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Gnar Build Guide by Xpoxy

Top [13.5] ๐Ÿฆ Detailed Gnar Guide For Every Lane! ๐Ÿฆด

Top [13.5] ๐Ÿฆ Detailed Gnar Guide For Every Lane! ๐Ÿฆด

Updated on March 12, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xpoxy Build Guide By Xpoxy 67 4 61,618 Views 7 Comments
67 4 61,618 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Xpoxy Gnar Build Guide By Xpoxy Updated on March 12, 2023
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Runes: Heal & Kite

1 2
Fleet Footwork
Legend: Bloodline
Last Stand


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

[13.5] ๐Ÿฆ Detailed Gnar Guide For Every Lane! ๐Ÿฆด

By Xpoxy
New in Season 13
With Season 13 rolling in, Gnar without any changes is still extremely viable in team comps that know how to play around you, and still an okay choice in solo queue. Riot changed some items, let's see how that effected Gnar!

Trinity Force is now a bit better in comparison to Divine Sunderer. I recommend building Trinity with Lethal Tempo/Conqueror into 60% of matchups. Sunderer with Grasp into penetration required matchups.

Sterak's Gage has been buffed, making it kind of reusable again. Would still prefer Death's Dance in toplane though.

Spear of Shojin is back! I am siked to try this item with every single other item. Gnar pairs well with this item more on it in later updates.

Eclipse got nerfed, you may want a Trinity build instead. Eclipse will probably only be viable against squishy matchups now. (Doesn't make sense with the lethality nerf that happened but the item was already good enough to deal with squishies, now it may be the only use!)

I need more time with Heartsteel and Jak'Sho, The Protean to include in-depth analysis to those items.

๐Ÿฆ Fluffy Yordle Friend


โ— I am currently in the 250K pool with Gnar. Last season I was in top 3k global with Gnar. I started playing again after a while when Season 13 started. With this guide I want to show how Gnar builds and performs. In time, I will expand the matchup analysis section and add even more Gnar tricks. Feel free to comment and vote so other people can also benefit from this guide.

โ— To navigate easily you can use the Table of Contents section. (to your right) Now, Mobafire loads guide sections in when you scroll to them, so you might first want to load the sections in first by scrolling down to the bottom.


I would like to expand your love for our prehistoric friend with this guide.
I am a Gnar enthusiast that played him in every lane since I started.
And I would like to show you my experiences and builds I found along the way!

Gnar Pros & Cons

โž• Fit for most if not all team comps
โž• No mana or energy
โž• The most versatile champion
โž• Both ranged and melee
โž• Mega Gnar R + W Stunchain
โž• Low cooldown ultimate

โž– Most soloq teammates don't play around you
โž– Difficult to start and master
โž– Doesn't (can't) belong on a class, reducing playrates.
โž– Starts with lower range than most other ranged champs

Top: Prepare for a bruiser build for toplane, you will be both tanky and deal enough damage for your team. Top Gnar fits into any team composition, since he has enough power to be useful solo and with his team. I sometimes even go Eclipse to pierce those whimpy ADCs.


Jungle: I go either full lethality or full crit. Gnar suprisingly has an okay jungle clear, I would put him just below Pantheon in terms of off-meta junglers. Very fun to gank but I wouldn't try to climb with jungle Gnar. Your team will flame you for literally everything, ping your runes, ping your items and everything.


Mid: You have got to try Immortal Shieldbow crit gnar with conquerer. I sometimes even go full on lethality with Eclipse in mid too to pierce those whimpy ADCs and mages. Gnar definetely has the most play potential in mid, but can't really do much without ganks against some popular mid champions like Zed and Katarina.


ADC: Gnar dominates the lane, be it with Kraken Slayer, Immortal Shieldbow or even Eclipse. You can't go wrong with crit and lethality items in botlane, and nobody can even dare to go near you with a Runaan's Hurricane. You are a regular ranged ADC while in mini and gank your own lane in mega form. It's GG after level 6.


Support: Guard your adc with Guardian to guard your ADC. Tank tons of damage with Iceborn Gauntlet and Knight's Vow. Your ADC will be mad until they realise you are actually a very solid support. Oooor, stay mad because you steal every kill because you decided to go AD lol.


Normal text: Ability Descriptions ... Cyan text: Tricks ... Gold text: Important Points

P - Rage Gene

Gnar has a unique resource bar instead of mana or energy. It stores his rage. Both attacking and taking damage from any source generates rage. Higher the damage higher the rage. He transforms into Mega Gnar at 100 rage. Gnar gets his W speed bonus when he transforms into mini form, and he gets tired which makes him unable to gain rage for 15 seconds.

Gnar's passive also grants him seperate raw stats for both forms. This means Gnar actually grows in attack range (along with other stats) each level which is suprisingly something a lot of people don't know.

Rage management is a hard concept. You would have to plan ahead with fights, freeze lanes to preserve rage and inform your teammates as much as possible while doing so.


Q - Boomerang Throw / Boulder Toss

Mini Gnar: Gnar throws his boomerang deals physical damage, reducing with each enemy hit. Returns after it hits an enemy or when it reaches it's range. Gnar can pick it up to get a nice reduction on this cooldown, the boomerang continues until it reaches it's indicated spot on your screen.

Mega Gnar: Throws a boulder instead of a boomerang, the boulder does a splash damage and it can too be picked up. Gnar can pick boulders up even after transforming and vice versa.

This ability can be used to steal objectives or snipe low enemy targets. The boomerang will always return to your current position or if you are currently moving: where you are going to be once it returns to you after it hits an enemy or reaches it's max range, it's when the boomerang reveals a trail of where it's going to go.

You can use Flash whilst winding up Mega Gnar's boulder toss animation.


W - Hyper / Wallop

Mini Gnar: Gnar's every ability or auto that damages a unit will leave a mark on it. At 3 marks the marks pop and deal magic damage based on the enemies max health and grant Gnar a burst of movement. Gnar will also recieve this boost when he's transforming into mini form.

Mega Gnar: Gnar smashes the ground deals physical damage and stuns all enemies hit, he actually smashes so hard that hard cc cannot stop it.

Mini gnar counters tanks with percentage damage with this ability. It also has a 100% AP percentage, making AP Gnar viable.


E - Hop / Crunch

Mini Gnar: Gnar hops on the ground or anything that he can hop to. You can even use flash after the second hop to make it longer. He also gains a burst of attack speed

Mega Gnar: Gnar hops and start his mega form early using E while transporting.

Gnar crunches in his mega form, dealing a big splash damage and slowing enemies on landing.

Mini gnar can hop from Ally units, Enemy units, Shaco boxes, Heimer turrets and Zyra plants

Mini Gnar's E can be used to damage towers faster, just make sure you know where the enemy is, so you don't lose your only escape tool.



Mini Gnar: Increases your W passive.

Mega Gnar: Gnar knocks all enemies a fixed amount, slowing them. Every enemy that contacts a wall also get stunned.

This ability gets very low cooldown especially with level 11 and 16.

Gnar is actually unindicatedly unstoppable for just a small, brief window of time while his arms are in the air.


Basic Gnar Combo

So with the Abilites section out of the way, how do you actually play Gnar?

Gnar may be hard to learn, he has a new rage concept, 6 active, 3 passive abilities, a wide variety of viable items and runes. Gnar excels at many things and is viable in every lane in existence, even river shen lane. (I stand by this no matter what.)

Turning Mega


Your opponent left? You want to go base? Well there is one tiny thing before leaving your mega form. Use your ultimate on the minion wave. Why? Cooldowns!

So let's assume your ( Ignite Flash) first 5 levels against Aatrox ( Flash Ignite) went like this in the lane:

1. You hit level 3 before him. Now, with your advantage you are able to poke him even more.
2. Aatrox hits level 3 and tries his full "combo" on you. Luckily you have Hop saved for this and poke him even more for this. And let's say you used Ignite
3. Now he is low on health and needs to base.
4. The lane is yours and you base too after taking out the last minion wave.
5. You are both back. (he first but he got no plates because you pushed the wave) And fight until you hit level 6. Now remember this: He can press 'R' right now but you cannot. Furthermore you are out of Ignite, so there is no chance you will kill him without him making a huge mistake. That's why ulting the wave is better of a choice then attacking him here.
6. You go mega, he knows you are strong now and backs down. Just like how step 5 said it would be like, now you will turn mini in 15 seconds and go ultiless once again. So that's why you ult the wave here, your ability doesn't go to waste and your lane benefits from this.
7. Now that he is over extended trying to farm. You can now unleash the best attack on Aatrox with Ignite back up, your lane where you want it to be, ult right back up and you are able to score a kill!

By ulting the wave, either forwards into your side or the opposing side (if you want even to a wall, more or less the same result.*) you ensure where you want the wave to be. Into the opponent's side, minions will die to the turret or clash with a wave in the range of a turret so your opponent misses an entire wave and isn't able to deal a single blow to your turret. Or just use it to get every gold from the wave quicker.

* More or less the same result because ulting either way will lower the minions' health, making your minions able to kill before they do each time, leaving your minions pushed outwards


Larger Items: Powerspikes (with descriptions)
Smaller Items: Items without descriptions.

Well-Tuned Bruiser Build โฌ† Buffed










Feel free to start Long Sword against healers like Fiora. This build is best suited for Toplane and Midlane. With Trinity Force Gnar's damage is greatly improved, Gnar benefits extremely well from more Attack Speed as Hyper procs even more with it. This also makes Wit's End very strong too. You may think the opponents have no AP and this item is useless but I buy Wit's End for almost every game, the item is practically made for Gnar. Hover over it and see the passive for yourself and link which ability of Gnar it pairs well with again... Just remember this: Attack Speed = More Magic Damage

So you might think GNAR! is a powerspike for Mega Gnar but no, well not as much as it actually benefits Mini Gnar. That passive is not useless, it's an instant powerspike once you unlock it. It helps with lane almost as much as it's active does. (and yes ULT the minion waves. More on that on how to play Gnar.) Conditioning is versatile, but do take Bone Plating for burst opponents.

The Cosmos Build โฌ† Buffed










Xpoxy's Build โฌ‡ Nerfed










This section is very long and packed with details. If you just want to grab a combo of runes for a specific matchup, check out section #6


Grasp of the Undying

Take grasp for only toplane. It's good for poking and long term sustain. It will help with Gnar's never ending tank late-game.


Free shielding for your ADC. Take this for support.

1st Slot


You should always take demolish. Gnar can't benefit even slightly from other runes here.

2nd Slot


Conditioning is very well rounded. You'll be taking it for most of your matchups.

Second Wind

Second wind is most useful against poke champs. (all ranged toplaners)

Bone Plating

You can benefit most from bone plating against burst champions. Be careful though good players will remove it and than attack you.

3rd Slot


You really can't go wrong with more health.


Gnar's passive doesn't get effected by this, meaning you should only get this with second wind and other healing effects.


You get both slow resist and tenacity, get this against cc heavy champions. I only take this if the enemy has 2+ cc champs.


Press the Attack

PTA is the best rune to burst in winning lanes. Keep in mind that only autos count.

Lethal Tempo

New lethal tempo is awesome for ADC. Kraken Slayer hits hard with this.

Fleet Footwork

The best sustain you can get with runes. Makes kiting easier, fit for every role.


Recent patch buffed conq, so it's even better with him now. It both heals and gives damage, so you can't go wrong with this.

1st Slot


Triumph lets you survive clutch fights and have enough sustain to continue teamfights kill by kill.


Overheal is good with any health gain, you can kinda turn BoRK to Bloodthirster.

2nd Slot

Legend: Tenacity

Take tenacity against cc heavy champs.

Legend: Bloodline

If you're already building enough attack speed, bloodline will help you with sustain.

3rd Slot

Coup de Grace

The lower the enemy the heavier your damage will be No, It becomes active once the enemy hits a certain percentage, either way, this rune will help with easier or squishier matchups.

Cut Down

Cut down will help against tanks. The enemy has to have lower health, so this is better with no health mythics.

Last Stand

This will gradually help with closer matchups. Transforming into mega gnar will grant you health so I don't take this rune much.



Take it if you like burst. You can use abilites too unlike PTA. Very powerful with lethality.

Hail of Blades

Nice against tanks. Used to proc quick Ws, also viable with AP Gnar because of this.

Dark Harvest

Only take in jungle and build lethality with it.

1st Slot

Taste of Blood

Only ToB is viable in this slot. Extra sustain is not bad. Great in every lane.

2nd Slot

Zombie Ward

Take if you know you'll be behind or if support.

Eyeball Collection

Stacks great with kills and a nice snowbally rune.

3rd Slot

Ravenous Hunter

Generally okay snowbally sustain rune. I expect a small buff to it, but riot has to sort the keystones first.

Relentless Hunter

Very powerful in jungle. Take if you want to play mid roam as well.

Ultimate Hunter

Your ultimate is already very low on cooldown. I don't really see it being useful most of the time, but do take it if you ult the wave often.


Summon Aery

Aery helps with poking easily. Low cooldown makes it very good with your Q. You won't get any power from it's shielding though.

1st Slot

Nullifying Orb

Take this against ap bursts.

Nimbus Cloak

Nimbus goes great in jungle and playing roam heavy.

2nd Slot


Ability haste can help with early game Q pokes. I don't see much more use than that.

Absolute Focus

Snowballs hard on backline gnar. Viable with ADC and mid gnar.

3rd Slot

Gathering Storm

Helps gnar with slight late-game issues, very snowbally for mid and ADC.


First Strike

The least useful keystone that is viable. You can only burst in mega form, meaning it's only useful for 15 seconds. Still usable in midlane with lethality.

1st Slot

Magical Footwear

When building tier 2 boots isn't that important and can wait after your first item, you can take this rune to build up more speed. Fit for jungle.

2nd Slot

Future's Market

Building items earlier may help but Gnar already does have relatively good early game, I think the 50 gold fee is too much to utilize.

Minion Dematerializer

You can farm safely in mid or botlane without missing cannon minions.

3rd Slot

Cosmic Insight

Can be utilized with items with cooldowns like Goredrinker.

Approach Velocity

Gnar's Q has a slow, so approach velocity can help you chase enemies down.

Default gnar runes. Because it offers enough sustain and resistances to be used in toplane. Grasp of the Undying gives enough poking power for both of your forms. Also the only viable combination for support with Guardian and Ultimate Hunter.

Go with these for maximum tenacity with Legend: Tenacity and Unflinching. You can also improve sustain with Triumph and Legend: Bloodline though domination is better at it and offers more variety.

You can also use this combination for maximum tenacity. Precision keystones are very strong. You can both use resolve features like Demolish to get ahead in lane and heal enough health to stay healthy with Fleet Footwork.

Sorcery has a variety of different choices to offer. Notably snowballing and speed bonuses. (with Celerity and Gathering Storm) Gnar can benefit very well from both. This combo is very strong to splitpush with Hullbreaker 1st item. Suited for toplane.

Trinity Force

Attack speed pairs extremely well with Hyper and provides free hybrid damage. Trinity is good with Gnar again with the Season 13 changes.

โž• Free ramping Attack Speed.
โž• Unexpected burst damage
โž• More speed
โž• Empowered Sheen Passive
โž• Great powerspike

โž– Weaker Mythic passive.


Divine Sunderer

As of now, Trinity is stronger. There is not much use for Divine left as Trinity was always Gnar's mythic. If Riot decides to buff it again I'll update.

โž• Hybrid penetration on every item
โž• Max health damage (Good with tanks)
โž• Heal while attacking

โž– Used to be ultimately better.
โž– 82% Base gold efficiency (Passive mostly negates)
โž– Less affective while in mini form



Build if you need more sustain. Bramble/Thornmail will counter this item. Good for laning and teamfights.

โž• Built with Ironspike Whip which is good for laning
โž• 110% base gold efficiency
โž• Godly sustain

โž– You need to get low on health to really kick in
โž– Kind of a bummer in mini form



Very situational, was better when it had a dash. Only build if 2+ VERY hard to catch enemies are present.

โž• Built with Ironspike Whip which is good for laning
โž• 108% base gold efficiency

โž– Only effective against very mobile champs
โž– There are better alternatives even if the enemy has mobile champs
โž– Seriously riot buff it already



It's when you're against squishy guys, force them to build armor and be useless rest of the game. Definitely go for it against champs like Teemo. Protip: Pair with cleaver.

โž• Suprisingly great shielding
โž• Penetrate even more with every item
โž• Solid with both bruiser and assasin items
โž• Great powerspike

โž– Isn't as good against tanks
โž– Very different buildpath from other items


Crown of the Shattered Queen

I've tried crown enough times that I will say It's the best AP mythic for Gnar, even with all that mana you can't use. Fixes his issues against lethality champions.

โž• Take no damage
โž• Relatively short cooldown for that passive
โž• 120% base gold efficiency

โž– 600 Mana just down the drain

Wit's End

Wit's End is the best and only item you should build for magic resistance. Even without the opposing team having any AP this item is so good on Gnar that It wouldn't matter.

โž• Tons of attack speed
โž• Deal even more hybrid damage
โž• Strong in every phase of the game
โž• Catch enemies

โž– Slightly less affective while in mega form


Blade of The Ruined King

BoRK doesn't fit much in most Gnar builds but that doesn't mean it's not good on him. Combined with Wit's End and other items, BoRK is an item you will get mostly to stop speedy bois.

โž• Solid sustain
โž• Deal even more hybrid damage
โž• The frosting on damage items
โž• ๐ŸŽต
Pentakill - Blade of the Ruined King ๐ŸŽถ

โž– Only 72% Base gold efficient
โž– Less affective while in mini form


Black Cleaver

Giving a giant cleaver to a little yordle is actually good, who knew! Black Cleaver was and still is a powerful item for him even in S12. Prioritize agains squishy targets.

โž• "Reduces" armor, so it's not bad against tanks
โž• Offers both great health and damage
โž• Equally good in both forms

โž– Only physical damage counts

Randuin's Omen

Randuin's is most effective against crit. Build it past the 15 min mark so your feeding ADC's opponent won't be a problem.

โž• Leaves no AD enemy behind
โž• Max level Nasus W slow (99%)
โž• The best get off me item for gnar

๐Ÿ†š Matchup Analysis








To be updated...


Guide Changelog
1/27/23 - Added more builds.
1/26/23 - Even more S13 updates.
1/25/23 - Added a Gnar mastery section and updated beginner stuff.
1/24/23 - Updated to fit Season 13 (returned back to game)
7/15/22 - Last update of Season 12
3/23/22 - Guide release
About Me
Please do check my twitter or itch page if you like this guide. I create games and release them for free :)
Discord: Xpoxy#6942

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