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Aatrox Build Guide by Veng Shotz

Middle [14.14] Aatrox Mega Guide 6m Master #1 worldwide MP OTP

Middle [14.14] Aatrox Mega Guide 6m Master #1 worldwide MP OTP

Updated on July 19, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Veng Shotz Build Guide By Veng Shotz 539 80 1,091,898 Views 37 Comments
539 80 1,091,898 Views 37 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Veng Shotz Aatrox Build Guide By Veng Shotz Updated on July 19, 2024
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  • LoL Champion: Aatrox
    Vanilla Conq (Toplane)+match ups
  • LoL Champion: Aatrox
    Grasp of the undying is now meta
  • LoL Champion: Aatrox
    Midlane Midtrox (+match-ups)
  • LoL Champion: Aatrox
    Glacial + Supporttrox
  • LoL Champion: Aatrox
    Comet (anti-ranged)
  • LoL Champion: Aatrox
    First Strike (half decent)
  • LoL Champion: Aatrox
    Phase Rush

Runes: My current page

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2
TP presence
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

[14.14] Aatrox Mega Guide 6m Master #1 worldwide MP OTP

By Veng Shotz
TP presence
I'll be using words and phrases that league players would generally know. I will not be covering basics of this game, champions, or naming abilities, assuming you've come here whilst already knowing the basics of league of legends and the champion. This includes other champion's skills.

Most of the match up's are under the Vanilla Conq page as most match ups dont change regardless of what runes you are using unless very specific, except for the mid lane page, that has all the match ups for mid lane.

Don't forget to look at all the notes that i wrote around the guide on builds/runes, i compacted lots of info on them.

The guide isn't 100% finished and will keep adding things to complete it, ill also edit it every patch if any items/nerfs/buffs happen.

Added viego+gwen match ups. -june 18th 2021
added : Revised Mundo rework match-up.
added: akshan match-up for midlane. aug 11 2021
added: akshan match-up for top lane. feb 1st 2022 (been popping up a lot recently and i dont spam games like i used to, sorry if this came out a bit later than it should of)
added: Udyr match-up for toplane. Wed Jan 25 2023.

August 22 2023- added naafiri to midlane match ups.

I'm still playtesting items, the current builds are still being theorycrafted.I'll continue to change the guide as time goes on.
Hello everyone, my name is Veng, I've been playing league of legends since late season 1 and started playing officially in season 3. I was a taric otp for 2 or so seasons before aatrox was released, and by season 4 i dropped every other champion's playrate by about 90% to become an aatrox one trick for nearly 10 seasons now.

Ever since the rework i have dedicated myself to relearn everything i had to, come items, synergies, match ups, and theory crafting different playstyles, runes, and so on. I decided to make this guide in the hopes to show the good people of the community that aatrox has more immediate options to help you out both in lane and in different enemy team comps and lane match ups.

Aatrox was always a staple pick after his rework, getting picked in pro play and being nerfed as a result, his mini-rework also made very beneficial changes to both his playstyle and his thematic as a champion.

Since pre season 11 with the updates to items, aatrox is stronger than he ever was, even before the removal of his revive and double dash i might say. This is now the perfect time to learn or grasp learning the champion. While he isn't a 1v9 champion, aatrox is still a very strong pick in the right hands. I'll give you both the pro's and cons of aatrox.


-First and foremost: resource less.
You never have to worry about losing mana, or buying mana items as he doesn't have any, after his rework he doesn't even have any health costs either, so you dont have to worry about slowly bleeding yourself to cast abilities.

-Hard CC on 4 abilities:
Being able to knock people up +slow/pull is great both in 1v1's and in teamfights. When paired up with a cc heavy support/jungler/ certain mid laners, you can cc lock enemies and lock them down to the point they won't be able to output their kit in teamfights. This is Knock up also stops them for auto attacking so if you're focusing an ADC you can cut DPS super hard.

-Has one of the easiest times in ranged match ups:
Regardless if you're playing either top or mid, aatrox is one of the very few melee champions in the game that can effectively counter cheese any ranged abuser. With the range on his q and your trade patterns, you can either poke or all in the enemies out of lane without getting ran down, harassed, or zoned off cs and exp.

and that also brings up to the next point

-Sustain: Aatrox has great combat sustain, while he no longer heals off minions like he used to, you can generally secure your health back in small trade patterns and keep yourself healthy during all of lane phase, with the addition to some runes you can bump up your early game sustain even higher, helping you secure a lead if you force the enemy to lose cs and exp.


-Falls off
Unfortunately because aatrox doesnt deal any % health damage, his pure physical kit gets outscaled super hard by both armor and champion levels as the game progresses, to the point you wont be able to kill adc's in a single rotation. (unless you're playing lethality midtrox)

-Slow animations
Since 80% of aatrox's powerbudget is on his Q, aatrox's damage is all loaded into an ability with a slow wind up. This gives many champions the ability to either dodge your skill shots or generally just out dps you while you wait for your abilities to hit.

-Extremely Demanding
while a lot of people think aatrox is braindead, this simply isn't true. Aatrox has one of the highest skill ceilings in the game, he is extremely mechanically intensive to the point that, if you even make a single mistake, you're most likely dead, and you lost out on a kill. Being forced to play against hyper mobile and hyper damage champions while you have to wait out 0.6 second cast times during q's means you have to know exactly what you're doing.

-Susceptible to CC
(this ones self-explanatory)

-Item dependent
(also self explanatory)

Learning Aatrox helps learning the fundamentals of the game in more ways then one, you will come to understand spacing, be more aware of your positioning, and when you should and shouldnt be using your abilities.

Aatrox is a great drain-tank, even if he falls off.
why aatrox?
(levels 1-3)
Early game wave management is almost essential to be able to lock yourself a good lead. Since 99% of junglers path top in every game, your gameplan is to literally never cast q early, as doing any damage to minions to harass your laner means that you'll lose wave health and potentially push into their turret. You have to correctly position yourself to the side to be able to hit the enemy when they walk up to last hit without hitting enemy minions.

(Levels 4-6)
While aatrox is a great lane bully, this is generally only post level 4, and when you've secured a advantage by being able to freeze a wave towards your side of lane. This allows you to force your enemy back, potentially losing out on cs and exp, and effectively trading with them without damaging the minion wave health. The best time to trade is after a new wave crashes, as you have about a minute to harass, poke, and zone before a new wave crashes into yours.

(level 6+)
If you manage to get a lane froze, and you are properly freezing it, when your enemy walks up, dont be afraid of just ulting and running them down. The MS boost will help you land your first q without needing to use E so you can use a W+E Q2 combo to secure a pull, generally unless an enemy doesnt have an escape, they'll most likely burn flash to not get hit by your Q3. Let them. You can now fast push and try to get a plate to try to reset the lane to set up another freeze, and if you do it correctly you can run them down with ult again to secure a kill while their flash is down.

Levels 7-9 you can easily poke people every 3-4 seconds with an EQ combo and zone them off cs. This is about the perfect time to abuse your poke to try to get a lead as much as you can. Forcing backs, teleports, and flashes will help you out come mid game, all because you can reliably poke and short trade with ease with how low of a CD Darkin blade has become.


You generally want to rush either damage, cdr, health, and boots (depending on the enemy)

you can always rush Dirk as its your strongest power spike item that you can get. especially if you're opting for Eclipse, in which case youre going to end up going long+pots so you can rush dirk faster.

If you opt to still rush gore instead, rushing either kindle+boots or going for ironspike whip (essential if youre going conq) will be mandatory, as the active on whip gives you a stack of conq, letting you have it stacked before you use q3, so you get the AD bonus as well as the heal for the ability if you land it.

If you're going for my grasp trinity/sunder build, you want to rush kindle for the CDR+health letting you not get insta gibbed by an all-in, the extra health may also let you survive a gank if you play your cards right, go for warhammer right after for AD+haste and finish it off with sheen before completing sunder.

otherwise go for hearthbound axe into sheen and complete trinity.
early game
Post lane phase your job is to secure as much of a lead during mid game. Aatrox shines extremely well between the 15-25min mark so try your best to get as much influence on the map as possible. If you've secured First turret you generally want to roam bot/mid and secure their turrets, set up for the next drake, get herald if its still up, ext.

Always be aware of the map if you decide to split push and set up deep wards if you are attempting to overextend to set up map pressure.

In teamfights at this point of the game you should be able to commit to fights without being absolutely bursted in a microsecond, more so if you already have steraks/maw/Deathsdance built. You have the damage to kill squishies in a rotation if you land all your abilities on them. Make sure to not overcommit fights if your team is spread out or dealing with an enemy tank/diver/assassin.

If you're behind you're not completely irrelevant but you'll most likely be nothing but a Q spam CC bot for your backline as you try to peel for your mid/adc so that the fights are won. Be sure to space in these fights correctly as a mistake on your part either means death or a lost fight.
mid game
Aatrox hard falls off post the 30 minute mark when enemies get their later levels of armor per level's and finish their builds, you'll essentially become nothing more than a meatshield while also disrupting enemies mid fight, all you can hope to do is be able to live long enough for your team to be able to clean up fights.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Veng Shotz
Veng Shotz Aatrox Guide
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[14.14] Aatrox Mega Guide 6m Master #1 worldwide MP OTP

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