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Shaco Build Guide by oOo Austin oOo

Jungle [8.13] (Almost Done Updating Chapters!) Diamond Jungle Shaco

Jungle [8.13] (Almost Done Updating Chapters!) Diamond Jungle Shaco

Updated on July 8, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author oOo Austin oOo Build Guide By oOo Austin oOo 100 9 3,414,246 Views 99 Comments
100 9 3,414,246 Views 99 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author oOo Austin oOo Shaco Build Guide By oOo Austin oOo Updated on July 8, 2018
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Recommended Items


Sudden Impact
Zombie Ward
Relentless Hunter

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Hey everyone, Pfeff here, and this is my Shaco guide. This is my first guide, and I've worked my hardest making it. I would really appreciate feedback and/or corrections/suggestions. Shaco is one of the most fun champions due to his unique play style, and his kit.
So here we go everyone. It's time to present to you my Shaco guide. I put many hours into this guide, so please reconsider any downvoting before trying out the guide. Once again, thank you for taking your time and checking out my Shaco guide.

Who are you and why should I listen to you? I'm currently a Diamond Shaco main on the NA server. I have hundreds of games of experience with Shaco. To show you that my guide actually does work, here's a bit of proof:

Check out my DIRTY Shaco Montage!
Take a look at a recent ranked winspree I had with him!

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Pros / Cons


+ Amazing Assassin
+ He can flash. While invisible. Every 9 seconds.
+ Permaslow passive on Two-Shiv Poison and a fear from Jack In The Box
+ Very strong splitpush with Tiamat, Deceive, Jack In The Box, and Hallucinate.
+ You can dodge almost anything with his ultimate; Hallucinate.
Shaco is extremely fun, not to mention a he's a thriving solo queue champion. His kit makes him one of the most slippery champions, and having the potential to carry games. Personally, I think Shaco is one of the best gankers in the game due to his Deceive, Jack In The Box and Two-Shiv Poison. On the other hand, many people think Shaco doesn't bring much to offer in teamfights, but trust me, they'll change their minds by the end of the game.


- Very Squishy.
- No escapes after you Deceive.
- Revealed by Oracle's Lens, damage over time abilites applied to Shaco, Sonic Wave, and Tempest.
- Countered by Guardian Angel and Zhonya's Hourglass.
Shaco is more easily countered in late game scenarios. He gets completely blown up late game if affected with any type of stun/snare, he can be countered by true vision, and the two items mentioned to the left. Usually when playing Shaco, you should try to be ending the game before the enemy team can reach their full builds.
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Shaco's basic attacks and Deceive critically strike for 130% AD (+ 40% AP) when hitting enemies from behind, increased to 200% AD (+ 40% AP) against monsters. Remember to ALWAYS use this skill when jungling, assassinating targets, and ganking. It should become a habit when playing Shaco to always be running around to the backside of jungle creeps, helps when holding a lane when last hitting, and always opening up a gank or assassination from behind if possible to get the BIG CRIT!

ACTIVE: After a 0.125-second delay, Shaco blinks to the target location, temporarily becoming Twilight Shroud invisible for a few seconds. After exiting invisibility, his next basic attack within 0.25 seconds deals bonus physical damage and within 2.5 seconds reduces Deceive's cooldown by 2.5 seconds. Deceive's Twilight Shroud invisibility is not removed when Shaco casts Hallucinate Hallucinate, while casting Jack in the Box Jack in the Box causes him to shimmer without removing it.
This is the ability that makes Shaco, Shaco. This skill is pretty much a free flash with the bonus of becoming invisible for however many seconds depending on your level AND guaranteeing your next attack to do bonus damage. Use this skill to escape, gank, or even catching up to someone. Remember the enemy can see the smoke when Shaco uses Deceive, so try to use it in a spot they aren't watching on their screen.

Jack in the box
Deploy a box that lasts for one minute. If enemies come close to the stealthed box, it will fire shots which do magic damage and fear them for an amount of time.
This ability helps Shaco in the jungle, by tanking the jungle creeps, and allowing faster clear times. The box fears enemies, so this is also an important tool in dueling, counter jungling, and ganking. When jungling, place the box behind the monster, let the box take aggro, and enjoy your free Backstab procs from behind. When ganking, place a Jack In The Box behind the enemy where they will run. This will change their course of direction, fear them and end up in their death, or force a flash. Don't underestimate this skill! Late game spamming boxes around a teamfight could occur can really change games; it's such an interrupting spell with a 1.5 second fear at max rank.

Two-Shiv Poison
PASSIVE: Shaco's basic attacks Slow icon slow enemies for 2 seconds while Two-Shiv Poison is off cooldown. ACTIVE: Shaco throws a dagger at the target enemy, Slow icon slowing them for 3 seconds and dealing Attack damage physical damage, increased by 0% - 50% (based on target's missing health).
Always remember the passive on this skill! When ganking, keep auto-attacking for a "permaslow" and then throw your shiv for the finishing move since it will do more damage based on your target's missing health.

FIRST CAST: Shaco Hallucinate vanishes for 0.5 seconds and creates a Hallucination of himself at his side, remaining within tether range of him as a controllable pet for up to 18 seconds. SECOND CAST: While the Hallucination is active, Hallucinate can be used to move it to the target location. When the Hallucination dies or expires it explodes, dealing Ability power magic damage in an area of effect and spawns three Jack In The Box mini-boxes. The three boxes remains on the battlefield 6 seconds, share health and activate together, Flee icon fearing nearby enemies for 0.75 seconds.
Hallucinate can be used to dodge skills like Requiem, Final Spark, Trueshot Barrage, and Vault Breaker. You can save your own life with this skill, but there are more uses for this skill. When dueling an enemy, you can Hallucinate to confuse them, and also deal more damage to them. You can use this skill to send in your clone on a tower dive mission, and explode in their face, and they can't do anything about it. Lastly, this skill can easily let you solo dragon. Send your clone to the back of the dragon, so he will tank it, and you get Backstab damage on the dragon. Remember to only dragon if it is safe. Usually when the time is right, your team will also help you secure this objective.
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Summoner Spells

Ignite is my recommended second summoner spell for more kill potential and to snowball the game. You're a jungler, duh. Exhaust is the other maybe viable summoner on Shaco. It's really rare to find a game where you'd rather have Exhaust than Ignite, but it's still an option.
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  • Electrocute: What a fantastic keystone for my boy Shaco. Electrocute is so good for any assassin, and it really shines throughout the whole game. Since we're on Patch 8.13, it's all about early game pressure and snowball. Electrocute provides just that. It can be proc'ed with Backstab after Deceive, Two-Shiv Poison, and another auto-attack or Ignite. Currently this is better than Dark Harvest to due the early game snowball.

Sudden Impact

Zombie Ward

Relentless Hunter
  • Relentless Hunter: Pretty much your only option in this case, but it's a good one. Movespeed is so important to be able to gank and be where you need to be at the right time. Underrated in my opinion!

Absolute Focus
  • Absolute Focus: I've realized every time you're ganking, you're almost always over 70% HP, and this mastery gives a good boost to your AD. I believe this is the best and most practical option after the Celerity nerf.

Gathering Storm
  • Gathering Storm: This is a super good rune as it scales throughout the game. Although most games end pretty quickly in this meta, it helps even at 20 minutes. This is also a great rune to propel your snowball. I've tried Scorch but it's not a lot of damage at all. Gathering Storm could be traded out for Waterwalking, but I still believe GS has a more positive impact.
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Skill Sequence




















This skill sequence will maximize your early to mid game damage, and allow you to snowball most effectively. Putting three points in Deceive is all we need, as any invisibility over 3 seconds should be seen as a luxury. Putting 3 points into Deceive and switching our attention to Two-Shiv Poison will maximize Shaco's damage. Obviously, level up ultimate at 6, 11, and 16, as usual with any champion. Finish out maxing Deceive after Two-Shiv Poison, and end the sequence with Jack In The Box max.
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I feel like this item is practically part of my kit. I try to get an early Tiamat after every first back if possible. It's such a good item you don't even need to upgrade it until last item late game. Tiamat gives the most power to clearing camps and more burst damage. Such a good item I can't stress it enough.[/u]

Berserker's Greaves are perfect to Shaco giving him movespeed (of course) for more ganks, and attack speed for faster clear and better ganks. Could be traded out for Mobility Boots but the attack speed feels so nice you gotta try it!

What a blessing this item is for any AD assassin. Duskblade will always proc when Shaco Deceives giving his burst the extra damage it needs. Buying this item feels so good especially when you are ahead. Also great to have the Oracle passive to see if the enemy knows you are coming or not. And it one shots the ward xD. The true snowball item for the snowball king.

This item's insane!! Once you have your core of Tiamat, berserkers greaves, Duskblade of Draktharr, and now a Trinity Force, holy moly say goodbye to the enemy squishy. This item makes Shaco feel so fast and efficient. It adds burst through the Sheen, more attack speed, and movespeed on hit with Phage. This is a must buy I'm telling you!!

This item is so freakin' good right now my fellow guide readers. It's decently cheap while giving you more AD and survivability. Building this item is good too, being able to sit on a Stopwatch before transforming it into its real form Guardian Angel. Imagine being behind to a Shaco one shotting your ADC or mid every fight. You see he has a Guardian Angel. Like what do you even do? It feels like a life sentence. I'd usually recommend this item after core items!

Youmuu's Ghostblade is a really good item on Shaco as he can benefit from all of the stats it provides. You'll be the fastest Jester in all of town with this active. Buy this if the enemy is not buying armor!

I usually don't buy this item because my games don't last this long, but if the enemy ADC has lifesteal and a Guardian Angel, this is your best bet for success. Shredding through the armor and reducing their healing. Also good against mid laners with Zhonya's Hourglass.

Very very last item for the boy wonder Shaco. Adds to your burst and gives you a couple other stats, if you are building this, GOOD LUCK IN YOUR LAST TEAMFIGHT!
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Creeping / Jungling

As, Shaco I always start at the Blue Guardian and Gromp . Place two Jack In The Boxes down where the Gromp will spawn starting at 0:56, and two in the bush at Blue Guardian. The Jack In The Box will last one minute, so the box place at 0:56 will still trigger. As Shaco, you should almost always let your boxes tank the bigger monster. After smiting down Gromp , I get the Blue Guardian to walk into the bush with two jack in the boxes (which were not triggered) and get Blue Buff. Then I go to Brambleback. I will tank 2-3 hits from the Brambleback then my box will tank the rest. ALWAYS remember to place your box behind the jungle creep for extra Backstab damage. You should be level 3 after that, so gank, gank, gank! As Shaco your job is to constantly gank/counter gank. You should not be farming the junge creeps all game. I usually just try to get wolves, raptors, and my buffs of course for some extra gold. Late game, you are a splitpushing MONSTER. Your kit makes Shaco one of the scariest, most annoying split pushers in League. Place Jack In The Boxes around for escape routes, or to give vision of where enemies may come from. Your Statikk Shiv + Ravenous Hydra lets you clear waves with ease. I usually do not use Hallucinate to take down towers unless you know they will be coming very soon, and you need to get the tower and get out. Deceive is what makes Shaco's splitpushing amazing. You can do so many things with this skill. When 2 or more people come for you, you can fake a Deceive over the wall, and go backwards. Or, if a squishy target splits away from the group, you can assassinate them, making any death of yours of course, "worth". Chasing a Shaco wastes the enemies time, and can secure your team other objectives across the map.
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Team Work

NEVER ENGAGE. EVER. You should never be engaging as Shaco because you are so squishy, and if you are hit with any type of CC, you are useless and dead. You need your top lane or support to engage the fight, and you go in for the assassination for the enemy AP/AD Carry. Once either their team or your team engages, more of their teams CC will be used, and you have a better chance of assassinating your target. I usually come from the side over a wall instead of where they can see me Deceive. Always try to get your Backstab bonus damage, and DO NOT forget to use your Youmuu's Ghostblade and Ravenous Hydra actives. Always try to use Hallucinate after you kill the enemy ADC or if they barely get away. Hallucinate adds confusion to the battle and the enemies feel outnumbered and helpless. Be sure to set up a few Jack In The Boxes around, because you never know how the fear could change someones fate.
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Thanks for reading my guide! Again, I would love any feedback and/or suggestions you can give me. I will be continually updating my guide throughout the patches, reworks, and new champions. I hope my guide has helped you learn the champion Shaco, and improve your play! Good luck on the rift my clowns!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author oOo Austin oOo
oOo Austin oOo Shaco Guide
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[8.13] (Almost Done Updating Chapters!) Diamond Jungle Shaco

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