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Ryze Build Guide by Faszus

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Faszus

[5.7] Annoying Blue Baldie [DEAD]

Faszus Last updated on April 29, 2015
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Team 1

Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 13

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 0


Utility: 17

Threats to Ryze with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Jax Keep hitting him with your Q, if he jumps to you, use you W and run out of his stun range, never 1v1 her.
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Hello everyone, I'm know at the LaS server as BlazeYour****er.

Now, I know i'm not the best Ryze player, not even close, but I do love playing him, so in this guide you're going to read my way to play him.

Remember that there are a lot of ways to play him, this is just mine.

So, i decided to write a guide for my fave champ, Ryze, and tell the world, HE IS NOT DEAD.

In patch 4.19, his precious Q got nerfed, because of his "Powefull early lane phase", I have a message to all you people think he is dead, because he isn't.

First guide, so please don't be so though. Also, as you can realize, English is not my primary language, it's Spanish, so if I commit any foolish mistake, let me know please.

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Ryze's Move set

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Ryze's Passive

When Ryze casts a spell, all other spells have their cooldown reduced by 1 second.

Ryze's Q

(Passive): Ryze gains 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 % cooldown reduction.

(Active): Ryze throws a charge of pure energy at an enemy unit, dealing 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 (+40% of ability power) magic damage plus additional damage equal to 6.5% of Ryze's maximum mana.

Ryze's W

Ryze traps an enemy unit, preventing them from moving for .75 / 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 second(s) and dealing 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 / 200 (+60% of ability power) magic damage plus 4.5% of Ryze's maximum mana.

Ryze's E

Ryze unleashes a bouncing orb of magical power which bounces to enemy units or himself, up to 5 times (for a total of 6 hits). Each bounce deals 50 / 70 / 90 / 110 / 130 (+35% of ability power) (+1% of maximum mana) magic damage and reduces the target's Magic Resistance by 12 / 15 / 18 / 21 / 24. Prioritizes enemy champions.

Ryze's R

Active: Ryze becomes supercharged for 5 / 6 / 7 seconds, gaining 15 / 20 / 25 % spell vamp, causing his spells to deal 50% AoE damage, and granting him 80 movement speed.

We're going to be maxing Overload first since it's our primary source of damage and also our poking/farming ability.
Next, I max Rune Prison this increases the binding duration.
We're going to take Desperate Power everytime it's avaible to.

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Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Glyph of Mana

Runes, the runes i used to use were the same BUT, flat armor seals.

Greater Seal of Health
I realized that when i went against any magic damage based champ, i'll always get beated, so I needed to find a way to get that amazing Ryze's survival power, I decided to test this seals.
Now, they're still in test, i'll be looking towards finding the best rune set for Ryze.

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration + Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
The reason why I take all this MPen is to balance the nerf. I needed to recover that early damage that ryze used to have, so i took all this MPen and do certainly a ridiculous amount of damage in no time with Ryze.

Greater Glyph of Mana
As for glyph, I think Mana Glyph are a MUST HAVE for this Champ, the reason is just the amount of damage you have in the early phase increase significantly

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Not really the best ones for defensive playing, but this will asure you a decent sustain in lane.

Another interest thing in this masteries is that you can actually do damage with your AA, so can actually last hit creeps easily and a have a great poke with your Q Overload + AA.

Also, i grab that 6 points in the utility because of the mana regen and a very important attribute for Ryze, Movement speed, this will not only help you escape, but to assure the escape of no one.

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Pros / Cons


- Easy to use
- Great laning phase
- Good survival capability at mid/late game
- Cheap champ
- Is Tanky at high levels
- Fun
- Can carry!


- It's easy to use, but it's hard to master it
- Lacks early survivality
- Uses lots of abilities to farm
- He's bald D:
- Never pick him first in soloQ... PLEASE

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As a i said early in the guide, In my opinion Movement Speed is very important in Ryze, this will proc with your Righteous Glory and your R Desperate Power.
Again, this will assure you a 100% of killing someone if you have the damage to.

I really think it's the most important spell for a top laner, this will help you to get on your tower quick and to not miss that precious CS which is necessary in Ryze

What this gives you is early damage power for kills, provided that in mid you aren't the champ with the enough damage to kill, it's a requirement

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Ryze really depends on items and CDR, so i ussually end up building something like

Sorcerer's Shoes Frozen Heart Spirit Visage Rod of Ages Righteous Glory Seraph's Embrace

As this gives me all I want for Ryze: CDR, Damage and Survival capacity

But, since not all team compositions are the same, we can choose from some of these items:

Offensive items

I've picked this like twice in all ryze's games i've done, it increases your damage at late game, get it only if fed and need more damage. It isn't the best offensive item for Ryze

Get this if you need sustain in lane and/or 1v1 power.

Because of the range of Ryze's abilities this item will work well, again use this for 1v1 power.

This is underrated, but this procs extremely well with Iceborn Gauntlet.

If this wasn't that expensive, this would be by far the best offensive item for Ryze, it gives you a AOE + Burst + Movement!

Defensive items

Take this only if the other team has a heavy AP composition.

I don't ussually take it unless there is no need for spirit visage, with this you may do heavy damage by spamming your skills followed by AA.

I ussually just take Sorcerer's Shoes but, since ryze isn't just a Mage, this will work if there's a fed AD Carry, or any champ who relies heavily on AA.

Take this if enemy team have tons of CC.

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Tips & Tricks


- When chasing someone never use all your sources of movement speed, always save one in case you need to run away.
- When running away never use your Desperate Power. Unless it's necessary.
- A small trick when you're playing against a heavy damage top is to poke him not only with Overload but with Rune Prison and Spell Flux since that will stablished certain limits.
- Start any combo with Overload since it's your main source of damage, that will make its CD lower faster with Arcane Mastery
- You can farm big waves of minions with Desperate Power and also heal yourself.
- Always use smart cast on Ryze abilities

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Well, I really appreciate you guys help me out with a comment, if you liked this guide share it, if you see any mistake or tip, please let me know it in comments or via PM.

Hope you guys liked it and enjoy playing this amazing champ.

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Ryze's changes

I'm gonna start adding Ryze's changes starting from 5.6 update...

- V. 5.6: damage increased from 40/60/80/100/120 magic damage to 55/75/95/115/135 magic damage.

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I'm sorry for not adding this earlier...

- 25/03/15: Changelog added.
- 25/03/15: Added Ryze's changes section.
- 25/03/15: Updated guide for 5.6
- 29/04/15: Ryze's update, this guide won't work anymore, hated it, not planning on doing another one.