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Sett Build Guide by Dankerino

Top [13.18] Sett Guide for escaping Silver

Top [13.18] Sett Guide for escaping Silver

Updated on September 13, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dankerino Build Guide By Dankerino 10 3 23,422 Views 1 Comments
10 3 23,422 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dankerino Sett Build Guide By Dankerino Updated on September 13, 2023
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Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

[13.18] Sett Guide for escaping Silver

By Dankerino
Hello, I am Dankerino. I will be outlining my tips and tricks about Sett in this document. I'm hard stuck plat so this guide is only for those people who are hard stuck bronze, silver and gold. If you played 800 games and still can't climb out of your silver after reading this, then I'm sorry. Go play some other game, league of legos is not for you.

I don't talk specifically about Sett Top, but I have included his top matchups as well.
Should you play sett?
He's buff af and has a bigger dӀсК than you do. Why should you not play him?
Hail of Blades
Hail of Blades should generally not be used against your typical tank top laner. Hail of Blades does work against Darius, Mordekaiser, or Kennen, but you will only excel in 1v1s and may fall short during team fights if you don't build the right items. I would not suggest taking until you learn how to utilize it fully. For adc top laners ( Lucian, Vayne, etc.), Hail of Blades is super effective as it lets you chunk their health really quickly and easily with the correct build. More on that later.

You can take Hail of Blades against almost anyone in mid lane, given they are not a tank. Exceptions to this would be Cassiopeia, Karma, and Sylas. Generally speaking though, if your laner is quite squishy, then Hail of Blades is a great option.

When in doubt, just choose Conqueror. It is the safest option out of all the possible runes imo. With champs like Yasuo/ Yone, Viego, Irelia, Vladimir, or just champs with a lot of healing late game, you can choose between or . Hail of Blades would be good against these champs early game as it gets you easy kills but falls off late game during team fights; whereas Conqueror would serve you better in late game as it provides more sustain.

Lethal Tempo
Lethal Tempo is ok. I’m currently testing it, so I don’t have a strong conclusion. I think it is very strong, but it too falls behind like Hail of Blades does in the late game. Lethal Tempo is like the middle child of the two I have mentioned lmao. If laning against a tank, Conqueror is still better, but Lethal Tempo is a strong option if you’re against a fighter or bruiser.

All in all, picking the proper runes depends on both enemy team comp and personal preference. Pick Hail of Blades if you like to cheese, Conqueror if you want consistent results and Lethal Tempo if you like it more than Conqueror.


Old stuff:
Depending on your matchup, starting items will always be either Doran's Blade or Doran's Shield. Buy Doran's Shield if the enemy is a champ you struggle to lane against or has a lot of poke, buy Doran's Blade if you do well against the enemy laner.

If you are taking Hail of Blades, follow the "Safer HoB Cheese" or "Classic Mid Cheese" build in this guide. Just know that for Hail of Blades:
  • Take ingenious if you are certain you will be building Galeforce (lower CD).
  • Games usually never last until you are full build, so what you build after the 2nd or 3rd is up to you to decide!

The "Safer HoB Cheese" build as the name suggests, is a much safer option than going full lethality/crit. You should be building this most of the time as you will have more sustain during fights while still dishing out tons of damage. The "Classic Mid Cheese" build is a better fit if you are absolutely ****ting on your laner and their entire team has no tanks.

If you are taking Conqueror, follow the first item set build in this guide. MAKE SURE TO RUSH BOTRK FIRST.

For Lethal Tempo, follow the "Lethal Tempo" build in this guide.

You all can read right?
Playing Sett in mid-lane is highly underrated as most people tend to only think of him as a top laner. Mid-matchups are generally pretty squishy, making them much easier to kill than top lane tanks, allowing you to get ahead easily than playing him top. I find that Sett mid provides more utility to the team as he can get ahead easily, allowing him to freely roam top and bot or assist the jungler. It is much easier to pick up free kills and snowball early with these roaming opportunities.
Summoner Spells
I highly highly recommend you take over unless you are playing against Shen (though this may change with the new TP update). I say this because most players use Teleport only to get back to lane and very rarely use Teleport properly to aid in a fight. Either their Teleport gets cancelled because they cast it right in front of the enemy, or Teleport too late or too early. Unless you are playing with five friends with comms, bringing Teleport is quite bad as provides you with the advantage of winning 1v1s, in turn letting you get ahead easily.

Some things
Things to know about Sett in no particular order:

  • Your R makes you unstoppable, meaning if you pressed R before you get CC’d, your still goes through.
  • If you pressed R on Ezreal as he tries to E , your would still grab him :D
  • To hit a full grit punch, E enemies in, then press W .
  • Ulting an enemy near an obstacle ends the animation sooner.
  • You can ult enemies over thin walls
  • Your Q is an auto-reset so use it to your advantage.
  • Try and hit E stuns if there is a wave
  • Don’t waste W when you are low with no grit charge unless you can guarantee a kill.
Basic HoB Cheese combos
6 auto combo: 2AA (to proc ) --> E Facebreaker --> Q Knuckle Down (2AAs) --> 2AAs remaining from
This 6 auto combo does an absurd amount of damage, you can easily kill the enemy level 2 or 3 without them expecting it.

Standard AA combo #1: E Facebreaker --> 2AAs --> Q Knuckle Down (2AAs)
Standard AA combo #2: Q Knuckle Down (MS towards enemy) --> E Facebreaker --> 2 AAs --> 2AAs
You will probably be using both these combos the most. It is the easiest to proc and is effective at dealing a significant amount of damage.

Galeforce combo: Galeforce active into enemy --> E Facebreaker --> 2AAs --> Q Knuckle Down (2AAs)
This will surprise the enemy and almost guarantees a kill or flash :)

Galeforce + Flash: Flash --> Galeforce active --> E Facebreaker --> 2AAs-> Q Knuckle Down (2AAs)
Too far, but want to get closer? Then do this :)

Leave a comment if you would like me to drop a full video guide explaining every combo.

Here are a few clips of Hail of Blades being used. Yes, these are older clips, but it does not take away how powerful is.
Is the Galeforce cheese build even good?
I don't ӺuсКing know, I got out of gold with it though! Your mileage may vary.

Here are some banger clips that showcase the power of this cheese build.
What about regular sett combos???
Both this video and this video do an excellent job at demonstrating the combos you can do with Sett. I would advise against doing the double E range trick from the first video, as it is impractical and almost impossible to pull off in a real game. Not my videos, but they're on youtube so thank the creators for making them!
Some common questions
“Isn’t HoB somewhat similar to LT?”
They’re similar but remember that LT requires build-up, HoB gives you AS burst instantly. This lets you do a faster AA combo. But as I have already mentioned, HoB should be primarily used against squishies. With the instant AS you get with HoB, you will deal much more damage than LT as the enemy will have run away before you hit full stacks on LT.

“How can I properly aim my ult? Most of the time, I just suck so hard that I miss everyone.”
I suck too, don't worry :)
My advice is to flash into a good position, then ult the enemy. This is what I do all the time.
Just some general League of legends stuff
Don't be afraid to trade! You do more damage than you think! The biggest problem with silver/bronze or new players is that they refuse to play aggressively and don't trade enough! As a result, they often end the game with the lowest damage. Simply farming minions won't win you the game!!! Now I am not telling you to just go and int for every kill or give up farming altogether. By playing aggressive, I mean trading with the enemy laner. Sett has a very high health regen; pair that with second wind and Doran's shield, you get health back really quickly. Even if you lose a trade, you quickly gain it back through your fast regen!

Wards, wards, wards!!!! Having a good vision score and map awareness allows you to see when the enemy jungler is ganking. This can not only help you but your teammates as well! Poor vision score is something I struggle with as well, so do your best to improve it yourself!

Learn how to freeze the lane. This can deny both ganks and enemy laner cs and exp, putting you ahead in levels and gold. There are plenty of guides on youtube!

Learn when to and when not to tower dive. This comes naturally as you learn more champs, their abilities, damage, cooldown, etc. If you see the enemy jungler bot and are certain that you have enough damage to kill your laner who has no mana, then just go for it! If their jungler was missing, then you have to consider the risks. It is important to predict dives from the enemy as well, but again, this entire paragraph is about skills you learn as you play the game more.

A common question that's asked is:
“When do I have to be oppressive, and when do I need to calm down and play safe?”
Personally for me, I play oppressively regardless of the champion I play. If I have a good amount of health and the enemy is low and farming under turret, I’m not afraid to stay because if their jungler comes, it's just a free double kill.

You should play safe if:
    You are down two or more levels
    You are down a lot of farm
    Jungler is near the area and you know you can’t 2v1 yet
    The enemy has an entire item over you (2 items vs 1 item)
    If you know you struggle against a specific matchup

I am by no means a good player, I'm just your average hard stuck plat. However, these were the things I focused on to help me escape silver and gold so follow them if you'd like I don't ӺuсКing care lmao.
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