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Bel'Veth Build Guide by Zoose

Jungle [13.1] BEL'VETH Ultimate Guide - Jungle, Mid + Top

Jungle [13.1] BEL'VETH Ultimate Guide - Jungle, Mid + Top

Updated on January 10, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zoose Build Guide By Zoose 13 2 51,670 Views 4 Comments
13 2 51,670 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Zoose Bel'Veth Build Guide By Zoose Updated on January 10, 2023
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1 2
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5 6 7
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Mosstomper Smite

Mosstomper Smite

Champion Build Guide

[13.1] BEL'VETH Ultimate Guide - Jungle, Mid + Top

By Zoose

Hey guys, ZOOSE here. I started mid Season 3 and steadily climbed every season, playing mostly Mid, ADC and Support. I reached CHALLENGER in Season 8 and have reached MASTER TIER at minimum every season since. I enjoy climbing as it's always a challenge, but what I'm most passionate about is playing a range of Champions and Roles. Favorite champs on that journey were Ahri, Azir, Malzahar, Swain, Talon, Lucian, Miss Fortune, Jinx, Nami, Brand, Sona, Zoe, and so many more. So many unqiue playstyles. I love the variety League Champions provide, which is why I'm motivated to create guides on mulitple champions, testing all the best builds, pushing the limits of each champ, and then creating guides, whether it's here on Mobafire, or Ultimate Guides on Youtube.

Starting from the bottom, which was BRONZE 5 back then (equivalent to IRON 4 today), has given me all the experience I need, to know what it's like in EVERY Elo. I'm not always playing in higher elo games (MASTER TIER+). When I'm playing a weaker role or champion, I find out what it's like in different ranks. Which is why I try to create guides that anyone can follow. Completely new to League? Perfect. My guide covers all the basics and helps you understand some more advanced terms. Maybe you're DIAMOND or even higher, but you're trying a different champion or role? No problem! Skip through the abilities and go straight to the stuff you need RIGHT NOW, like Tips & Tricks, Combos and Gameplay.

I'm always willing to listen to feedback, so feel free to ask any questions about this guide, or let me know about ways to improve these guides in general.
Watch the Full Guide on Youtube, with plenty of gameplay examples from ranked matches.

Let's go over Bel'Veth's abilities real quick, then I'll show you some tips & tricks you can use right away. Just before we start, Bel'Veth doesn't need energy or mana to use abilities.

Death in Lavender (Passive): Her Passive, Death in Lavender, has 2 parts. The first part, increases her attack speed after using an ability. Each ability counts as 2 stacks, and she can hold onto 6 stacks in total, which is displayed under her Health bar. Each basic attack consumes 1 stack. She is also ghosted during this time, which means she can move through units like minions and champions.

The second part permanently stacks attack speed, anytime she takes down a large monster, like jungle camps, champions, OR epic monsters, like Dragon and Baron . And just recently changed, she can also gain stacks from cannon minions and super minions. The takedown must be within 3 seconds, which includes kills AND assists. Jungle camps offer 1 stack of Lavender, while Champions and Epic monsters count as 2. Her Attack speed cap is increased to 10, however, basic attacks and their effects are reduced. Just to put this into perspective, almost all champs attack speed is capped at 2.5, so Belveth has 4 times that.

This passive increases her potential to scale infinitely, making her a late game threat.
Because she needs large monsters to scale, Bel'Veth is best played as a jungler.
You don't need to take the monster kill to gain a stack. So if you want to give a Blue Buff to your teammate, make sure you damage the monster camp within 3 seconds, and then let them last hit. You'll get the stack, they'll get the blue.
After testing a little, she needs around 200 stacks at lv 18 to reach 6 attack speed, so any more than that is quite unrealistic.
Epic monsters, like Dragon 's, Baron 's and Rift Herald will provide 2 stacks for the takedown, and another stack for picking up the coral, so 3 in total.

Void Surge (W): Her Q, Void Surge, allows Bel'Veth to dash a fixed distance in 4 different directions, dealing AD damage to enemies she passes through. The dash applies on-hit and spell effects to the first enemy hit, but with reduced effectiveness. She has a cooldown for each direction she moves that, which is displayed next to your health bar.

This ability deals more damage to jungle camps, making her efficient at jungling.
You cannot dash through walls, UNTIL you have activated her ultimate, which I'll cover soon.
This ability resets her AA, which means you can get 2 AA's out quickly with a AA > Q > AA combo.
Although it seems like you can only go in 4 directions, you can almost move in the same direction twice, which makes it effective to catch enemies and escape. Try to imagine an invisible X and Y axis. As long as you need to dash close to the X and Y axis, you can essentially move in that direction twice.
The speed of the dash increases everytime you level it, which is important for later stages of the game.
It's an amazing mobility tool, making sure to time it, so you can dodge enemy skillshots.
This ability makes it easy to stack her passive bar to 6 after 3 dashes. When clearing, try not to use abilities when you have 5 or 6 bars, as you'll be wasting stacks.
The dash will only apply on-hit effects, like Red Buff , to the first enemy hit, not multiple enemies.
We'll be using her next ability to help up close even more distance.

Above and Below (Q): Her W, Above and Below, deals AP damage, knocks up and slows all enemies in an area. Hitting a Champion resets your Q Void Surge cooldown in that direction.

This will increase your chance to chase any fleeing enemies with the extra Q Void Surge.
This is amazing in teamfights, if you land it on multiple enemies.
Even though it deals AP damage, it does scale with AD.
The slow increases every time you level it.
If you hit 2 or more enemies with W Above and Below, there's a chance you refresh Q Void Surge in 2 different directions. This is more luck than aim, but its handy to know it exists.
Even though W Above and Below doesn't have the longest range, you can still use it to check brushes or fog of war. It makes a different sound if it hits an enemy. Also, if you've already used Q Void Surge in that direction AND it resets after using W Above and Below, there's an enemy in the brush or fog of war.

Royal Maelstrom (E): Her E, Royal Maelstrom, attacks the lowest HP enemy, % wise, 6 or more times in 1.5 seconds. The number of attacks increase with attack speed, and deals more based on missing HP. During this time, Belveth gains damage reduction and life steal, but cannot move. You can recast E to cancel it.

Although it's an amazing clean up ability that aims for low hp enemies, it's also the best way to survive and stay alive because of the insane lifesteal and damage reduction you gain. IT can be interrupted by enemy hard CC, so time it after they've used their CC abilities, in order to get the full duration. It even triggers runes like Conqueror and Lethal Tempo, leading to some insane clutch survivability and gaining stacks really fast.
It will prioritise the lowest hp enemy, even minions, so avoid using this while there are low hp minions around if you want to damage a champion.
It will attack enemies in fog of war, brushes and invisible targets. It will reveal the direction with the tiny spike animation, pointing towards the hidden or invisible enemy.
Use it to reduce damage whenever you need to tank a tower shot, then quickly Q Void Surge to cancel it and dash away. You can tank upto 2 shots if timed well.
It's great at baiting enemies under your tower, as enemies will try to finish you off, only to have all their damage reduced.
Even though enemies cancel your E's damage with some Hard CC, the damage reduction part will still be activated.
Here is a list of summoner spells you can use while performing this ability. The one most useful is Smite. Flash will cancel it.

Endless Banquet (R): And finally, her Ultimate, Endless Banquet, has a few parts. The first part is a passive that applies a mark when Bel'veth aa's a target, dealing true damage every 2nd attack. The stacks increase infinitely against the same target, as long as it's within 5 seconds and refreshes after every attack.
We can use this Mark around enemies, to expose champions who can use clones. After you have marked the real champion, their clone won't have the mark, which means the marked champion is the real one.

The 2nd part of the passive creates a Void Coral which spawn in place of the dead target for 15 seconds, anytime Belveth is part of a kill or assist against an enemy champion or epic monster.

Now comes the game changing part. Bel'Veth dashes to the void coral and consumes it. Nearby enemies are slowed and then dealt true damage after it explodes. She also consumes any other void corals nearby and gains a stack of Lavender per void coral consumed. Bel'Veth is now in her true form for 60 seconds. The timer is displayed under her health bar in purple.

Just for clarity, you need to press R Endless Banquet on the Void coral, just clicking it won't activate it.
During this dash and explosion, you aren't immune to damage so be careful if you have to take the coral under an enemy tower or next to multiple enemy threats.
You'll also want to avoid taking some Corals, if it gives another enemy time to get away. IF there is a low hp enemy, just finish them off instead of taking a Coral further away.
You can use this Dash to pick up corals over walls, however, the dash distance isn't that long, so only thinner walls where enemies have died nearby.
The coral lasts 15 seconds, so there's no need to rush to take it, especially if you're doing something important. Just remember to come back and pick it up, and you'll basically have True Form for a longer time in total, compared to if you were to just pick it up.
Dashing through walls can increase the range of Q Void Surge, which means she can dash over very thick walls, even if the indicator doesn't reach. Here's a few thick walls you can dash over. The best rule of thumb with this Q Void Surge dash to note, is if you can Flash over the wall, you can dash over it.

If she has consumed an Enhanced Void Coral from Baron or Rift Herald , she will now gain true form for 180 seconds, and, get ready for this, she will now spawn Void Remora for deaths of nearby enemy and ally lane minions. These deal slightly more damage than the minions it replaces, but have less hp. They will behave like normal lane minions, attacking anything in their path.

These minions can be enhanced with Baron buffs, making it great to siege and push in the enemy base. Remember to fight around these minions so they can help deal damage to enemy champions.
It will open up opportunities to go for a split push anytime you have these buffs, even a late game back door.
Btw, during this Enhanced True Form, if you pick up any corals before it ends, you will refresh this form for another minute. This means you can spawn Void Remora for much longer than 3 minutes.
For clarity, if there are 2 corals nearby and 1 one of them is the enhanced true form, you will gain the Enhanced True form even if you pick up the other coral, so don't worry if you're not sure which one is the better coral.


> > >

Her Q Void Surge is her bread and butter and should be leveled and maxed first. It's going to be your main way to clear camps, trade, gap close and escape. It even increases in speed everytime you level it. Your E Royal Maelstrom should be maxed 2nd for the increased stats and reduced cooldown, although the damage reduction does not change. Finally, max W Above and Below, as it will be used mostly for knockup utility which is always .75 seconds, but it does have some AD scaling. Max your Ultimate Endless Banquet whenever you can, which is at lv 6, 11 and 16.

You'll almost always want to level Q Void Surge first, since it's best for taking camps and even invades, where you can catch and escape. W Above and Below could also be useful for invades, if you have enough damage on your team.
There are 2 major runes taken, both from the Precision Tree.
  • With all her Attack speed bonuses, Bel'Veth has an easy time stacking this very quickly. It even stacks during your E Royal Maelstrom, which means you are guaranteed to get the full 12 stacks in 1.5 seconds.
  • This Major rune scales incredibly well and you'll have a solid late game. The extra range bonus feels quite good on Bel'Veth as you'll attack enemies slightly further away. With a full duration E Royal Maelstrom, will reach 6 stacks of Lethal Tempo, and it will stack even faster as you gain more attack speed.
  • There is some viability in this rune, since Bel'Veth can quickly proc it and even teammates damage will be increased, but the previous 2 runes are more optimal.


Conqueror & Lethal Tempo minor rune choices are clear cut, and not much variety.
As for minor runes from Precision, you'll want to take Triumph for some extra healing after takedowns and some extra gold.
Legend: Alacrity is perfect to compliment her with more attack speed, with champion and monster kills. Legend: Tenacity can be viable against heavy CC teams. Even Legend: Bloodline can work, and you might want to take this if you don't plan on buying any other lifesteal items. She does already have plenty of lifesteal from E, so she doesn't need to rely on bloodline for healing.
Finally, any of the last minor runes can be viable. Against squishy teams, Coup de Grace works great and you'll start shreding anything below 40% HP. Cut Down is perfect for tanky teamcomps stacking HP. And Last Stand synergies very well with her playstyle, as she's pretty squishy, without her ult, and you'll find on pretty low HP quite often, before you use your E.


As for 2nd pages, there's a few options worth considering.

For a great utility option, go with Inspiration. Magical Footwear is very efficient, considering you can skip on boots early with the amount of mobility you have on Q, and potential to unlock boots even faster than the 12 minute mark with takedowns. Cosmic Insight provides some great Spell and Item haste, and you'll make great use of this throughout the entire game, especially with your Smite spell and items like Immortal Shieldbow and/or Blade of the Ruined King.

If you're looking for an aggressive page, pick Domination. Take Sudden Impact for Lethality, which will be activated every single time you use your Q or Ultimate Dash. And if you want to focus on roaming, take Relentless Hunter for extra out of combat movement speed. Treasure Hunter can be viable against team comps you can aim to kill early, usually enemies who are easy to gank.

Although Bel'Veth gains tanky stats from her True Form Ultimate, if you're looking for a more defensive page, pick Resolve. Take Bone Plating to tank enemy combos and reduce their damage. Revitalize works really well with her E and you'll have some great healing, however, Unflinching seems to be more consistent, as tenacity really helps Bel'Veth stay active in fights and output damage through AA's. Conditioning is another rune worth taking if you need some defensive stats. If you want to farm most of early game, then you'll have the extra stats after 12 minutes.


You'll want to pick up Attack Speed Attack Speed shard first, then Adaptive Adaptive shard as your second. The third shard is situational, so pick up Armor Shield against an AD jungler, or AD lane threats, and MR Tenacity and Slow Resist for AP junglers or AP lane threats. Armor Shield is best in most cases anyway, since you'll also be using it to tank damage from jungle camps.
SMITE: As a jungler, you'll always have to take this, as it's necessary to clear and take objectives.
CHALLENGING SMITE: You'll specifically want to pick up Emberknife first, which means you'll have Challenging Smite after smiting 5 camps. The dueling benefits this provides is important, as enemies will do reduced damage and you'll burn them overtime with true damage.
CHILLING SMITE: This is viable if you really need to stick to extra slippery champs with the slow it provides. However, we can always make up for it with our items and the next summoner spell we choose.
FLASH: Best against squisher and more mobile champs. You'll also have the increased chance to Flash defensively out of tight situations or having to dodge certain skillshots. Flash or Ghost? Both offer ways to get in fights or escape, however, depending on certain enemies and teamcomps, they should be taken for different reasons.
GHOST: This becomes the ideal option to kite and chase champions over longer distance, usually tankier champs without that much mobility. Bel'Veth's fighting style means she has to output damage overtime while moving, so this will be essential against champs who take longer to kill. Very few enemies can get away from Bel'Veth with Ghost in her true form. You can use Ghost a few seconds early to get to a fight faster. It resets after a takedown making it great to snowball fights.
IGNITE: The spell to increase your kill potential early and throughout the game with true damage. The healing reduction will be necessary against some matchups, like Vladimir and Sylas, if you want any chance of killing them.
TELEPORT: a safer spell in lanes you'll be heavily pushed or poked. With a guaranteed way to get to lane fast without falling behind on gold and experience. Also becomes a great way to join your team after 14 minutes with Unleashed Teleport.
EXHAUST: Definitely worth taking against high burst threats, negating most of their damage for 3 seconds.
BARRIER: A bit more niche against long range champs you can't Exhaust, but also great for baits under your towers. Counters Ignite.
CLEANSE: Heavy CC comps? Might need this.
Starting Items

Emberknife + Refillable Potion. Because of her dueling playstyle, you'll want to start with Emberknife, so you can activate Challenging Smite after 5 smites. This extra damage will burn while Belveth is fighting, providing extra true damage and reducing the enemies damage.

Components & Early Item Mention

One of the main components you'll want to purchase that leads into your mythic.

If you haven't got enough to finish Noonquiver, pick this up for a nice AD powerspike, only if you're going Kraken Slayer.

Vampiric Scepter
For some bonus lifesteal and AD that builds into your Immortal Shieldbow or Blade of the Ruined King.

Boots of Speed
Great for a quick 300 purchase, however, this won't be an option if you've picked up the Magical Footwear rune.

Mythic Choices

Kraken Slayer
Since it deal's true damage on every 3rd attack, Kraken Slayer synergises well with Bel'Veth's kit, helping her shred through anything in range. Our attack speed passive, allows us to get so many true damage attacks. Even your E Royal Maelstrom can activate the true damage multiple times. You'll want this in most cases, considering teamcomps usually have atleast 1-2 tanks, and you'll want the true damage to shred through any armor items. AS long as you can consistently output damage, this is the best option. Finally, the mythic passive will provide attack speed per legendary item you finish, which is perfect for Bel'veth.

Immortal Shieldbow
This is a safer option, and it's mostly to counter any threats that have a good chance of bursting you, even through your E Royal Maelstrom's reduced damage. This means it's best against squishier teamcomps, as you won't need to rely on the true damage that Kraken Slayer provide. The lifesteal is great for sustain, however, you can always go with Kraken Slayer and pick up legendary items later on. If you're going with Immortal Shieldbow, consider if you need anymore lifesteal from the legendary items.

Frostfire Gauntlet
Although rarely taken, this has potential to be viable, especially if you're team needs a tank against multiple threats. Obviously you'll be lacking in damage compared to the two previous Mythics, but you'll have much more survivability. Bel'Veth scales in damage with her passive and ultimate, so over extended fights, you'll have plenty of damage. Rarely recommended but might be gamechanging if your team has no tanks.

Legendary Options

Legendary items depend mostly on the enemy team comp and how they are building.
Let's quickly cover some scenarios and then solutions.

Blade of the Ruined King
Once again, relying on Bel'Veth's amazing attack speed, we can pick up this item to help shred anything in her way, dealing % HP damage. IT provides a useful movement speed passive after 3 AA's, helping Bel'Veth chase and kite enemies while dealing damage. While they're slowed, use it to hit W easier or have them stay longer in your E Royal Maelstrom. The sustain is another bonus worth considering, especially if you've taken Kraken Slayer. You can build this before you're Mythic if you're aiming to duel tankier opponents.

Death's Dance
Usually bought as a third item, it provides Bel'Veth with some much needed defenisive bonuses, helping her get in the middle of a few enemies, and take a large portion of the damage she's received overtime. With her potential to snowball fights after a takedown, she'll then restore any damage taken and be able to finish off and clean up any enemies left. This is most effective against mostly AD threats.

Wit's End
When it comes to mostly AP threats, you'll want to consider Wit's End instead of Death's Dance, for the MR. It provides great offensive stats so you won't fall behind in damage, increasing your on-hit damage.

Guinsoo's Rageblade
Considering we won't be relying on the critical damage from out Mythics, Kraken Slayer and Immortal Shieldbow, we can pick up this item, transferring that critical damage to some extra plain physical damage. Once again, the attack speed from this item help Bel'Veth's damage potential increase even more. Just to note, Guinsoo's Rageblade will NOT apply Kraken Slayer's true damage auto twice.

Another offensive item with great defensive potential with the shield and lifesteal it provides. This will work best in teamcomps where you can consistently put out damage and sustain through those extended fights. Against heavy CC and burst threats, you'll want to go with a defensive option I'll mention soon.

Mortal Reminder
When up against heavy healing comps, you should prioritise a healing reduction item. You could always just finish executioner's calling, and finish this last.

Spirit Visage
A solid defensive option, and Bel'Veth will make great use of the increased healing passive, through her lifesteal items and her E Royal Maelstrom ability. Best against multiple AP threats.

Guardian Angel
This should be purchased either as a last item, or before a very important game-changing fight. You can always pick up Stopwatch first and just finish them item once you've turned it into a Broken Stopwatch.

Boot Options

Plated Steelcaps
Against heavy AD and AA'ing threats, you'll want these boots, and you can even rush them early before you complete your mythic.

Mercury's Treads
The perfect item to counter multiple CC and AP threats. Remember, with enough CC, you'll simply be unable to output optimal damage and lose all potential to carry games, therefore this could be a lifesaver.

Berserker's Greaves
A boot mention that you should rarely consider, seeing as the previous two boots covers 90% of games. If you don't have any real threats and just need to deal more damage, then this extra attack speed will give you the powerspike you need.

Boots of Swiftness
A final boot mention that you should rarely consider, but if slows are your main type of CC threat, these can work, just be aware you'll once again be much squishier compared to the first 2 boot options.
Interactions + Tips

Q Auto Attack Reset

Bel'Veth's Q Void Surge resets her basic attack timer, which means you can AA, use Q Void Surge to reset her Auto, then instantly AA again. Make sure you build up the muscle memory for this as it will ensure you deal optimal damage. You don't want to Cancel your AA with Q Void Surge. The dash speed will increase as you level it, so it will feel smoother as the game goes on.

Q Dash Notes

Your Q Void Surge will do about the same damage as your AA's. Before you finish your Kraken Slayer, you should be relying on damage from Q Void Surge, however, after Kraken Slayer, you should use Q Void Surge more for positioning so you can output damage through AA's. Of course you should always aim to use Q Void Surge through enemies if you can.

Q Next to Walls

Q Void Surge always moves a set distance, however, next to walls, she can cancel the animation and perform an AA quicker. Use walls when you can. In True Form you can only use this on thicker walls, or you'll just dash over.

Combo Damage Mention

In terms of combos, Bel'Veth's damage comes mainly from her AA's and E Royal Maelstrom, so her other abilities should be used more for positioning and setting yourself up, in order to get out as many AA's as possible, utilizing her passive attack speed. However, there's still some combos you can use. Try to be as flexible as possible, since most enemies will move differently and have different abilities you need to dodge.

Pre-6 Combos

Q Trade - Q > AA > Q > AA

Q Void Surge through the enemy for damage or use it to close distance, and instantly follow up with AA. You can repeat this 3 more times against enemies that are fighting you on the spot. This combo gets faster the more points you have in Q Void Surge.

Q Trade w/ Attack Speed - Q > AA > AA > Q > AA > AA

This time, with more attack speed, you want to get in 2 AA's before your next Q Void Surge. Use as many Q AA AA as your enemy allows you to.

Catch Up Combo - Q > Q > W > Q

You want to Q Void Surge twice in the same direction, OR the closests towards the fleeing enemy. You'll then look to land W, which will knock them up, slow them and reset your Q Void Surge, for another Q Void Surge dash. This combo closes an insane amount of distance with 3 Q Void Surge dashes, so it's best used to chase low hp enemies. It's even more effective once your Ultimate is active, and you can then use your Q Void Surge dash's through walls. Btw, you can even use this as a test combo. After dashing in, If W Above and Below lands, continue forward, if it misses, just Q dash back once or twice to safety.

Quick Combo Trade - Q > AA > Q > AA > W > AA > E

We'll be using Q AA trade twice, then W AA. With the enemy knocked up and slowed, you can then use E Royal Maelstrom so they stay within your E range longer. You'll be using your E Royal Maelstrom ability last because it does more damage the lower HP enemies have. You can then either get away with Q Void Surge, or keep AA'ing the enemy with all the passive stacks you have.

Quick Safe Poke - Q > W > E > Q

You'll be using the first Q Void Surge to get in W Above and Below range, then use E Royal Maelstrom instantly. Enemies will be knocked up and slowed, so they may take the full duration of E Royal Maelstrom. Use Q Void Surge to then get away safely.

Flash Combos

Q Flash

You can Q Void Surge then Flash and it will damage enemies you Flash on to. Use it to extend the range of Q Void Surge, making sure to Flash right at the end of the animation. If you do it too early, you won't really extend the range. However, the long cooldown of Flash makes this combo only useful in very clutch situations. Still, it's important to know it exists. It's also important to note that you can cancel the damage of Q by flashing during the animation.

W Flash

Use this to catch enemies further away, using flash to gap close. W and then flash does not extend the range.

Flash W - On multiple enemies

We mentioned you could reset more than 1 Q stack by landing W Above and Below on 2 enemies in different directions. It's even possible to reset all 4 Q Void Surge's with a W Above and Below Flash on multiple enemies all around you. This is incredibly rare to execute during a real game, but interesting to note.

Flash E Cancel

You can cancel E Royal Maelstrom at anytime with Flash. Not very useful, but it's important to know it exists.

Stopwatch Mention

Q/W/E/R > Stopwatch

Because there's a chance you'll be purchasing Guardian Angel, there's a good chance you'll have Stopwatch available to use. Apart from it being a great item to survive and bait enemies, there's a few interactions to note.

Q Void Surge > Stopwatch - You'll keep travelling and damage enemies while in the safety of stopwatch.

W Above and Below > Stopwatch - You'll send out your W, knocking up and damaging enemies while in the safety of stopwatch.

E Royal Maelstrom > Stopwatch - Stopwatch will cancel your E. You almost never want to use this since E is your main ability to survive and reduce damage. However, using it right at the end of the E animation, when enemies think they can kill you, is very effective.

R Endless Banquet > Stopwatch - Stopwatch will cancel your R dash and you won't pick up your Coral. You also won't be able to use stopwatch during the animation and explosion.

Unique Interactions

+1.80 Attack Speed

She changes her attack animation to a more stabbing motion. This feels a lot smoother, but isn't important to know.

E Cancel

We mentioned you could cancel E Royal Maelstrom by pressing it again after 0.75 seconds, which is after half of its duration. You can actually cancel it faster with Q, W or even R, instantly. However, since E Royal Maelstrom is such an important ability, you'll rarely want to cancel it, but again, important to know it exists.

Very High Attack Speed

After about 3.5 to 4 Attack speed, you should just click an enemy and forget trying to click and move. It's extremely fast for most players, especially after 5 attack speed, to keep up and properly kite, so just let belveth's insane attack speed to the job. Just use Q Void Surge to catch up and stay within AA range. If you try to attack move at this insane speed, you will lose damage.

Tower Taking Combo

Use your abilities to charge up your bar for faster AA's, helping you take towers faster. Use the Q Void Surge against walls technique to cancel the dash animation and get out AA's even faster. In True Form, you'll just dash through the tower, but you'll have higher attack speed anyway from your Ultimate Endless Banquet passive stats. Use your W and E to take surroundings minions, while AA'ing the tower.
Efficient Clearing Tips for Abilities

P Death in Lavender - As mentioned earlier, you won't want to use abilities with 5 or more bars, otherwise you'll lose some passive stacks.

Q Void Surge - Use it through as many enemies as possible. You always want to take this first for clearing. Position yourself while kiting the camps, so you can Q through camps. During the early game, you'll want to Q > AA then Q > AA again. With more attack speed, *maybe above 1.80* or if you finish Kraken Slayer or Shieldbow, you can then Q > AA > AA.

W Above and Below - Use it on as many enemies as possible. Time the knockup to cancel AA from monsters. Put a point in W at level 3. You can even use the W slow to kite camps if you want to take less damage.

E Royal Maelstrom - Great to tank 1 or 2 hits and heal yourself up. This is best taken at level 2 for faster clearing speeds and better sustain.

R Endless Banquet - Once you've taken true form, use Q through walls to get to camps faster.

Quick Camp Tips

Raptors - You don't need to AA the small raptors, if you Q through all them 4 times.
Murk Wolf - You don't need to AA the small wolves, as W and Q will kill them.
Krugs - You can leave all the smallest krugs at the end and save W, then kill all them as your kiting. You can also Q through them, but you'll need the correct direction to path efficiently.
Red Buff , Blue Buff & Gromp Camps - Just use all tips as mentioned, and make sure to path to the next camp as you're killing it.
Rift Herald - Save at least 1 Q to quickly dash behind Herald as soon as they open their eye behind them for the burst of damage.
Baron - Try to get another melee champ, preferably a tank, to take the baron aggro, as the debuff will make you do a lot less damage. However, in solo q, not everyone knows this, so you may end up tanking it anyway.
Rift Herald / Dragon / Baron Mention - Go for Game-changing smite steals in True Form. Use your Q dash over the walls to try and smite steal these camps when you can, and then dash back over to safety.
Rift Scuttler - Use W first to remove the shield and then use other abilities and AA's. Use Smite first to break the shield if W is on cooldown and you're in a rush, but be careful if the enemy jungler is nearby.

Jungle Paths

Bel'Veth is able to clear her first camps without the need of a leash, no matter which side of the map or jungle camp you start. This can allow both your top and bot lanes to have priority early, and it might confuse enemies, as they won't be too sure to which side you started, leading to more pressure early on.

I'll go over 3 example clears. They don't require leashes, and should be practiced a few times for efficient timing. However, if your laners insist on helping, that will increase your clear speed. You can choose your path based on which jungle your up against and what lane you plan to gank or hover around first. If you're unsure, just pick the most comfortable pathing. These 3 clears can be done on either side of the map, whether you start at the bottom of the map (Blue side), or the Top (Red side).

This is the fastest full clear to lv 4. The first Q direction should be used in the East West direction, aka Bottom Right. This will be important so you can use it first when you have to take both Gromp and Blue Buff at the same time. Your first smite should be used on Gromp from a distance, so it comes to you. If this is too hard for now, just do them individually, but you'll have to take 1 less camp before Scuttle. Then you want to level E 2nd after killing the blue buff and use instantly to get some health back and finish off gromp. Continue the pathing using tips as mentioned before. Remember to path towards your next camp just as the camp your taking is getting close to dieing. Try let the burn from your jungle item finish it off. If you fall behind in your clear or just want to prioritise scuttle first before the enemy jungler, go to scuttle before you take krugs, and smite the scuttle if you have to.

Getting a leash at Red will be faster, but again, it's not necessary. You can Take W at lv 2 here and use it on the smallest krugs, clearing 4-6 in one go. You'll want to take Blue and Gromp at the same time, but only after you have chunked blue to about a third of its HP. It might seem like you get close to dieing here, but the HP you gain from Gromp will keep you healthy and you'll now be lv 4. Again, If you fall behind in your clear or just want to prioritise scuttle first before the enemy jungler, just go to scuttle before you take Gromp.

A 3rd Clear worth mentioning. Similar to the Reb Buff start clear, however, you'll be starting with Raptors, Krugs, then Red Buff. This is about the same speed, but this time your raptors will respawn quicker so it's best if you intend to clear even more camps after your first rotation and you'll have the Red buff activated a little longer. This is usually fine to do when you expect a quiet game early with little jungle pressure and scaling lanes.
Just start with Raptors, using Q through all the raptors, doing this 4 times. No need to AA the small raptors as mentioned earlier. Then move on to Krugs. The final smallest krugs can be done as your taking your Red buff, as they'll move towards you and can be finished with a single Q.

Even though these are great clears to practice for the mechanics, in a real game, anything can happen, so adapting is always best. If you get invaded, you need a back up plan, whether it's to fight, ping for assistance or invade the enemies jungle. If you see a chance to pick up 2 easy kills in the bot lane at lv 2, then just go prioritise the kills. Perhaps you want to gank early and even invade. Always Adapt!

Guarding Early

Get ward trinket first, then place it early, around 1 minute mark, in the river, whichever side you think you might be counter jungled. So if I'm playing on Red Side, starting blue buff, I'll place it on the top side river dot brush, because I'm predicting a lee sin will try to fight me at my red. Then return to base and swap it out for Sweepers Lens. You should get to your camp just in time for the spawn.

At lv 1, with your Q, you can go pretty deep to ward the enemy jungle, so you can see which side they start. Use your 2 Q's to back out if enemies try to collapse on you.

Gank Strategy

Always Q dash in to close distance, then go for W so you can have another Q to dash even closer, otherwise, you're potentially wasting a free Q.
In True Form, enter from areas you can dash over. This will surprise enemies and you'll avoid pathing over the main warded areas.'

Quick last tip. If you kill the dragon or enemy champion while you're level 5 and then level up, it won't drop a coral.
Look for invades if your team is ready. You have plenty of mobility and damage with Q Void Surge or if your team has enough damage, use W Above and Below for CC.

If you have a threatening jungle matchups, like Lee Sin or Graves, try to Stealth Ward the opposite side you start with your trinket ward, and place it around 0:55. Then recall and pick up Sweeping Lens. This ward will let you know if the enemy is planning to invade, in which case you can either ping your team to help, or head towards the enemies other side of the jungle.

Your main goal in early game is to focus on clearing and stacking your Death in Lavender Passive. Practice a few jungle paths for efficient clearing.

After a full clear, look to fight for Rift Scuttler if you have even or dominating lanes, otherwise, recall and head to the opposite Rift Scuttler .

Ganking isn't Bel'Veth's strength, especially without your True Form, but it's still very solid if you can land your W Above and Below knockup. If you have lanes with CC, then you'll increase your chance of getting a kill or at least burning some summoner spells. Look more for counter ganks and even invade the enemy jungle when you see them on the opposite side of the map.

Again, you'll always want to focus on taking camps unless there's no more camps to take and lanes are easily ganked, for example, enemies are pushed in and they have no summoner spells. Look to pick up any experience and gold from lane minions when your laner has died.

In skirmishes, it's a good idea to tank most of the aggro using your E Royal Maelstrom. You can mitigate plenty of damage and have your laner output damage safely. You also have multiple dashes to stall, dodge and escape, so you can bait way more than most champs early game.

After 6, you should prioritise Dragon 's for their buffs, but also as a way to get your True Form. You can solo most Dragon 's if you need to, with the small exception with the Cloud Drake , in which you should always start a full health.

Finally, always keep an eye out for Rift Herald , as you can now have a chance to pick up your Enhanced Void Coral Bonus True Form. When you pick up this bonus form, look for lanes that you can gank. Even if you don't kill the enemy, try to force them to back at low HP, so you can then use the Herald to push and pick up tower platings. Your void coral will also help push. Enemies will struggle to clear this alone.

Mid Game is when Bel'Veth really starts to come online. After completing your Mythic plus one or two legendary items, you'll start to shred enemies who 1v1 you. A good aim is to have around 50 stacks around 15-20mins, but that can depend on a few factors. You should still continue farming at this stage, however, objectives like Baron and Dragon 's are top priority, so prepare for skirmishes and teamfights around these areas.

You have great potential to steal objectives with True Form over walls by Q Void Surge dashing in, then using W E Smite. Remember you can use Smite during E Royal Maelstrom. Then try to dash back over the wall to safety.

Look to Siege if you have Rift Herald or Baron buff. Utilise your Void Remora's when you can. You have great dive potential, especially with your E Royal Maelstrom to tank tower shots and Q Void Surge to dash away.

Since she has great mobility, especially with her True Form, look to make picks and catch enemies, dashing through walls and landing W Above and Below on vulnerable targets.

IF you're ahead, take over the enemy jungle and start taking their camps. You'll be denying them gold and exp to come back, while stacking your passive.

If you're team isn't doing well in teamfights, you should attempt to split push. Your mobility means you can escape most enemies, yet you can always stand your ground and look to duel anyone who comes to stop you. In some cases, you can even 1v2 or more, especially with a large minion wave stacked. You'll take towers extremely fast at this stage with your attack speed. However, as a jungler, make sure to split side the closest to the Baron , unless it's already been taken, as you don't want enemies to get it for free. Same case if there's a soul dragon or Elder Dragon to contest.

If you've fallen behind, farming Super Minions will help stack your passive Death in Lavender, so it's extremely important to never give up with a scaling champ like Bel'Veth. As long as you prolong the game, you'll increase your chance to make it to late game.

Late Game is Bel'Veth's "True" time to shine and dominate. You'll shred through any tank and pop any squishy. A good aim is to have over 100 stacks. With good itemization, you'll deal plenty of damage but have 1 or 2 defensive options to survive any threats. You'll play mostly the same as mid game, however, you'll be grouped up a lot more.

Sieging is very important if you have Baron buff. Look to dive, especially if you have a Stopwatch or Guardian Angel completed. You'll be hard to kill even under towers with your E Royal Maelstrom.

Never stop farming w/ Bel'Veth. Look to take camps as much as you can, and you'll take them extremely fast at this stage. Look for cannon and super minions to clear as well.

Objectives like Elder Dragon and Baron are your main priorities. Your team will depend on you to Smite them. You don't exactly have the best smite burst combo, but AA Q Smite is a smooth combo to deal a quick chunk of damage. These areas are where most of the teamfights will happen, so approach them carefully. I'll go over strategies and tips for teamfights right after this.

Btw, with 3 items, you can solo the Baron on your own, anytime you have the chance and enemies have their guard down. Your E Royal Maelstrom should keep you healthy and your AA's, as long as you have lifesteal from items like Blade of the Ruined King.

Split Push could be your only ticket to a win if teamfighting just isn't going your way. With your insane attack speed and duel potential, force a split push and go for a late game backdoor to win the game, or even force enemies to come and deal with you, so hopefully your team can pick up objectives of their own.

You can still look to make picks with your team, using Q > W, especially over walls with your True Form.

Adapting to the enemy teamcomp is important when Teamfighting with Bel'Veth. She does plenty of damage through AA's and E Royal Maelstrom, however, it's all single target damage. Therefore, positioning is incredibly important, not only for your damage output, but for survivability, considering you will be prioritising damage focused items early on.

It also depends on whether you have Endless Banquet True Form. In Order to snowball fights, you either need to have true form already, or burst down a target to get a coral ready. Without True form, you'll be squishier and have less damage, therefore, it's essential that you play it a lot safer and wait for your time to dash in. Look for any assists so you can then dash to a coral and enter your True Form. Although it's usually hard to set up, take your Coral whenever enemies are bunched up for the AOE damage and slow.

Aim to attack the close enemies first. You'll be effective at shredding tanks with 2-3 items, so just play it calmy, attacking any tanks that get close to your ranged carries.

You have a great survivablity tool with E Royal Maelstrom, anytime you get low and focused. By reducing damage and lifestealing, you can soak up plenty of pressure from enemies, while allowing your team to safely output damage.

You have decent engage potential. Use your Q > W combo to see if you land a W Above and Below, especially on multiple enemies, which can then help other teammates land their abilities. Just Q Void Surge Dash back if you miss it. In fact, you should try to constantly dash in and out to bait important enemy abilities, which can then give your team a good opportunity to engage.

Don't be afraid to sneak behind enemies and try to kill their backline if you see an opportunity. You aren't exactly a pure assassin, but you have the damage, mobility and enough CC to do the job.

Bel'Veth does well cleaning up fights. Once one or two champs are dead, this is your time to start chasing and picking up corals. Chase enemies over walls with your Q > W > Q combo.

+ 1. Strong Dueling
+ 2. Insane Scaling
+ 3. Decent Mobility
+ 4. Flexible Builds
+ 5. Split Push + Seige

1. With plenty of attack speed from her passive, spammable Q Void Surge ability that provides dashes and damage, and insane damage reduction and heal from her E Royal Maelstrom, she's got everything it takes to pop any squishies that get too close and shred any tanks stay in her AA range.
2. Her passive and True Form will allow her to dominate the later stages of the game, reaching an insane 10 Attack Speed Cap, 4 times most champions attack speed.
3. With 4 dashes from Q Void Surge, and a dash from her Ultimate Endless Banquet, she can chase, escape and dodge. This is especially true when she's in her True Form, where she can now Q Void Surge dash through terrain like walls and towers.
4. Depending on how the game is unfolding, you can pick and choose what items your want to prioritise. IS their an AD threat who is fed? Pick up some armor items mentioned in builds. Are you snowballing and able to kill everything in sight? Pick up some of the high damage options mentioned.
5. With insane attack speed at later stages of the game, and a unique ultimate passive which creates void Remora's to create your own army of minions, you will shred through towers and inhibs if you aren't delt with. Anytime enemies have their guards down, go for that late game back door.

- 1. Weak Early
- 2. Squishy w/o Ult
- 3. Lacks Reliable CC
- 4. Mobile Champs
- 5. Relies on Stacks + Takedowns

1. Since she needs stacks and her true form ultimate to reach her powerspike, she'll be lackluster until she reaches this stage of the game, usually the end of early game and the start of mid game, where there'll be more opportunities to pick up a Dragon or Rift Herald .
2. Her ultimate Endless Banquet offers tanky stats so she can afford building damage early on. This means she'll be quite vulnerable until she either picks up a void coral from a takedown, or purchases tanky legendaries later on.
3. Her W Above and Below is her main form of CC, as well as the slow from her Ultimate explosion. Both of these a telegraphed and easy to dodge. This makes positioning and knowing your limits extremely important.
4. Not only will mobile champs be difficult to AA since they rarely stay in one place, smobile champs will have an easy time dodging your W knock up and getting out of your E Royal Maelstrom range.
5. Her scaling is insane if she's able to keep up with stacks from monsters and champions. Falling behind after invades or even having a team that lacks pressure in lane, means you'll have a hard time dominating in fights, until you're able to get that first Void Coral and reach your True Form.

Quick Solutions to Weaknesses

1. As a jungler, a safe start to protect your jungle is to Stealth Ward the opposite side you start on with the trinket ward at :55 and then recall. Then pick up Sweeping Lens. You'll now have 1 side of the jungle covered if there's an invade. If you're confident your laners are strong and will help you join the fight, ping them and try to collapse on the enemy jungler. Otherwise, look to take the enemies jungle camps on the opposite side. You'll stay even in farm this way.

2. If you're struggling to get kills to pick up True Form, you should always look to take either Rift Herald , Baron or Dragon . Even if the enemy jungler is taking Rift Herald , pick up the Dragon . With True Form, your fighting, clearing and gank potential is so much better. IF you're struggling against a certain champ, check the Builds section for items that provide tanky stats.

3. Usually getting closer with Q Void Surge makes landing W Above and Below much easier. If you're ganking a teammate with CC, you can wait for them to land theirs first, even if it’s a slow, then follow up with W Above and Below. Red Buff and Blade of the Ruined King are great as well, using their slow first, then aiming W Above and Below.

4. You're quite mobile yourself in True Form, so a good rule of thumb, is to only duel mobile enemies if you have True Form, otherwise, it may be too hard to get close and you'll get kited easily. You'll have to play a lot more reactionary, waiting for enemies to use their abilities first, instead of engaging yourself. Patience is key.

5. Obviously farming as much as you can is the main solution to stay relevant. However, takedowns offer just as many, if not more stacks to gain from champions. Aim to gank lanes with the greatest CC or Damage threats on your team. You'll have to rely on yourself sometimes. Look to Solo Dragon 's and Rift Herald 's after lv 6, if the chance arises.
Most tips from this guide can be applied to Mid and Top lane, but let's cover some specific tips.

Unless her passive changes dramatically, she'll always be most efficient as a jungler because of her insane potential to increase attack speed with jungle camps. However, she is definitely viable in Top or Mid, if played carefully, since we're able to gain a few Death in Lavender stacks from Large Minions, which include Cannon and Super Minions.
In terms of builds, you can pick from the Conqueror and Lethal Tempo, using any of the items and runes mentioned. You could perhaps rush Blade of the Ruined King, picking pick a Vampiric Scepter early for the sustain in provides.
Just like most melee champions, trades and avoiding to much damage from poke, especially mid, are essential to make sure you have a solid laning phase.
Her Q Void Surge mobility and E Royal Maelstrom sustain makes her surprisingly effective in Top and Mid. The only drawback is against long poke champs, especially who can peel you off. You'll have to rely on your dodging skills with Q Void Surge to avoid taking too much damage.
Teleport becomes a safer choice for laning, as you can recover and purchase items to help with tougher laning phases. It will become essential to split push, especially after 14 minutes with the Unleashed Teleport, where you can join your team anytime your sidelaning or split pushing.
Use Q Void Surge to dodge enemy skillshots. This ability makes you so slippery, which means you're very hard to gank, as long as you have a few Q Void Surge dashes ready. Use it to dodge and go aggressive when you can. You'll be even more agile when you have your True Form, using it over walls around the river and alcove.
W Above and Below should be used to trade with the Q > W > Q combo, and then use another Q Void Surge to back off to safety.
W Above and Below is your best ability to set up for your jungler. A good strategy, is to have your wave pushed in and try to freeze just outside your tower. Not only will this make it easier for your jungler to gank, it will allow you to go for longer trades because you have more distance to chase them down. You'll struggle killing or even chunking enemies if they're always under their tower.
Use E Royal Maelstrom for harder trades, and its best used at the end of your combos for the increase of damage the lower HP they have. But if you're ever going to take a bunch of unavoidable damage, for example Syndra's Ultimate, use E Royal Maelstrom simply for the damage reduction.
E Royal Maelstrom is also great to set up for your jungler because of its amazing baiting potential, making enemies believe they almost have you killed, only for you to then survive and have your jungler come in.
She has decent roam potential, with solid ganks. You can usually use 1 or 2 Q Void Surge's early while travelling to a lane, and it will usually be back up once you arrive to that lane. With True Form, the out of combat speed bonus makes roaming even more efficient.
IF you've killed your laner or they've roamed, then you can usually follow their roams, or, you can push in your waves and start taking towers. With attack speed from her passive, she can take towers very fast. This is amplified when you have your Enhanced True form, as you'll now shred all towers with Void Remora, your AA's AND Herald as well. This will be almost impossible to defend with a single enemy, so they'll usually have their jungler come too.
Look to farm enemy jungle camps or even scuttle crabs when its free. Skirmishes with your jungle are great, using tips already mentioned in teamfights, like dodging abilities with your Q Void Surge and soaking enemies damage with your E Royal Maelstrom's damage reduction. You can take some of your junglers camps, like the raptors, but it's best to either ask, or take it when you risk losing the camp to the enemy jungler.
I'm currently working on making guides of all the Champs I've played over the years. Appreciate the time you've taken to read upto this point and please leave any feedback. If the guide has helped you or you've simply enjoyed it, consider giving it a like or just a quick comment to let me know! Good luck in your ranked games and see you in the next guide! For all video guides w/ gameplay examples, check out my Youtube.
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