter jungle paths and strategies fall apart due to the randomness of League. You must take what you've learned from the previous paragraphs and use that thinking to guide your approach to the jungle. Always be on your toes and thinking about the next step.
Farming Camps on Camille
Clearing camps on Camille is not as easy as it would be with Graves. You need to be a little more selective in the early and mid game. Camille has weak AOE damage and also can take a lot of damage while clearing. This means that the less monsters a camp has, the easier/healthier clear Camille has. Below I will rank the camps for which you should prioritize. This does not mean you should never clear the larger camps, it just means you should not go out of your way to clear them early/mid game.

Red Brambleback > Blue Sentinel > Scuttlecrab > Gromp > Ancient Krug > Greater Murk Wolf > Crimson Raptor

Once you have Tiamat, you can start prioritizing Ancient Krug, Greater Murk Wolf, and Crimson Raptor higher.
Teamfighting Tips
If you are used to playing Camille in the toplane, then you will need to make some small adjustments. Junglers have less gold than solo laners by nature. This means that you will be a lower level, have less HP, and less damage overall. This does not mean that you are weak by any means, just weaker than a Camille top would be. To compensate for this, I have some suggestions (and overall tips) that I will follow with:

1. Look for flanks as Camille. If you can get behind the enemy team, then you won't need to get through the bulky, and CC filled front-line.

2. Camille's kit is very good at making picks. Since you're not top lane, you don't have to be in a sidelane pushing. This allows you to control the jungles with vision which allows for more picks to be made.

3. If you don't have to be the primary engage, don't. If you let someone else engage, like a Malphite or Maokai, then that allows you to find a primary target and stick on them while some of their cooldowns have been used.

4. Make sure that you know you're role. Camille is traditionally a diving champion, however she has other uses. Is there an Akali on the enemy team that keeps diving and killing your backline? Save you Hextech Ultimatum for her. Sometimes you may need to cut through that beefy frontline when they engage. It can be a good idea to hold your Hextech Ultimatum until after their frontline is dead and your team can follow up with you.
Closing Thoughts
Camille is naturally a high skill champion, and in the jungle she is even harder to play. The payoff of learning it is well worth it.

I hope this guide has been able to help you. Any comments or criticisms are welcome here or on my stream! If you've made it this far you might as well give me a thumbs up ;).
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IMissedMyQ
IMissedMyQ Camille Guide
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[12.21] Camille JUNGLE |Ultimate Comprehensive Guide To Camille Jungle in Season 12!

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