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Pyke Build Guide by rawDrigo

Support gold

[8.18] SYKE. Did I support right?? [WIP]

By rawDrigo | Updated on September 21, 2018

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Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter



LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hey guys, thanks for checking out my build guide! For starters, my tag is Drigonaut, and I was originally a Thresh bruiser support main. I absolutely love having so much utility in any given situation. With the coming of Stormrazor, I couldn't help but try building atleast a little bit of AD on him thanks to his E passive so I can take off a huge chunk of HP for my team, or finish off a squishy with a hook - flay - super burst single hit. THEN Pyke CAME OUT and I'm like YES I CAN KS AND IT'S OK!! At first the transition was incredibly weird because I have no HP, but I learned how to position myself correctly, and get in and out if they're not yet in kill range. And here I am! A sick casual Pyke main with a pocket Thresh.

This guide is currently a WIP and will continue to be updated as I find time and continue to learn this Godlike champion.

That one loss was an attempt at Pyke mid (Never again)

Also thx to @jhoijhoi for the BBCode Guide
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Pros / Cons

Non-committal hook
High movement
Incredible health sustain
Good escape
Easily sets up slow pushes
AoE stun
Abilities are very versatile and can make some interesting plays
Gold share. (Possibly applies to shutdown gold as well?)
Execute + gold share lets you play from behind and get some good comebacks.

Extremely skill dependent/ability dependent
Almost useless if your skills are down
Can run out of mana quickly
Stun usually requires an engage

Executes at almost 1k health

Relatively low survive
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Summoner Spells

100% mandatory. If you're not taking this on every champion, IDK what you're doing dude.

I'm taking this generally for the extra kill power during lane, and during 1v1's it helps get them right under that execute range for you.

I used to take this all the time instead of ignite to help gank other lanes, especially top lane then Teleport back down to bot lane, but it's become very inconvenient to use thanks to the recent nerf to it's cooldown time. It's up only once every 6 minutes??? But still not a terrible option if you've got incredible map awareness.

The rest of the summoner spells I don't really consider. Maybe Heal but meh. Ghost might work for roaming or flanking since it's up every 3 minutes, and even sooner with CDR boots.
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DOMINATION- The burst + movement speed is POWER!! They say time is money right?

ELECTROCUTE gives you extra killing power and is the most consistent burst damage.

CHEAP SHOT -- I've taken a liking to this rune over sudden impact because 2 of your 3 skills impair your target. It also works in tangent with other skills from your team.

SUDDEN IMPACT is nice for that extra burst when you decide to go ham with your E, although you can opt for cheap shot as well.

GHOST PORO as of patch 8.14 allows you to effectively place an extra ward for free AND it also gives a ping on the map as soon as an enemy walks through the brush. ADITTIONALLY you get FREE damage if you place it aggressively in enemy territory, or if YOU are in their territory. That's a double whammy that rewards more aggressive play. UPDATED NOTE: it kinda throws me off when i'm wanting to use my normal trinkets instead so I use eyeball collection out of preference.

EYEBALL COLLECTION is super easy to get because we grab oracle lens on our first or second backs (if we happen to forget the first time) plus Duskblade is our first item. We'll sometimes go duskblade [or youmuu's] first if we're getting forced to recall back before we can get a B. F. Sword
More eyeballs = stronger execute :D.

RELENTLESS HUNTER lets you roam so much better, lets you split push, and lets you get to team fights way quicker. Also hooks!!!

ULTIMATE HUNTER lets you ult basically ALL THE TIME but realistically, It's up when I need it about 80% of the time anyway, especially with the 20s window. Side note:: (Edited)80% sure The ult cooldown is based off of the first time you ult, not the last time. So if you Throw out the Ult, 15 seconds pass by and you use it again, it's should still be based off the first time you used it.


NULLIFYING ORB- Pretty good rune to take over Water Walking if you're going into an AP lane or going against an AP heavy team comp.

TRANSCENDENCE IS MY FAVORITE RUNE because of all the extra damage you get from the overkill CDR. 1.2 damage per 1% CDR over 40%

CELERITY I guess it's not bad considering we tend to go for more movement items, but it gets really finicky when you're trying to land an execute and then your movement speed dips just enough to not be in ult range.

GATHERING STORM - It's pretty good going into late game for those extremely high executes, but I still prefer to take Waterwalking to roam mid early/grab the scuttle + scuttle fruits.

WATERWALKING is super good stuff for roaming during laning phase, and also split pushing. River engages let you land hooks easier and stuns on possibly more people.

Other Runes ETC

ZOMBIE WARD can be very useful for the sake of vision. Vision wins games, but only if you can capitalize on that.
SMALL NOTE with celerity -- I noticed when enemies HP are lingering right under the execute range, you'll lose that window once you enter combat due to RELENTLESS HUNTER and BOOTS OF MOBILITY. The same applies if you take WATERWALKING instead of NULLIFYING ORB.
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Build pathing is one of my favorite parts of league because it's one of the most adaptable parts of actual gameplay besides your play style and adapting to your enemy and your allies. Like if you keep dying before you get to do anything, quit building that triforce and grab a chainmail; or if you're whooping the other lane, keep building to whoop them some more. You keep finding yourself running around? Build boots of mobility real quick or go into a youmuu's for offensive movement - Deadman's plate for defensive movement. DON'T blindy follow a random build path that leads to you getting stomped over and over.

With that said, You should generally play to your strengths and style as you learn to adapt to infinitely changing situations. Here I'll list the items I generally take -describe when/why - and also discuss other, more indie/alternative options. (Skipping full descriptions for the sake of readability; that's what LoL wiki is for)

Warding Totem -- Pretty standard. Don't forget to use these!! I usually like to swap it for oracle lens on my first back, sometimes second if we're trying to avoid getting ganked.

Oracle Lens is MANDATORY especially after your gold item can use wards. BLOCK THEIR VISION (and also collect eyeballs)

Health Potion - I guess these are okay. I prefer refillable potions since I play pretty aggressive.

Refillable Potion - 150 gold??? I'm always using these and 100% get more than my money's worth. In the new patches, our ancient coin is 400G, so these aren't really good anymore. Even if you're getting beat down in lane, you should be positioning better or place wards in key areas/place wards deeper to prevent ganks.

Ancient Coin - Your starting item. Gives you all sorts of stats we like, plus hella vision.

Nomad's Eye - The evolutionary form of Ancient Coin and arguably better than its final form (kinda) [like dusclops + eviolite]

Eye of Ascension - We never actually have to upgrade into this because its stats per gold ratio isn't too great when we can just get another Caulfield's Warhammer

Boots of Speed You gotta wear shoes before you go out dude. Don't be walkin' around all barefoot.

Boots of Mobility Run fast like Black Panther - WAKANDA FOREVER!!

Ionian Boots of Lucidity - We love CDR!!! Also summoner spells cooldown is nice.

Ninja Tabi - What kind of shoes don't make noise?? (Sneakers) [Good for some survivability early game]

Mercury's Treads I don't generally take these unless they have a ton of CC.

Boots of Swiftness I guess you can use these if you don't like the inconsistency of Boots of Mobility. Probably useful against aoe slows like Trundle or Singed.

Essence Reaver -- Currently my favorite item on any pyke build. It gives you 20% CDR, a larger mana pool, mana sustain, and boosts your basic skills CDR with each basic attack after you throw out your ult. It's low key an amazing effect for small team fights with against 2 or 3 enemies. Thanks to Transcendence, Essence reaver effectively jumps from 70 75 damage up to an INSANE 94 99 damage from a single item. (We'll sometimes go duskblade [or youmuu's] first if we're getting forced to recall back before we can get a B. F. Sword

Duskblade of Draktharr - Pretty bread and butter item as a support assassin. Block their vision of you + your team. Get some damage + lethality. The Night Stalker passive is super good for your in and outs. Get in, do your electrocute combo and then W out for atleast a second. The slow hypothetically lets you land Q or E easier but it's super short. ALSO 10% CDR cuz we love CDR

Black Cleaver is basically the same thing as essence reaver. On top of 40 bonus damage, 400 Hp converts to ~28 damage. 20 CDR converts to 24 damage. === 92 damage!???! Oh yeah there's some armor reduction too I guess, plus the movement speed from phage lets you land hooks/stuns a bit easier too.

Youmuu's Ghostblade -- Great for splitting and getting back to the fight. More movespeed = better hooks as usual.

Deadman's Plate -- Also more movespeed. Used when you're getting trashed in fights. Roughly 32 damage from the health and a quick damage burst/slow from the passive.

Guardian Angel -- Probably actually the better option over Deadman's Plate. PREFERABLY you've won before you even need to get this far into your build, but it's got damage, armor and an extra life. What more could you ask for? (I've also recently started to get this in most builds. Even if you haven't died much, I'd like to prevent them from getting the extra bounty gold.)

Spirit Visage -- I like to get these towards the end so I can get in and out of a fight with Full HP. Usually it's when i'm stuck on the outside of team fights just landing picks and stuns.

Maw of Malmortius - Take it for that extra good Magic resistance + magic shield if you're getting pelted by magic damage.

Edge of Night - the dash of health adds to your damage pool, and you get an ability shield. This is a bit much for me to remember before a fight though.

CONTROL WARD - BUY WARDS!!!!!! (always make sure one is on the field. I generally stick it in a deep bush in laning phase, then somewhere that is easily forgotten about that still gives good vision. That helps prevent you from constantly buying more, and allows you to put stealth wards in other areas.
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Playing as Pyke

General Gameplay
Playing as Pyke, you're typically going to want to keep yourself positioned somewhere you can land a decent hook, or somewhere you can start with Phantom Undertow and then hook. You're not a tank or DPS so being right in the middle of the fray is asking for a bad time - That is until you teleport in with an execute. CC for days with your excessive amount of CDR, then even more CDR from Essence Reaver until you can execute another enemy.
With your hook, you can also save allies from someone who's chasing by throwing it out across terrain.

Ignite allows you to complete 3 successive hits to proc Electrocute without needing to gap close the 3rd hit. It ALSO doubles to prevent a heal that would stop your execute.
-Good for peel off your ADC if you're close enough. Max range is a little wonky though.

---Q-E-Auto-R or Q-Auto-E-R---
You don't get to proc electrocute here, but you can if you throw in an auto after the hook. W-Q-E-R

Laning Phase
Basically you're a pretty standard hook champ until you hit level 6. If you took trinket first, you might use it to ward for your jungler in case of an invade. If you saved it, you can ward the river brush when you feel like you might get ganked. Usually I'll use it in the lane bushes to land hooks on them as they go in and out, or to prevent you or your ADC from getting hooked.
Watch for when you hit level 2. Hopefully you can hit it before your opponent does, then you can all in super quick depending on your ADC. I prefer lead with Q which is safer, but leading in with an E can lead to devastating results. (E - Auto - [Q stab or start charging and watch for the flash] - Auto). If you happen to be able to sneak up behind them, you can go for (E - Q hook - Auto) since you'll end up on your side after the E.
Hopefully you've been able to win your lane or at least keep things even and mitigated.
When the ADC recalls, you can't really defend tower by yourself yet, so you can go ahead and roam to mid with W and Waterwalking. Attempt to catch 'em off guard from behind with an E, then hook them in. LET YOUR LANER KNOW! Sometimes they really don't like having any type of disruptions in their lane, other times they can adjust their wave management to force the enemy laner closer to your tower.
After lots of games roaming, I've found it's way better to just continue to snowball your lane. Don't be afraid to grab some honeyfruit (spawns sometime between 6:00-6:30) and scuttle when your lane is pushed to enemy tower; your ADC might complain in lower ELO but this is actually to everyone's benefit as long as they don't overextend. Stick around when your ADC recalls. If you've got the enemy team dead, push your minion wave under tower and grab some fruit and come back. You'll have the opportunity to last hit minions and also gain SOLO lane exp for a bit. Ward enemy bush also before you do this to prevent ganks.

Mid Game
I consider Mid Game to be any time after level 6 because your dynamic changes from support and trying to snowball your ADC into grabbing as many kills as you can with your ult (and also help try and take objectives). Your full combo isn't quite enough to delete squishies yet unless you've gotten super fed from all that "Kill Securing" Pre-level 6, so you're placing wards in key places, scanning for their wards, and looking for a pick with a laner. You DO have a decent enough waveclear to start a good slowpush with one E across a line of caster minions, so look for those as well, especially going into mid-late game. Even if it doesn't end up taking a tower, it'll pull at least 1 member of the enemy team to that lane, granting your team a grouping advantage.

Late Game
Late game you can only take a few hits before being deleted, but luckily you can restore almost all your health back after taking those few hits.

Don't be dumb. I've tried making dumb plays by trying to initiate a 5v5 with my E and then flashing across, but you just get deleted. (THEN after everything is settled, I'm seeing over half their team in execute range.) This is okay if it's not ARAM style 5v5, rather do it if they're separated into 2 or more groups to either side of you. If you E into your team, you risk getting caught in AOE but could possibly make a pick on the other side. If you E away from your team, you can stun and peel to make it a 4v3 or 4v2 for a brief moment, then W back around to heal up and throw another hook.

SUPER lategame like full builds - I'll swap out my gold item for Something else to round it out according to what I need.

**Side Notes**
You can cancel your hook by activating another skill, if you need to get out real quick.
League of Legends Build Guide Author rawDrigo
rawDrigo Pyke Guide

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[8.18] SYKE. Did I support right?? [WIP]
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