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Galio Build Guide by JunglerBuilds

Jungle platinum

[8.13] Jungalio

By JunglerBuilds | Updated on July 7, 2018
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Well, to start off, I play Galio as a full tank protective jungler. I think he has the best potential to be that, also his kit is full of CC, which is why he's that good of a jungler, and really good in teamfights. His early ganks aren't the best but if u you catch the enemy off-guard they won't be able to do anything because of your vast amount of cc.

There will be a more in depth look at his kit later in the guide.
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Pros / Cons

+ Excels at initiating a fight
+ Good protection
+ AOE Damage

- Dependent on his allies to support him
- No good escape
- Pretty bad jungle clear
- High cooldowns early game
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Summoner spells

- Flash is an insanely good summoner spell, and it is taken on most champions. Even though in theory it doesn't seem like much, it can actually be insanely good. Can't go over to steal an important objective? Flash's got you covered. Catching up to someone but can't just cover the distance? This summoner spell can help out with that as well. Generally speaking, it's the best summoner spell out there, with such playmaking potential it's just too hard not to take it.

- It's just the regular jungler summoner spell, nothing to explain here. You can't even buy the jungle item without it, so if you're going jungle you're going to have a tough time.
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His kit has a lot of CC, as i mentioned earlier, but it also has a lot of protecting aspects.
But first, let's get to know his kit, before explaining it in depth.
- Passive
This is good for clearing the raptors and getting that damage off, take note that it scales with your MR, so buying MR items is usually good.

- Q
It is your primary damage dealing ability, it's very useful in jungling as it provides % health damage, which is good for clearing the big buffs, since they have a lot of health.

- W
A very defensive ability. It passively provides an extra magic damage shield that scales with your max health. When you activate it, it creates an AOE taunt area which increases as you're channeling it. The longer you channel, the bigger the area gets. When you stop channeling it, it taunts all nearby enemy champions and gives you damage reduction (scales with MR). This is the key ability when protecting your teammates.

- E
An offensive ability, but can be used in a protective kind of way. Also your only effective gap closer when trying to gank. It can be used in 2 ways when ganking
1) Use E first to get close, then use your W to taunt them and wait for your allies to follow up;
2) This applies to when you're generally close to your enemies in the first place - use your W first and when the taunt ends use your E to make the most out of your CC. This is most effective when enemies are pushing the lane and your allies are ready to attack.

- Ultimate
This is just an overall very nice ability for protecting your friends in teamfights, or ganking in early game. Scales with MR so it's very useful to buy items that are mentioned. But note that it has a long cooldown early on, so try to use it wisely and judge the situation before using it while trying to gank. Maybe wait for your friends to start the fight, then if they are losing or if they CC the enemy use your R to use it with maximum potential. In late game just use it when your carry is getting focused and I'm sure you won't make a mistake by using it that way.

So the general skill sequence should go something like this.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
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This rune is good because Galio has a lot of cc. his e, w and ultimate are all really good with this rune. best out of the 3, in my mind.

Helps you survive early fights, it's useful and can tank a lot damage while ganking.

Better than the other 2 runes, since they're mostly lane oriented and this is a jungle guide! Good in late game, since it'll give you actually not that bad of an amount.

Good with most tanks, jungle camps grant bonus hp, and it's going to be quite good since you're going to be building tanky items. This is going to grant around 400 hp in the late game, so the rune by itself is actually quite good.

If you're going to gank a lot then this is the rune for you, aggressively, this rune can do tons of damage since you have so much Crowd control.

Just out of combat movespeed, nothing more to say, good for ganking.
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Even though machete offers some good lifesteal, and because Galio has no healing in his kit, you might think it's a good choice. Well, that's generally not the case because he uses a lot of mana , that's why he's better off with hunter's talisman.
When to take ?
-Usually when the opponents have a lot of AOE damage, or just when you don't think that you can protect your team that well in teamfights. So it's a good pick up in a lot of situations.
- Gives mobility and more damage on hit, which is not much but still can be very useful.
- Pretty good for pushing, or even if your team is having trouble defending the base
- Good if the enemy team has a lot of crit, or even just a fed ADC
- Good offensive item, combos with passive
- if the opponent team has a lot of magic damage
- If the opponent team is purely based on physical damage
- Similar to but doesn't add HP, when Vayne is your enemy this is a good pick up.
Update: patch 7.9 items!
Abyssal Mask - practically the same item as Banshee's Veil, it was changed from Banshee's Veil to Abyssal Mask, so it has practically the same purpose, it's very nice and brings HP as well as that Magic resist you need for your kit.
Adaptive Helm - Amazing pickup when playing against a very, or completely magic damage based team. Effective at suppressing all of that magic damage with ease.
Gargoyle Stoneplate - A nice item to buy when the enemy team has no % HP based damage abilities, amazing when initiating and also really good when saving your allies.

To conclude, sometimes you should get more Health (when the enemy doesn't have % Health damage), but sometimes you should get more Armor or MR ( For example when a fed Vayne is on the opponent team - you should get a Thornmail )
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Advanced Combos

Here I'll give you some prime examples that you can use with Galio

But for most of these you'll need a damage dealer, which is usually the point of the whole combo.
Combo's with Hero's Entrance are the most important ones. They can turn games around surely. For example let's set the scene, you and your teammates are standing on the other side of the Baron pit. You have Orianna , Malphite , Miss Fortune and you. They are doing it and you have to act quickly so Unstoppable Force into Command: Shockwave and your Ultimate is great, and then Miss Fortune does all the work, Baron is pretty much yours.
Similar things can be done with Amumu , Zyra , Yasuo , Jarvan IV and more, so considering they have an AOE ability or CC, it should be fine and the win should be yours.
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What to do in a teamfight

Firstly you can play two roles in a teamfight, so there's 2 scenarios.

1st scenario
Your team is about to engage, you should use your Hero's Entrance to engage along with another ally. U should try to CC everyone that you can with your Shield of Durand and then as your carries are taking them down just use your Winds of War for extra damage.

2nd scenario
The teamfight has started without you. Oh what ever will you do?!
Pretty easy, if your carry is getting focused use your Hero's Entrance on him and just use all of the CC you have in your kit to protect while he deals damage. This is why Galio is so good in teamfights, he can do a bunch of things at once, because of the AOE CC that he possesses.
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Creeping / Jungling

This is usually how I go, maybe go for the Scuttle crab later, but that's pretty much it. It gives you level 4 and you should be able to gank, usually when the opponent team is pushing it's really good to use that opportunity and massacre them.
After this recall you should be able to buy either or maybe even a
*Place it at your blue or red, or maybe somewhere in the river, you decide
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Play style

Here are the golden rules of how to play Galio with this build!

1. Don't take kills you don't have to.
2. Protect your teammates
3. Use your ultimate wisely, it's on a long cooldown early on
4. Be smart, place wards
5. Don't jump into the enemy team with your E if your teammates aren't there to support you
7. Buy the items I suggested, they are nice

Did you notice there was no number 6?
Well, I dunno I just made you read this text.
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Team compositions that are good with Galio

Picks & Bans
Or this
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Video guide

It's been kind of a good game, some fails but in the end we won, so it's fine.
Here's the screenshot of the end game screen
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