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Hecarim Build Guide by Doaenel

Jungle *4,000,000 MASTERY* Doaenel's Season 11 Hecarim Guide

Jungle *4,000,000 MASTERY* Doaenel's Season 11 Hecarim Guide

Updated on December 26, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doaenel Build Guide By Doaenel 44 4 29,775 Views 2 Comments
44 4 29,775 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Doaenel Hecarim Build Guide By Doaenel Updated on December 26, 2020
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Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


Champion Build Guide

*4,000,000 MASTERY* Doaenel's Season 11 Hecarim Guide

By Doaenel
Hello everyone, thank you for viewing my Hecarim Jungle Guide. My name is Doaenel and I am a multi season Hecarim OTP who currently hovers around Grandmaster rank. I'm mostly known for my Hecarim Jungle and Mid lane. If you want to look at my mid lane guide, check it out HERE.

Hecarim is a champion that can carry games with his damage and insane movement speed. His gank ability and snowball pressure is one of the best in the game. The power to multi kill in team fights with an insane amount of healing makes him superior to a lot of other champions.

This guide will go over everything you need to queue up as Hecarim Jungle. If you have any questions feel free to use the links below!

Standard or Bruiser build make sure you’re going red smite. I generally decide to go a bruiser build when I'm against tanks since there is a lot more dueling.

Blue smite is better for assassin build since it gives you extra movespeed as well as instant flat damage which not only makes you one shot easier, but also gives you slipperiness to get in and out.
PASSIVE Hecarim will gain attack damage equal to a percentage of his bonus move speed.

Q The more Q stacks you have the lower CD and the more damage it does. If you have 2 Q stacks it’ll increase the damage by 10% and also increases the CD by 2 sec. See Q Stacking section for more info.

W Magic damage is dealt to enemies within the W circle. You gain back a percentage of health dependent on how much damage is done. When ganking don't use W on short trades, save it for when the fight is fully committed.

E With E you are given a speed boost and knock back. Use the knockback on E for ganks. Your E gives your auto attacks a larger range on them and if you have vision you can go over the thinner walls on the map with it. During E knockback you can use other skills as well, the common combo is using E + Q together.

R Initiating R will charge you forward causing enemies hit by the charge to be feared. You can R right after your E auto attack hits giving the enemy no time to react. If your E is about to run out and you ult, you can still get the empowered auto at the tail end

Conqueror allows for Hecarim to just jump straight into fights and kill everybody. With the damage amplification and healing it offers at full stacks, you can easily take 1v2 fights and double kill, while also being able to destroy everyone during teamfights.

This rune is a necessity. Hecarim is somewhat of a drain-tank, which means he gets low during his fights and relies on healing in order to stay alive, Triumph comes in clutch a lot of the time and allows you to keep fighting and killing everyone.

Tenacity is the most optimal Legend rune because Hecarim is a champion with very low cooldowns which means any form of CC used against him stops him from doing a good amount of damage output, no matter how long the fight has been dragging for, so Tenacity is a good stat to have.

Of all the three rune options in this section, this one is the best. Since Hecarim is a champion that gets in the thick of things while fighting and is usually targeted, he gets pretty low. Last Stand allows your damage to come in big since you're usually hovering on the edge of death most teamfights.

Running Sudden Impact is great because Hecarim's Devastating Charge and Onslaught of Shadows both count as dashes, which means you will pretty much always benefit from the lethality bonus.

This rune is very good because you heal off your Rampage, which you will use hundreds of times per game, effectively giving you around 5k - 10k healing by game end.

ASSASSIN BUILD This will be the build you run on Hecarim when you are versus 4-5 squishies, and can easily one shot the majority of the enemy team.

This item is very good on Hecarim because with the movement speed and shield it gives, it's like having Phase Rush, and makes it easy to initiate fights without dying and run people down / get out after one shotting someone.

This is another insane item because the Ravenous Hydra passive applies to everyone who gets hit by Rampage which makes it so you heal a lot, and also do a lot more damage.

This item is good since it gives a lot of damage, as well as giving a Sheen passive which you lack on other items. It is also nice because it gives mana which means you will never run OOM.

This item is good because it gives lethality and also helps with the one shotting threshhold by doing the 5% execute. It also gives crit which synergizes well with Essence Reaver, allowing you to instantly kill people.

This is a good last item because it gives movement speed with the active, and also gives lethality, which makes one shotting very easy to do.

BRUISER BUILD This will be the build you run on Hecarim when you are versus 3+ tanks and need armor penetration to be able to have a good amount of teamfight impact

This item is very good because it can be used as an animation cancel for Hecarim's Devastating Charge and Onslaught of Shadows. It also applies an AoE slow and damage to everyone which is good. Another good component of it is that it has bonus MS as its mythic passive which allows Hecarim to become even faster

This item is good because it gives you a lot of armor pen which is good to deal with tanks, and also applies a 30% slow to everyone who gets hit by your abilities in teamfights, which means pretty much everyone is permaslowed by 30%.

This item is good because it gives Hecarim a shield which helps with survivability in the later game teamfights, it also gives healing when you attack other champions which makes him very strong.

This item is good because it amplifies the healing from Triumph, Conqueror, Ravenous Hydra and Spirit of Dread.

DRAINTANK BUILD This will be the standard Hecarim build to run in most games if you don't really need to play around a certain type of champion, whether it be a team full of tanks or a team full of squishies.

This item is essential because it gives the sheen effect, and also gives healing, effectively making you do a lot more damage while also being able to tank a lot more

This is another insane item because the Ravenous Hydra passive applies to everyone who gets hit by Rampage which makes it so you heal a lot, and also do a lot more damage.

This item is good because it gives Hecarim a shield which helps with survivability in the later game teamfights, it also gives healing when you attack other champions which makes him very strong.

Death's Dance is very good for this build because it makes you take less damage initially, which gives you time to heal off all the other abilities and items you have

This item is insane because you get extra healing from literally everything, allowing you to heal for thousands a teamfight even through grievous wounds



For all builds you will build either Plated Steelcaps or Mercury's Treads depending on the enemy team comp.
Blue Buff




Red Buff


Scuttle Crab

Here is a reference video for a good Hecarim clear. You only need to watch until 2:23 to watch the clear but the full game is a good Jungle game to show how I play.

Make sure you’re stacking your Q before you go for ganks to get the most out of the damage and a lower cool down.
Don’t be afraid to gank through tower by going through their jungle and using your E to knock them back towards the middle of the lane and moving you out of tower range.

Top Lane: Top hardest to gank for Hec since there aren’t as many route options. You don’t want to start off ganks top with your R, ideally you start with your E especially if the enemy has flash up. If they have flash you can E + knockback then they burn flash and you can ult on top of them to secure a successful gank.

Mid Lane: Mid river ganks can be difficult and can only really effectively be done if the enemy mid is shoved in. Your best bet is to go through their side or over tri wall and engage with R then use the E knock back while they are unable to react. This ganking technique is a little different from the strategy you want to take when ganking top/bot lane since it’s easier for them to get back to the safety of their tower mid.

Bot Lane: Bot lane is going to be like Top lane where you want to initiate the engage with your E. If you know river brush isn’t warded you can ult over the wall at them to engage with the fear.
You want to be sure to gank in a way where enemies have the least amount of time to react as possible. [/columns]

Q Stacking

Don't spam Q randomly or you'll waste mana.

Stack Q before looking for ganks.
2 Q stacks gives 10% increased damage and a 2 second lower cool down. This is the main mechanic that you see Hecarim players use to get faster clears and higher damage output. I encourage you to use Q often when you’re clearing and before ganking have those stacks maxed out to get the most damage output + shortest CD. If you can properly maintain Q stacks you can cut out about 10 seconds from your first clear which can mean the difference between you getting that scuttle advantage or not some games.

Utilize Q to clear 2 camps at the same time. On second clear when you’re at the second blue spawn you want to aggro Blue Buff and Gromp at the same time. Focus Gromp and then switch the focus onto Blue once they’re both low you can finish them off at the same time.

When clearing Wolves you can preserve the stacks from Greater Murk Wolf down to Crimson Raptor . Having full Q stacks available ensures that you finish Raptors quicker and get over to Rift Scuttler with more health and at a faster time. Get Greater Murk Wolf fairly low and kill the small ones, you can drag the large one out to the middle of the lane on your path from Wolves to Raptors before finishing it off. Run this through a few times in practice tool so you’re familiar with the aggro bar and when you can finish it off with your Q. Maintaining those stacks you then just walk to Raptors and clear them.

You can do this same strategy from Raptors down to Krugs. You clear the small ones, maintain Q stacks and walk the largest Raptor down to the Red Buff zone before finishing it off with Q. There’s no need to burn E getting to Krugs this way and you get to them with max Q stacks still up.

From Krugs to Raptors you clear all except for one of the small ones and drag it up again and then clear it. You’ll need to clear the small krug faster than you do from Raptors to Krugs.

Clearing Camps
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doaenel
Doaenel Hecarim Guide
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*4,000,000 MASTERY* Doaenel's Season 11 Hecarim Guide

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