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Shaco Build Guide by CarryClown

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CarryClown

[8.1] One-Tapping the enemies! - Master/Challenger Shaco Gui

CarryClown Last updated on January 17, 2018
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Assassin Shaco Jungle

Shaco Build

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Hello everyone! My name is Carry Clown. I'm a Challenger Shaco main and I'm also a YouTuber who uploads montages, edited clips and gameplays. Feel free to visit my channel if you want:

I'm also sometimes streaming on Twitch, here is my link in case you are interested in educational Shaco streams:

But why do I like Shaco that much? It's pretty simple to explain: He's (in my opinion) the most fun champion to play in the game, he can do some great outplays, mind games and he is really hard to master. Only a true, dedicated Shaco player can truly play him perfect. I got around 1,900,000 mastery points on Shaco if I combine all my accounts. Alright, let's get started!

Russia (Season 7):

EUW (Season 8):

Note: This guide isn't completly done! I will for sure add more things like item customization, match-ups, videos, ganking routes and even more!

In general, Shaco is a sneaky jungler with a lot of counterjungling, ganking and solo-killing potential. But every champion has their strengths and weaknesses. He received a lot of nerfs recently, but got a pretty neat damage change in Patch 7.13 on his E (which makes Assassin Shaco even better).

Pros Cons
+ Strong ganks with Deceive, a passive slow of Two-Shiv Poison and a fear of Jack In The Box if done correctly. - Squishy if you play Assassin Shaco. If you don't feel comfortable while playing Assassin Shaco, I recommend you to play Bruiser Shaco.
+ Very fast full jungle clear without HP loss if done correctly (check the tab Jungle Clear for more information). - Easy to counter your Jack In The Box and Deceive with the free trinkets Sweeping Lens and Oracle Alteration.
+ Good Splitpusher with Hallucinate and Tiamat. - Countered by items like Zhonya's Hourglass or Guardian Angel.
+ Almost impossible to catch because of your Deceive, which allows you to blink away up to 400 units and your 4,5 seconds invisibility if fully maxed. - You will need a lot of practice to be decent with Shaco's Kit (good timing with Hallucinate to avoid enemy spells, controlling your clone, knowing your and the enemy's damage output, mind games and much more).
+ Pretty funny to play.
+ Can solo carry games. - Can solo lose games.

Shaco has a very tricky kit compared to other champions. You have many ways to escape, start a teamfight, getting picks and much more. But how do you make your abilities efficient?

With this passive, you basically get free damage when attacking an enemy from behind, which shouldn't be too hard with Deceive. You always have to make use of this powerful passive while jungling since it doubles your auto attack damage every 3 or less seconds. This passive is also affected by Infinity Edge. Please always make use of this passive. When counterjungling, when assassinating an enemy and when farming in the jungle!

This ability is pretty much your way to safety, setting up a gank, initiating a teamfight and much more. Be careful when using this ability in the early game, since this ability has a high cooldown and a very short invisibility time early.

Boxes are pretty important for Shaco, you can use them for a faster jungle clear, as wards, as an escape route or simply for ganking. They are way more useful than you probably think!

Two-Shiv Poison is a point-and-click ability which should mostly be used to finish low HP targets at the end of your combo. The active also slows the enemy, so you can keep up with someone, if they are trying to run away from you. Make sure to use the passive slow of this ability before using it on ganks. You should also wait a bit before using this in a fight, since it does more damage when your target's HP is lower.

Hallucinate is a very easy way to survive spells like Requiem of Karthus or Ace in the Hole of Caitlyn. You can use the clone to zone someone, 1v1'ing and scouting. Or simply just distract people and secure kills.

There are multiple ways to start the early game with Shaco. You can either go for a full clear, so you finish the entire jungle by 3:27 and you end up at the krugs with level 4, or you do a fast level 4 clear within 3:01 by abusing the catch up expierience or you go for a cheesy invade after you did your blue buff.

The first way is really safe, but removes some of your early pressure. I made a video about that clear on how you can perfectly do it without losing HP and without getting a leash.

If you want to invade the enemy jungler, you should put 4 boxes at your blue buff. After that, you instantly do it and then you skill your Q at level 2, you jump to the enemy jungler's red and after doing that one, you jump over to his krugs. After that, you have successfully stolen 2 camps from the enemy jungler and you are level 3 with a double buff. After that, you can continue to farm in your own jungle, you can go for a gank or you try to trap the enemy jungler at his red.

Deceive (Q):

Spoiler: Click to view

Jack In The Box (W):

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Two-Shiv Poison (E):

Spoiler: Click to view

Hallucinate (R):

Spoiler: Click to view

Electrocute - This is probably the best keystone for Shaco right now. Electrocute is very similar to Thunderlord's Decree , it offers you bonus damage, if you are able to damage your target with 3 abilities or auto attacks. Electrocute is also being proced by Ignite or Skirmisher's Sabre's red smite damage. You could use Dark Harvest for Shaco too, but it offers very low damage in the early to mid game. Games usually last 20 to 30 minutes in average in the current meta, which means that you are missing a lot of bonus damage in the early game to mid game to win the game more easily.

Sudden Impact - Offers you more lethality when you use you Q. I recommend you to take this over Cheap Shot and Taste of Blood.

Zombie Ward - I'm feeling like this rune will get nerfed in the future. It allows you to put up so much vision even without having Sightstone or Tracker's Knife. You gain free wards when destroying enemy one's with Control Wards or Sweeping Lens.

Relentless Hunter - Personal preference, I enjoy that bonus out of combat movement speed.

Scorch - Adds more damage to your burst.

Absolute Focus - Again, it adds more damage to your already existing burst.

This is the end! Thank you all reading my guide, I hope you have learned something! You can add me on my challenger account on the Russian server (IGN: EUW SHACO IMPORT) if you have any questions left. You sadly can't add me on my EUW main, since my friend list is full for 2 seasons already.