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Kindred Build Guide by Amberdragon

ADC [13.11] Amberdragon's Guide to Kindred ADC

ADC [13.11] Amberdragon's Guide to Kindred ADC

Updated on June 1, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Amberdragon Build Guide By Amberdragon 69 5 173,835 Views 4 Comments
69 5 173,835 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Amberdragon Kindred Build Guide By Amberdragon Updated on June 1, 2023
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Runes: Mythic+Collector build

1 2 3 4
Press the Attack
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Sudden Impact
Treasure Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4
Surprise I'm unkillable
LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[13.11] Amberdragon's Guide to Kindred ADC

By Amberdragon

I am an ADC main in the BR server, who mains Xayah and Kai'Sa. I also play Jinx, Aphelios, Sivir, Miss Fortune, Ashe, Zeri and Samira.

Occasionally I play Kindred ADC and I have a lot of fun with it! Kindred was my first main (in the jungle), I got to mastery 5 in my first year of LoL, stopped playing her because I became an ADC main, and after a year and a half (more or less) I started playing her again as a botlane marksmen and got to Mastery 7 with her (playing only bot lane!).

Kindred is definately an off meta pick and not an ADC you should pick up in any matchup, but she is really strong against squishy bot lanes especially, and she does really well with supports that can keep her alive and set her up for her shenanigans.

The goal of this guide is NOT to teach you all there is about Kindred.

This guide is more directed to players who are already a bit familiar with her and wanting to play her bot lane. I put a section explaining all her abilities but the focus of this content is more to help you navigate Kindred in bot lane rather than teach you how to play her optimally.


Ability Rundown

Mark of the Kindred

Both Lamb and Wolf mark targets to hunt. Lamb marks an enemy champion for death (this mark activates after an 8 second delay), while Wolf periodically marks monsters in the enemy jungle. All champions can see which targets are marked.

After 40 seconds of having no active jungle mark, Wolf marks an enemy jungle monster for 3 minutes.

Wolf marks jungle monsters based on Kindred's current stacks:

0 Marks: Rift Scuttler
1-3 Marks: Rift Scuttler, Crimson Raptor, Gromp
4-7 Marks: Red Brambleback, Blue Sentinel, Ancient Krug, Greater Murk Wolf
8+ Marks: Rift Herald, Baron Nashor, Elemental Drakes, Elder Dragon

If Kindred kills a marked target or assists in their death, they gain a mark. Kindred's basic attacks and Mounting Dread gain 75 range at 4 stacks, plus 25 range every 3 stacks thereafter. Stacks also amplify Kindred's basic abilities:

Q - Dance of Arrows: Bonus attack speed increased by an additional 5% per stack.
W - Wolf's Frenzy: Current health damage increased by an additional 0.5% per stack.
E - Mounting Dread: Missing health damage increased by an additional 0.5% per stack.

Targets successfully hunted cannot be targeted again for 240 seconds. Lamb can also change her target after 90 seconds if the target hasn't died in that time.

Dance of Arrows

Cooldown: 8
Cost: 35
Range: 340

Lamb dashes in the target direction, gaining 25% (+5% per Mark) bonus attack speed for 4 seconds and fires up to three homing arrows on arrival upon the three nearest targets, dealing 60 / 85 / 110 / 135 / 160 (+0.75 per bonus attack damage) physical damage to each of the targets she hits.

Casting Wolf's Frenzy or dashing inside of Wolf's territory will reduce the cooldown of Dance of Arrows to 4 / 3.5 / 3 / 2.5 / 2 seconds.

Wolf's Frenzy

Cooldown: 18 / 17 / 16 / 15 / 14
Cost: 40
Range: 500

Passive: Kindred gains stacks of Hunter's Vigor from moving and attacking. When charged, she will heal for up to 49-100 (at levels 1-18) based on her missing health %.

Wolf claims an area centered on the target location as his territory for the next 8.5 seconds, separating from Lamb. Wolf attacks enemies within the area (800 unit radius) autonomously, prioritizing Lamb's attack target, ignores unit collision and ignores terrain collision.

Wolf's basic attacks deal 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 (+0.2 per bonus AD) (+1.5% (+1% per Mark) of target's current health) magic damage and scale with 25% of Kindred's bonus attack speed. Wolf deals 50% bonus damage against monsters.

Wolf's Frenzy ends immediately if Lamb leaves the area.

Mounting Dread

Cooldown: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10
Cost: 50
Range: 500

Lamb cripples the target unit, slowing them by 50% for 1 second and applying Dread for 4 seconds. Lamb's next two attacks mounts the Dread and refreshes the duration.

On the third attack, Lamb signals Wolf to pounce on the target, dealing 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 (+0.8 per bonus AD) (+ 8% (+0.5% per Mark) of target's missing health) bonus physical damage. Percentage damage is capped at 300 vs. monsters.

Jaws of Death: Wolf's' pounce critically strikes targets below 15% health for 50% (+0.5% × bonus critical damage) bonus damage. Threshold increased by 0.5% health per 1% critical strike chance (up to 65% health at 100% crit chance).

Lamb's Respite

Cooldown: 180 / 150 / 120
Cost: 100
Range: 500

Lamb blesses the ground under herself for 4 seconds, creating an area in which no living things, ally or enemy, can die. Upon reaching 10% of their maximum health, units become immune to further damage or healing. When the blessing ends, all living things inside the area heal for 250 / 325 / 400.

Pros & Cons


+Never Picked/Banned in low elo
+Great scaling
+High damage
+Melts objectives
+Works with many supports
+Can Terrorize other lanes and jungle
+High mobility and self peel
+Game-changing ultimate


-Hard to play well
-Very low auto range
-Vulnerable to CC
-Vulnerable to burst
-Feast or Famine tendencies
-Many bad matchups
-Lacks AoE damage
-Other ADCs can do your job better if you are behind

People associate infinitely scaling champions with late game strength, and while that can partially apply to Kindred that's not exactly how it goes for her. The truth is that getting marks is hard and if you don't get fed it is unlikely you will go past 6 marks.

Kindred is actually a snowballer. If you get a lead early you roll so fast no one can catch up to you. If you don't you will have to rely on trying to get marks and farming to get strong, and that is much harder when you are behind. Don't pick up Kindred thinking that you have to play passive and scale because that's not really extracting the full potential of the champion.

In bot lane Kindred has many bad matchups so you will need to play her well and have good support synergy. The good news is that it is easy to get a lead if you meet these two requirements and play off your strengths in trades and following up jungler ganks. If you can play with your jungler to impact the map and make picks you will win more often!

Overall the best rune for Kindred, really easy to use and goes well with your early game playstyle. It's a rune for short burst trades and it increases your damage after the first three autos, which sets you up for better damage on Mounting Dread. Versatile and okay to always take if you are new to Kindred.

Conqueror is a rune you see often for Kindred but it is harder to use if you don't know what you are doing with her. Conqueror gives you increasing AD and scales really well into the late game, much better than Press the Attack, but you have to get used to Kindred's trading pattern with Conqueror. It's also a rune for longer trades rather than short trades.

Niche keystone, only good if you will be autoing the enemy a lot. Good for extended trades vs short trades, better late game rather than early game. What this rune can help you with is compensating for your lack of range a bit, it works really well if you are running the enemy down or kiting a lot.

Fleet can be picked if you feel like you are going to get bullied in lane and will need the extra sustain. The movement speed is also nice but when it comes to synergy with Kindred the other runes are still better.

This rune is great if you have a support that wants to have short burst trades like Pyke and it works on Kindred if you are looking into that same trade pattern. Overall Press the Attack is still the best for the same purposes but this rune can still be used. One nice tech you have with Hail of blades is insta-stacking Mounting Dread, say your Pyke support landed his full combo on the enemy ADC you can Q into range and stack your E to execute the enemy.

Presence of Mind is good for lane Kindred because she is very mana hungry. You have a smaller mana pool because Kindred is a jungler and junglers get free mana sustain. Presence of mind is great for clutch moments where you got a kill and you need your Dance of Arrows or Lamb's Respite to survive.

However, Triumph is honestly the best for Kindred because it synergize with her playstyle better. To take this you have to either be very careful about your mana usage or you need to get Essence Reaver (preferebly as your 1st item).

Take Legend: Bloodline for sustain if you are building Galeforce or Kraken Slayer. You will not build lifesteal in most of your games (because games often end around your IE spike), so Bloodline will be very valuable to you if you don't have Immortal Shieldbow.

Legend: Alacrity is great for Kindred because it means you can focus more on building damage and scaling for the late game. It's the ideal rune if you are going to build Immortal Shieldbow because you will not have AS items other than Berserker's Greaves until late game. It can work with Galeforce as well but it is riskier because you get no sustain, and if you get Kraken Slayer it's not worth it because you will reach the AS cap very soon and it will make this rune worthless.

Go Cut Down against beefy teams, Coup de Grace against squishies. If enemy has engage support in lane you always want to take Cut Down because these supports are tanky. If enemy has a lot of damage, if you are going to get poked or if you like playing risky Last Stand is the way to go, it has amazing synergy with Kindred especially when you are low health during Lamb's Respite.

I always take Sudden Impact for the burst of lethality you get, if you have The Collector it just adds up to that. Taste of Blood is technically useble but I would only take it if I see I will get poked a lot, for most of my games I just go for Sudden Impact.

Eyeball Collection is the best option among its peers. Ghost Poro can be taken too but it takes longer to stack, and Zombie Ward is usually bad because your support will usually be the one to take down wards. If you are playing more like an assassin and decide to get Oracle Lens then you can take Zombie Ward.

Kindred can actually use all runes in this section very well. I usually go for Ingenious Hunter to pair it with Immortal Shieldbow, Essence Reaver or Galeforce.

Treasure Hunter is your snowball rune and you take it when you think you can get fed in lane; and if you have lane prio especially with this rune I advice you to get around the map to get marks on mid/jungler and get the bounties along the way.

Ultimate Hunter is amazing if you need survivability from Lamb's Respite, because of its power it has a really long cooldown. However the reason why I don't usually take this is because if I really need survivability I plan to get it from Immortal Shieldbow or Galeforce, which makes Ingenious Hunter the best choice for runes.

Relentless Hunter is not that great for ADC Kindred, at least when compared to jungler Kindred. I only take this if I know I will be winning lane/getting prio and I plan on roaming with the jungler and support to impact the map, the thought process here is similar to Treasure Hunter and comapring the two I believe Relentless Hunter is riskier and with less guarantee of snowball.

Resolve runes are usually the way to go if you want more survivability. Bone Plating is what I go when the enemy relies on combos to kill, as is the case for Lucian and Lux for example. Bone plating will soak up good damage.

Second Wind is good vs poke lanes, it helps you heal some more after getting hit. Must have vs Caitlyn, Ezreal and poke supports for example.

Conditioning is for when you just want to scale and have some tankiness. It goes well with Immortal Shieldbow + Revitalize.

Revitalize is the other best rune you can get in the resolve tree. It will increase your shield and healing, thus it works really well with Immortal Shieldbow, Triumph, Second Wind, Fleet Footwork and peel supports like Lulu.

Overgrowth doesn't really make sense for you. Unflinching can work if you are going to get mercury's treads and if it is really bad you can also take Legend: Tenacity but most of the time if enemy has CC you are better off going Cleanse.

I take inspiration sometimes when I expect to have bad laning and I need the gold efficiency to get my items. Free boots means you have to spend minus 300 gold. If enemy has engage support then I advise you to take Cosmic Insight instead and get early boots to help you avoid engage.

Take Biscuit Delivery for more lane sustain. It will help you with mana, trading and poke champions. I usually prefer the resolve tree for rough laning but inspiration works fine too, you have more control over it at the cost of having to be more careful to not get chunked by the enemy.

You can take Cosmic Insight if you don't want Magical Footwear. It gives you ability haste on your summoners and on any items that have cooldown, so it is nice to pair it with Galeforce, Immortal Shieldbow and Essence Reaver as well.

Among the other options in this sections is the most useful Nullifying Orb if against heavy burst magical damage, especially in lane. Manaflow Band is not good because it is very hard to stack.

Celerity is nice if you are going to get items that will give you movement speed, like Galeforce, Phantom Dancer, Wit's End or Blade of the Ruined King. It will help your kiting a chasing a bit.

You can also take Transcendence if you want more ability haste (good for Kindred) and you are not going to build for speed.

Take Gathering Storm for late game scaling. Kindred scales really well so you can take this as a bit of a guarantee, but since she is also a snowballer I actually prefer to take runes from other trees to help with your durability or snowabll. Damage is usually not an issue, but if you are fully playing for late game this and the sorcery tree in general can work. It's just not the best. The sorcery tree as a whole doesn't offer much to Kindred ADC.



Immortal Shielbow is my favorite mythic for Kindred ADC. It is beginner-friendly, you get more playmaking potential and you get your damage from snowballing and natural scaling, unlike most ADCs. Shieldbow makes it so you can use your R more sparingly and if you pair it with Barrier you become even harder to kill. And as you get more items you also become tankier. Most enemies will not see that coming! the best second items for Shieldbow in my opinion are The Collector and Essence Reaver.

Galeforce adds to your mobility and burst, especially when paired with Mounting Dread and The Collector. If you are a confident Kindred player you can take Galeforce for its playmaking potential and survivability from mobility rather than tankiness. The dash and the movement speed makes you both more slippery and more sticky. I like to take Galeforce into squishy champions I know I can kill in a burst combo and against high range champions (to gap close). The best second items for Galeforce in my opinion are The Collector, Stormrazor and Rapid Firecannon.

Kraken Slayer is your full damage focus, hypercarry item on Kindred. Always good as a standard however it does mean you have to play Kindred better because you will get not survivability or utility from it. It's the ideal mythic if your team needs stronger AD damage and if the enemy is building Armor/HP. The best second items for Kraken Slayer in my opinion are Phantom Dancer, Essence Reaver, Stormrazor and Blade of the Ruined King.


Berserker's Greaves is the standard carry boots. They are a must-have if you are running Shieldbow because you will lack AS, and overall, you can always take it if you have Galeforce/Krakenslayer paired with an item that does not give you AS. If you already get AS from your second item then I advice you take defensive boots, unless they are really not needed.

Plated Steelcaps are great on Kindred as they add to your survivability and it works really well against marksmen. Kindred gets a lot of stats from her passive and from levels so Berserker's Greaves are not always mandatory! If you have Kraken Slayer or Galeforce paired with an AS item like Phantom Dancer you really don't need more AS, which makes these boots a great option.

Mercury's Treads are good if the enemy has a lot of AP damage, but the main reason you actually take this item is if the enemy has hard CC. CC is one of Kindred's worse counters because it stops you from kiting/dodging and thus makes you vulnerable. These boots are not much but they can make a difference. I really don't recommend them if you have Immortal Shieldbow though, same rules for taking Plated Steelcaps apply to these boots.

Second Item

Essence Reaver is always good as your standard second item because Kindred uses it very well. Especially in the early game you do a lot of burst damage in your combos, you are always using autos between abilities and you get ability haste, this is why this item is so good. Out of the jungle you have no mana sustain and Essence reaver also helps with that! You can also build it as your first item for the value it provides.

You go The Collector has always been a strong item on Kindred. You are a natural snowballer and to add to that synergy your Mounting Dread helps you proc the Collector's passive. Serrated dirk is a great early game purchase as well. The only downside is that this item does poorly if enemy builds armor and the durability update adds to that as well, which means that you should be opting for Essence Reaver as your second item more often and paying more attention to what the enemy is building.

Phantom Dancer is good if you have Kraken Slayer as your mythic. It gives you good AS and movement speed, but I honestly don't take it that often because it is an item more targeted at extended trades, and early game Kindred usually plays off burst combos. It is still the best Zeal item you can get 2nd for its movement speed.

Rapid Firecannon is a situational second item that you usually want to pair with Galeforce. Early on Kindred has one of the smallest ranges for marksmen in the game, RFC will help you catch up to enemies with higher range than you (like Caitlyn, Ashe, Varus) and it can also help you trade from a safer distance when it is too risky to get close, and all of this works really well when you have Galeforce. If enemy ADC is hard to catch this also helps you. I find that for this item combo Plated Steelcaps is the best boot you can get because it will give you some tankiness while you are getting targeted by the enemy marksman with superior range.

Blade of the Ruined King is a situational 2nd item that you should take if enemy has tanky support and top/jungler. Kindred has always been able to use BotRK well and it is a great legendary in place of Lord Dominik's Regards in the early-mid game for its MS and on-hit. Best paired with Kraken Slayer.

Wit's End is a good situational item that can be taken if enemy has significant AP damage or if you are into mage botlane. The on-hit and MS you get from it are very valuable to you. Best paired with Kraken Slayer.

Stormrazor is not the most gold-efficient item but Kindred uses it well and it is really good if you are snowballing lane. this item is more expensive but it gives you stick potential to run squishies down as well as the utility slow to kite immobile tanks/bruisers. Works with both Galeforce (vs squishies) and Kraken Slayer (vs immobile tanks/bruisers).

Runaan's Hurricane is again very situational for Kindred, usually when you take this as your 2nd is because enemy is constantly teaming up and you need the AoE autos to compensate for your lack of AoE damage in teamfights. This item is more focused on your late game. Works best with Kraken Slayer.

3rd Item?

Infinity Edge is a huge item spike for you. Obviously, if you got Wit's End or Blade of the Ruined King as your 2nd item you should not build IE 3rd, you will not get the full value of IE if you don't have 60% crit chance.

Navori Quickblades is really good on Kindred after the rework because it increases the damage on your abilities and allows you to spam them. If enemy is super tanky I recommend IE, but if not I think Navori is perfect.

Lord Dominik's Regards is your 3rd item only if you had to go Blade of the Ruined King or Wit's End as your 2nd item. If you think you don't need that much anti-tank you can swap this for another damage-focused crit item.

4th-5th item and situationals

Lord Dominik's Regards is always good as your 4th item especially after durability patch in 12.10 because every champion in the game got tankier. LDR is always good if you don't know what to take. It is a must-have if you are against champions building armor/HP.

Bloodthirster will give you an extra layer of defense in the late game, both from the shield and the lifesteal. If enemy has a lot of damage you should build this item to help you stay alive, but prioritize LDR first.

Guardian Angel is great if you are the carry and dying could mean you lose the game. You have to use it well though, considering you have your Lamb's Respite and depending on your build, Immortal Shieldbow and Barrier. It can be a bit overkill. I advise against building this if you have not been managing to keep yourself alive or if you have poor positioning.

If enemy team has heavy AP damage, especially burst AP champions, Maw of Malmortius is your best friend. Pair it with Bloodthirster or Wit's End to have more chance surviving those pesky mages.

Only buy Mercurial Scimitar if enemy has a Mordekaiser, Malzahar or if they have a lot of CC. CC is bad for Kindred.

Stormrazor is okay to puchase late game if enemy has a lot of mobility/stick potential and the other previous items are not better for your situation.
Summoner Spells

Flash is a no-brainer, good for both aggression and protection. You can flash to proc Mounting Dread, flash out of Lamb's Respite before it goes off so that enemies cannot kill you (they usually don't expect that), flash + Dance of Arrows, flash to dodge important abilities (especially CC).

Barrier is my favorite second summoner for Kindred ADC because it makes you deceivingly harder to kill. It is a greedy choice (you give no safety to your support) but it works really well with Kindred because you can bait trades with the enemy and survive. You can use Barrier after Lamb's Respite goes off: you should try to get enemy low enough so that you can kill them while barrier keeps you alive (timing your Mounting Dread almost guarantees kill many times). You can also use it after you lose Immortal Shieldbow passive. Plus it scales much better than Heal.

Heal is a decent summoner, it's good if you and your support will be trading a lot and in case you have an engage support it gives them a bit of safety (though you also have Lamb's Respite for that). If you don't want to take Barrier and you cannot Exhaust enemy easily/effectively (like if you are against Ezreal, Caitlyn) then Heal is a good summoner. It doesn't scale well into the late game though, which is one of the reasons I prefer Barrier.

Cleanse is good for Kindred because CC often equals to death. You need your mobility and to be able to use abilities you can't be stunned. You also can't chase if you are CC'ed. Using your Dance of Arrows right will often help you dodge CC but when it is kind of unavoidable Cleanse can save you. It is also good to remove Ignite and Exhaust.

Exhaust is a must-have against assassins and high burst/DPS ADCs like Twitch, Vayne, Tristana and Lucian. Assassins can build Serpent's Fang so Barrier runs the risk of being less effective, Exhaust will give you more chances to survive. After an assassin uses their combo and fails they need to back off and you can chase them.

Ignite is something I have seen some people use. I personally don't take it, I prefer the safety from the other summoners, but if you are into a very aggresive/snowbally lane with your support you can take ignite to guaranntee kills. However, your snowbally supports will usually take Ignite too so it's better to go for defensive summoners to be honest. Can work with aggressive enchanters like Renata Glasc and Nami though!
How to play Kindred in Bot lane
Before playing Kindred botlane I highly suggest you become familiar with Kindred's kit as a whole and read her skills thoroughly because they will be really important. Kindred is a mechanically challenging champion!

In the bot lane, you want to play around opportunities and good trades. Kindred has a deceivingly high damage early on when compared to other marksmen in the bot lane because she was desined to be a jungler... Early trades against a Kindred usually go in her favor, unless you are against one of the ADCS listed under the Extreme/High Threat list like Draven, Lucian, Tristana and Caitlyn. If after a trade the enemy gets picked off by a Thresh hook or a Nami bubble, that's almost always a guaranteed kill for you.

Plus, if the enemy had a good trade but they lack sustain, Kindred can soon recover with her W passive - when she moves she gains stacks, and at a 100 stacks she heals the next attack she deals. So if you keep moving and autoing minions you will regain health, and with a support like Nami trades will more quickly turn in your favor.

But remember that Kindred is still fairly squishy and vulnerable to CC, she suffers against strong laners and especially poke lanes until she starts scaling. Because of that she works best with supports that can provide her with some sort of peel, while also setting her up for kills. Thresh, Taric, Rell and Rakan can pick off enemies and peel for you, Lulu, Zilean, Renata Glasc and Nami trade really well in lane and can keep you alive for a long time, while also allowing picks every now and then. Those are the ideal supports for Kindred in my humble opinion.


To win trades in lane you ideally want to be avoiding important enemy abilities - like a Thresh hook or a Sivir Q - with your Q, autoting the enemy inside your W zone (so that Wolf targets them), and fully stacking your E. With a strong support you can even score an early kill. You should also use your Q and W to stick to targets and chase them.

Because Kindred is so good at chasing and that is a core way she gets kills, supports that speed you up or slow enemies down synergize really well with her. I found that many people will trade and not expect the damage Kindred does. When they do, they run away often too late and you can catch up to them.

Kindred is really good at trades so I like playing her aggressively. However, if you are not very familiar with her yet you can get away with farming and playing more safe - yet remember, you need to fight to get your marks. Playing passively the whole game will not work out.

Mid-Late game

Kindred is a snowballer. When she gets a lead she is really strong, so whenever you get a lead in bot lane (especially marks) you want to keep playing aggressive and chunking the enemy laner until you get tower and start terrorizing the rest of the map. Roam mid, go top, get picks on lonely squishy targets, bully the enemy jungler. You kind of start playing as a jungler instead of an ADC.

This is also why I favor Shieldbow over Galeforce. Kindred can be crazy and go for risky plays with her ult, when your ult is down you can still have your shieldbow to back you up. As long as you don't go too deep you can get out.

As a Kindred adc you do still have to keep farming and play relatively safe, but you can play more aggressive then other marksmen if you are ahead, so do it. In the mid game you can act as a bit of an assassin if you play your cards right.

But if you are behind you want to just keep farming as best as you can and you will have to rotate with your team to get your marks. Basically, when you see your marked target in a good position to die, you can join your team. If you die it might still be worth it. Otherwise, keep farming and getting your items.

In the late game you want to play the usual backline carry. I advise you to not go for assassinations as often as you would in the mid game because the stakes are higher and the enemy could be just around the corner to protect their teammates.
Getting your Passive Marks
When it comes to your passive marks, it is actually pretty simple. You mark the enemy you think is the easiest to kill in lane (that's usually the melee support) and ask your support to focus on them. SOMETIMES it is worth to die and get the kill, but be very careful. Early on it is more likely you will get a Flash or Heal rather than a kill, so don't kill yourself for a mark unnecessarily. If you think you are going to die anyway, then focus on your mark.

After getting your marks on the enemy bot lane your next mark should be on the enemy jungler, and by the time you get that (if ever) the bot lane should be ready to get marked again.

If you have lane prio you and your support can roam with your jungler to get mark on Scuttle and Gromp. You don't need to take the camps, just giving an assist is enough for you to get your mark.

Kindred marks have tiers, they are not random. You can predict your marks and act accordingly by following the tiers bellow:

Tier 1 - you have 0 marks : Mark will always spawn on Scuttle. Which one is random, but after one has been taken down it will always spawn on the one that's alive.

Tier 2 - You have 1-3 marks : mark will spawn on Scuttle, Gromp OR Raptors only, whichever is alive.

Tier 3 - you have 4-7 marks : mark will spawn on Red buff, Blue buff, Krugs OR Wolves only - whichver is alive.

Tier 4 - you have 8+ marks : mark will spawn on Baron, Herald OR Drake only - whichever is alive

As Kindred ADC your main focus will be to get marks on champions as that is the easiest, but as the game goes on and laning phase ends, you should focus on tracking and getting your marks with your jungler, especially if you didn't get any early on. For laning phase, try to push the wave and rotate with your jungler for bot scuttle if your mark spanws there. Remember you don't have to (and shouldn't!) steal your jungler's camp even if it is scuttle.

To get your mark on Raptors, Wolf and Krugs you need to only kill/assist on taking down the biggest monster, the small ones won't count for your mark.
That's all I have for now. Thank you for taking interest in my guide! I hope it was helpful to you (or interesting at the very least).

If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to let me know. I will keep updating this guide and maybe I will keep adding things to it.

Last updated: patch 13.11
Last changes: Updated for current patch. Made changes to build section at the top of the guide with experimental/trending mid-season builds. The "Itemization" section is NOT yet updated.

Planned updates: Keeping the guide updated. I'll fully update the itemization section once I feel the meta is more settled (ie when Riot stops nerfing/buffing ADC items every patch)

Good Luck & Have Fun playing Kindred ADC!

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Amberdragon Kindred Guide
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[13.11] Amberdragon's Guide to Kindred ADC

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