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Singed Build Guide by noelMCD

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author noelMCD

3v3 The 'Beast' Singed

noelMCD Last updated on August 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Build started: August 25, 2011
Hello there fellow summoners, I am summoner noelMCD and this is what I think is a good build for Singed. This is my first ever build for any champions in the League so if there are any corrections, mistakes or comments please feel free to tell me so I can make amends.

Anyhoo, Why I make this build is still a mystery even for me because I am very secretive with my builds (maybe its a fact that I like helping other people, we will never know ^_^). This build rather a good build because it has many attribute that Singed excels on like tank, support, fighter, abilities and tower diving. When I started playing Singed a while back my team always calls me 'beast' for some reason maybe because I get 16/2/4 in one 3v3 game :P (True Story)

Now my guide will tell you why I chose those runes, masteries, items and skills. Also I will tell you how to use him in battle fiercely without reaching not less than 3 deaths and all the kills you want depending how serious you are with singed. with my guide you will be able to survive a 1v3 and killing at least 1 before escaping, supporting your team with almost not letting none of them getting killed on your watch.

I will forewarn you again that this build is for a 3v3 game, so don't scold that this build is not effective in 5v5.

Now lets get started!!!


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August 2, 2011 (11:52 p.m PST):
Changed name from "noelMCD 3v3 Singed Build" to "3v3 'The Beast' Singed.

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Pros / Cons

The pros and cons of Singed has been almost precise from other guides as well as the opinion of other players.


    Incredible Tank
    Support as well as a savior
    'Bad-***' Tower diver
    'The Beast' champion slayer
    Can survive a 1v3
    Your teammates relies to you

    Squishy at early game
    Attacks so slow
    Relies on Abilities for a kill
    Your teammates relies to you too much

note: this is my version of Singed's pros/cons there are many more that's all i can find

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My Rune choices are a bit unorthodox like most guides because truthfully I don't follow other people rune choices, I like to make my own and the fairly do the job in terms of durability and effectiveness in the lanes.

Enough AP at the beginning to hurt your enemies a little with Fling and get many minion kills with Poison Trail.

Because you will be too busy being a tank first this will help you get AP along the way.

Good for constant use of Poison Trail. I almost never close Poison Trail because of rapid mana regen.

It is really good to use because Mega Adhesive and Insanity Potion takes to long to cool down especially when you are chasing someone or trying to save you team mate

Same as Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration

Same as Greater Seal of Cooldown Reduction

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See top that is what I use.


you can pick you own depending on how you see singed

My masteries is like a hybrid of a tank and a mage.

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It's self explanatory over the item sequence on top

But if you must know...

Starting Items (lvl 1-5)

A good way to start the game and this keeps you alive until you reach level 6
*NOTE: If you were able to slay some champions that's great! you could do is buy a Elixir of Brilliance and a Sapphire Crystal now than later to get more money and level-up quickly using Poison Trail.
P.S. At this stage a good strategy is to be potion dependent but not too much, just get at least 2 potion each every time you go to the lanes, this will let you stay in lanes longer.

Early-mid game (lvl 6-11)

So you have your ultimate now, Insanity Potion, at your disposal and you can tower dive now and slay those low health enemies hugging the turret and those running for their lives!

Alternative: Buying instead of

Buying Ruby Crystal makes catalyst the protector quicker to purchase but you won't be able to be a turret diving 'bad-***'. Good thing with this though after buying catalyst the protector you can stay in lane longer and buy more items and get Giant's Belt afterwards.

Mid-Late Game (12-15)

catalyst the protector ---> --->

By that time you should get those items above by slaying many champions, if not, its okay you are probably keeping it safe and being a support-tank first its all good, as long as you don't feed we are all happy ^_^

Alternative item purchase list: catalyst the protector

This list is for against mages, the really overpowering ones. This will keep you alive until you slay them then you can die a happy Singed. is a must! Because its really a pain when minions do the final blow after a what suppose to be surviving from a fight.

Late game (lvl 16-18)

---> --->

This is your finale, you are now a juggernaut! Force of Nature will make your enemies' ability damage like an ant bite (not literary though) and make you fast, chase anyone and on the other hand run the hell out of sight. Warmog's Armor gives you a huge chunk of health as well as health regeneration as long as you kill many minions. And Banshee's Veil will save you from an incoming gank or just not letting them slow you down(not referring to the debuff).

*this item guide is just a suggestion, this is what i use in a game and it never fails for my sake*

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Skill Sequence

--->--->--->--->--->--->--->--->--->--->--->--->---> --->--->--->--->

Start will Fling, this will either separate an enemy champion form the enemy team and your team gets first blood or preventing the enemy kill one of your teammates trying to escape with little hp to spare. Then max Poison Trail first, this is Singed main ability and this is your money maker. Next of is Fling, I like fling because it gets 100% Singed's AP, cool right? not only this supports this is also a finisher, by using this when your opponent has only at least 2 or 4 bars left. A good example is Tryndamere, he won't know whats coming! (also there is a glitch that when you kill someone with Fling you can see the body of the enemy the one you Fling'ed goes up and down! so funny ^_^). Third ability is mega adhesive] awesome way to keep enemies from your squishy mates or to slowdown the enemy and slay him/her. boom! head shot! Last but not least is your ultimate, [[insanity potion this is one of the greatest ultimate of all the league of legends this is a perfect ability to tower dive, especially when one enemy is wounded then all of the sudden.. boom! Singed has ran after you and slayed you with op Fling (more on the tactics later).

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Summoner Spells

I like to make is simple, I think Heal and Ghost are both great spells for Singed
and here's why:

Heal can not only save you in early games but in late games as well. don't believe me? Okay I give you an example. On bottom late a champion is chasing you, you and the champion are both heavily wounded and you have little mana to use one ability. if you fling the champion he will die but the champion attacks faster than you and the champion knows he/she can kill you with one blow. So with Heal at the ready, he chases you, you Heal then turn around, he tries to run away but he was too late because you used Fling on him the second you use Heal. Boom! he is slain! got juked( ) by Singed. Believe me now?

Ghost is the main key to a successful tower dive, a good show of cops and robbers(if you know what i mean) and running the hell out while they eat your dust!!


: Anti-debuff is always good
: Good for early game but not recommended on late games
: You already have a slow ability, , but redundancy is fine
: Umm, you'll go fine with Ghost
: Never
: Never ever
: Let me see, no!
: Yes, no, maybe (redundant)
: Okay for 5v5 but this is a 3v3 guide
: I promise you won't reach over 4 deaths if you understand my build ^_^
: Let the others get this :P

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Ability Tactics

I have a few awesome strategies while using Singed in the fields of justice. Some may be simple and the others are quite complex, it took me 6 weeks to figure it out so be patient.


(The only thing that you will bear in mind is that never let the enemy team get first blood.)
At the start of the game about 90% of all teams go to the bottom lane and tries to get the brush first for ganking. It would be great if your team has ranged AOE. NEVER go alone, always have the support of your team when going to the brush. you will able to use Fling at least twice so be patient. What you do is tell your team that whomever champion you used Fling with will be the target! This will be a sure thing. You Heal whenever possible to keep your teammates alive to get the second kill.

In a different situation, if the team are too strong and you are forced to retreat to the turret and they are waiting in front of you, try to use Fling on the nearest champion (with the support of you mates of course) and knock him towards the turret. (This nearly doesn't work but it would be sweet if it did.


Ganking is not only a tricky strategy but you will have to depend on chance. Because the gankee(champion being ganked) has to be in the right place in the right moment you try to gank him/her ( for the champion's sake, in the wrong place in the wrong moment ^_^)

The perfect time for singed to gank is between level 4 on wards. You already have some of the items such as Boots of Swiftness and a lvl 2 Poison Trail.
To start make sure you have someone in either lanes to make this gank successful, if a lone enemy champion is in the middle of one of the lanes and your mate is coming from your side of the map, sneak through the enemy side of the lane so you and your mate are in both sides that make your gankee trapped and no other choice but to die (if the gankee tries to escape use Fling to knock the enemy within your mates reach for a kill.

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So, there you have it! Please read it first to vote and let me know what you think of it all, this is my first ever build. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask and I will answer is as soon as I can.

I will update my build after hearing from you guys. Also this is a guide after all, I am not telling you that you should copy my build (it would be nice if you did) this is merely a suggestion as I told you before.

I hope you like my build and I am excited to read your comments and I hope to see you in the fields of justice!!!

GO!! GO!!