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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Morgana Build Guide by wildersovereign

Middle A Bronze Player's Guide to Morgana Mid

Middle A Bronze Player's Guide to Morgana Mid

Updated on February 6, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author wildersovereign Build Guide By wildersovereign 6 1 18,072 Views 4 Comments
6 1 18,072 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author wildersovereign Morgana Build Guide By wildersovereign Updated on February 6, 2021
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Runes: Standard

1 2 3
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10% Tenacity/Slow Resist


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

A Bronze Player's Guide to Morgana Mid

By wildersovereign
Hello! I am wildersovereign, a Bronze IV player (after Season 10 placements) with absolutely zero qualifications. I tend to play Normal games more than Ranked, although I will be climbing starting in Season 11. I dance around different champions over time, but the champion/role I can say I am the strongest with is Morgana in the mid lane.

Morgana is one of the strongest and most consistent supports in League of Legends, and has been for quite some time. She is typically known for having low damage, high utility and crowd control, engage denial with her Black Shield, and giving AFK warnings to players' accounts after they get hit by one too many Dark Bindings. While all of this is true, Morgana is far more versatile than what one might assume at first glance. When built with an emphasis on AP over all else, this champion transforms from a low-damage catcher to a highly lethal mage with insane damage, crowd control, and sustain.

Morgana is more than capable of holding her own in a solo lane, which is why I primarily play her in the mid lane. Her self-reliance and consistency make her a very potent pick in most of my games. After all, even when she's behind, she's still a Morgana, and she still has a 3-second root. She is a counter to many of the meta champions present in the lane. She is a powerful pick even when the meta is dominated by assassins, which other mages often struggle to do. Overall, Morgana is a consistent and effective champion that I sincerely recommend you consider adding to your champion pool.


Very safe blind pick, matchups tend to be favorable.
Incredibly difficult to gank thanks to hard CC and Black Shield.
Soul Siphon provides built-in sustain during lane and makes her a semi-drain tank in teamfights.
Very strong early powerspike in Lost Chapter.
Fast and safe waveclear with Tormented Shadow.
Insane catch potential; Dark Binding might as well be an insta-kill when fed.
Strong teamfighter, works well as a solo carry and amplifier to other carries.
Surprising amount of 1v2 potential with just a few kills.
Underestimated frequently due to her status as a "support".
Becomes strong the moment she reaches Level 5 and maintains this status for the rest of the game.


Weak early laning phase.
Limited hard carry potential.
Somewhat skillshot reliant, Dark Binding is your main threatening ability most of the time.
Low mobility and not very tanky, leading to problems if Q and E are down.
Early game farming is bad enough to bring you physical pain IRL.
High banrate, secondary or pocket pick recommended to compliment her.
Summoner Spells

FLASH: Flash is a no-brainer on the vast majority of champions, and Morgana is no exception. Flash significantly strengthens the threat Soul Shackles provides, especially when combined with Zhonya's Hourglass. Additionally, Flash allows Morgana to escape many situations that she simply could not without it. Forgoing Flash is something you should have a very good reason for doing. I recommend taking it in every single game.
IGNITE: Ignite is a powerful summoner spell that I recommend taking in most games. The kill pressure it provides cannot be understated, especially against champions with innate healing like Sylas. When in doubt, take Ignite. Remember to use it early in a fight you intend to finish, as Tormented Shadow deals increased damage the lower the opponent's health is.
TELEPORT: Teleport is an interesting option on Morgana that I recommend in certain matchups, specifically those that threaten your ability to farm early. While your kill pressure is more limited without Ignite, Teleport gives you a safety net when you have to take bad recalls, preventing you from losing too much farm. One of the worst things that can happen to Morgana is being forced to farm under tower (something she is extremely bad at doing), so if you think the opponent will make your life difficult early in the game, I recommend taking this. Note that Morgana can't utilize Teleport's late-game functionalities as well as other champions due to her limited splitpushing capabilities, so keep that in mind when selecting it.
Runes (Arcane Comet)

Arcane Comet is wonderful for Morgana and synergizes well with her kit. Since Dark Binding roots for so long, landing it makes Arcana Comet a guaranteed hit. The boost in damage compliments your goals in lane very well and makes you much more annoying to deal with, especially early. The keystone also counts as a spell for the purposes of Soul Siphon, which means more healing and faster Tormented Shadow resets. Summon Aery is an option to strengthen the power of Black Shield, but this is often less useful since you'll be using your shield sparingly anyway. Additionally, Morgana does not need the guaranteed damage the keystone provides, as Dark Binding makes Arcane Comet very easy to hit.
Manaflow Band gives Morgana the extra early mana she desperately needs. Activating it is no issue either thanks to Tormented Shadow, meaning you should be getting that sweet extra mana regen very early. Nullifying Orb is largely unnecessary in virtually every matchup, while Nimbus Cloak only marginally improves your escape and not much else. Chasing champions as Morgana is not difficult.
Transcendence received a rework in Season 11, making it more applicable at most stages of the game. Unsurprisingly, it remains Morgana's rune of choice in this slot. Ability haste is an amazing stat on Morgana, allowing her to use her deadly abilities more often. Its effect at Level 11, while not as useful on Morgana as it is on other champions, is still wonderful for catching fleeing champions with Dark Binding after they witness a "support" 100-0 their ally in 3 seconds. Absolute Focus is a niche option that enhances Morgana's burst potential. Depending on your playstyle, this could be a viable option, but I find Transcendence to be more consistent overall. Plus, Morgana tends to enjoy getting into the fray and taking some damage as a natural consequence of that, so you won't always get that extra AP.
Gathering Storm amplifies your scaling potential significantly. As your early laning phase is weak, Morgana benefits heavily from the extra AP this rune provides. Scorch is a very viable alternative if you prefer consistent poke over late-game scaling (which, admittedly, doesn't always turn in your favor). I recommend this rune in certain matchups where you can't afford to let the game go too late (looking at you, Kayle), but I personally prefer the disgusting damage Gathering Storm provides.

Magical Footwear is a nice rune to have. Since your farming is so safe and you can avoid ganks so easily, you can get away with delaying your boots until this rune kicks in. When it does, however, the added movement speed is great for teamfights, as well as landing your Dark Bindings. The effective free 300 gold is nice as well. However, if you're fighting an AD assassin, I instead recommend running Perfect Timing, as it can both help you survive their burst and prepare you to purchase Zhonya's Hourglass later on, which you will definitely be building into these matchups.
Cosmic Insight is yet another rune that was reworked for Season 11, and it still works very well on Morgana. Its reduction on Flash's cooldown especially is very helpful, since it is a valuable option for her at all stages of the game. Additionally, its reduction of item cooldowns (including Zhonya's Hourglass, an item you will build very often) is incredibly useful. Biscuit Delivery is a possible alternative if mana sustain is an issue, but Manaflow Band should cover your mana issues for the most part, as you won't be using your abilities early as often as you would be as a support.
Run either armor or magic resist depending on the primary damage type of the enemy laner.
Runes (Dark Harvest)

Dark Harvest is a very strong keystone on Morgana. She can proc it extremely easily with Tormented Shadow and the damage effect itself compliments her burst nicely, since her W deals damage based on missing health. Its reset on takedowns lends itself well to teamfights, which Morgana loves anyway. With enough stacks, one-shotting champions becomes second nature and you will begin to spiral out of control, especially when combined with Gathering Storm. When running this rune, however, it is important to note that Morgana's early game will be significantly weaker if you run this over Arcane Comet, since the rune provides no benefit when enemy champions are above half health. If your enemy laner can't do much to harm you early and your win condition isn't defined by your early levels, consider running this high-risk/high-reward rune.
Cheap Shot gives you free true damage whenever you hit a Q or R. Unsurprisingly, you'll be doing this a lot, so the extra damage is appreciated. Taste of Blood's lane sustain is unnecessary thanks to Soul Siphon and Sudden Impact doesn't help much for obvious reasons.
Eyeball Collection gives you damage, which is always a plus. The other two options tend to be more useful on champions that run around the map a lot, but if the utility they provide is to your liking, there's nothing wrong with going with them instead.
Ravenous Hunter gives a very useful tool in the form of omnivamp, which makes you even more of a drain tank in teamfights and lets you heal extremely easily. In my opinion, this is the best and most consistent option, but there are viable alternatives depending on your playstyle. Ingenious Hunter synergizes very well with Everfrost and Zhonya's Hourglass, so if you think you'll be building both (which won't be often), go for it. This also reduces the cooldown of Luden's Tempest and other items with passive cooldowns, although this has more situational utility. Additionally, Ultimate Hunter allows you to access your very important Soul Shackles more often. In my experience, this is unnecessary, as Morgana already builds some ability haste and her R is usually up when it matters, but it may suit your personal tastes.

You should run Manaflow Band for the exact reasons you run it with Arcane Comet. The mana it provides is very helpful considering how valuable your abilities are, and Morgana has no issue activating it thanks to Tormented Shadow.
This rune is even more important on Morgana when running Dark Harvest. Your primary objective is to get stacks and scale into the late game, and Gathering Storm makes your late-game potential that much scarier. I would personally stray away from Scorch when running this keystone, as your late-game strength is weakened without Gathering Storm.
Run either armor or magic resist depending on the primary damage type of the enemy laner.

Soul Siphon (Passive) Morgana heals herself equal to 20% of ability damage dealt to champions, large minions, and large monsters.
This is a nice passive that both gives you some sustain in lane and makes you much harder to kill in teamfights.
  • Since it works on large monsters, Soul Siphon can be utilized on jungle camps in fringe situations where you need the healing.
  • Soul Siphon is primarily used when damaging champions, but it also works on siege minions. Dropping a Tormented Shadow on the cannon wave can heal you a bit when needed while also refreshing your W's cooldown.

Dark Binding (Q)
RANGE: 1300
COST: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 mana
Morgana releases a sphere of dark magic that travels in the target direction, dealing 80 / 135 / 190 / 245 / 300 (+ 90% AP) magic damage to the first enemy hit and rooting them for 2 / 2.25 / 2.5 / 2.75 / 3 seconds.
The infamous binding, a spell so powerful that its in-game debuff description lists its root duration as "about 3 years". I can't say it doesn't feel like that sometimes. This is your main ability for making picks and generally stopping enemies in their tracks. It also does a TON of damage if you have a lot of AP.
  • Dark Binding is your most threatening ability and you should treat it as such. Play safe when it's on cooldown.
  • While powerful, this ability travels relatively slowly. If your opponent is good at dodging skillshots, don't give them a fair fight by firing one off at max range. Remember, a Q is still a Q, even when fired point-blank.
  • Don't underestimate this ability's damage in the mid-/late-game. 90% AP scaling is pretty powerful for a root that lasts 2-3 seconds.
  • If the enemy has the means to dodge/negate this ability ( Nocturne, Yasuo, any champion with a quick dash, etc), try baiting their ability out before going for a binding.

Tormented Soil (W)
RANGE: 900
COST: 70 / 85 / 100 / 115 / 130 mana
Morgana infects the target area for 5 seconds, causing enemies within to take 6 / 11 / 16 / 21 / 26 (+ 7% AP) magic damage every half second, increased by 0% − 170% (based on target's missing health). The first tick of damage is dealt instantly to enemies in the area at the time of cast. The total damage is increased by 50% against non-epic monsters.

Tormented Shadow's current cooldown is reduced by 5% of its maximum whenever Soul Siphon triggers. Simultaneous triggers from multiple targets will stack the cooldown reduction.

This ability seems like an annoyance on the surface, but it is actually the primary source of Morgana's damage. Since its damage scales off missing health, it is extremely lethal when opponents are low on health. Additionally, it grows significantly stronger with points put into it (something you won't see on support Morgana until very late levels), making it a potent source of damage through all stages of the game, barring the first few levels.
  • Tormented Shadow can one-shot ranged minions with 3 points put into it (usually Level 5). Use this knowledge to your advantage when pushing waves.
  • While this ability's damage grows significantly with skill ranks, its mana cost does as well. As tempting as it may be with its cooldown resets and low-risk usage, don't throw this ability out without a purpose during the early game, as you will quickly find yourself running out of mana.
  • Your ability to use Tormented Shadow grows significantly when you get Lost Chapter, so feel free to use it wildly (within reason) to shove waves and force your opponent under their tower.
  • This ability becomes extremely lethal when your opponent is rooted/stunned, as they have no means of escaping its damage. Q>W is your bread-and-butter combo in lane, as your opponent is likely to take at least 3 seconds of juicy W damage.

Black Shield (E)
COST: 80 mana
COOLDOWN: 26 / 24 / 22 / 20 / 18
Morgana shields the target allied champion or herself for up to 5 seconds, which absorbs 80 / 135 / 190 / 245 / 300 (+ 70% AP) magic damage and grants crowd control immunity while the shield holds.
Even as a solo laner, this ability is still vital to her playstyle. With it, Morgana can casually ignore crowd control as she either makes her escape or goes in for the kill. This ability is a major part of what makes her such a safe pick, as locking her down is very difficult and she can kind of just do what she wants a lot of the time.
  • Black Shield has a very high cooldown and a relatively high mana cost early on. Don't use this ability during the early game in situations where you don't need it, especially against teams with a lot of CC. Nothing feels worse than using your shield to block an Ahri Q and then dying to her Charm 10 seconds later.
  • With your shield equipped, you can basically ignore most gank attempts, specifically those reliant on crowd control. This is particularly effective against CC-heavy tank junglers ( Nunu & Willump, Zac, Amumu, etc). If you don't waste your E, none of these junglers pose a significant threat to you.
  • This ability has a duration of 5 seconds, but this can be reduced if the shield is broken by heavy magic damage. This can happen more often than you'd think if you're behind since the shield strength scales with AP. Pay attention to how much damage the enemy's burst deals to your shield and make your decisions accordingly.
  • While you'll usually be using this ability on yourself throughout the early game, it is often a good idea to use it on engaging team members (especially fighters and assassins, as these champions are often vulnerable to hard CC) during teamfights. Of course, remember to use it on yourself if you're the one engaging and the enemy team has hard CC left.
  • New players can have a tendency to feel overly safe with their Black Shield equipped during laning phase. While you are extremely safe in this state, the shield doesn't protect you from damage all that much (or at all in the case of physical damage). A Zed all-in will still kill you whether you have your shield up or not, so don't get overconfident and recognize the threats on the enemy team.

Soul Shackles (R)
RANGE: 625
COST: 100 mana
COOLDOWN: 120 / 110 / 100
Morgana latches chains of energy onto nearby enemy champions over the cast time, dealing them 150 / 225 / 300 (+ 70% AP) magic damage and forming a tether between Morgana and each target for 3 seconds, during which the targets are revealed and slowed by 20%.

Morgana gains 5 / 30 / 55% bonus movement speed when moving towards enemies tethered to her.

If the tethers are not broken by the end of their duration, the tethered targets are dealt the same magic damage again and are revealed and stunned for 1.5 seconds.

This is your playmaker. This ability allows you to get solo kills in lane against unsuspecting opponents and singlehandedly carry teamfights if used properly. Morgana's ultimate ability combines the two biggest aspects of her playstyle perfectly: high damage and powerful crowd control.
  • Remember that Soul Shackles needs 3 seconds to apply any hard crowd control. If the enemy has a dash in their kit, be sure to expend it before attempting to lock them down with this ability. If they leave the range, they avoid the majority of its effect.
  • Combining this ability with Zhonya's Hourglass can result in team-wide stuns, as you are invulnerable during the majority of the ability's duration. Keep in mind that you can't chase enemies while under stasis, so make sure you have teammates to help you keep the enemies in range.
  • This ability does not require the opponent to be visible. While it's off cooldown, you can actually detect nearby unseen enemies, as the ability icon will light up. Use this to snag assassins hiding in bushes and pesky Teemos looking to hide from you.
  • Soul Shackles synergizes well with Flash, as the sudden change in position will often catch enemies off guard and allow for easy teamfighting. If you have the choice between catching a faraway enemy with Flash+Q or Flash+R, always go for R, as the activation is guaranteed. Don't look silly by wasting your Flash and missing your Q.
Doran's Ring
This item is Morgana's best starting option as far as items are concerned. The mana regeneration by last hitting is vital to allowing her to use her abilities more often during the early laning phase, both stats it provides are helpful, and the bonus damage to minions is useful for a champion with... limited options for gathering farm early on. I recommend this over Tear of the Goddess since the added AP and health are overall more useful than the mana increase, especially since you don't build enough mana for Archangel's Staff to be very useful.
Dark Seal
Dark Seal is an important item to get early on Morgana. While it no longer provides mana, the snowball potential the item provides cannot be overstated. The AP you gain per takedown makes this item valuable throughout the entire game at just 350 gold. If you really get the ball rolling, you can also upgrade it to Mejai's Soulstealer. However, I DO NOT recommend buying Dark Seal as a starting item. As it provides no mana, it makes your early laning phase pretty miserable. You can wait on purchasing this item until your first back. If you're new to the champion or just not as confident in the matchup, it's okay to forgo this item in favor of reaching your powerspikes more quickly, but you should at least consider it in every game.
Lost Chapter
This is your early game powerspike item. Morgana loves every stat it provides, as they allow her to do what she does best more effectively and for longer. However, the best part of this item comes from its unique passive, which restores 20% of your max mana upon leveling up. Combined with the 300 flat mana increase this item comes with, this allows you to throw out Tormented Shadows like no tomorrow, so long as you play around the passive. You should rush this item after you grab your Dark Seal, but if you recall with around 1300 gold, buying it right off the bat is a great way to establish dominance over your lane opponent.
Refillable Potion
This is a purely optional item, but I find myself buying it a lot in my games. The extra sustain it provides makes tough situations seem much easier, at the cost of some gold. Consider buying this option in matchups where poke runs rampant and see if it fits your playstyle.
This is another important item you'll want to grab at some point in the early game. Extra movement speed makes landing and dodging skillshots a lot easier, so exactly when you buy them should depend on the matchup. Generally, if I have the gold to spare after a recall, I'll pick them up before my Mythic item. Of course, this only applies if you didn't pick Magical Footwear. If you did, you can ignore this section.
Oblivion Orb
With the advent of Season 11, Riot has blessed mages everywhere with the ability to buy Grevious Wounds early. If healers are giving you trouble, buy this item before you get your Mythic. If the healers on the enemy team aren't interacting with your lane, you can hold off on the item, but you should still buy this item later on (preferably BEFORE the enemy healers get fed). Examples of good champions to build this item against include Sylas, Swain, and Soraka.
Seeker's Armguard
This is your counterbuild option against AD champions, especially assassins. Conveniently, it builds into Zhonya's Hourglass, an item you're likely to build relatively early on anyway. This is a great option against champions like Zed, Nocturne, and Talon, among others. With patch 11.3, this item received a small increase to its gold cost. This doesn't change much about its viability, but remember that you'll have to hang around in lane a little longer to hit that item.
Verdant Barrier
A new item introduced in Season 11, Verdant Barrier functions as the magic resist equivalent to Seeker's Armguard. However, unlike the latter, this item does not build into one of Morgana's more common Legendary items, so make sure you only buy it if the enemy mage/AP assassin is REALLY giving you trouble. I could see this item being valuable against champions like Syndra, but I still don't recommend it in most games as an early pickup.
Luden's Tempest
Morgana has a lot of flexibility when it comes to Mythic items, and the Mythic she purchases will usually depend on the enemy team composition. Luden's Tempest is very effective against squishy, high-damage team comps. The flat magic penetration helps cut through squishies quickly, while the movement speed bonus helps you dodge important abilities that could otherwise lead to your demise. This item also bolsters your waveclear even further, allowing you to cut through entire waves with a casual Tormented Shadow. Overall, I think this is Morgana's best option in most games, but the other Mythic items have their place in certain matchups.
Liandry's Anguish
This item was already a common second purchase on Morgana before Season 11, and it now comes with mana. This item's passive provides damage that scales based on maximum health and grows more effective the longer you're in combat thanks to its magic resist shred, making it ideal against tankier opponents. If the enemy team comp is such that you don't think you'll find the burst damage and bonus movement speed of Luden's Tempest very useful, consider this item.
This item is the effective replacement of the Hextech GLP-800 of old. This item can work on Morgana, but I usually find that the other two mana/AP Mythics work better on her. The range on the active is often too short and too narrow to be of much use for landing your Dark Binding. This item can be useful in specific matchups against mobile targets, but I usually prioritize the first two options.
Sorcerer's Shoes
This option gives you flat magic penetration, which is useful on any mage. You could opt into Plated Steelcaps or Mercury's Treads in very specific matchups, but you'll usually have better defensive item purchases for those.
Horizon Focus
Horizon Focus synergizes extremely well with Morgana's kit. Your goals in terms of damage onto single targets usually consist of hitting a Q into W and then walking away until they die, and this item makes this even stronger. It also makes your Soul Shackles more threatening, as your Tormented Shadow will melt them even faster when it's complete. Although it doesn't provide ability haste or mana, these stats are covered well enough at this point by your Mythic item of choice, so the massive damage increase is very much appreciated. This item is not mandatory on Morgana Mid like a mana/AP Mythic is, however. I find myself building it almost every game, but if you feel like it wouldn't suit a particular game well or if it just doesn't suit your playstyle well, it is 100% skippable.
Zhonya's Hourglass
Zhonya's Hourglass is an extremely potent item that synergizes fantastically with Soul Shackles. Get into the middle of the enemy team, proc Zhonya's and watch them panic as they try to escape your chains. The stats it provides are also very useful, especially against AD matchups. If you bought a Seeker's Armguard earlier, you should almost always upgrade it to this. If your win condition involves teamfighting at all, this is an item you should heavily consider.
Morellonomicon is your go-to item against teams with healing. If you bought an Oblivion Orb early, you should usually purchase this at some point in the match. Notably, the item no longer provides magic penetration, so you should only really buy it if the enemy team has healing at their disposal.
Banshee's Veil
This is your most effective magic resist option in most games. You usually won't need to build this, but it's worth considering if an AP threat is running rampant, especially one with crowd control. Your Black Shield causes the spell shield this item provides to be somewhat redundant, but it can still be useful against heavy CC or abilities that are too fast to react to with your shield ( Nether Grasp is a good example). If you need it, buy it, but you'll usually be fine without it.
Spirit Visage
This is a very interesting item on Morgana for a few reasons. While it may seem strange to build an item designed for tanks on a relatively squishy mage, this item can be valuable in specific situations. If the enemy team has a lot of magic damage and your team has relatively poor engage, you can take up the mantle and become a sort of engage "tank" since the passive increases the healing Soul Siphon provides. This item's uses are extremely situational, especially after the nerf to its healing in Season 11, but it can be extremely important in certain games. Of course, don't rush this until you get your Mythic and at least one or two AP items under your belt.
Mejai's Soulstealer
This item is fairly simple. If you're doing super well and you have some Dark Seal stacks, upgrading to Mejai's Soulstealer is a great way to dominate the game even further. Something important to note, however, is how important it becomes to preserve your own life when you have this item purchased. The consequence of losing 50 AP upon death is quite severe, so remember to keep especially risky plays to a minimum and enjoy one-shotting enemies left and right.
Rabadon's Deathcap
The classic full AP item. In fact, this item provides nothing but AP. However, it provides a lot of it, and you want a lot of it. It's usually more efficient to buy this as at least your 4th or 5th item, as its effect grows more powerful with each point of AP you have. Keep in mind that this item is very expensive, so make sure you start building towards it after you have your core items and important counterbuild items.
Void Staff
Void Staff is highly effective when the enemy team has a lot of magic resist. Since it penetrates a percentage of the enemy's MR rather than a flat amount, it is more effective against tankier opponents. Consider buying this item over or before Rabadon's Deathcap if the enemy team is building against you.
Early Game
Morgana's early laning phase is very weak, especially in comparison to her mid- and late-game performances. Depending on the enemy laner, her primary goals are to:
  • Survive until Level 5, where your Tormented Shadow can be upgraded to Rank 3 and you can one-shot caster minions with it.
  • Utilize this newfound waveclear to shove the wave into the enemy tower, usually via slow push, or building up a large wave of minions before crashing the wave.
  • Time your recall with enough gold to buy your first powerspike item (usually Lost Chapter, but can differ depending on the matchup).
Because Morgana's abilities are so important to her playstyle, her gameplay will change drastically during her early levels. I'll cover Levels 1-6 here:

Level 1: Morgana's Level 1 is weak in comparison to other champions. At this level, you have the choice of starting with either Dark Binding or Tormented Shadow. I usually find Dark Binding to be the better choice, but Tormented Shadow is an option if you want to shove the wave early and don't fear your lane opponent. If the enemy mid laner poses a threat to you at Level 1, you should always take Dark Binding to limit their options, as a Level 1 Morgana without it is basically a bad fighter. You should be going for as many last hits as you can afford to, but if your opponent can punish you heavily for doing so (e.g. Akali or Pyke), it's okay to give up some farm to preserve your health. Keep in mind that a pushing enemy will hit Level 2 before you, so keep your distance when the second wave arrives if this is the case.

Level 2: Once you hit Level 2, you will usually take whichever ability you did not take at Level 1. Under certain circumstances, however, you may want to consider taking Dark Binding into Black Shield if you believe the enemy jungler will gank you before Level 3. I do not recommend this in most games, but it ultimately comes down to experience. Generally, however, having both Dark Binding and Tormented Shadow is a safe bet. You can now start punishing your opponent more heavily for mispositioning by hitting them with Q>W, which will hurt more and more the lower they are. If you outrange the enemy and there aren't very many enemy minions nearby, throwing in a few auto-attacks while they are rooted will amplify your damage. Otherwise, walking away and ignoring them is acceptable. This combo leaves very little room for the opponent to trade back since it roots for 2 entire seconds, giving you plenty of time to position back into farming. Keep in mind that you are still weak in this state, though, so do your best to avoid extended trades.

Level 3: At this point, you should have all 3 of your basic abilities. This means you will now have Black Shield, making ganks against you extremely difficult to pull off. Conveniently, this is the point many junglers start looking for ganks. When you have time to ward, you should look for deep vision to help your team and to gather information rather than shallower, protective wards, as you really don't need these. On the flip side, your powerful CC and protective abilities make you an excellent assistant to your jungler's ganks and fights for objectives, despite your relative weakness in solo fights. Be sure to coordinate with your jungler to help them score objectives. Likewise, make sure you're paying attention if your jungler is looking to gank your lane so that you can follow up accordingly. If you land a Dark Binding and your jungler follows up, a Flash or a kill is almost guaranteed. At this point, you still want to avoid even, extended fights, as you will lose most of them. Also, keep in mind that Level 3 is the level at which many assassins gain the means to trade meaningfully with you ( Zed and Fizz are notable examples), so play around this powerspike to protect your health. Remember, your main goal is to survive. You don't need to make risky plays at this stage of the game. Also, your recalls are much more effective when you have gold to spend on them. Your first powerspike is Lost Chapter, which costs 1300 gold. Coast along, get all the farm you can get without taking too much damage, and help your jungler when needed.

Level 4: There isn't that much that changes at this level. Your goal is still to survive and await your upcoming powerspikes. Be sure to ping missing if your laner disappears, as even early roams can be dangerous for your team. You should put a point into Tormented Shadow to bring about your Level 5 powerspike.

Level 5: At this level and with three points in Tormented Shadow, this ability one-shots ranged minions from full health. This is incredibly important, as it speeds up your waveclear dramatically. However, it will also drain your mana pool extremely quickly if you spam it. Well, before you get Lost Chapter that is. Your goal at this point will usually be to look for an opportunity to shove the wave into the enemy tower using your newfound waveclear, recall, purchase the item, and come back to lane significantly stronger. Of course, this is the ideal situation and won't happen every game. Sometimes, your enemy laner has been smart with their mana, and therefore will be able to collect the wave and shove it into your tower while you recall, causing you to lose precious farm. Other times, the enemy laner will have bullied you out of farm to the point where you can't afford Lost Chapter. This is okay, as you can either recall early or stay to be able to afford the item, depending on your health and mana. Unsurprisingly, this is also the strongest you'll be before you get access to Soul Shackles. If the enemy laner wastes an important cooldown, you can punish with a riskier Dark Binding than before, as your damage will generally be more respectable and you'll be looking to recall soon anyway.

Level 6: At Level 6, you gain access to Soul Shackles, at which point your kill potential spikes dramatically. A slightly weakened and squishy opponent will often die from full health to all of your abilities, especially with Dark Harvest equipped. Remember to accommodate for your enemy's abilities that would allow them to escape your ultimate, as landing the second hit is essential in order to land most of your damage. This becomes especially lethal with help from your jungler, as there is no way to dodge Morgana's ultimate. You're pretty strong at this point, and will only get stronger as the game goes on.
Mid Game
During the mid-game, your influence over the game's outcome is arguably at its strongest. Your waveclear is very strong, your teamfight potential is deadly, and your sustain is quite impressive for a mage. Once you get your Mythic item of choice, you really start to take off as a dominant presence on the map. Don't underestimate your damage at this stage, especially if you have some kills. A simple Q>W will usually shave at least half of a squishy's HP with zero counterplay once the root lands. Remember not to risk your own safety too much, although you can get away with a lot as this champion. Your presence at important objectives is vital to your team's success in most games, especially if the rest of your team is behind. If you pick up Zhonya's Hourglass, using it in combination with Soul Shackles can instantly win you teamfights if your team follows up. Avoid 1-on-1 fights with most champions without Soul Shackles, as your threat level drops dramatically once you use your Dark Binding.
Late Game
Morgana does not lose much steam at all once she hits the late game, although her role shifts somewhat. Instead of being a damage-focused hypercarry like you were in the mid-game, your main role is to get picks and negate enemy CC with your Black Shield. This is because positioning grows massively more important the later the game goes on. Teams have enough damage to blow a vital target up if they're caught out, which Morgana excels at thanks to her Dark Binding. Conversely, using Soul Shackles in the middle of the enemy team becomes riskier, especially without Zhonya's Hourglass. Oftentimes, your sustain is not enough to allow you to survive damage from the enemy ADC. This means you must rely more on your team than you did during the mid-game. This is why I do not classify Morgana as a hypercarry, as she relies more and more on her team as the game goes on. This does not mean she is weak at this point, of course. It just means your playstyle will resemble that of a support Morgana, albeit with more damage, items, etc. Remember to play around the fed members of your team (and, if you're playing in solo queue, the intelligent ones) in order to finish games. Keep your focus on objectives and you should be fine. DO NOT COMMIT TO SPLIT PUSHING AS MORGANA, EVEN WHEN FED. Morgana does not function well as a split pusher despite her fast waveclear and ability to 1v2 with Soul Shackles due to her lack of mobility and low turret damage. You will find yourself getting collapsed on by multiple enemies often without the means to deal with all of them. It is usually better to be around your team and help them succeed.
Thank you for reading my Morgana Mid guide! This guide is not meant to be taken with any sort of authority, but rather as a piece of insight into the average player and their experience with an off-meta champion. With the advent of Season 11, Morgana Mid is picking up a lot of steam, especially in high ELO, so I am looking forward to seeing what can be discovered about the champion in the role. That is, of course, if Riot doesn't nerf her to the ground after her recent popularity boost :(. Anyways, thank you for reading, and feel free to leave a comment if you have any insight or feedback to provide. This is my first guide, after all, so I probably know less than you do about how this all works.

- wildersovereign
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