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Rammus Build Guide by Kasugunai

Jungle [9.4] Challenger Rammus Guide

Jungle [9.4] Challenger Rammus Guide

Updated on February 28, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kasugunai Build Guide By Kasugunai 8 0 21,728 Views 21 Comments
8 0 21,728 Views 21 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kasugunai Rammus Build Guide By Kasugunai Updated on February 28, 2019
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Champion Build Guide

[9.4] Challenger Rammus Guide

By Kasugunai

Hey, I'm Kasugunai and welcome to my Rammus guide. I've been playing League of Legends since August 2010 (nearly 10 years!), having peaked Challenger rank 2 in April 2018.

I like writing guides about the champions I've "mastered" along the way so I'm writing a new one for every champion I unlock a level 7 Mastery.

I also upload League educational content in my YouTube channel every now and then so if there's anything you want me to cover more in-depth, feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you shortly after!
Getting Started
Before anything else, I want to make it clear that my guides are highly focused on how to play the champion to its fullest and for that I must not go into general concepts such as:
  • Summoner Spell explanation (99% of junglers take Smite/Flash)
  • Jungle spawn timers (universal to junglers)
  • Advanced jungle pathing like vertical jungling and invades (universal to junglers)
All statistics used in this guide are taken from Plat+ matches on the previous patch. Why not the current one, you ask?

Current patch statistics lack the needed sample size until 7 days in, not to mention the constant need of updating but the winrate curve throughout the game should stay the same unless direct changes happen.

  • 47.99% winrate from 00:00 to 20:00
  • 51.27% winrate from 20:00 to 25:00
  • 52.62% winrate from 25:00 to 30:00
  • 53.52% winrate from 30:00 to 35:00
  • 52.34% winrate from 35:00 onwards
  • Aftershock
  • This keystone is perfect for Rammus, not only does his damage scale with Armor through Spiked Shell, his Defensive Ball Curl also gets its value massively increased for its duration. Combined with Thornmail later on, this is what allows Rammus to burst high Attack Speed users insanely fast.
  • Demolish
  • Not much to say here, Rammus's CC isn't solid enough for Font of Life while Demolish has had its value increased with the addition of Turret Plating.
  • Overgrowth
  • This is great for any tank and Rammus is no exception. However, against certain comps it might be better to go with Unflinching.
  • Triumph
  • This allows you to survive in clutch moments very often and also scales with your max HP which is great for any tank, not to mention any other rune in both first and last row are terrible.
  • Legend: Alacrity
  • Attack Speed is probably one of the most important stats early on as it allows Rammus to clear way faster than he would otherwise, because of this I highly recommend you staying away from Legend: Tenacity unless the entire enemy team has massive CC.
SPIKED SHELL (Passive): Strong passive for early clearing that turns into Rammus's main source of damage when combined with his other abilities.

POWERBALL (Q): This is Rammus's engage ability and when paired up with Turbo Chemtank it can go to upwards of 1000 Movement Speed, allowing you to catch anyone off guard. You max this first for lower CD, double damage and slow.

DEFENSIVE BALL CURL (W): DO NOT PRESS THIS BEFORE TAUNTING IN A FIGHT. Really, that's the main issue with this ability. It has really good synergy with Aftershock and Conditioning assuming you land a Frenzying Taunt as previously mentioned, and also helps in clearing faster and healthier early on. You max this last since you get little value in each point until you have lots of resistances.

FRENZYING TAUNT (E): This ability completes Rammus's kit perfectly. Not only does it lock down a target but it also makes this target's auto attacks inflict Spiked Shell's damage on themselves, obliterating any high Attack Speed target. Its interaction with Spiked Shell is very similar to the one with Thornmail so as you can guess, this is a great addition if you're looking to punish auto attackers. You max this second to ensure no one gets away from you in the mid game.

TREMORS (R): Mainly used for the slow, this ability stacks its slow every proc, reaching very high slow percentages. Because of its long duration, I like using this as soon as I get in range during Powerball for an easier lockdown and higher DPS. You level this up everytime you can.


Stalker's Blade > UTILITY
Buy this if you think you'll have trouble reaching your targets, I usually buy this Smite in Diamond level games onwards.

Skirmisher's Sabre > DUELING
Buy this if you think you'll be dueling a lot, this works both as a Exhaust and a Ignite at the same time, I usually buy this Smite in tiers below Diamond.

This item helps with clearing early on and synergizes well with Rammus's stickiness for additional damage. You should buy this as your first item unless you happen to have enough gold for another full item.

This item when in combination with Powerball allows you to easily catch enemies out of position. Its utility goes up in the higher tiers where it's significantly harder to catch someone out of position. You should buy this as your second item if you're having trouble engaging on the enemy team.

This item when in combination with Frenzying Taunt lets you melt any Attack Speed focused champion. You should buy this as your second item if you have no trouble sticking to your targets.

This item shines over Spirit Visage and Adaptive Helm in high magic damage tanks and Rammus is no exception, in fact I'd say he's its best user right now. You should buy this item when you're in need of Magic Resist

This item's passive works as a replacement to Mobility Boots and is the better option when itemizing against Armor, beating Frozen Heart and Randuin's Omen by a reasonable margin. You should buy this item only after Thornmail and Turbo Chemtank AND if you don't need Magic Resist.

This item is the best option in most games for your final item, it outscales Thornmail in the later stages of the game, although it only competes with Frozen Heart in its category at that point.

This item is very important in late game teamfights if you need to protect your carries, the HP scaling on the shield amount makes it gamebreaking if properly timed.


This is our standard buy as it provides more Armor (and Armor means damage!) while also reducing all basic attack damage by 12%.

Mercury's Treads > TENACITY
Buy these boots if the enemy team doesn't have any auto attackers or if you're facing lots of CC. If you need Magic Resist just buy Abyssal Mask instead as these boots give 0 Magic Resist for its recipe.
Jungle Pathing
There's no such thing as an optimal jungle path but the standard for Rammus is: Raptors -> Red -> Krugs into lane gank or contesting Scuttle if available.

Here's a couple of Master+ Rammus games from recent patches to help you optimize jungle clearing:

Early Game
Rammus's early is not the greatest, he struggles to contest most camps in the early levels, his clearing is also mediocre and his sustain is barely passable.

As with any jungler, you heavily rely on your laners' priority to contest scuttle or invade buffs so if you have an early game focused team, make sure to use that advantage as much as possible because Rammus can work just fine early if he's given the chance to, his issue is more than often not doing much on his own, which is a defining early game trait for junglers.
Mid Game
Rammus spikes (pun not intended) the hardest in the mid game, and knowing around 75% of games end in this stage of the game, it makes him even more of a threat if left unpunished early on.

So what makes him this strong? Everything.

He can go up to 1000 Movement Speed with his Powerball + Turbo Chemtank combo and he can burst enemy carries in the duration of his Frenzying Taunt through his Spiked Shell + Thornmail combo, all of this while reaching obscene amounts of resistances from Defensive Ball Curl and Aftershock.

Even if anyone manages to survive and disengage, very rarely will Rammus be punished for this kind of engage attempts due to how long he can live until he gets his team's backup. So as Rammus you want to make sure you are the one engaging all the time unless your win condition lies on a carry who's being targeted by some sort of assassin, but this will rarely ever be the case.

It's also very important that you constantly check for Quicksilver Sash purchases on the enemy team as this item will disrupt any attempt at engaging on a target and having this in mind might change how you plan your next moves.
Late Game
Rammus doesn't really bring up anything new in this stage of the game so everything that I mentioned regarding mid game still applies here.

While it might've been true in the past that all tanks scale good into the late game, it is not so much the truth nowadays. Conqueror bypasses a significant amount of Armor, making Rammus and most tanks fall off in the later stages, but even then he's still a threat with his Powerball + Turbo Chemtank engages.

UPDATE: New Conqueror might be an indirect buff to Rammus's late game so I'll be updating this section next week in case the winrate does go up.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kasugunai
Kasugunai Rammus Guide
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[9.4] Challenger Rammus Guide

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