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League of Legends Build Guide Author MissMaw


MissMaw Last updated on August 12, 2016
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Summoner Spells
Ability Sequence
Item Build
Jungle Monsters
10.Jungle Routes
Counter Jungling
Ganking Tips
Pushing, Minion Tax and Holding Lanes
Late Game

Divers are mobile champions with enough burst or durability to get into the enemy backline and threaten their carries. You can use Paranoia to dive with them and work together to demolish enemy damage threats.

Burst champions can quickly eliminate isolated enemies and work well in pick-oriented compositions. You can dash in with Paranoia to add to their burst, guaranteeing a kill, or target one carry while your ally kills another in a team fight.

Champions with crowd control make up for Nocturne's weak CC and can set up easy kills their lane opponents. In team fights, these champions can help you get picks or initiations that create good opportunities for you to dive enemy carries.

Champions with global (or semi-global) ultimates can add their post-6 presence to yours to easily create heavy numbers advantages at a moment's notice. They can help you gank bottom lane to secure early dragons, out-rotate the enemy team and create picks later in the game.


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