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Volibear Build Guide by Omega best

Top [8.23] Mastery 7 Diamond Volibear Main Guide For Top La

Top [8.23] Mastery 7 Diamond Volibear Main Guide For Top La

Updated on December 18, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Omega best Build Guide By Omega best 11 2 17,363 Views 1 Comments
11 2 17,363 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Omega best Volibear Build Guide By Omega best Updated on December 18, 2018
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Runes: My Favorite Runes Top Lane With Volibear

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Grasp of the Undying
Second Wind

Legend: Alacrity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3
I use this summoner spell everytime i can, since it allows you to catchup very easily your opponents, escape battles while avoiding to get kill, use this almost every time except if against the most cancerous matchup for volibear than use teleport
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost



First back vs any lane, take cloth or nulls robe depends on the matchup
Your main start with voli, ALWAYS use this
Start if against ap lane you know you will win or a squishy lane use with ignite
If against any very strong ad top laners
Good start if against a lane that pokes alot like pantheon or jayce example
Rare i use this, use against a matchup that have abilities you will need to dodge meaning a champion like jayce kennen or pretty most of the range top laners
Remember to always ward, it can make a HUGE difference in a game ( oracle lens if agaisnt invisible champs control ward is an every time ward just like the classic wards and farsight wards are optional but in my opinion is a must use )
Volibears most op item to use
Use if against any ap lane, take ignite or ghost depending on the matchup you are taking against
If taking against a very strong ad/ap team and your team needs a tank, use with ghost
Traditional Volibear build, works everywhere and good with ghost or ignite which is your choice and mostly depends on team your getting against
Best Build With Ohmwrecker, after boots is all the way situational and totally depends on the matchups you are against
Build vs 3 ad 2 ap, extremelly good anywhere and is mostly recommended for splitpushing

Threats & Synergies

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Champion Build Guide

[8.23] Mastery 7 Diamond Volibear Main Guide For Top La

By Omega best
Hello so today i will be talking about one of my favorite champion in league of legends, why i like him and why he is so good and also why you should start using him in the top lane. So i have been playing volibear since its release, he was free to use at one point and i tried him. I really loved him playing him because of his good playstyle and how fun he was for me. Unfortunately, he got nerfed and people abbondonned him since he wasnt as good as he used to be. But that was before i had buy him with the old IP and was pretty good. So i realized alot of people didnt use him anymore and wasnt as banned as he used to be. But as good player, i decided i didnt care and i will continue to use him no matter what. And about a certain period of time i decided to main Volibear and get myself to mastery 7, which did happen.
Why you need to play him?
Volibear is by far one of the best top laners if played in league of legends, and if you love toplane just like me, i assure you volibear is for you. He is tanky, he does damage and i personally find thereare alot of action in his kit. Volibear is fun since i like the fact that there is so many things you can build with this champion and aswell never gets banned in draft pick. (most of the time) And aswell what makes it fun for begginer players is that voli is kind of easy and very easy to learn while is builds are all bout YOUR playstyle which really makes it different from other champions.
How i got to diamond 1 only playing volibear?
Ok, so alot of people might be wondering how i got to diamond 1 only playing him top and jungle. So heres how... I got to diamond with practice, eventually and aswell learning with volibear things other people might of not know about him. I watched tons of videos of how to learn him, play him and what to build in certain situation in which by the time got use to it. In high elo players are very good and one trick is not being stressed, or panicked. One trick i used to climb to diamond with him is learning things yourself and test your own builds, and strategies you would do in a game to win. High elo may be hard but when you learn your champion hard enough you will win and know op tactics other players wont know and climb easier and easier. But climbing that high means playing alot alot and alot and making you practice everyday.If you do all these steps, climbing that high will be way easier.
Why Ohmwrecker Is One Of Volibears Best Item?
I personally think Ohmwrecker is one of volis best items. Just the fact that it can disable a turret shot and the fact that it gives you armor, health, and health regen. Why it is so good its because of Volibears passive, you can literally kill any ennemy under tower since your tank, you have an op passive that is gonna regen all your health and aswell the fact the you can disable turret shots for a short amount of time allowing you to kill your ennemy UNDER tower which is pretty damn op in my opinion. Its also an item that fits really well with Voli and helps with the splitpushing builds. It dosent cost that much and can be really overpowered early game if keeping destroying towers early game like me. So all i wanted to say is that its a very good item with Voli and is very overpowered even if not fed and BEHIND. Like here is an example: My ennemy is half heatlh, about to recall i ghost disable tower shot and flip him and fear him then i auto attack him until my bite activates and he is 100% dead, now thats what i call an overpowered champ.
My Goals
Soon i might make a youtube channel for you guys talking and playing volibear and showing you my playstyles, tips and my best tricks with him. I have been playing volibear for a while now and i hope i could have the possibility to create a channel explaining him. One of my other goal is too reached challenger, if actually possible only playing volibear to get to there. I hope you guys will share your tricks with me and show you how you learned from him and how my guide helped you guys learning volibear and the tricks, the builds and all this kind of stuff you want to share with me.I also wish to create a twitch but i am not sure so i will ask you guys your opinion about it since having twitch and youtube at the same time is kinda complicated. I also hope you guys get far with him and climb up the most you can and become a very good voli player because of my guide.
Pros and Cons
Pros: Volibear is extremelly strong early game because of his passive and he is quite tanky at the same time of doing damage which really makes volibear a pain to be against in toplane, and he has almost no counter play and has speed which makes him unstoppable.

Cons: Can be kited easily which is why i take ghost and had bit of speed items into his kit to make him better in that case. Slows,stuns and roots totally counters him cause of his Q.
How I play Volibear?
In fact they are many ways of playing volibear top, example being a spitpusher or a Voli who will only gank the other lanes and many other strategies like that which i will tell you MY own strategy i do with voli so i win every battle, teamfights and my own personal playstyle with Volibear. With voli i start by leashing my side of the map in which the jungler might be, meaning that if he is on the other side i will still stay in the bush near the red or the blue and ward it so if an ennemy comes we know that he was here and invaded the jungle of our ally. Then i go back to lane and fight my opponent i am taking against. I fight safe and trying to stay in the middle of the toplane so its both equal on the 2 sides while warding the bush next to the tower where the enemy jungle may gank you from. Then try poking your opponent and rush on him while his abilities are reloading allowing you to beat him and aswell using passive which will grant you a sure victory. I love to spitpush so i will do whatever i can to destroy their tower early game which is why i use ghost just to escape ennemys or catchup to them granting me free kills. Whenever my team needs help i will come, but try going on every side of the map destroying the towers in each lane then surprising your opponents in mid battle and killing them. Try to build correctly, if splitpushing with volibear then take items such as Ohmwrecker or ZzRoth portal or items depending on the situation like adaptive helms if taking against aps or thornmail if against ad team comp. When max lvl and have destroy enough towers ( meaning the tower next to the inhabator) then go in teamfights more often and if you think you have the opportunity to splitpush then do it and try destroying their inhabator at all cost, even if it means dying. After that you pretty much win, your tanky and you do an spectacular amount of damage and can kill almost everybody while you have your super minions helping you which will help you win the game even more easier, meaning that if your team is good too then its victory ( except if the team is bad )

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