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Yuumi Build Guide by warmfishu

Support [13.1b] Beginners' Guide to Playing and Playing with Yuumi

Support [13.1b] Beginners' Guide to Playing and Playing with Yuumi

Updated on January 25, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author warmfishu Build Guide By warmfishu 315 20 440,210 Views 11 Comments
315 20 440,210 Views 11 Comments
League of Legends Build Guide Author warmfishu Yuumi Build Guide By warmfishu Updated on January 25, 2023
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Runes: Standard

1 2 3 4
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Presence of Mind
Cut Down

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None
Yuumi will be getting a rework at some point in the foreseeable future.
Also, she is quite weak right now, so consider playing Sona for the time being.


🐟 Full list of changes:
Spoiler: Click to view

🐟 Prowling Projectile (Q) base damage decreased from:
50/90/130/170/210/250 to 50/80/110/140/170/200,
empowered Q 60/110/160/210/260/310 to 60/100/140/180/220/260.
🐟 Zoomies (E) healing scaling decreased from +35% AP to +30% AP.
🐟 Bop 'n' Block (Passive) bonus range removed.

If you have any questions after reading this guide, feel free to ask in the comments; I'll do my best to answer.
You can also add me on Discord if you need some clarification, etc. @ Blank#5623

I'm an ADC a Jungle main that often plays support, and, in doing so, I've played a whole lot of Yuumi. I hear all the time that teammates 'don't know how to play with Yuumi'. As it stands, she has quite a bad reputation, and it's my hope that more people will become familiar with Yuumi and thus make more effective use of her.

Much of this guide applies to low ELO (Gold/Plat and below), where I feel it is more needed, though information here has been corroborated with Diamond+ players. The reason this is a 'beginners' guide is because it meant for people who don't play a lot Yuumi, don't take her seriously, teammates of Yuumis, and is generally more geared towards playing in low ELO games. I do enjoy 'Get Challenger in 3 Hours!'-type guides and videos, but realistically you have to play the game a different way to get to that point first.

Also I stream sometimes.

Special thanks to Just Yuu and Mi and the users of r/YuumiMains for inspiration.

Note that I'm including as much information as possible for the sake of comprehensiveness, but the experimental stuff is not how you're normally going to play Yuumi despite whatever cheese meta around her arises (like Luden's Yuumi, which is going to throw your games really hard unless you get mega fed).

Yuumi is a unique and versatile support that can enhance her allies in combat and allow for great teamfighting and picks. Since she is an enchanter, her bread and butter is her ability to heal and provide buffs or debuffs to champions. All of her abilities work to these ends.

She has the lowest base health in the game (500) other than Kled without Skaarl.
She also has the amongst the lowest base movement speed in the game. While some ADCs are slower than her, Yuumi is a special case because, most of the time, she will not build boots. In return, she can attach to allies (thus using their mobility) and become untargetable. She can move between teammates while passing by or during fights, making her in practice very mobile and very fun!

She isn't the most technically challenging champion, but I would not say she is a good champion for beginners. She is heavily team-reliant compared to most. She is very much a late game champ because her early utility, like most enchanters, can be limited in addition to being extremely mana hungry. It is possible to carry on Yuumi, but it is also very possible to be a complete dead weight; which direction you go towards depends on your proactivity. However, she has very good utility, sustain, and even damage if you play her right. Her ult and healing/shielding are invaluable both for picks and teamfights. If your team can survive and you are willing to work, you can surely win.

As a note, I do not recommend new players play a lot of Yuumi. She is very particular in how she plays, so she will very likely hold you back from improving at League as a whole. There are a lot of concepts you tend to not learn if you are only playing Yuumi, and it makes it harder to play the game as anyone else. Most of the difficulty in playing Yuumi is being patient and using good judgement, which comes with learning the game overall. It is better for new players to play another champion in support, like Sona or Lux, when learning the game. Sona in particular is the closest equivalent to Yuumi without undercutting broader concepts like positioning, roaming, etc. A popular secondary for Yuumi players is Lulu, who offers a few more types of utility and is often played in the same team compositions.
🐟 Bop 'n' Block (Passive)
After some seconds, Yuumi's next basic attack on a champion will be empowered with bonus range and become an unstoppable non-projectile. Upon hitting a champion, Yuumi restores mana and gains a shield that will transfer to any ally she attaches to. When her passive is available to proc, the shinylight on her head will glow.

Try to use this whenever available, as the early mana and shielding are invaluable for Yuumi, especially in poke lanes.

🐟 Prowling Projectile (Q)
A missile that deals magic damage upon hitting an enemy. While unattached, the missile will go in a straight line. While attached, the missile can be directed with the cursor anywhere within the ability range, which is about half a screen. If the missile flies for at least 1 second, it will do additional magic damage based on Yuumi's AP and target's current health, and it will slow the target. The missile lasts for 2 seconds before expiring, even if it doesn't hit the range limit. Yuumi can attach to a new anchor while a missile is in flight, giving increased range but not increased flight time.

If the target is in short range, you can curl the missile around to increase flight time and thus increase damage and proc Imperial Mandate if you have it.

This is what you will almost always level first, but wait in case you need Zoomies instead for invades/invading or if your ADC wants to take level 1 trades.

🐟 You and Me!/Change of Plan (W)
You and Me! or Change of Plan is her signature ability that allows her to attach to any allied champion, called the anchor, including bot-controlled champions in special game modes. Yuumi will dash to an ally and remain attached until W is activated again, in which case she can attach to another ally or detach completely. While attached, Yuumi is untargetable except by targeted attacks already in flight and turrets; Yuumi will take turret aggro if an enemy champion is damaged by her while she is under tower. Targeted abilities, like Requiem, will not affect her while attached.

She grants her current anchor bonus adaptive force, and then grants herself bonus adaptive force based on her anchor's stats. Yuumi will start the game with a point in W. She can be affected by crowd control while she is dashing, so you are not safe until the attachment is complete. Any immobilization like stuns, knock-ups, or pulls will reset her W and make her easy pickings, so a large part of using W properly is knowing when to be attached and where to be. Grounding will reset W, but silences will not.

Yuumi will stay attached and be able to use abilities during allied stasis, like when her anchor is using Zhonya's Hourglass or is in Tempered Fate, but she will detach if the anchor is in resurrection, such as using Guardian Angel or Chronoshift. If the anchor uses a mobility spell or teleport ability, like Stand United or Destiny, Yuumi will remain attached and teleport with that ally. She will be forcibly detached if the anchor uses the Teleport summoner spell however. She will also be forcibly detached if the anchor disconnects.

Right after spawning in, she will be removed and her W reset if the player she is attached to touches the fountain barrier. W is not affected by ability haste. Yuumi will go invisible along with her anchor. While attached, Yuumi is unable to perform basic attacks.

You can use W to jump from one ally to another like a springboard since there is no cooldown when doing this. This lets you get farther faster or get to an ally who needs Yuumi's help.

🐟 Zoomies! (E)
Her E is a heal and buff ability. In addition to healing that scales with AP, Yuumi will give her anchor or herself scaling bonus movement speed and attack speed for 3 seconds.

It is good for moving your teammates around quicker or allowing them to auto and secure kills. However, this ability has a very steep mana cost at base + 12% of Yuumi's total mana. For this reason, it is better to use Zoomies! sparingly, especially in the early game, because it's so cost-prohibitive.

🐟 Final Chapter (R)
Her ult is Final Chapter, an AoE attack that deals 7 waves of magic damage in a rectangle. If an enemy is hit by at least 3 waves, they will be rooted for 1.75 seconds.

This ability is excellent for teamfights, especially in tight spaces like the jungle. It can also be used for all-ins to root an enemy in place, allowing your team to finish them off. If you or a teammate are being chased, Final Chapter can be used to root and disengage. It damages minions and monsters as well, so Yuumi's ult can be used to waveclear (though long cooldowns don't recommend this) and steal objectives. You should use this for important picks, not just multikills or teamfights.

Final Chapter can be used as a zoning tool and to cut off enemy escapes. Aiming it at an angle to block choke points can keep enemies from running away before your team can get to them.

While channeling Final Chapter, Yuumi can cast Zoomies and You and Me!, allowing her to heal/buff allies and reposition. Repositioning can be attaching to another ally or detaching completely to position the waves herself.

Your skill order depends on what role you intend to fulfill in a game: For solo queue, I usually end up maxing Q first simply because it helps to add kill pressure, as it does a LOT of damage when empowered. However, playing like a true enchanter, you want to level Q→E→Q then focus on E and maybe W. The two points in Q give you enough kill pressure in early game, but focusing E afterwards starts ramping up your ability to heal. But, as mentioned, don't spam heal or else you will run out of mana very quickly.

More or less, Yuumi has to level these simultaneously, so it doesn't make too much of a difference which you focus on. If you are eschewing Yuumi's damage for utility, you can alternate between leveling Zoomies and You and Me! instead to give allies more adaptive force. Make sure you at least have all of your abilities thoughβ€”it's not an uncommon mistake for Yuumi players to not use Prowling Projectile at all! And, of course, level Final Chapter when possible.
TLDR: Yuumi goes best with champions that have hypercarry potential, such as Kayn, Vayne, or Yone. She can also go well with some assassins, like Talon, or with fighter-bruiser types, like Aatrox or Bel'Veth. She struggles in teams that have more than one other hyperscaling champion (see below) or have poor scaling in comparison to the enemy team because she herself is a scaling champion.
Yuumi is best when the enemy is not an extremely aggressive all-in lane (like Draven- Leona), though she can deal with most enemies through her excellent poke and shielding, assuming you use it. She will be very ineffective if you have to constantly heal your ADC, so keep that in mind. Later, she is good for locking down picks and teamfights and keeping her team alive, even if just barely.

While it always depends on the players themselves, Yuumi is generally going to go best with allies that are highly mobile and can benefit from extra sustain to get in and get out. She also goes well with beefy sustainers like Sett or Nasus. For bot lane specifically, it is best she goes with someone who has a strong early game, like Lucian or Tristana, to make up for her early weakness.

It's very common to assume Ezreal is a good pairing, but both him and Yuumi are weak early. The mobility argument should apply to any ADC with mobility, but you don't see that, so don't fall for it. If you manage to survive or even do well, it is a strong late game duo for sure, but you have to get to late game first. Similarly, a lot of players like to cheese with Twitch and Yuumi, but I highly recommend that players are careful about doing this (or any cheese comp). Remember that kills are not everything.

Other good teams for Yuumi have scaling champions or hypercarries. These include champions like Kayle, Master Yi, Veigar, or Vayne. It is probably not a good idea to pick Yuumi if the team has more than 1 or 2 scaling champions though because Yuumi is also scaling, so having a mostly or entirely scaling team can easily lead to a quick loss.

In short: heavy CC is Yuumi's enemy. Anyone who can easily reset You and Me! poses an immense danger because of Yuumi's low HP and resistances, especially early on. She also must get off sometimes to proc her passive at least for the mana regeneration (assuming you are not playing ridiculously passively), so there is the opportunity for Yuumi to die and leave her teammate(s) without a paddle.

When do I pick Yuumi?

Basically, you want to pick her relative to your carries and the enemy team.
  • If you have a diving ADC, like Kai'Sa, Samira, or Ezreal, it's better if the enemy bot lane is squishy.
  • If you have a CC ADC/APC, like Ashe, Senna, or Swain, it is better if the enemy bot lane is squishy.
  • If you have an ADC with peel, like Caitlyn, Jhin, or Draven, it is good if the enemy support is melee.
  • If you have a gap-closing, high burst ADC, like Tristana, Lucian, or Vayne, most enemy lanes are fine.

These points can also apply to the teams in general. For example, if you have a top lane Irelia (diver) against a Ryze (squishy), you can try to play for late game and help her. Or, if you have a midlane Akali (mobile burst) against a Renekton, you can switch to her as your primary anchor after laning phase.

As I said above, you can really play Yuumi in any composition you want; these are just general pointers on when she is most useful. Ultimately, it depends on individual player skills.
In support, Yuumi most often takes Exhaust and Ignite. Because of You and Me!, she should not need to take Flash since she will most likely be dead if she's caught out anyway. However, with her normal build paths, I would recommend that Yuumi actually takes Heal instead of both Exhaust and Ignite. See below.

Yuumi can take Heal while her bot lane partner takes Ignite, Exhaust or another summoner spell. This is useful when Yuumi builds Moonstone Renewer or Shurelya's Battlesong because of the increased benefit either through stronger healing (with Moonstone) or granting additional movement speed (with Shurelya's). It also allows her lane partner to take another spell, like Cleanse or Barrier. Exhaust allows her ADC to take reduced damage from an enemy champion. Ignite increases the kill threat of her partner and likelihood that her ADC will get the kill should Ignite burn them down. The downside to this is that Yuumi makes less use of Heal compared to anyone else since she likely won't need the healing or bonus movement speed herself.

I'm of the opinion that Yuumi taking Ignite while her ADC takes Exhaust is more useful overall, since the ADC should know who they are trying to focus or who the main threat is. Of course, it can be hard to think while panicking, so it's perfectly fine for Yuumi to take Exhaust. I've gotten many ADCs mad at me for taking kills with Ignite, so that's probably the main reason an ADC would prefer to have it on themselves. But, when it's mid or late game and you're attached to someone else, getting picks becomes more reliable if you Ignite the target and keep vision of them even if they Flash or otherwise pass a wall (especially champions like Kayn or Fiora).

Ask your ADC and/or make your best judgement about what summs you should take.

Note that Yuumi cannot stay attached if her anchor uses Teleport!
Summon Aery is the stock standard keystone for Yuumi. It provides such great utility with Aery's attacks and especially her shields that can be procced with You and Me! and Zoomies. You can also take Arcane Comet if you are aiming for more poke in exchange for less shielding.
Manaflow Band, while stacking more total mana onto Yuumi, is good for the regeneration late game. This will always be the optimal choice to increase Yuumi's sustain and usefulness.
Either of these are good choices depending on your goals, but I find Transcendence to be more useful by-the-by even after the changes. The extra ability haste is so useful because Yuumi has long cooldowns, and this helps her to heal or slow before it is too late.
If your aim is to stack AP though, Absolute Focus may serve you better since Yuumi will be either full or near full HP most of the time, or else she is dead.
Which of these you take depends upon length and composition. The safest bet, in my opinion, is to take Gathering Storm because the additional AP goes a long way past 20 minutes no matter what skills or items you build. This rune also works well if you have a scaling composition like Kayle, Senna, Veigar, Fiora, etc. Scorch is good if you need the extra early pressure or if you have a snowball lane that benefits from early kills.
Presence of Mind is extremely useful on Yuumi, especially since it no longer gives maximum mana that inflates the cost of Zoomies. The mana regeneration from damage as well as takedowns is immensely useful for keeping up in lane and during teamfights. I can't recommend any other rune from this branch.
Cut Down is the standard choice because of Yuumi's low base health. Her usual items, Moonstone Renewer and Shurelya's Battlesong, give her extra health, but she will still have lower health than most other champions. Coup de Grace helps increase kill pressure, especially during chases. It gets enemies lower health while slowing them, should you use an empowered Prowling Projectile. Which rune you choose depends largely on team compositionβ€”in particular, how squishy the enemy team is, team mobilities, and how you plan to play the game.
The recommended shards here are for ability haste, adaptive force, and armor or magic resist depending on whether the enemy team has more AD or AP damage. Ability haste can be exchanged for more adaptive force if you are going for poke or raw damage. In most cases, I find the ability haste to be more useful as Yuumi has decently long cooldowns, though Shurelya's Battlesong gives ability haste passively. You can also take the health shard, but it's not recommended if you are using Cut Down.
🐟 Starting Items
Provides AP and mana regen. There isn't a better support item for Yuumi, so this is the standard taken in probably 99% of games.
Technically, you can take Relic Shield too, but since it gives less AP and more health, which Yuumi shouldn't need, especially if you take Cut Down, it is overall less effective. If you expect you won't be able to proc Spellthief's Edge much, it might be better than not getting any gold or wards at all. Try to avoid that though.
Sometimes, people opt to buy a Control Ward at the start of the game, but it's much more dangerous and may force you to stay attached more than you should. Potions help your in-lane sustain without having to waste mana healing yourself or risking an unnecessary death.

🐟 Mythics
The standard enchanter item. This is one of the two mythics you will normally be taking, and it is the sustain-focused item. Moonstone heals allies in combat, increasing Yuumi's healing and shielding the longer a fight goes on. The 11.8 passive change means the more completed items Yuumi has, the better Moonstone's healing is. As a result, Moonstone is now a scaling item. Over time, it can heal quite a lot, not including the boost to Yuumi's own healing. Moonstone procs with any of Yuumi's abilities, including W on allies that are already in combat, though her W no longer procs Moonstone on allies out of combat. It also procs twice if Yuumi uses Heal. Moonstone is for sustaining a team, so it is the most commonly taken mythic. Typical items bought after Moonstone are Mikael's Blessing, Staff of Flowing Water, and Ardent Censer. Chemtech Putrifier is also invaluable in many games; see below for more on that.

All of these items that require healing/shielding on allies will apply their effects with Moonstone's healing, so you can easily apply them to multiple teammates even if you aren't attached to them.

Note! I recommend you don't buy Ruby Crystal even if you have the money for it if you are using Cut Down. Wait until you have the full 800 gold for a Kindlegem so your damaging abilities will continue to do more damage.
This item has been changed to be more like the old Staff of Flowing Water. Jumping to allies (with a shield) or healing them will give them movement speed. Since its mythic passive gives ability haste now, this is a more viable option than before for Yuumi. The additional ability haste and AP are useful as well. This would be a more middle-of-the-road item if your team is either hard winning or at least doing okay. It is good for chasing and escaping or if you have a Hecarim, but primarily offers more utility than other items. I would not recommend getting Shurelya's over Moonstone if you are against a lot of poke, enemies who can easily chase, or are losing terribly.
Mandate gives you and your allies bonus damage, and provides Yuumi with 15 extra AP for every item she has completed. This is the mythic you will take if you feel you are at liberty to build damage over healing. You don't need to be hardstomping, but it's better to ask yourself which item would benefit you more. This is more like a final push item, though it's absolutely just as viable in an even game as Moonstone.
You can build the same secondary items as Moonstone, or you can go a bit more headfirst with items like Void Staff or Demonic Embrace. Considering you can't say support without POOR though, it's probably better to stick with the standard items unless you're rolling in gold.
You could theoretically build Locket on Yuumi (see 'untouchable tank' build at the top), and it could work because of the passive, but it's really not optimal.

🐟 Legendaries
One of the more important items Yuumi can build, as its active is a cleanse she can use on herself and allies with a 16% heal and shielding increase.
A good choice for an AP-heavy team or carry, as it gives both Yuumi and her anchor AP for more damage and healing. Since it grants ability haste upon proccing, you have to time your healing/shielding before an ally uses important abilities; the ability haste does not apply retroactively, e.g. if your ADC Jinx ults before you proc Staff on her, the ability haste from Staff will not give her ultimate a shorter cooldown. It may be good for ability-heavy allies like Ezreal or Nasus.
Similar to Staff, Ardent is the counterpart for AD or Attack-heavy teammates. Ardent gives attack speed and on-hit magic damage. Both of these items complement Zoomies's natural buffs.
Like Mikael's Blessing, Redemption gives 16% heal and shield effectiveness. It's useful for teamfight healing/damage or to give vision of an area. You can use this item even while dead to help allies in teamfights.
The grievous wounds item Yuumi should build. Buy if you need healing reduction against items like Goredrinker, Moonstone Renewer, Immortal Shieldbow, or against naturally healing champions like Aatrox, Trundle, or Swain especially. While you might also consider building Morellonomicon for this purpose, Putrifier is slightly cheaper and gives more overall benefits to Yuumi. It gives less AP than Morello, but it is more cost-effective. The extra health from Morello may not help much, especially if you have Cut Down. The ability haste and mana regen make Putrifier overall more useful than other grievous wounds options. Make sure to jump to an ally with You and Me! if you have a shield via Bop 'n' Block or Summon Aery or heal them before they attack so the grievous effect is applied. If you have Moonstone Renewer, the heal from that will also apply grievous wound buffs to your teammates. Should the grievous wounds buff apply successfully, Yuumi's attacks and abilities will also apply grievous wounds for 3 seconds.
Scaling item if you are doing well. Mejai's and Dark Seal increase the healing and damage of Yuumi's abilities in addition to boosting the adaptive force Yuumi grants to teammates with You and Me!. Pick up a Dark Seal first to see how it goes before committing gold to a full Mejai's.
Wardstone is extremely good for maintaining late game vision control; it stores up to 3 Control Wards, which you should always have on hand. It now upgrades automatically with your support item at level 13 to Vigilant Wardstone, which then allows you to place one extra Stealth Ward and Control Ward. This prevents there being a so-called 'dead slot' in your inventory since the upgraded Wardstone gives ability haste and provides a bonus to stats, much like a mini Rabadon's Deathcap. This item is very valuable to a support.
Elixirs can be incredibly useful if you find yourself consuming much more mana than you can regenerate or if you need an extra AP push. Each costs 500 gold and lasts 3 minutes. It may be better to put your gold towards a permanent item, but Elixirs are useful situationally or if you are already full build. Note that you can buy Elixirs with a full inventory, upon which they will be put into effect immediately.

Additionally, you may want to pick up a Verdant Barrier, which is now cheaper and gives AP + a lot of MR if you are having trouble with magic users. You shouldn't have to upgrade it to a Banshee's Veil, but you can if you really need it. The same effect for armor can be found in Seeker's Armguard, which you can get if you are getting killed by a lot of AD. This upgrades into a Zhonya's Hourglass, which you again don't have to upgrade if you don't need it. Either the Verdant Barrier or Seeker's Armguard should be enough for defense until you get back to an ally. I think I've built either of these items maybe once ever because you don't need them, but I'm listing them here in case you're really on the struggle bus.

An item list with the standard builds can be imported directly into your League client with this code:
Spoiler: Click to view

To import item lists, go to Collection (bag icon) βž” Items βž” Import item sets βž” Paste copied set.
While you can of course use any builds you like on Yuumi with varying success, these are some of the more popular experimental or off-meta builds.

A fully utility-focused build that will use Guardian to its fullest since you will be in range all the time. This increases healing with Revitalize too, but it otherwise suffers from a long shield cooldown, unlike the Summon Aery build. It loses some benefits that come from the rest of the Sorcery tree since Presence of Mind is almost a necessity with Yuumi's high mana costs. This build may be good into high burst lanes with hard engages.

If you choose, you can also take Shield Bash instead of Font of Life if you feel you will be able to auto attack enemies a lot since Yuumi's passive gives her a shield, so every auto afterwards will do more damage. You can also take Second Wind into poke instead of Bone Plating.

A build that you are supposed to use in conjunction with Everfrost. This may be useful against highly mobile enemy team comps since it puts a heavy focus on slows and roots. Yuumi naturally has these things, but this build guarantees them. Since Glacial now scales with heal/shield power, you can slow even more if you have a regular enchanter build outside of Everfrost. However, you pretty much rely on hitting Everfrost's root, so have fast hands.

What I like to call the 'AP Nuke' build, this focuses on outputting as much damage as possible. Usually, you will be building Night Harvester or Luden's Tempest as your mythic item. You also will want a Dark Seal. You can build a Morellonomicon as one of your items instead of the Nuke in the Builds section, but the idea is to get enemies dead in as close to one hit as possible, so they shouldn't have time to regen. Since Prowling Projectile does percent current health damage, this is very fun to play. But, since this is an extremely feast or famine build, it's not recommended unless you trust your team a lot.
🐟 Leashing
Before minions spawn, you should be watching jungle entrances with an escape plan should an enemy team come to invade. This can be making sure a teammate can come help you to safety or being ready to run to tower for less chance of the enemy team scoring a free first blood. If there is imminent threat, you can also place a ward near your jungle entrance to see if the enemy invades or waits to ambush you. Given the chance, auto attack an enemy to proc Bop 'n' Block's shield and to gain a charge on Spellthief's Edge.

If your jungler starts bot side buff, they will likely want you to leash. Whether your jungler actually needs a leash depends on what champion they are playing, but generally you will follow your ADC. When leashing, auto attack until the buff (or other camp) is about half health, then attach to your jungler if you are taking Summon Aery to activate her shield. You can then W again to jump to your bot lane partner. Do not use any abilities to assist your jungler as you will need that mana in lane.

🐟 Poke and Aggression
Unless you are very confident in yourself and your ADC, you are most likely going to play passively for the first few levels. Yuumi has decent poke should you land it, but her healing is fairly weak at a very high mana cost. If you are over-aggressive or too greedy without well-thought out follow-up, you will get killed. Avoid healing and impossible Qs as much as possible so that you do not end up without mana when you really need it.

Hit Prowling Projectiles and auto attacks when possible. It's especially important to auto when Bop 'n' Block is up so that you can get the shielding and mana recuperation. Damaging enemies will also proc Presence of Mind should you take it for additional mana regeneration. The ideal state of the lane for Yuumi is enemies that don't stand in their own minion wave for Q poke, your wave not being too far up, and enemies being unable to properly punish you and your ADC for CSing or poking. Hitting attacks should gradually wear down an enemy enough for your team to have a kill threat. If the enemy is close range, you can spiral your Q around so it gains flight time which in turn does the extra damage and slow. The buffs to Prowling Projectile encourages using it more often, so don't be passive! It offers a lot of damage even if it's not empowered, and it will make it easier for your team to get kills and gain advantages the more you use it.

If there are abilities that would be non-lethal to you, especially if they would hurt your teammate a lot, you should detach and block them. Specific examples are Sear, which can stun a target if used after another Brand ability, and Ace in the Hole. Yuumi can body block such abilities and prevent teammates from dying.

It is important to match your ADCs play style for maximum effect however. If they are playing more passively than you are used to, you may have to deal with that unless a teammate compensates. If they are more aggressive than you are comfortable with, try your best to support them, but don't be afraid to detach and leave if they are going for a doomed play. Especially if another teammate is nearby to help and your ADC is surely going to get you killed, it's better to help the teammate in a better position than to hand over a double kill. ADCs would also benefit from practicing how to play with a Yuumi, as she takes some adjustment from other supports.
  • vs Enchanters
  • Many can heal allies and/or themselves with abilities, especially if they buy Moonstone Renewer, so it may work better if your team is able to quickly burst them down. You may also want to buy a Chemtech Putrifier.
  • Enchanters will have varying types and quantities of CC, so make sure you know what they are before the game starts.
  • When hard CC, like Aqua Prison or Howling Gale, is on cooldown, there is a safe window to detach and auto attack, place wards, switch anchors, etc.
  • Enchanters are very mana-dependent, and players that heal or use abilities needlessly will run out of mana very quickly. Pay attention to their mana bar to find opportunities when they can't cast abilities.
  • While they aren't slouches in damage as they can easily poke or burst you down, enchanters are often easy to bully since they are usually low health and defense.
  • vs Tanks
  • You may consider taking Cut Down versus a tank.
  • They often have multiple hard CCs, like Shield of Daybreak or Staggering Blow.
  • Tanks also tend to have gap closers, like Zenith Blade or Headbutt. It's best to wait for these to go on cooldown before detaching.
  • They may block abilities and attacks meant for their ADCs. If they do this, don't always aim for the ADC.
  • Since tanks are close-range attackers, it becomes more dangerous for them to engage while low health. Poking them down may reduce the chance they commit to an engage.
  • vs Mages
  • All of the mages you are likely to encounter in bot lane have hard CC on their own. Wait for cooldowns.
  • Mages are usually more than capable of bursting you down if not killing you outright along with their ADC by level 3. Don't get caught out.
  • Common keystone runes are Arcane Comet, Dark Harvest, or Electrocute, so keep aware of when they proc.
  • Like enchanters, mages are mana-dependent, but they will probably use their CC before any other ability, so watch how much mana they have available and how much mana dangerous abilities consume.
  • If you are having trouble, play safe, even if that forces you under tower.

Once Yuumi hits level 6, she gets Final Chapter, which is useful for both engaging and disengaging. It can lock down fleeing enemies or stop them from chasing you. Yuumi bot lanes can very commonly get double kills upon her reaching 6, but do not get greedy or force it. You can also ult on diving enemies to root them under tower, possibly preventing a kill on your teammate, scoring a kill of your own, or at least doing a lot of damage. It may be useful to take Final Chapter off quick cast if you have it on or to use an indicator so you can better aim it.

🐟 Wave Management
Help your ADC manage the wave, whatever they may want to do with it. Yuumi's waveclear is nonexistent, so it will be hard for you to manipulate the wave very much on your own. Even if they don't tell you explicitly, you should be able to get an idea based on how they are handling the minions.
  • If they are not hitting minions, do not hit minions.
  • If they are hitting only some minions, do not hit minions.
  • If they are killing minions as fast as possible, hit the minions and let the ADC last hit for the gold.
If your side just got a kill (or more) and there is no enemy in lane, hit the minions to shove in the wave as fast as possible and reset or go to ward. Remember to give your ADC or other teammate the last hits if possible.

If you are forced under tower before your ADC has any damage items or you are playing with a non-AD champion, you will likely have to help them farm. For support purposes, you will want to auto attack caster minions once to prime them for your bot lane partner. Keep in mind also how much HP minions have while being attacked by your own minions. Try to make your best judgement about whether you need to help your partner CS or not.

🐟 Ganks
When your jungler is ganking, your primary goal is to keep your teammates healthy should there be a fight. If the enemy is low enough health, this shouldn't be much of a problem, but teammates may also force a fight. If this is the case, switch anchors to whomever is most likely to take damage so you can heal them. If the frontliner is far away, it is also ok to remain attached to another teammate to provide extra poke with Prowling Projectile and bonus adaptive force. If possible, you can detach, quickly proc Bop 'n' Block, then reattach.

If the enemy suddenly pulls back towards their tower and/or gets abnormally aggressive, you may be getting ganked. Take care not to fall for the bait. Help your teammate(s) as much as possible through healing, shielding, and providing additional damage. Remember that Yuumi will take tower aggro if she damages an enemy under tower even while attached, including with Ignite. She can probably take 2-3 tower shots early before dying, and it will count as an enemy kill if she dies to tower when her anchor engages the enemy. Use Prowling Projectile out of turret range to give more kill threat or even finish off an enemy. Beware that Scorch will cause Yuumi to take tower aggro if the burn is still active.

🐟 Warding
This is a very basic overview of warding that is a bit more specific to Yuumi's capabilities. I recommend you do more research into general warding for more information.

You will want to upgrade your support item as fast as possible. Once upgraded, it is important to remember to change your trinket to Oracle Lens for maximum utility. If you choose, you can buy a Watchful Wardstone, which stores up to 3 control wards. Upon finishing your support quest and being level 13, it will upgrade into Vigilant Wardstone, which allows you to place an extra control ward and an extra stealth ward at once. It also gives you extra ability haste and a 12% stat bonus. Always keep control wards on hand.

Depending on the enemy jungler, you will want to place a ward in the river between 2-3 minutes in game. Be mindful of junglers that may level 2 gank. Over the course of laning phase, you will probably be placing wards in the river bush, underneath or in front of dragon pit, farther up river, at your tri-bushes, or near buffs. For some enemies that can cross terrain, like Kayn, Zac, or Talon, you can ward their angles of approach (even on your side). Other good areas to ward are at thoroughfares where enemies are likely to walk through. Paying attention to how the enemy team moves gives you a better idea of how to ward for that game. Junctions that cross more paths have the greatest benefit if you don't know where you should be warding.

Control Wards can be placed in strategic locations, like jungle entrances, objectives, and any area your team is currently invading. Control wards and Oracle Lens are useful against enemies with invisibility or stealth, as it reveals them. For this reason, you may want to place a control ward close to you or even in lane to prevent ganks or ambushes.

You can send a Prowling Projectile through bushes to see if enemies are there rather than facechecking. They may just dodge and be in a bush anyway, but doing this gives a little more security. When warding far from lane, it's better to ask one of your teammates to go with you in case an enemy is there. Likewise, when clearing enemy wards, don't stay if you aren't reasonably sure you can be safe. Do not die for a ward.

Pay attention to the map for your wards to be useful! Vision means nothing if you ignore it.

🐟 Roaming
While Yuumi may be a bit more limited in roaming than other supports due to her lack of boots, she can still do so. Good times to roam include:
  • when your ADC is backing and you don't need to back. You can roam to gank mid or ward.
  • when you need to help your jungler or other teammates in river or jungle.
  • when your teammate may need help taking an objective (e.g. dragon).
  • when there is an opportunity to secure a kill.
  • when you are coming from Base and your ADC will not be in lane at the same time as you (because you died, the ADC backed after you, etc.)
The farther you walk lowers the benefits of being out of lane should you fail to gain anything from a roam. When roaming, you lose experience and leave your ADC vulnerable if they are still in lane, so choose your roams carefully. Do not stay with your jungler longer than necessary.
🐟 Map Awareness
Part of good vision control is making use of the information your wards and teammates give you. If the enemy shows in the jungle or someone gets ganked, make sure you notice it and keep track of which way they are going when you lose vision. Pinging and paying attention to teammate pings (unless they are not using them properly) also help you track where enemies might be. A good habit to pick up is looking at the minimap every few seconds. You can see where people are or where teammates ping. Even if your teammates don't pay attention to the map, it doesn't mean you shouldn't. If you don't know where someone is, assume they are nearby and don't overcommit to plays or roams.

You can also keep track of teammates and lane states by using the F1-F5 keys. Each key is mapped by default to a teammate, so it makes checking what someone is doing, how they're handling a gank, whether you can roam up to them, etc. quicker. It doesn't require you to take your cursor off the game to click over the minimap either, so getting used to using F keys will streamline your overall gameplay.

Remember to keep warding!

🐟 Where to Be
For most of laning phase, you will be with your ADC. But, by midgame when everyone is moving around the map and changing lanes, you will often stick with other teammates, especially if your ADC has not been doing well. Remember that you help the team, not just your ADC!

A common thing to do is stick with whomever on your team is the strongest. This can lead to a steamroll. You won't always be with the most fed person on your team though. While it might help in fights, you can't always be fighting, as bad or unnecessary fights are easy ways to throw games. It may be better to help whomever is making calls to push objectives if only to encourage others to follow. It's also good to have multiple teammates nearby so that you can jump to another should your anchor die.

Ultimately, you make the judgement on who your anchor is, but it is not necessary or may even be harmful to just go into fights or roam aimlessly. Know what your teammates are doing so you can decide who to help.

🐟 Teamfighting
Yuumi can roam to help a fight without being attached, though her primary purpose will be to help keep her team alive. You can attach to the frontliner(s) to keep them healthy enough to tank, or you can jump to backliners to give adaptive force and distance damage or try to heal them against assassins. You can also detach and proc Bop 'n' Block for the shield.

Yuumi's golden ability for teamfighting is Final Chapter. As mentioned before, it's an AoE root that does waves of damage, making it extremely useful for finishing and/or locking down entire enemy team for your team to kill. This is most useful in close quarters, like the jungle or pits. Final Chapter can be used both as an engage and disengage just like in lane, so use it when appropriate.
By late game, your team should be pushing for possible remaining objectives should those options be open to you. If they aren't, urge them to do so in order to end the game; the longer it's drawn out for no reason, the higher likelihood you are to throw and lose the game. It is better to stay with (and encourage) the teammate(s) who are making moves towards closing out. If you are full build and have extra gold or don't think you will be able to afford another item, it may be beneficial to buy an Elixir of Sorcery if your team is still taking fights or objectives.

When you have Baron, be pushing waves into towers and inhibitors rather than roaming the jungle and taking camps or needless fights. Make use of pings to direct teammates. Keep warding and keep stocked up on Control Wards, especially if you have a Vigilant Wardstone; vision does not become obsolete at any point in the game.
While this guide may not cover every possible nuance of playing Yuumi, it hopefully gives a better idea of her potential.

Some things you can do to get better beyond what a single guide can tell you are:
  • Play more champions. This helps you learn their abilities and how to counter them more easily. Heavy CC is less of a problem if you know what to look out for and know the windows of opportunities granted to you if they waste abilities or misplay.
  • Play more roles. Knowing what your teammates do can help you make more informed decisions about where you should be and what goals to work towards. It also helps to guess at what the enemy might be doing, preventing needless deaths via gank or collapse and giving you a better idea of where you might want to ward.
  • Learn from others. Increase your game knowledge, be it macro, wave management, pathing, or anything else. There are always new ideas and new content to learn about.
  • Play a lot. It is good to research and study, but it won't mean much if you can't put it into practice. Don't get discouraged if you do poorlyβ€”queue up and try again!
TLDR for Teams
  • Yuumi gives adaptive force with You and Me! when attached. More when she levels it.
  • Her heal is very expensive (more than 12% total mana), so don't expect her to be a healbot, especially early. If you need constant healing, review your positioning and aggression as you may be taking needless damage.
  • Yuumi must get off periodically to auto-attack to use her passive, Bop 'n' Block, which restores some of her mana and gives you/her a shield.
  • Her Q range is about half a screen, is a skillshot, and moves with you if attached, so stay in range for her to use it (i.e. walk towards enemies safely). It slows and does percent current health damage.
  • She should leave you to assist the team and/or carry or to ward.
  • Do not try to fight multiple enemies with her unless you are absolutely sure you can win. Otherwise, you just give the enemy a free double kill.
  • She cannot guarantee you will live through anything; Yuumi is not a Guardian Angel.
  • Pay attention to where she is, especially whether she is on you or not. It can be easy to overlook and get in over your head.
  • Yuumi will take tower shots if she damages the enemy under tower (including through burn effects) even while attached.
  • If you Teleport, she will detach. This does not apply if you are using Shen or TF ult, etc.
  • She will also detach if you use Guardian Angel or similar, but not if you use Zhonya's Hourglass, in which case she can still use her abilities.
  • Yuumi is better with strong early game ADCs and bruisers/tanks. Assassins can also be good, but can make it harder to land abilities. Of course, she can be played with anyone if you really want to.
  • When playing with an unfamiliar Yuumi, expect to lane passively as she has a fairly weak early game. Patience is key.
  • Avoid playing champions or using cheese strats just because they're popular or you saw Mr Challenger Player do it one time. There are a lot of hidden factors that go into on-screen success, and you should not expect to replicate them often. Play champions that you feel comfortable with and you will gradually get better, increasing the chance you will win.
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