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Akali Build Guide by DobbieTheElf

Top [9.6] 'No-one tells me what to do' - Toplane Akali Guide

By DobbieTheElf | Updated on March 24, 2019
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Runes: Fleet

1 2 3 4
Fleet Footwork
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Middle Lane
Ranked #58 in
Middle Lane
Win 43%
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Champion Build Guide

[9.6] 'No-one tells me what to do' - Toplane Akali Guide

By DobbieTheElf
Hi Guys! I'm DobbieTheElf. I am a toplane Akali main, and I have played her there since the rework, so I have been through all the nerfs and come out the other side. I hope this guide helps you with runes, items and just generally how to play Akali.

Pros/Cons Back to Top
- Great fun to play
- Pretty easy to learn, but high skill cap makes it rewarding to master her
- Combos look SO clean once mastered
- Hybrid champ so has flexible itemisation
- Great outplay potential
- Great at 1v1s if played correctly

- Lower than normal time to kill for an assasin
- Squisy as hell
- CC kills her
- Balance is all over the place at the moment
- Feast or famine type of champion (great when ahead, bad when behind)
Ability Overview Back to Top
Passive - Assassin's Mark

Akali's ability damage against enemy champions creates a 500-unit ring around them for 4 seconds, granting her 40 / 50 / 60 / 70% (based on level) bonus movement speed for 1.25 seconds while moving towards the edge of the ring.

When Akali is outside the ring, she regains the Movement speed icon bonus movement speed towards enemy champions and gains Swinging Kama for 4 seconds.

SWINGING KAMA: Akali's next basic attack gains 125 bonus range, deals 39 − 180 (based on level) (+ 90% bonus AD) (+ 70% AP) bonus magic damage and restores 10 / 20 / 30 (based on level) energy.

A lot of your damage comes from this ability. Try and get off the auto attack whenever possible.

Q - Five Point Strike

Akali throws a flurry of kunais in the target direction, dealing magic damage to enemies hit. Enemies hit at maximum range are also slowed by 50% for 0.5 seconds.

Akali's bread and butter. Low cooldown but high energy cost mean it can run you out of energy easily. Main source of damage along with your passive.

W - Twilight Shroud

Akali restores energy and detonates a smoke bomb in the target direction, creating a circular shroud that expands over the next 5 seconds into a ring. The shroud does not permeate terrain.

Entering the shroud renders invisible, gaining bonus movement speed and causing all sources of true sight (except for turrets) to grant obscured vision instead.

Akali's basic attacks and abilities will break the invisibility for 1 − 0.625 (based on minutes) seconds. Twilight Shroud's duration is extended by 0.5 seconds whenever she enters or breaks from the shroud, up to 6 times, for a maximum bonus duration of 3 seconds.

The Akali Ability. The main thing that you have to play around when using Akali. Determines how you fight, and can also help you get out of sticky situations.

E - Shuriken Flip

FIRST ACTIVE: Akali flips backward and fires a shuriken forward, stopping with the first enemy hit and dealing physical damage.

The shuriken marks the enemy or the last Twilight Shroud smoke section hit for 3 seconds. While the target is marked, Akali can reactivate Shuriken Flip.

SECOND ACTIVE: Akali dashes towards the marked target, regardless of distance. Against enemies deals the same physical damage.

Combo starter, escape tool, passive proccer: this ability does it all. Can propel Akali over small walls.

R - Perfect Execution

FIRST ACTIVE: Akali dashes in the target direction, dealing physical damage and stunning enemies hit for 0.5 seconds.

After 2.5 seconds, Perfect Execution can be reactivated within the following 7.5 seconds.

SECOND ACTIVE: Akali dashes in the target direction, dealing magic damage to enemies hit, increasing by 0% − 200% (based on target's missing health).

The main damage source of Akali, when it is up. Be mindful that there is a small gap between the first and second parts of the ability. This can also go over walls.
Skill Sequence Back to Top
First, like with most champions, you put a point into your ultimate whenever possible. Gives betetr damage and cooldown to your most powerful ability. You max q first because it is your main source of damage, and the main way to proc your passive. Then you max W, as it has an insanely long cooldown if you don't. Finally you max E, as it is your least useful ability and gains the least from upgrading it.
Runes Back to Top
So, there are 4 pages that are played on Akali at the moment.

1. Fleet Footwork
Fleet Footwork, Triumph, Legend: Tenacity, Coup de Grace, Taste of Blood, Ravenous Hunter

The main runepage atm. Gives you some well needed sustain after the removal of it from her kit in 9.3, and generally gives you some nice damage, as well as some more lifesteal.

2. Conqueror
Conqueror, Triumph, Legend: Tenacity, Coup de Grace, Taste of Blood, Ravenous Hunter

The other main runepage. Conquerer is pretty alright on Akali, especially when she is playing against someone like Kennen that she can all in consitently. Gives more burst than Fleet, but not sustain.

3. Grasp of the Undying
Grasp of the Undying, Demolish, Second Wind, Revitalise, Taste of Blood, Ravenous Hunter

Good for spltpushing, or when you know that there isn't gonna be many kills in lane. Synergises well with tank Akali (more on that later)

4. Electrocute
Electrocute, Sudden Impact, Eyeball Collection, Ravenous Hunter, Perfect Timing, Biscuit Delivery

Bursty page. Not played often anymore, but I like to play it when you are up against a squishier team and can play more like an assasin than a bruiser. Also good against matchups like Tryndamere where a bit more damage is useful.
Summoner Spells Back to Top
Flash and Teleport ar the only real options here. Flash because it's flash, and you aren't Hecarim or Shaco. Teleport because you're a top laner. You can take Ignite instead of Teleport, but I never have and I can still kill without out it. Up to you.
Items Back to Top
So, now the arguably most important part of the guide. Items. Akali is different to most champions in that she is a hyrbrid. This means that she isn't locked into building either AP or AD, like most champions are. This makes her generally pretty flexible in terms of what she can build. However, the absolute best item in tha game for Akali is Hextech Gunblade. This item gives a bit of AP, a bit of AD, a bit of Lifesteal and an active that adds to your burst. Generally an all round good item. After this options become more ambiguous, depending on what you like building.

1. Boot options

On Akali your boot options come down to Sorcerer's Shoes, Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads. Build Sorc Shoes for more damage, Ninja Tabi into heavy AD or Mercs into heavy AP or heavy CC. It's that simple.

2. AP Route
Building AP is what most people do on Akali, which doesn't really make sense to me. She has better AD than AP scaling on all of her abilities, except the second part of her ult. However, if you do choose to go AP, you have quite a few options. Morellonomicon and Zhonya's Hourglass are the main ones. Morello's gives you a bit of AP, some health, and the passive on it really helps with killing ADCs that have built Blade of the Ruined King or Bloodthirster. Great for AP assasin Akali. Zhonya's is also a great item for Akali. AP, armor for more survivability, and some cooldown reduction, great on any champion. The main thing about Zhonya's is the active however, making you completely invulnerable to all damage for almost 3 seconds. Great for any champion that wants to dive in to the middle of a fight to blow up a squishy target. Other good options in the AP path are Lich Bane, Void Staff and Rabadon's Deathcap. Lich Bane has GREAT synergy with Akali's passive, as well as other AP items. Void Staff and Rabadonn's Deathscap share the same purpose; to give more flat magic damage. Buy Rabadonn's if you can afford to wait for it, and Void Staff if not.

3. AD Route

Death's Dance is the most stand out option in AD items. It gives quite a lot of AD, as well as the same passive as Gunblade, as well as the bleed passive that gives Akali a bit more survivabilty, which is great for her. The passives of Gunblade and Death's Dance, while they are the same passive, do stack with each other. This means that you can have 30% omnivamp (spellvamp and lifesteal in one) when you have both items built. This is an insane amount, giving you great survivabilty in any situation. Late game this means you can almost fully heal yourself by clearing a raptor camp. That is great. Other good options are Trinity Force, Ravenous Hydra and Sterak's Gage. Trinity Force is a great AD item for Akali, giving loads of stats that are all welcome. The Phage passive on this synergises really well with Akali's shroud dip in and out gameplay, as it gives you movement speed for auto attacks. Also the spellblade passive from your Sheen makes your passive auto attacks hit HARD. Ravenous Hydra is a great splitpushing item, as it gives you some much needed waveclear with the Tiamat passive. I wouldn't reccomend building both Ravenous Hydra and Death's Dance though, as that would be too much lifesteal. Sterak's Gage gives a lot of survivability to Akali, with the lifeline passive.

AD Akali has gotten popular in Korea recently, as Akali still scales with AD. It makes her a really good pick top lane, if you know how to play her. I still like a hybrid build, but the full AD build makes you hit like a truck and is great in solo-queue, for splitpushing.


So, here is the troll. Tank Akali. Building tanky on a champion that has a lot of base damage like Akali actualy works surprisingly well. Sunfire Cape's passive is great for Akali, as it allows her to one-shot catser minions with her Q if she is close to them. Gives some nice waveclear. Spirit Visage gives her a great boost to her healing from Gunblade, which you should still build, even if you plan to go tanky. Warmog's Armor is great for survivability, especially when Akali can get away from enemies very easily with her 3 MOVEMENT ABILITIES.

4. Rounding out the build.

Guardian Angel is just a generally great item to survuve in sticky situations, as well as giving some AD. Banshee's Veil is good if the enemy team has a lot of AP. Rylai's Crystal Scepter is good if the enemy has something like a Sivir who can get away from you very easily.
The Akali Playstyle Back to Top
So you've done your pregame. Got your item choices in mind, made the right runepage, and hopefully you've banned Illaoi. So now what do you do?

1. Early game

Akali has a pretty good early game. Early on you should be aiming to CS most of the time, but try and land Q's on the enemy often, and then hit them with the passive auto attack. This little trade does a lot of damage, and can' be counterattacked very well because of the passive movement speed and because it is done from range, and most toplaners are melee. With this you should be able to zone the enemy quite effectivley, and force them off of CS. Hit tower, try and take it down etc. Roaming midlane can often be beneficial in this meta, as most good midlaners right now are carries and need to get ahead to be effective. One you have shorud, shroud after q-> auto attacking to restore some energy, as well as to guarantee minimal counter attacks to you. Your E is mostly used as an escape tool, but can be used aggresively in all ins to proc your passive again. Your first main powerspike is at level six. Once you have your ult, if your enemy is about half health, and not in tower, you should be able to kill them (with the exception of tanks). Your ult is great at level one, and can be used to secure a kill. The combo that I like to use is:
E1 (pretend you are running away) -> E2 -> AA -> Q -> AA -> Q -> Shroud -> AA -> R2 -> Q -> more autos and Q's until either they are dead or you run out of energy. However, this isn't a be all end all combo. Akali doesn't have enough burst damage anymore, so the combo you use is quite ambiguous. The most important thing though is to make sure you get a few abilites of before you use your shorud, as it restores energy, and this part is wasted. Once you have it up, make sure to play around your shorud, as it is your most powerful tool.

2. Mid Game

Depending on wether you built full AP, AD or a mix of the two, your playstyle changes. If you have gone the standard route of full AP, play like an assasin. Dive in, kill a squishy or priority target, get out. Akali can quill squishies quickly, but not as quickly as a normal assasin, so be mindful of this, and use your shorud to your advantage. If you have built AD or a mix of the two, play more like a bruiser. Get into the centre of the fight with shroud and do as much damage as possible until either you or all the enemies are dead. Obviously if you have no chance of winning after a certain point, get out if the fight.

3. Late Game

Akali late game is similar to mid game, but different if you built AD. If you did this, splitpush as much as possible. You should be able to duel most eneimes with your ludacris amount of lifesteal, and you can get out quite safely if lots of the enemies come for you.
Videos ETC. Back to Top
Akali Wiki page (for numbers and ability explanation): Wiki
Changelog Back to Top
Edit 24/3/19: Changed the AD items to be inline with the popular Korean build that has started being used recently. I was hesitant to add it before, but after playing it a few times, it works really well.

Edit 9/3/19: Updated Runes section from Ultimate Hunter to Ravenous Hunter, beacause Ultimate Hunter isn't really needed after the ult cooldown buffs. Also changed Electrocute secondary to Inspiration, it is more played. Sudden Impact has been changed to Taste of Blood on both Fleet and Conquerer trees, to give more sustain.
League of Legends Build Guide Author DobbieTheElf
DobbieTheElf Akali Guide
[9.6] 'No-one tells me what to do' - Toplane Akali Guide