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Zac Build Guide by checca



Updated on September 13, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author checca Build Guide By checca 36 1 57,375 Views 6 Comments
36 1 57,375 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author checca Zac Build Guide By checca Updated on September 13, 2023
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Font of Life

Gathering Storm

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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Flash Smite
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite



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Champion Build Guide


By checca
Hello, I am Checca, a multirole, multiseason challenger Zac main. This is my attempt to make the most comprehensive Zac guide ever made. My peak rank was 873LP in season 11 and my peak rank in season 12 was 1157LP
I have been playing Zac since Season 6, when I first started playing League of Legends. On and off, I played him throughout the years, and I really started maining him in Seasons 9 and 10. Over time, I've gained knowledge of this champion that I'm sure nobody else has or understands. This guide is my attempt to share this information with everyone else.

Zac is one of the strongest and most underrated champions in the game. His transition over the years from an annoying tank to the strongest AP tank melter in the game makes him unique. It's important to find the balance between AP and tank when playing him, as his built-in chain CC is some of the longest in the game. Learning and playing Zac in multiple roles has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had playing League of Legends.
Aftershock is the chosen Keystone rune for 85% of players; it grants bonus Armor and Magic Resistance for 2.5 seconds after immobilizing an enemy champion, plus an additional 80% of bonus resists. After it is triggered, it deals 25-120 (based on level) [+8% bonus health] magic damage to nearby enemies, but has a 20 second cooldown. This rune is great for team comps against high burst damage, when combined with a resist- and health-heavy build, as the bonus resists are capped at 80-150 based on level.
However, it can be annoying to use early on due to invades and long cooldowns. After the first full clear, the rune performs similarly to Conqueror, as the damage and benefits become almost equal. It should only be brought into team comps with high resistance and health scaling items, and should be avoided when facing champions with high kiting potential.

Font of Life: Slowing or immobilizing an enemy champion marks them for 4 seconds.
Allied champions (excluding you) that use a basic attack against marked enemies are healed for 5 (+ 0.9% of your maximum health) over 1.75 seconds. Font of Life will trigger Ardent Censer, Staff of Flowing Water and Chemtech Putrifier but not Summon Aery. Font of Life is a must-have in the Resolve tree; pairing it with Staff of Flowing Water, Chemtech Putrifier, and Radiant Virtue will maximize its efficiency. On teams with many auto attackers, Aftershock can be used alongside Font of Life to provide additional healing. As of patch 12.23, this rune has become more useful, as it no longer relies solely on one's Let's Bounce! with Radiant Virtue in order to heal and use Staff of Flowing Water. Font of Life should always be taken as the primary rune and Demolish and Shield Bash should be avoided.

Conditioning: it is a must-have rune in the Resolve tree; after 12 minutes, it grants 8 bonus Armor and 8 bonus Magic Resistance, and increases the total Armor and Magic Resistance by 3%. It is considered the best of the three runes - Conditioning, Second Wind, and Bone Plating - and should always be taken instead of the other two.

Revitalize: is an often overlooked rune in the Resolve tree which grants 5% Heal and Shield Power, and increases Outgoing Healing and Shielding by 10% on targets below 40% of their maximum health. Incoming Healing, Incoming Shielding, Self-Healing, and Self-Shielding are also increased by 10% while you are below 40% of your maximum health. This rune has always been beneficial for Zac due to its percentage-based bonuses instead of flat healing.

Revitalize's bonus 10% multiplicatively stacks with Heal and Shield Power, granting 15.5% bonus healing and shielding. For outgoing heals and shields, it also multiplicatively stacks with an affected ally's Revitalize (10%) and Spirit Visage (25%), granting them a total of 58.81% bonus healing and shielding. Even if Revitalize does not grant any healing, for example when at full health, the number of healings done still increases in the stats. Pairing this rune with health-based items and runes on Zac, such as Font of Life, Radiant Virtue and Staff of Flowing Water, creates an effective enchanter tank hybrid that benefits from the insane health scaling of Zac.

No matter what, bonus healing obtained from increased Cell Division spawning always makes bonus ability haste shard the best choice.

Adaptive Force Shard 2nd overall is the best choice for most players, as it offers consistent damage output throughout the game that may be lacking early on. The extra damage can be beneficial for fast clear times, as bringing armor or magic resist could be less beneficial.

I think armor shard is the best option for Zac. Taking damage from camps and minions is unavoidable, and an armor shard will offer the best protection against these sources. Health and magic resist shards can be flexed depending on the matchup, but armor shard is a more reliable option overall.
Aftershock has a much more universal, easy, and common itemization. As the Resolve tree is essential when playing Enchanter Zac, Radiant Virtue will be the main mythic item you will be building. This item will increase your maximum health when using your ultimate, as well as increase your healing (separate from the item) and, in turn, increase your damage. This item is good for both solo fighting and teamfighting. You can rush this item or build it second. Since pet damage scales off of armor and magic resist, rushing this item isn't bad.

Staff of Flowing Water has become viable with Zac as of 12.23, as long as you bring Font of Life and build Radiant Virtue. When casting your ultimate near your team when you have Radiant Virtue, this will activate Staff of Flowing Water for all nearby teammates. Additionally, if you CC an enemy and have your teammate attack them when you have Font of Life, this will also proc Staff of Flowing Water. This item gives 8% heal and shield power to Zac, which will increase his healing by a lot. At 2300 gold, this item is very efficient to build. Remember to only build this if you are going to be healing your team, as if you don't build correctly and if you don't bring the right runes, this item will not do anything.

Knight's Vow: Unique – Pledge: Designate the target allied champion as being Worthy, forming a Focused Resolve tether between you and them. Champions can only be designated as Worthy by one Knight's Vow at a time (60 second cooldown; Range 1250 range). Passive Unique – Sacrifice: While your Worthy ally is tethered to you and you are above 30% of your maximum health, redirect 10% of the post-mitigation physical and magic damage they take to you as true damage and heal for 7% of the damage dealt by your Worthy ally to champions. If they are below 30% maximum health, the damage redirection is increased to 20%. Knight's Vow also synchronizes very well with this build. It will not directly proc Staff of Flowing Water but combined with Radiant Virtue, you will be able to peel your teammates with some of the best efficiency in the game. This item alone is very cheap at 2300 gold, so if you want to peel a carry or teammate, I would highly recommend building this item.

Evenshroud is one of Zac's best and most gold-efficient items. I typically buy this when I have Aftershock, as it is more directed towards burst. Evenshroud's price is 2500 gold, which is the cheapest mythic in the game, and better than the more expensive tank mythics. When I bring this with Aftershock, I usually build it into squishy champions or champions with burst, providing some of the highest engage damage in the game. If you are able to have your team follow up when you go in with this item, you will almost always win every teamfight. You can get this item easily between 7 and 10 minutes in a game. Even though it is highly beneficial, less than 1% of Zac players build this mythic, making it extremely underrated.

Redemption is another good item that can be bought on Zac. 2300 gold makes this a very gold efficient item. It is viable now due to Zac being able to build enchanter. Most of the time, you will be building other items that scale with Zacs HP, rather than a full enchanter build. Most other items will always be better than this. Only build it if you are confident that you can use its active effectively.

Zac's universal basic item is Sunfire Aegis. The problem that this item presents is that it is always going to be average. Most, if not all Zac players will build this item in the jungle; it is not entirely bad. Most of the time, I will buy Bami's Cinder and sit on it until my third or fourth item. Combining Sunfire Aegis with Abyssal Mask or Demonic Embrace will make it the most efficient, as the Magic Pen from Abyssal Mask will increase your Sunfire Aegis damage. You can build this at any point of the game and it will always work; a classic item for Zac.

Warmog's Armor is a very good item on Zac that I will usually build when I am very far ahead and want to engage and disengage. This item can be closely compared to Guardian Angel, but with a 6 second cooldown. It can be very good if used in the right hands. Only build this when you have enough health for the passive to work. As of 12.23, the flat health on this item scales much better with Zac throughout the course of a game, allowing you to heal more and do more damage.
Dealing damage to enemy champions grants stacks of Conqueror, lasting for 5 seconds, refreshing on subsequent damage against champions, and stacking up to 12 times. Gain 2 stacks from basic attacks and 2 stacks from abilities, spells, and item actives for melee roles, and 1 stack for ranged roles.

Each stack of Conqueror grants 1.2-2.7 (based on level) bonus Attack Damage or 2-4.5 (based on level) Ability Power (Adaptive), up to 14.4-32.4 (based on level) bonus Attack Damage or 24-54 (based on level) Ability Power (Adaptive) at maximum stacks, at which you also heal for 8% (for melee roles) or 5% (for ranged roles) of the post-mitigation damage dealt against enemy champions.

Damage over time effects and ongoing sources of damage grant stacks only once every 5 seconds.
In my opinion, Conqueror is by far the best keystone for Zac. This is because it is easy for Zac to stack Conqueror, thanks to his low Unstable Matter cooldown and the lack of cast time associated with the ability. Bringing Conqueror will allow Zac to 1v1 most champions in the game early on, giving him the confidence to invade level 1 with his team. Likewise, if he gets invaded, it will be much easier for Zac to fight the enemy and sustain. Remember, the goal is to sustain and live with this rune since Aftershock is not a viable rune choice until Zac has access to CC. When bringing Conqueror, you can use your kiting skills to keep this rune at 12 stacks almost all the time, as you only have to walk up to the enemy, get in range, and press Unstable Matter. If your Unstable Matter is on a 3 second CD you can hold Conqueror with just Unstable Matter.
When I bring Conqueror on Zac, it is usually due to the threat of early invades. In high elo, this can decide a game within the first few minutes, so it is essential to bring champions that can threaten these early invades, such as Talon, Kindred, etc.

If you are going to be killing enemies in the midgame before fully stacking Conqueror, I will usually bring Aftershock, as high burst will be the goal instead of sustained damage. If the enemy picks tanks, I will almost always bring Conqueror. Keep in mind this extra damage I see as % max health damage instead of flat damage, just like Blade of the Ruined King but for AP. I will list all the items you should build.

Demonic Embrace is one of Zac's best items as it provides the highest DPS out of any item in the game. Even if you are not fighting, this item can make you take dragon, baron, and other camps 1.5x-2x faster. This item can be rushed in the jungle or in lane. The only issue I see with this item is the build path, as all of the components ( Amplifying Tome, Giant's Belt, and Blasting Wand) build into nothing that Zac wants besides Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Demonic Embrace. If you back and have 3000 gold (or enough gold to buy this item), I almost always will buy this.

Dark Seal and Mejai's Soulstealer are essential items in Zac's kit when building Conqueror, as they provide him with the necessary AP damage to take down enemy champions. It is important to purchase Dark Seal before any other items, as it will ensure you have enough damage to put the stacks to good use. Mejai's Soulstealer, on the other hand, should only be bought after the first item and when you have at least 10 Dark Seal stacks. This item can be detrimental if you lose your stacks, so be sure to play around it. Fully stacked Mejai's Soulstealer on Zac has the highest damage potential in the game, emphasizing the importance of DPS over tanking enemy abilities.

As of 12.23, Jak'sho is a decent item for Conqueror Zac, but should only be purchased as a 2nd or 3rd item. It pairs well with AP, but is near useless without it. However, due to its upcoming nerf, other tank mythics such as Radiant Virtue or Evenshroud may be better choices regardless of rune choice.

Evenshroud is one of Zac's best and most gold-efficient items. I typically buy this when I have Aftershock, as it is more directed towards burst. Evenshroud's price is 2500 gold, which is the cheapest mythic in the game, and better than the more expensive tank mythics. When I bring this with Conqueror, I usually build it into tanks. This is so much damage that the team is unlikely to need to follow up after you snowball. Even though it is highly beneficial, less than 1% of Zac players build this mythic, making it extremely underrated.

Abyssal Mask is one of his more underrated items. This item was very good last season, where all of the stats it provides were being used by Zac. As of 12.23, they changed Abyssal Mask, making it more of a mana-based healing item that gives magic penetration based on max health. With Zac, you are always going to be using this magic penetration, as all of your damage will fit in the circle that Abyssal Mask has to give you. Build this item third or fourth, as it will be used to its full potential then. 25 magic penetration is very nice late game, especially when you want to keep Ionian Boots of Lucidity for the extra haste. Bringing this with conqueror will give you an insane spike of damage, sometimes doing even more damage than Demonic Embrace. Focus on building this into squishy champs. Personally i do not care if the enemy is full AD or not as i am building this for the HP and magic penetration.
Transcendence: Gain bonuses upon reaching the following levels:
Level 5: + 5 ability haste
Level 8: + 5 ability haste
Level 11: Scoring a takedown against an enemy champion reduces the current cooldowns of your Zac's basic abilities by 20%.

This rune has unique and exceptional scaling on Zac compared to any other champion. Every level spike (e.g. levels 5, 8, and 11) represent natural power spikes for Zac and this rune helps to accentuate them. Building tank items early can be necessary for Zac, as he cannot choose items in champ select and thus has to rely on runes. The extra ability haste provided by this rune can increase the tempo of Zac's Cell Division cycle, thus providing more healing throughout the game. This extra ability haste is especially useful after level 5, even if Zac isn't in the optimal state for ganking and teamfights. The 20% refund of ability cooldowns after level 11 is insane for teamfights, as getting a kill reset can make or break an entire game.

Gathering Storm is a unique rune primarily taken by AD carries in the bottom lane, giving them scaling Attack Damage or Ability Power over time. With the Gathering Storm rune, AD carries are able to benefit from increasing bonus damage without having to invest heavily into items. However, junglers can also make great use of Gathering Storm, Gathering Storm provides bonus ability and attack damage over time, with totals increasing every 10 minutes. This bonus damage increases over time, ranging from 0/4.8/14.4/28.8/48/∞ (depending on minutes) bonus attack damage or 0/8/24/48/80/∞ bonus ability power. Gathering Storm is particularly useful when playing Zac, as all four of their abilities scale with Ability Power, allowing them to benefit from the extra bonus damage. Furthermore, Zac's Unstable Matter ability deals % max health damage that scales with Ability Power. Therefore, when playing Zac as a jungler, taking Gathering Storm is a must, and should be paired with Transcendence for maximum damage output.
Clearing as Zac has gotten much easier over the years, as hes able to use all of his abilities in the jungle when clearing camps. As of 12.23 Riot has buffed Zac's heal scaling post level 6 and onward, this helps staying high HP when clearing. Also what is imporant is picking up Cell Division when clearing in jungle as this not only increases your healing but it increases your damage as each Cell Division picked up takes down 1 second off your Unstable Matter.
One annoying thing with Zac's clear is the Cell Division RNG. Zac's Cell Division will always spawn in a random direction near Zac, nearly impossible to control this it can slow down your jungle clear quite and bit and this can add up over time. Engage is much better at clearing than me, the video above is the fastest zac clear as of 12.23.
Zac is a very versatile champion that can do many things. It is critical to keep in mind that every game will be a different outcome and that being good at both macro and mechanics is essential to success. Peeling is a term used to describe protecting your allies, and as Zac, it is important to understand when and how to peel. Peeling as Zac can happen for many reasons, and it is essential to consider how you play and build Zac for each game.

Patience is key with peeling, as one wrong move in a dive can result in your death. Most of the time you will be peeling your team when you have carries that have high damage and are suseptable to dying easily, and as such your job would be to keep them alive. For example, in the video linked below , blocking Graves' auto attacks is what keeps Caitlyn alive. When the situation calls for it, you will need to do this, but do not do it on autopilot or just because you think it is the best thing to do. There is a balance between diving and peeling, and it is important to understand when to do each. Usually you can peel by using your Let's Bounce! (R) knockback, Stretching Strikes (Q1 Q2) knockup, or your Elastic Slingshot (E). Using any of these on an enemy champion thats trying to kill your teammate will work.
Learning Zac's combos with Stretching Strikes is a requirement for best results in chain CC combos. Not knowing skillshot range, tether range, stun vs. pull range can make it very difficult. What I recommend is going into the practice tool and practicing hitting your Stretching Strikes1 and Stretching Strikes2 over and over again. Try to separate the dummies so you can understand the feel for the range. The tether and stun range circle is a good indicator for this; personally, I do not really use it as I have a full feeling of where and when it will work. Always focus on hitting your skillshot Stretching Strikes1 on the farthest target, as it will be much easier to hit your Stretching Strikes2 auto on a closer target. Stretching Strikes1 is a reveal, as the tether will latch onto any champion regardless of whether they are invisible or not. This helps immensely against champs like Qiyana and Teemo. Here is a video of Zac's combos with Stretching Strikes1, Stretching Strikes2, and his other abilities.

sorry for bad video quality ;-;
Regarding camera control, I believe it is essential that you use freecam. Personally, the only time I use lock cam is to recenter on myself. I use freecam 100% of the time and I recommend learning this, as Zac's Elastic Slingshot post level 7 requires you to unlock the camera to use its full range. This is a skill that, if you know, will help you significantly. This ties into macro rather than Zac-related micro.
When casting Zac's abilities, always try to be conservative, as missing one thing can ruin an entire combo. The term I will use to describe this is min-maxing. Min-maxing is when you minimize the mistakes you make and maximize the best outcome. One example of this would be if you are uncertain of hitting a Stretching Strikes skillshot or Elastic Slingshot skillshot; use Stretching Strikes1 on a minion or stationary target so you can 100% hit someone with Stretching Strikes2 CC. Waiting for an enemy to dash or waiting for your teammates to CC so you can guarantee hitting your skillshots can be crucial to winning a fight or not winning a fight. Once you start to autopilot these things, it will be much easier, as you will subconsciously be doing this.
The only ability on Zac that I have on smart cast is his Elastic Slingshot. This will allow you to click around, cancel, or usually decide much easier where your Elastic Slingshot is going to land. This also allows you to start the cast in fountain, buy, and then cast as you won't have to hold your Elastic Slingshot. You can also type in the shop while doing this.

Here are the most common Fog of war ganking locations. Keep in mind this is generalized as wards can give away these locations. Most of the time the enemy will not know these locations will hide Zac in Fog of war before ganking with Elastic Slingshot. Keep in mind Elastic Slingshot range in these locations.
When playing to dive, try to focus on which enemies have Flash and/or Flashless abilities. Make sure you are aware of the enemies' items such as Galeforce, as this can ruin an engage if not careful. Most of the time, you will have to be very patient with this, as if you are building heavy into AP and engage onto the enemy team, you will die very quickly. Try to wait for your teammates to go in first, as this will allow you to kill the enemy easier without getting focused. When engaging with Elastic Slingshot, try to make sure you are casting this from Fog of War, as the enemy will not know where you are coming from. Always be mindful of how you dive, as peeling and diving should be subjective to each game.
Zac midlane is a much stronger version of Zac Jungle. You don't have to worry about getting invaded, and waves come in the same way every time. When playing Zac mid, you should bring standard Conqueror with Second Wind and Revitalize. Against AP matchups, I tend to bring armor and magic resist, allowing me to fight in a wave without losing all my health. My thought process is that you will always take AD damage throughout a game no matter what, whether it be from minions or camps, which is why I bring armor.
Zac is a great midlaner due to his flexibility in building ability points. When laning in mid, focus on getting to level 6 as soon as possible. Zac is unique in that he is able to spread his points into both his Unstable Matter and Elastic Slingshot, depending on the matchup. For waveclear, it's best to build Bami's Cinder first or second back. Core items to build on Zac include Dark Seal, Bami's Cinder, and Ionian Boots of Lucidity. Ionian Boots of Lucidity are great if you need the cooldown reduction on your Elastic Slingshot to roam. Zac has some of the highest roaming potential in the game and has helped me climb to my peak rank. In midseason 12, I was able to climb to 1157LP with Zac mid. I have laned against some of the best midlaners in the world and barely lose games against them, let alone in lane.
Zac support has been a solid pick for some time now. As of 12.23, he can be played as an enchanter too. For runes, you can choose between Guardian, Aftershock, and Glacial Augment. Most of the time, you will be choosing Guardian, as the scaling works very well with Zac. As of now, I would build Radiant Virtue or Evenshroud depending on what the game calls for. When laning as Zac, typically I will wait till level 3 before engaging any fights. I also will start Unstable Matter, as if you start Stretching Strikes and miss, enemies will know when to go in and you won't have any counter. In bot lane, you can use your Stretching Strikes as a poke CC tool or an all-in tool. Do not first pick Zac, as if the enemy support picks a counter to you, it will not be a fun time in the bot lane.
When playing Zac jungle, always analyze what lanes are gankable, what lanes are not gankable, flash timers, and ability timers. This will help you to understand when is the best time to gank and when you should be clearing camps. Additionally, you should always keep track of the enemy jungler's movements and look for opportunities to countergank or invade. Every game, always Stealth Ward top pixel river bush on blue side, and if on red side, always Stealth Ward your raptors. This will give you all the info you need to help prevent getting invaded and also spot the enemy jungler when they are looking to invade you. Always start back at 50 seconds, buy an Oracle Lens in the shop. In 30 seconds, it will be up for your first camp at 1:30. When starting blue on red side, if clearing at the right time, by the time you get to raptors, your Stealth Ward will expire. This allows the perfect timeframe to locate and spot the enemy mid looking to Stealth Ward this. When I say this is crucial, it is CRUCIAL. Messing this up can screw up an entire full clear, and coinflip the game. On blue side, the Stealth Ward in the pixel bush will help you prevent any invades on your Zac. It will also help inform you if you need to vertical jungle, as if you do get invaded, you might have to split map. After the first full clear, you turn into normal Zac. Remember your main goal in Zac jungle is to prevent all invades pre-level 6, but also look for opportunities to countergank and invade the enemy jungler when you have a power spike. If you can do this correctly and get ahead, you can snowball the game in your favor.
When playing Zac jungle, analyze which lanes are gankable, flash and ability timers, and track the enemy jungler's movements. Stealth Ward top pixel river bush on blue side and your raptors on red side for vision. Start back at 50 seconds and buy an Oracle Lens. Look for opportunities to countergank and invade the enemy jungler. Your main goal is to prevent invades pre-level 6, but still look for potential counterganking and invading opportunities.
For Zac jungle, always Max your Elastic Slingshot first as this is your main form of mobility. Never max Unstable Matter in jungle as this might help your clear, it is only good for AFK farming. Typically it will be Elastic Slingshot> Unstable Matter> Stretching Strikes in order.
Zac's passive, Cell Division, grants him 4/5/6/7% of his maximum health each time he hits an enemy with an ability, which can be reabsorbed to restore his health.

Upon taking fatal damage, Zac splits into four chunks that attempt to recombine. If any of these chunks remain after 8, 7, 6, 5, or 4 seconds, he will revive with 10-50% health depending on the health of the surviving chunks. Each chunk has 12% of Zac's maximum health, and 50% of his armor and magic resistance. This ability has a static cooldown and is unaffected by cooldown reduction. The revival speed is increased every four levels.

Zac's passive is his most important part of his kit, not the revive passive but the Cell Division that spawn on the ground. This is going to be your main source of damage and sustain, and you should always try to pick up all the Cell Division you can. Here is a 1v1 midlane between me and Pobelter, watch how I move onto Zac's Cell Division.

Zac's revive passive is near useless, as it only delays death 80% of the time. The only time I see this consistently working is when you tower dive; you can place yourself in a position to tank, jump out, and then die and revive with the passive.
The Blob Cycle is the most crucial part of playing Zac; anything and everything you do revolves around this. Let me explain: the Blob Cycle is when you cycle your Unstable Matter cast on time and correctly. As we already talked about, picking up Zac's blobs takes one second off of Unstable Matter's cooldown. You can have multiple blobs on the ground, so for example, if you have three blobs on the ground and you just cast Unstable Matter, your Unstable Matter is now on a 2-second cooldown. Instead of picking up the three blobs all at once, pick up one, then once you cast your Unstable Matter again you can pick up the rest. You always want to make this cycle as efficient as possible, as picking up blobs while your Unstable Matter is up is wasted cooldown you could be using. This process applies to Zac in every single lane, no matter the items or game state. This is unique to Zac exclusively. If you time this cycle correctly, you can efficiently deal as much damage as possible as Zac. This is very hard to learn, but you don't get punished if you don't do this; however, the enemy can get punished if you do.
Most people do not understand how to fight with Zac. People always expect every play to be perfect, and as this is not a bad assumption, people need to know what Zac does to play with it, so let me explain from an outsider's perspective. When engaging with a Zac, try to set up CC beforehand as this will allow Zac to hit his Elastic Slingshot and Stretching Strikes abilities the easiest. When using chain CC, keep in mind that Zac will almost always use his Stretching Strikes and Elastic Slingshot CC right after each other. Most teamfights, after level 11, Zac will be looking to either oneshot one target or two targets. Zac never wants to be fighting five people at once as he will die very fast if he just goes in. Always pay attention to when Zac charges his Elastic Slingshot as this will be the indication to go in. If Zac cancels his Elastic Slingshot, it will cut the cooldown in half. Always try to burst the target that Zac goes on, as he only has one set of abilities to CC and burst with.
When taking objectives such as dragon or Baron, you will not take them as quickly with only tank items. In Season 12, when Sunfire Aegis was a Mythic, it was possible to proc the Immolate passive onto Baron and Dragon. Now, the fastest way to melt these objectives is to build Demonic Embrace first. Most of the time, you won't have this item until later in the game. I recommend taking dragons/Baron with your teammates as soloing will take a very long time pre-level 11 to take these. Usually, you can solo dragon after level 6, regardless of items. If you are uncertain about taking dragon, do not do it when you are on the Blue side as, if you have no Flash or Elastic Slingshot, you will be stuck in the pit.
When tower diving as Zac, first always focus on who is going to be tanking, as this will determine your ability order when casting. If you are going to be the one tanking and your teammates will kill the enemy, start the dive with Stretching Strikes Q1 on the enemy, Stretching Strikes Q2 on the tower, then you can use your Elastic Slingshot to get out. You can buffer this cast. If you have to engage with your Elastic Slingshot tower diving, make sure that it will hit. Try to wait for your team to cast CC to guarantee that this will hit.
Zac is a good pick into immobile champions, or if you have a team that can provide initial CC so you can guarantee hitting your abilities.
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