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Lux Build Guide by Nafnegle

Support [12.4] ❤ Shine with me! Aynaki Guide

Support [12.4] ❤ Shine with me! Aynaki Guide

Updated on February 16, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nafnegle Build Guide By Nafnegle 11,730 Views 0 Comments
11,730 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Nafnegle Lux Build Guide By Nafnegle Updated on February 16, 2022
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Runes: Dark Harvest Runes - For damage

1 2
Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Spells | Barrier
LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Hello everybody.
In this guide you can find everything you need to main our dear Lux, from runes to how to use the passive or not.

I will start by talking about myself and how I got to this champion. So first, my real name is Jessica and I'm from Portugal and I'm 18 y/o. I created my account in 2016, which is in season six. Which in turn, I didn't understand the game, I remember that I played as Leona, but then League was never very active at that time. My name on the game is Aynaki and here is LuxiiLux (was my name before in league).

In August 2020 or in the dear quarantine, I started to play lol in the support role, with Morgana. I started to understand the game, I started making my own runes , but I had never played with another champion until my first draft where they banned Morgana, and I chose Lux because it was one of the 3 supports I had.

Soooo starting to like her a lot. As time passes and in two months I have 200k points at Lux. Remembering that it's only been a year since I play lol and I already have half a million points on it .

I even made Lux mid and top. But support has always had my heart. I also tried to bring other champions to my list, like Seraphine, Yuumi, Neeko, Leona, Lulu, but none of them fill my heart like Lux.

And seeing so many guides and so much variety of it, I decided to bring mine on this platform.

So from now on, feel free and I hope you like it!

Illumination (P):
Lux's damage abilities charge the target with energy for a few seconds. Lux's next attack ignites energy, dealing bonus magic damage (based on Lux level) to the target and it's quite important to use the passive to poke enemies , but not always for example when we're low on health and we have to take a little risk, in these cases it's best not to give a basic attack.

Light Binding (Q):
Lux shoots a sphere of light that roots and deals damage to up to two enemy units. This skill can also save many times, in practice it's where it's used the most, in combos, or to save the life of someone on our team. Remembering that it is probably one of the most important skills, and we must always take it into account when using it, because the cooldown is also important!

Prismatic Barrier (W):
Lux throws her wand and a light envelops all allies hit, protecting them from enemy damage. This ability can cause the Ignite effect not to hit us, it can cause someone's Liandry's or other item/rune not to "burn" us. I remember several times where the W was very important not only for me but also for my allies.

Lucent Singularity (E):
Lux fires a circular light in an area, slowing nearby enemies. Lux can detonate it to damage enemies in the action area. This skill is the most powerful in my opinion, as it has a very low cooldown and damage is quite a lot, as a Lux main, I can say that this skill has made me kill other champions very easily, and for this immense magic damage, it's what comes the nerf discussion on Lux. This skill is the necessary poke and as we farm better.

Final Spark (R):
After building up energy, Lux fires a beam of light that deals damage to all enemies in the area. Also, activates Lux's passive ability. A skill that has forced many to use Flash. It's simply Lux's revolt.

Why Luden's?
This item is just perfect for Lux who wants damage, the passive deals so much damage and, well, Lux Q and E procs it as long as you hit your things. When making this item, start with the Lost Chapter for mana sustain. This item is just perfect because it can clear waves in just a second by its passive. And of course, there's that Ability Haste, the Ability Power, Magic Penetration which is VERY important for our Lux as well as the mana that Luden's offers.

Is Void Staff Necessary?
Void Staff is always needed bc it offers Magic Penetration , which is extremely necessary when the enemy forces Magic Resist, it's even better than Rabadon's Deathcap when they force it.

When should I do Morellonomicon?
Morellonomicon must be made to counter the healing of other champions, such as Yuumi's and others heal and Lifesteal of many items that are built throughout the game.

Why Zhonya's Hourglass?
Zhonya's Hourglass should be done in AD matches, especially against champions that counter Lux, like Zed does. Must be started by Seeker's Armguard which gives Ability Power and Armor, it can also be used to stop shots from the turret, the Ignite effect and even save us from other things like attacks throughout the game.

Is Rabadon's Deathcap good for Lux?
Rabadon's Deathcap is a powerful item and capable of giving our Lux immense power. With this item is what allows Lux to give everyone one shot! It's important in your build, if it's full Ability Power.

Why is Horizon Focus a option?
Horizon Focus is a option bc is a good item for Lux, this item offers Ability Power and Ability Haste which is good for her.




















I prefer to use form number two, as I think it's more practical and easier to use AA after Final Spark, and then blow up Lucent Singularity. If you're using the runes I mention, Dark Harvest, it's going to be the damage of all abilities, plus the Illumination and Dark Harvest stack.


If you are playing mid, remember that you have to play behind everyone , a Lux mid is strong, and you must be having a good game. Obviously there are games and games, you don't always win and you don't always lose. But Lux, regardless of the lane it is in, must play behind everyone , ALWAYS!

But in mid, as I mentioned, Lux has an obligation in a team-fight to kill someone, more than one if that's the case. Lux is strong and can help all lanes as long as they protect her. Always with zhonyas and barrier.

Try to have a good farm, this is 10cs/min . An acceptable farm would be 7cs/min , a positive score would be ideal and more than 500 AP in late game would also be ideal.
Try to help doing dragons and shield the jungler when he is close, this will help you to have more ganks and successively win the lane.

Don't forget to use the passive ( Illumination) and if the game is going bad for you, stay away and roam.


If you're playing Support , remember that you have to protect your ADC, either with the Prismatic Barrier, or use the Light Binding. Don't steal the farm, try to freeze the wave for when he recalls. Lux isn't very supportive, but she manages.

Lux is great at role support , but if she gets some kills instead of ADC, she carries up the lane.

The most important are the wards, try to ward and always use Oracle's Lens wherever you go, roam, help with drakes and some jungle buffs.

Try to have at least more than 70 wards.





And this was my guide, I hope you loved it from the bottom of your heart. It took me three days but it is not complete of course.

I hope my guide has inspired you and I really hope you win a lot with my build and if you have any questions or even want to leave a message you know where the comments box is.

Soooo goodbye and below you have more guides of mine!!

Thanks for reading it! If you can rate it!

Jess <3

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