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Jax Build Guide by SexyKungFu

Jungle ✔️ 9.16 - SexyKungFu's DIAMOND guide to Super Saiyan Jax

Jungle ✔️ 9.16 - SexyKungFu's DIAMOND guide to Super Saiyan Jax

Updated on August 30, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SexyKungFu Build Guide By SexyKungFu 34 6 65,983 Views 3 Comments
34 6 65,983 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SexyKungFu Jax Build Guide By SexyKungFu Updated on August 30, 2019
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Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Future's Market
Cosmic Insight

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Champion Build Guide

✔️ 9.16 - SexyKungFu's DIAMOND guide to Super Saiyan Jax

By SexyKungFu
Introduction - Get Ready to Dominate as Super Saiyan Jax
Hello Mobafire!

I'm SexyKungFu here in Mobafire, and I'm a LoL player like millions of people around the world.

I am here to share why Jax is broken in solo queue, plus an in-depth guide of HOW he should be played to get 4 honors post-match. Jax is TF Blade's comfort pick, because the entire game is in Jax's hands after Tiamat, Trinity Force, and Merc Treads.

IMPORTANT: We rely on you, the readers, to grow. If you find this guide useful, PLEASE VOTE and comment so we can keep improving!

+ Strong pre-6 ganks.
+ God splitpusher and teamfighter
+ Strongest scaling in the game
+ Immune to auto attacks
+ Resistant to AOE
+ Infinite gapclosers
+ AOE stun
+ Free resists

Jax's kit is designed to be a ticking time bomb. He starts out as a farming jungler that's difficult to counterjungle, then he becomes Kratos by 26 minutes.


- You'll need to focus on three things: objectives, teamfights, and farming. Pick the one that will yield the most gold every time, with the one exception of ending the game.
- You can only lose to griefing/wintrading teammates, smurfs on the enemy team, duos, and Jiren champs: Akali, Cass, Ekko, Hecarim, Illaoi, Kai'Sa, Karthus, Kass (post-16), Kayle (post-16), Riven, Swain (post-16), Trist, Vayne, Vlad, and Yasuo
Why Jax instead of Elise/Lee Sin/Broken Champ
Jax in the jungle covers his biggest weakness - his laning phase. He is strong against counterjunglers due to his E (auto attack immune, AOE resistant, and stun). By the time his E is down, Jax should have Conqueror up with 5 stacks of his passive.

Jax can push, defend, dive, solo drakes, split, teamfight, backdoor, 1v9 any situation. His only limitation is time.

His role is Thanos. He will collect the Infinity Stones.
Trinity Force - Power Stone
Titanic Hydra - Soul Stone
Merc Treads - Space Stone
Spear of Shojin - Time Stone
Sterak's Gage - Mind Stone
Randuin's Omen/Spirit Visage - Reality Stone
Once Jax has one Infinity Stone, he becomes inevitable.
Jax Skillset - In Depth
Passive: Keep stacks as high as possible, as long as possible
Q: Can target anything except for structures and blue trinkets, use to proc Trinity Force to maximize damage or proc W for burst
W: Always use as auto-reset unless it can secure last hits
E: Use if high damage autoattacks or AOE is heading towards you, maximize its duration unless stunning enemies early puts you in a more advantageous situation. When Spear of Shojin is activated, stun as early as possible to put it on cooldown. Hold the E for longer if it puts you in a more advantageous situation. Combine with Q to gapclose.
R: Use immediately in a duel or teamfight. I always see TF Blade and Hashinshin take free damage by not ulting early enough.
Answer to Comment: DO NOT BUY JUNGLE ITEMS
We do not upgrade Hunter's Machete into a Smite Item because it is not worth it.
Let's look at a breakdown. For 650 gold, you get upgraded Smite, 5 extra damage on-hit to monsters, and the 80 magic damage over 5 seconds and 6 health per second and mana regeneration passive from Hunter's Talisman.

For the upgraded Smite options, you can choose between Chilling Smite and Challenging Smite. Chilling Smite steals movement speed and deals true damage. This is unnecessary because as a jungler, Jax should have red buff when ganking. Red buff slows and deals true damage. Challening Smite reduces incoming damage by 20%, which is unnecessary due to Jax's auto attack immunity, AOE damage resistance, and ultimate resistances, the true damage burn is also unnecessary due to red buff.

35 on-hit to 40 on-hit on monsters does not make much of a difference. After your first clear you should clear all jungle camps in 10 seconds or less with Tiamat.

The 80 magic damage burn does not matter since Tiamat is effectively that. The health regeneration per enemy hit could theoretically work with Tiamat, but you should never have a problem with health jungling as Jax due to his E and the fact that you can keep your passive stacks between camps.

Finally, the mana regeneration is unnecessary because of blue buff, scuttle crabs, and honeyfruit plants. In fact, you can clear any camp off of only using W after completing Tiamat, and Jax's ultimate passive only speeds that up.

Bloodrazor on Jax is terrible because of diminishing returns on attack speed for Jax. His W is already an auto attack reset as well. The on-hit effect is underwhelming.

Cinderhulk's burn is unnecessary due to Tiamat, and the Jax build already includes a lot of health. Diminishing returns on health.

Runic Echoes' ability power on Jax is troll. Cooldown is useful but we have better options like Trinity and Shojin. Mana, again better options with Sheen. The Echo splash damage is underwhelming.

Warrior's attack damage isn't put to good use due to Jax's AD ratios, and the same cooldown argument can be made.
Early-Mid-Late Game
If team wants to invade, be all for it
Kite Red towards Krugs
Kite small Krug by blocking it with large Krug
Smite the large Krug
Use E to kill tiny Krugs
Kill all small Raptors first by softening them up and using E to finish off the first few, kill the rest, kite large Raptor toward Wolves
Auto first Wolf and W second Wolf, auto first Wolf then second Wolf, both should be dead combined with E damage
Kite large Wolf to Blue
If you are counterjungled here keep stacks by hitting blue then all in the enemy with flash auto W, start using E and auto till they back off or die.
Kite Blue to Gromp
Kite Gromp to Plant
Hit Plant to keep stacks
Kill Scuttle or contest
If you did not get Scuttle go for other Scuttle
This leads us to 7 camps to buy Tiamat
Gank lane and tax if need money for Tiamat
Use both Trinket wards
Buy Tiamat and do Krugs
Look for gank
Do Raptors
Look for gank
Do Wolves
Look for gank
Do Gromp
Look for gank
Go for Scuttle
Look for gank
Get Sheen or if can't afford, Stinger components

You are now in the Mid game
Do Red
Look for gank
If dragon is anything but Ocean, consider doing it
Do Ocean only if it is guaranteed
Farm jungle
Look for gank
Consider doing Herald
Look for gank
Take as many plates as possible, using Herald if possible
If there is an empty lane, prioritize it over camps unless it's a buff
Objectives, Teamfight, Farming <-- Choose the one that maximizes gold

It becomes Late game after 25 minutes
Consider doing Baron and once they come you turn immediately and kill them all
Then take Baron, or if possible, inhibitor then Baron
Get drakes
Teamfight only if you can't dive the people they send to stop you or if you are guaranteed to win teamfighting, look at team comps, this is when it matters
Get Conqueror up ASAP, along with 4 stacks of passive

Pop R, E, Q, E, Auto, W, Titanic
Repeat E, Q, W and Titanic off cooldown until everything is dead or they have backed off
1) High utility>damage>mobility, low health champions
Examples: Lulu, Twitch, Akali
2) High damage>utility>mobility, high health champions
Examples: Cass, Taric, Rakan
3) Punching Bags: extremely high health champions
Examples: Sejuani, Naut, Voli

Take objectives always after a successful teamfight. From Nexus Turrets to a jungle camp.

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