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Amumu Build Guide by DJMurphster

Tank [5.15] In-Depth Tank Amumu Jungle Guide

Tank [5.15] In-Depth Tank Amumu Jungle Guide

Updated on August 8, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DJMurphster Build Guide By DJMurphster 15,431 Views 0 Comments
15,431 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DJMurphster Amumu Build Guide By DJMurphster Updated on August 8, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

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Hello there Summoners, My name is DJMurphster and i'm here to show you my way of playing Amumu, The Sad Mummy. Amumu is a jungling tank with high base damage (for a tank) and high DPS. He excels at tanking AD type champions because of his E passive: Tantrum, and has very fast clears throughout the entire game. Hopefully This guide helps you with your ranked climb with your new favorite jungler! So lets sit back, listen to some good music, and enjoy my guide!
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Pros / Cons


+ 3 Aoe abilities
+ Game changing Ult
+ Pretty easy to play
+ High base damage
+ Amazing ganks post-6
+ Has % of health damage
+ Amazing wave clear
+ Has a Surprise Party Skin!! :D


- Reliant on landing Q
- Without ult = Useless
- Isn't the best peeler
- Weak early game
- Weak against mobile champions
- Can't duel early
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Ability usefulness

Cursed Touch Passive: This passive helps you with damage, and can help your mid laner, if he's AP, by lowering the enemies Magic Resist. This passive synergies well with Abyssal Scepter, which I only buy late game if the enemy team is stacking M.R, I have an AP Mid or Top laner, and somebody on your team doesn't already have it.
Bandage Toss Q: This ability is your main gap closer. Without this ability, you would have to flash to get a good ult off, or use Righteous Glory and waddle at them. Not to mention the Hitbox is broken and the stun is pretty long too. You want to be careful though, you can put yourself in a bad position by using this ability, since you can't choose to jump to the hit target or not.
Despair W: This Ability Is good against health stackers for the % of health. Late game % of health abilities are massive since all of the tanks are nice and beefy and everybody is full build. You can just melt tanks with this ability, which is why when a fight starts, I keep this ability on throughout the entire time and don't turn it off until the end. If you get a mana regeneration item, then this ability will cost you close to nothing since it drains your mana per second while in use.
Tantrum E: This ability is so perfect for Amumu. Tantrum's passive, combined with Ninja Tabi and Thornmail, ADC's around the rift will despise you. You can tank auto attacks for days with these items. Plus the second taken off from the E's active every time you take damage is perfect for him, since that's what you're supposed to do as a tank, tank the enemy abilities. And it also increases your DPS, which just boosts your teamfighting potential even higher. this is also good for popping the Banshee's Veil passive when you Q in for an ult.
Curse of the Sad Mummy R: This is Amumu's best ability. Much like any other champion, his ult is what makes Amumu such a good champion in my eyes. Getting five man ulties with this champ is just so fun and devastates the enemy team. Although it does have an amazingly high radius, I would focus on just getting the carries in your ult, as the tanks will just absorb all of the damage and walk away like nothing happened.
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Jungle Item

Ranger's Trailblazer is my go-to Jungle item. It helps you with your clears substantially sustain wise, and time wise. It gives you more time to do other things like warding and ganking.
Stalker's Blade would be my second option, I get this if i'm more focused on ganking or keeping people in reach of my W. I wouldn't reccomend this though, you're sacrificing your jungle sustain and time it takes to farm for a minor slow. Any other jungle item is not good on Amumu, don't get any other one besides these 2.


Enchantment: Cinderhulk is obvious, tank amumu means tank enchant, don't get any other enchantment, all of the other ones aren't viable on Amumu.
Frozen Heart is so great for Amumu, since it helps with your small mana problem, counters ADC's even more, and the CDR is just great for extra ults in a game. I normally get this early when i'm against champions that use attack speed, like Kayle, Aatrox, Jinx, Twitch, Etc.
Turbo Chemtank really helps with engages. It helps your team get on top of the enemy and stay there with the slow. If everythings going good and all lanes won, I normally get this as a third item unless the enemy team has really good disengage. If you are behind, don't worry about this item, it doesn't give you much tank stats, and you most likely wont be able to take fights when your behind unless its a numbers advantage.

Against AP

Locket of the Iron Solari is my go-to item against heavy AP. The active is one of the strongest of the AP tank items, and the aura,giving your team increased MR is just so good against AP Champions
Banshee's Veil is pretty good too, but I don't think it's as good as Locket. It gives you a second chance to press that R button before you get CCed down. It's also good for poke from champions like Nidalee, Kog'Maw,and Varus.
Spirit Visage I don't personally like getting, but is sort of okay on Amumu. The stats are all good, providing you with 10% CDR, witch provides you with more ults. You don't use the passive at all in any way really, plus Banshee's Veil gives you more health and MR too. I would steer clear of this item unless you really need the CDR.

Against AD

Ninja Tabi is the best kind of boots you can get on Amumu. This, plus your passive on your Tantrum, auto attacks will literally do nothing to you. I get this almost every game and normally as a second item unless we are really far ahead, then i get it as a third.
Randuin's Omen is really good on Amumu, because not only does it help with your lack of peel, you are always guaranteed to land it since you normally will be going in with you're Bandage Toss to get off an ult. The health is also really good because of the Cinderhulk 25% health multiplier.
Thornmail is perfect for Amumu. with the damage reduction on your E and your Ninja Tabi, it only makes sense to get another auto attack de-buffer. With the tank meta dying due to the new Enchantment: Devourer, and some other significant changes, You almost always need thornmail, since those Sated junglers will melt everybody. ADCs that don't auto too much don't really get effected by this item though, like Corki, and Ezreal.


Abyssal Mask is very situational. I only get it when the enemy team is stacking MR, and one of my teamates don't already have it. The magic resist is also pretty strong too, and the AP can give you a little bit of a push on your damage side. Remember though, you are the tank, you aren't necessarily supposed to be the one doing the damage.
Ruby Sightstone has been growing in popularity ever since the tank meta came into effect. Although it doesn't give you too much health, it saves you a lot of money since you don't have to buy Stealth Wards any more and you will always have more than 6 wards out on the map constantly at a time, considering your support is doing his job as well. Wards are very under-estimated, I've been in games where wards have literally won games. For example; the enemy team started baron with all of our team up, we spot them way before they even started it and are already ready to bring it on. Not only do we steal the baron, because of my superior Smiting skills, but we also Ace their team, pushing towards then Nexus to win the game. If we did't have that ward their we might've not reacted fast enough, and it would have ended up in a free baron for them.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter I only normally get when i'm fed or just too tanky. (trust me, this happens sometimes.) With the new slow that's coming out for it soon, AOE slows will be absolutely OP for a lot of champions. I might look at it as an Essential in my build path if it ends up to be amazing on Amumu.
Iceborn Gauntlet synergies well with your passive, since you need to bop them with your head to activate both passives. Now, not only do you slow them with Iceborn, but you're also lowering their MR with Cursed Touch. The mana is great, but the armor could be better. I normally get this as a substitute of Frozen Heart, if The passive on it is useless against the enemy team.
Zz'Rot Portal is okay in some circumstances. It can be used to keep lanes pushed, or to help you take down Inhibitor towers. It's not the best at shutting down split-pusher's though as they ignore champions and only attack towers. Plus, the more tanky you are, the more damage these little Voidlings do.
Liandry's Torment synergies well with Despair since it gives you more % of health damage, and the health is okay for some more tankiness. You don't really use the Magic penetration though, so that's kind of a waste. I only get this if we are lacking in AP damage, and I get it as my 4th Item.
Banner of Command is perfect against a heavy AP team, as they won't be able to kill the buffed minion on their own, and it's also amazing for pushing lanes. Just drop a buff on one of the cannon minions and watch him push the lane all the way to their Inhibitor towers. The CDR is nice, but the tank stats aren't the best. Only get this if they have 2 AP Carries or more, and if you are ahead by a good amount. I would recommend always putting the active on either a Cannon minion, or a super minion, as putting it on the other ones would waste it, due to how weak they already are.

If You're Fed, and Consumables

Warmog's Armor is great when you're fed. Since the enemy will be behind, they will most likely be low on items as well, which means they do less damage. But true damage always does the same amount of damage only based on it's leveling and can't be blocked by MR or armor. Therefor health is the only thing that counters True damage, and that will mostly be the only thing that's dealing damage on the enemy team. Also, you will be high on gold, so buying warmog's wouldn't put you behind in the slightest, like it would if you bought it when you weren't ahead.
Rod of Ages is good on any AP tank, but I would only get it when you're ahead since you aren't against a laner early, and the Cinderhulk enchantment already makes your clears great, so the damage is basically put to waste until later stages of the game. Get this as a 2nd item, in replacement of Turbo Chemtank when you're substantially ahead (the score is around 8-0).
Elixir of Iron Is the only Elixer that's good on Amumu. I get it on all of my tank junglers. Eating Death Sentence for your ADC also becomes easier with the Tenacity, and it's a lot harder to kite you as well.
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Farming, Ganking, & Warding

I've learned that taking the buffs early levels a certain way, can help your clears greatly. When taking the Red or Blue Buff, notice how the small henchmen are ranged, in the picture below. This is really important in pulling this off. Look at where i'm at on the camp. See how the sentry on the top side isn't taking any damage? Okay, lets recap on how my E works, Tantrum. Since the sentry will stay alive during the duration of you clear the camp, and it doesn't do much damage, you will have a faster clear due to it constantly attacking you and taking time off of your E. Plus, since it's just a mini sentry, it won't drain your health like the other, bigger monsters do. It's a very good tactic and i use it in all my games as Amumu

Things To Do When You're Not Farming
+ Ward
+ Gank
+ Kill Scuttle Crab
+ Don't miss smite
+ Don't give blue to feeding mid
+ Take note of enemy summoner Cooldowns
+ Cover for lanes that have backed
+ Press tab often

Things NOT To Do When you're not farming
- Go back for no reason
- Gank when your low and die
- Solo dragon
- Go back when the enemy is setting up for Dragon
- Miss your Bandage Toss

Some pointers

Pink Ward Placements:

- Try not to put your pink ward in the same places once they get destroyed

- Put them in bushes, unless it's at Baron or Dragon, or unless you are sure you can protect it

- Take notice that Pinks also give true sight, so they can see through things like Twitch's Ambush, and Shaco's Deceive and can spot Stealth Wards

- Placing them at buffs ensures that enemies don't have vision of them and can't take it without you knowing. I like to place one at Blue if i'm playing a mana hungry champion.

Normal Starts:

- Try not to go back unless you have enough gold to buy your smite buff and a few Health Pots

- Do these starts when there is nothing else you could possibly do otherwise

- Take note that you aren't learning anything or becoming a better player by using these routes and it won't help you grow to be a better early game player

- Try not to finish Blue Buff and recall right after, because you are wasting time on the buff. Red Buff isn't too big of a problem, but your bops won't slow, but hey, that's what Frozen Mallet is for!

Invade Paths:

- Only invade when either; you know where the enemy jungler has started (He ganked top or bot early, or he was spotted by a ward), have a ward, you aren't low, and you have planned your escape if something were to happen.

- I don't recommend invading with any tank if you aren't sure where the enemy jungler is, as tanks generally have low damage, and you could easily lose the duel.

- Don't spend all of your time in the enemy jungle, I generally only take 2 camps and then leave

- Always kill all the monsters when killing the buffs, so you know the respawn time so you can invade again. Leaving monsters on the smaller camps are recommended though.

- If you invade and die, it's your fault, and you need to make it up with farm and successful ganks to get you back in the lead.

Gank Paths:

- I Always get Rift Scuttler before I gank if I have time to, because it greatly reduces the chance of counter-ganks, is a ward that speeds you up and can't be destroyed, gives you health for killing it, and since it's a cowardly monster, you don't lose health for taking it. You also should cc it with q, as they take increased damage when they get hard cced.

- Don't gank when your laner is low (unless you can solo the opponent, or you can peel him from your team mate so he can get free hits off of him)

- Press tab to see what kinds of items the person your ganking has, and compare to your laner and yourself.

- Ask yourself; "How will i get this kill?" and "How will I react if the opponent flashes?"

- Have the raptor buff to clean out possible wards placed, so your appearance isn't a total waste if they warded the brush

- Try to steer clear of top lane ganks if you think the opponent will go for dragon soon.

If you follow these pointers, they will help you become a better jungler over-all, with any champion.
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When to pick Amumu

Coming Soon!
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Thank's a lot if you got this far! It really means a lot to me since I spent a really long time making this guide. Tell me what champion you guys want next, or point out some mistakes in this guide! All feedback is greatly appreciated, whether it be constructive criticism or a simple compliment. Thank you all for reading my in-depth guide on Amumu and I hpe you all get tons for freelo from this guide! See you on the rift!! :D
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DJMurphster
DJMurphster Amumu Guide
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[5.15] In-Depth Tank Amumu Jungle Guide

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