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Vayne Build Guide by ctm20141

ADC A COMPLETE guide to Vayne, our favourite ADC!

ADC A COMPLETE guide to Vayne, our favourite ADC!

Updated on March 18, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ctm20141 Build Guide By ctm20141 8 1 12,157 Views 0 Comments
8 1 12,157 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ctm20141 Vayne Build Guide By ctm20141 Updated on March 18, 2021
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Runes: Take this!

1 2
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Common setup - 80% of the times
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

A COMPLETE guide to Vayne, our favourite ADC!

By ctm20141
Introduction / My experience
Hello there!
I'm Teo! I am 20 years old and I live in Italy :D.

I am a Gold 4 Vayne main and I'm an ADC onetrick. I have almost all ADCs m7 and I love the role!

This isn't my first MOBA, so tecnically I am more experienced than a random Gold player: I spent 3 years playing Dota 2 (arriving Platinum), 2 years playing Vainglory (arriving Diamond basically) and 2 years playing League of Legends!

My favourite characters are: Terrorblade, Phantom Assassin and Medusa from Dota 2, Vox from Vainglory and Vayne and Kai'Sa from Lol.

How did I start playing Lol, you may ask... well, the answer is simple: one of my best friends invited me to try 1 game with him XD. After that I became addicted (totally uncommon, right? ;D) and I kept playing Lol.


Onto the guide now!

Firstly, I should say that the matchup section is based on MY PERSONAL experience from playing games in draft/low elo. I DO encounter however Diamonds and Plats regularly in draft (wtf rito, plz fix your matchmaking XD!) so my guide may guide you to AT LEAST low plat! This guide is designed for people who want to try out Vayne AND for people who want a more in depth guide to the champion! I may say that for people who only want to try out Vayne the matchup section is MORE THAN ENOUGH! Below I will tell you EVERY BIT OF INFORMATION that I gathered while playing Vayne for 2 years basically.



You may be interested on how I started this journey...
In the first games I started playing simple champions (like Garen, Nasus, ecc) and then I asked myself what champions are similar to Hard Carries from Dota 2... then the same friend that invited my to play this "wonderful" game suggested me to try out Jinx: I basically onetricked her from lv 20 to lv 150 and I obtained my 1st m7 with 45k points! After months of onetricking Jinx, unfortunately I got bored: I wanted to try the "pinnacle of skill" of ADCs. My friend suggested me Draven and Vayne. Since I wanted another hyper carry in my roster, I decided to try out Vayne.

It didn't go so well at first...
The first game I stomped hard and I got addicted to the champion, then I started feeding my *** off for about 50 games... I felt terrible, especially because I had a 70% winrate with Jinx already...
During those games I lost my temper and I became EXTREMELY toxic: for example I was flaming my Janna (m7) for not going all in with me vs Blitzcrank- Draven...XD.
After a lot of points (at around 50k) I STARTED to figure out how to play the champion, because I was basically playing her as Jinx... I got my m7 with her at around 80k points and I finally understood how Vayne works at around 100k. At 200k points I understood all the ins and outs of the champion and I had a solid understanding of all the different machups.
My profile

(I took this screenshot to show you that I don't lie, I'm a fair person and that I don't invent anything that I don't have. PLEASE, DO NOT send friend requests to me and my friends! Thank you :) )

As you can see I like Vayne VERY MUCH!
What I like about her is her HUGE outplay potential (EVERY Tumble may be a small outplay!) and her playstyle in general.
I like Kai'Sa's splashart and her in game model more (but I dislike her huge butt... why did you do this rito... :\ ). Maybe I'm ill (and I think I am :D ) but for me Vayne looks like Batman and Kai'Sa looks like Spiderman with that suit (especially in the new WARRIORS cinematic when she jumps, that moment was dope af! :D). That's why I like them both! The "perfect" champion for me would be Kai'Sa's model with Vayne's kit! XD

I have almost all ADCs m7:
Jinx - 150k points (I basically onetricked her from lv 30 to lv 150, now I don't play her anymore...)
Jhin - 125k points
Lucian - 100k points
Caitlyn - 90k points
Ezreal - 80k points
Varus - 65k points
Xayah - 60k points
Kalista - 60k points
Aphelios - 56k points
Ashe - 53k points
Tristana - 43k points
Senna - 42k points

My seondary role is mid and I have Vladimir with 175k points, Anivia with 71k points and Cassiopeia with 50k points (all m7)

I personally hate the other ADCs that I didn't mention. I don't like their playstyles at all! :D


Well ,currently I have 60% winrate in general in ranked and I have almost 70% winrate with Vayne. The reason I don't climb very much (although I have very high winrates) is because I'm tired after 3 ranked games (I concentrate very much and after a few games I burn my energy completely XD )... and I prefer playing with my friends in normals (because they hate rankeds/some of them are not good enough). In this Season, for example, I did only 25 games and I'm already in Silver 1 (20Lp).
Your (possible) Vayne experience :D
As you can see mastering Vayne requires A LOT OF TIME AND EFFORT, not because the champion itself is difficult (she doesn't have difficult combos like Riven, Yasuo or Lee Sin), but because she has a simple kit that is difficult to master (I will go more in depth in the "Pros / Cons" section).

DONT'T PANIC IF YOU START GOING 0/10 EVERY MATCH AT FIRST! IT'S COMPLETELY FINE! I stopped feeding at around 50k points AND I HAD A 4 YEARS MOBA KNOWLEDGE. For newcomers this thing could stop at around 100/150k points or even later.

At first I suggest you to not go rambo and play passive to familiarize with her kit. After that you can go more aggressive, but don't risk anything. After you know how Vayne works (very well) it's time to limit test (I started doing it at around 150k points, but you could start it earlier). Try to ouplay someone with your Qs Tumble or in general try to duel top laners. This can sound a bit troll, BUT IT'S ESSENTIAL TO BECOME A GOOD Vayne IMO! IF YOU PLAY LIKE A ***** YOU WILL NEVER IMPROVE! Contrary to popular belief Vayne's playstyle is aggressive (if you don't trust me, watch some Uzi's VODs). That's the reason a lot of people int with Vayne at first: they don't know Vayne's limits and they start flaming their supports (I did it too pre 50k points). But it's important to know that the ONLY PERSON TO BLAME IS YOU IF YOU GET CAUGHT AND DIE!
****, I almost forgot! :D
Vayne's lore can be read here!

(If you want a short summary...)

(Read Evelynn's lore first!)

During a beautiful day Shauna Vayne found her parents killed in a cruel way. She saw the killer: she was a bautiful woman with a lustful smile (VERY IMPORTANT DETAIL XD! Jokes aside, this words spoil you that she's Evelynn). From that moment Vayne swore to kill ALL (and with the word "all" I mean ALL XD) dark magic users. During her journey to revenge she encountered a woman who helped her to accomplish her mission of killing dark magic monsters. They spent a few years together. Unfortunately, one day Vayne was in danger for being killed by a monster and she was saved by a big wolf. Upon returning to her human form, Frey said that she uses this DARK MAGIC when she must resolve a big problem (such as rescuing Vayne).
But Vayne, hearing those BEAUTIFUL WORDS XD she insta killed her, and she continued her path to revenge alone.


Before accusing Vayne for killing one of her best friends, people should remember the words used in the Lore: "Shortly after Vayne’s sixteenth birthday, she returned home from a midsummer banquet and saw something she would never forget.
An unspeakably beautiful, horned woman stood before the bloodied corpses of her parents.
Vayne screamed in agony and terror. Before disappearing, the demon looked down at the young girl and flashed her a terrible, lustful smile."


Vayne didn't do nothing wrong: imagine you returned home and saw your parents brutally murdered! Would you be the same person as before? Of course not!
This information explains this sentence too: “I don’t kill creatures like you because it’s the right thing to do. I kill you because I enjoy it.”
After her parents' death she has gone insane...
BUT as you can see form the Lore, if you don't pronounce those strange words she is somewhat fine and she cares for people around her: she LOVED Frey! She was looking for a substitute for her lost parental love and tha's why she treated Frey as a mother!
This story has a pretty bad ending, but it's very touching... I drop a tear averytime I read it...
Pros / Cons
2) Hypercarry, can EASILY 1v5 if you are good enough
3) Scales EXTREMELY WELL with items
4) She spykes HARD after every item that you buy. She spykes EVEN harder if you buy ATK speed items!
5) She can peel herself EXTREMELY WELL (better than Kai'Sa imo)
6) If she doesn't get focused down with CC she can single-handedly win teamfights
7) Tank-shredding power through the roof
8) She CAN pick tank items after her core and she can STILL do disgusting damage (that's why tank Vayne can be a thing)
9) One of the few ADCs that has hard CC
10) Your ult duration increases after each takedown
11) You can't run from a Vayne (passive movement speed, especially with ult)
12) If you are good she can be very slippery due to her low cooldown Q
13) You can't itemize against her very well (ATK speed slow items are VERY GOOD vs her though). Armor is still good vs her because she is still an auto attacker, but it's MUCH LESS effective due to her pure damage
14) DISGUSTING lv 6 all in

1) Below average lv 1
2) NO WAVECLEAR - very slow farmer and generally no wave control in lane
3) She has a few matchups where you can do absolutely nothing if the enemy knows what is doing (vs Draven for example)
4) She's pretty weak pre lv 6 compared to other adcs
5) If you get behind you will need A LOT OF TIME to fully recover (the enemies can simply close the game before you become online again)
6) Meh range, a lot of meta adcs will outrange you
7) Support depedent in early game
8) Simple kit to understand, difficult to execute
9) Medium skill ceiling and VERY HIGH skill cap
10) Edge of Night users may **** you HARD (you can't use your E when you want)
11) Don't pick her if you don't want to put a lot of work and time into a single champion
12) Feast or famine
13) Whether you do good or not in a match HEAVILY depends on your skills as a player
14) Outdated model :D

In short:
Watch Uzi's videos :D.
Jokes aside, Vayne is a champion that most often than not she will lose her lane, but she has the potential to win it (it depends on the ADC-support matchup during the laning phase). If you lose the lane, freeze the minion wave in front of your T2 and pray that your enemies will not snowball the match out of control while you farm :D. If you win the lane you will often win the game :D.
Even if the enemies set you behind early at around 30 minutes into the game you will unstoppable anyway. Vayne is a REAL TICKING TIMEBOMB, just like other hyper carries.
Team Composition (Synergies / Counters)
Vayne is very versatile in late game: she is a VERY GOOD splitpusher and a GOOD teamfighter. If you have a troll team with no frontline (es. Teemo top, Kha'Zix jng, Zed mid and Sona supp) dodge plz if you care about your Lp XD. Vayne can be put in almost all team comps more or less, BUT she WILL struggle in those 2 situations:

1) Your team has no pressure early game and/or can't stale the game enough for you to scale. Something like Ornn top, Master Yi jng, Kassadin mid and Taric support will make you LOSE the entire game. Why? Because it's true that this team will be a MONSTER late game, BUT WILL YOU ARRIVE THERE? I don't think so :D!

2) The enemy botlaners that are early game powerhouses: for example Draven - Leona, Caitlyn - Morgana will MAKE YOU CRY during the laning phase and you will be killed in lane and/or they will put you SOOOO far behind that you will NEVER recover.

As you can see, Vayne needs time to reach her powerspykes. She may struggle if she can't reach them in time to make an actual impact in the game.

For sinergies I recommend to check the beggining of my guide in the "Synergy" section for more details, but in general Vayne does well with almost all inners and echanters.

Later, she does well with AND vs a front to back team composition. Vayne doesn't like chaotic teamfights too much: sure, she is a premiere duelist, but this champion REALLY shines when she can hit the enemy frontline freely. She does very well vs beefy frontliners without mobility spells ( Garen, Trundle, ecc.). She does ok vs dive bruisers (such as Camille, Irelia, ecc.). She struggles against enemies that have huge point and click burst ( Lissandra, Qiyana with her E Audacity, Fizz with his basic combo, ecc.)


Out of the 4 options Press the Attack SHOULD be your most picked rune: combined with your Silver Bolts this rune will give you INSANE burst after 3 hits. This rune is strong even in early game and it will help you to alleviate your weaknesses. The key thing when choosing this rune is to try to do 3 hits trades as many times as possible! Note that your Condemn WILL give you 1 stack of Silver Bolts, but it WILL NOT give you a stack of Press the Attack, so in a sense AA-AA-CONDEMN sequence is weaker than AA-AA-AA (and it will also consume 1/3 your your total mana early game!). It doesn't scale as much as Lethal Tempo though...

The second best option right now is Lethal Tempo. As I said earlier this rune is pretty niche (but good nontheless!) when both supports (the ally support and the enemy support) want to engage in order to win their lane. For example Vayne - Thresh vs Kai'Sa - Leona is a botlane that as their win condition is to engage 1 time and then finish their opponents in one long trade. And Lethal Tempo is VERY GOOD if you want to trade a lot of hits! The downsides to this rune are that it has a cooldwon before you can use it again, its proccing while punishing enemies for cs-ing (you can't control it very well) and if you somehow can't do long trades this rune is useless. I also use Lethal Tempo if there are 3 or more beefy targets on the enemy team!

Fleet Footwork may seem good on paper, but it gives you too little heal in order to be competitive with Press the Attack and Lethal Tempo. It COULD be good against a Senna - Caitlyn in lane, but I still prefer Press the Attack in this case. If you REALLY want sustain pick Doran's Shield and Revitalize instead! Oh, and this rune is **** later on XD!
Don't choose Conqueror! After its nerf to ranged users it's not good anymore, especially on Vayne! The time you proc Conqueror the teamfight is already over :D! If you REALLY want sustain in teamfights pick a Blade of the Ruined King or a Bloodthirster instead! Oh, and the adaptive damage this rune gives you doesn't sinergize well with Vayne: she scales MUCH MUCH BETTER with ATK SPEED and ON-HIT items!

The most common choice should be Triumph, ESPECIALLY IN BOT LANE! Its heal saved me multiple times! Without this rune you can die to the enemy support if you are low after killing the enemy ADC! It also gives you a small gold boost after each takedown, which is always nice :) !

Overheal is the second best choice...but I never take it XD! The discrepancy between Overheal and Triumph is SOOOOOOO HIGH that it's not worth taking! Triumph is Overheal, but better ;D (at least for Vayne)!

NEVER EVER TAKE Presence of Mind UNLESS YOU WANT TO TROLL! You are not a mana/energy based champion like Ezreal, Akali, Kassadin, ecc. Sure, without mana you WON'T be much slippery and you won't have much self peel, but you still HIT LIKE A TRUCK with those autos! So the most important resource you want to work around is your health; Triumph helps with that tremendously, especially because you are an all in champion!

Legend: Alacrity is your best choice here imo. As I said in the notes, Vayne scales EXTREMELY HARD WITH ATK SPEED BOOSTERS, and this rune is one of them!

Legend: Tenacity IS TROLL! DON'T TAKE IT! This rune is OPTIMAL for tanks, bruisers and juggernauts (in general people who must be in the frontline soaking the enemy CC). IF YOU GET HIT BY A CC YOU ARE USUALLY DEAD XD! This rune WILL NOT HELP YOU SURVIVE IN THESE SITUATIONS BECAUSE YOU ARE SQUISHY AND YOU GET BLOWN UP INSTANTLY IF YOU ARE IMMOBILIZED!

Legend: Bloodline is the second best choice imo, but you CAN'T compare this rune to Legend: Alacrity! As I said earlier, Vayne scales sooo well with ATK speed steroids that Legend: Alacrity IS MANDADORY! Legend: Bloodline only gives you lifesteal... that's it! Take Blade of the Ruined King or Bloodthirster if you really want that sweet lifesteal (you should have a bit of lifesteal from Ravenous Hunter too).

This difference is more subtle and it's a bit more difficult to explain why I chose Coup de Grace as the best rune here. To put it simply you lane against an ADC (and against a support, but I'll talk about it later). Well, generally ADCs (or bot lane mages) aren't very tanky and because of that they tend to be blown up more easily. So you take Coup de Grace to burst the enemy ADC quickly! If the enemy ADC is dead, the enemy support shouldn't be able to 1v2, so it's safe to say that the first ADC to be killed usually loses the fight during the laning phase.

So indirectly I explained you why I don't take Cut Down... :D

Again, Last Stand IS TROLL! You can't take advantage of this rune most of the times because your health pool is so small that you really control your health pool in order to make the most of Last Stand... this rune is better for life steal based champions with reasonably high health pools like Aatrox.



There are 2 main options here (equally good imo):
Lately I choose Sudden Impact more because it helps you to snowball the lane. This tactic is VERY STRONG in low elo, because with Sudden Impact you can punish enemies mistakes more heavily. It procs EVERYTIME YOU Tumble OR YOU GO INVISIBLE WITH YOUR ULT Final Hour: TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION THAT Sudden Impact HAS AN INTERNAL COOLDOWN OF 4 SECONDS!

Taste of Blood is the safest option and the "traditional" choice: basically its utility is to sustain during the laning phase. Nothing more to say, just... MORE sustain ;D! This setup is recommended against poke heavy lanes or if you are in high elo where the enemies will punish you for every cs you take.

Summoner Spells
I think I explained more than enough these choices right here in the notes, so in case you missed the explanations I will rewrite them here!

You should almost always choose this setup: Flash helps with repositioning and with the E-Flash combo, and Heal helps you to not lose fights in lane and it helps you with that sweet movement speed later on :).

As always, Flash is mandadory. I take Exhaust pretty often when I do ranked in solo because I can't trust my random support to peel that Hecarim or that nasty Lee Sin :D. Exhaust helps you to create deadly all ins with your support (double Exhaust is pretty overkill though, but it's funny!). I take it when I have a Brand, Zyra, Senna, ecc. support.

Again, Flash is essential! I only take Cleanse vs Ashe or vs Seraphine. In general I take it when I know that I will die if i get hit by this kind of abilities. This setup is VERY "greedy": you will usually lose the lane and you must play to scale. Heal or Exhaust are better options to snowball in a match.

Take it 80% of the times as my first item! It gives you 8 attack damage, 80 health points AND 2,5% omnivamp! This item is crazy cost afficient as a first buy! It helps you in lane with sustain and better last hit potential! 80 hp are a lot in the early game!

In the remaining 20% of the times I take this item. I DON'T RECOMMEND IT HOWEVER: it gives you WORSE stats than a Doran's Blade. I take it however when I am against a VERY oppressive kite lane ( Brand - Senna is an example) and I can't hit the minions to take advantage of the omnivamp from Doran's Blade. IT DOESN'T HELP YOU SNOWBALL THE LANE AS MUCH AS A Doran's Blade THOUGH!

DON'T TAKE THIS AS YOUR STARTING ITEM! I REPEAT, DONT'T TAKE THIS AS YOUR STARTING ITEM!!! IT'S THE BEST WAY TO INSTA LOSE YOUR LANE FROM THE BEGINNING! This item is sooooooo slow that competent opponents WILL punish you for taking this item!

MY MOST FAVOURITE ITEM TO BUY WHEN I PLAY Vayne! It gives you 35% ATK speed and 45 movement speed. After THIS ONE BUY YOU WILL FEEL LIKE A TOTALLY DIFFERENT CHAMPION. IT'S A PROOF OF HOW WELL Vayne SCALES WITH ATTACK SPEED ITEMS MY BOISSS! Also, movement speed is a broken stat in this game, because it helps you to dodge skillshots (Lol is a skillshot focused MOBA, so that's why it is sooo important) AND it helps you to chase or escape! Buy this wonderful item if you back with more than 1100 gold and LESS than 1300 gold!

If you don't have enough gold to finish your Berserker's Greaves (for example in your previous back you bought 2 Long Sword and no Boots) OR you have 1300 gold or more TAKE THIS ITEM! It gives you 30 AD, 15% ATK Speed AND it helps you to last hit those enemy minions casters under your tower (if you buy only Berserker's Greaves you WON'T have enough AD to finish off the casters after your tower hit them!).


If you backed with about 875 gold consider buying this! It IS a nice tempo buy, but if you can afford it you should have at least 1100 gold before you go back to base!

When Season 11 arrived in the live servers I thought that Immortal Shieldbow was the way to go: I thoguht that the ATK speed, the lifesteal and Immortal Shieldbow's passive would sinergize much better with Vayne than Kraken Slayer and Galeforce. " Vayne already has so much damage and mobility in her kit that she doesn't need more damage from Kraken Slayer or ANOTHER dash from Galeforce" - I said it to myself. Well, I can say that I was partially correct! Before the buffs, Immortal Shieldbow was the way to go! Now things have changed: after the massive buffs to Galeforce and Kraken Slayer, Immortal Shieldbow is pretty troll imo bro :D ! I'll explain the reason immediately: Immortal Shieldbow is a "I know I'll lose the lane, so I play to "scale"". This statement would be correct if we were in a late game meta, but right now we are in an early game/aggro focused meta, so you CANNOT AFFORD TO FALL BEHIND RIGHT FROM THE START! ALSO, this item gives you 55 AD, 20% ATK Speed, 20% crit chance, 12% Lifesteal and a somewhat useful passive... that's it. Imo it's not enough for a mithyc, at least for Vayne. 55 AD is pretty good, but Vayne doesn't need much AD anyway, 20% ATK Speed is VERY UNDERWHELMING FOR Vayne, 20% crit chance is bad early game and 12% Lifesteal is pretty good for sustain, but the other stats are so low that this item as a whole is not worth it for an ATK speed based champion!
(update: after the buffs to Immortal Shieldbow in patch 11.6 you CAN take it, but Kraken Slayer still remains the superior choice imo!)

I've never used Galeforce, but I can see why certain people prefer it over Kraken Slayer: it gives you somewhat good stats and a very useful active in general! Who wants ANOTHER DASH? SIGN ME THE HELL UP BRO :D ! ALSO, the dash sinergizes better with Vayne that with any other ADCs with mobility: Galeforce active can be used to reposition yourself to land a nasty Condemn; ususally when people get hit by a Condemn in the wall they will usually die from your ridiculous DPS... so you can try it out!

The best choice imo is Kraken Slayer: it gives you the most stats of the three mithycs (65 AD, 25% ATK Speed, 20% crit chance and a VERY SOLID mithyc passive). The true damage this item gives you may seem a bit redundant when you look at your Silver Bolts, but every damage counts and this passive will make your 3 hit trade much more potent!
The downside to Galeforce AND Kraken Slayer is that you will miss the lifesteal during the early game... I think that season 11 Vayne is much more snowbally, but less forgiving that season 10 Vayne... Man, I miss the lifesteal from 1st item Blade of the Ruined King :( ...
Anyway, pick Kraken Slayer almost every time!


This item gives you 20 AD, 25% ATK speed, 20% crit chance, 7% movement speed and a BROKEN PASSIVE! Really, you will buy it as your seond item because you need another crit chance item to activate Infinity Edge passive later and for that JUICY ATK SPEED :) ! Its build path may be a bit underwhelming for Vayne, but at least it costs only 2600 gold!

After this item is bought, the Holy Crit Trinity is completed! Congrats, you won the game XD ! Seriously though, IF YOU COMPLETE THIS ITEM YOU WILL MELT EVERYONE! The only downside to this core build is that it doesn't give you any lifesteal (besides your runes, of course :D !). So this core build has pros and cons: it gives you the damage to basically win the teamfight with no other damage dealers in your team, BUT if the enemies only touch you and you don't have Condemn you will pop like a baloon :D ! So positioning is key! Don't get caught and you will win the fight! After this items you can build whatever you want really, you already have the damage! You can buy a Wit's End, a Sterak's Gage, a Mercurial Scimitar, ecc.

Remember when I said that the crit build doesn't give you ANY lifesteal? Well, time to buy the personification of lifesteal itself! It gives you a good chunk of AD and it pumps up your crit chance even more! It also gives you THICC lifesteal and a very useful shield vs assassins and divers!

Well, if I really want to tell you my opinion I prefer Zhonya's Hourglass (yes, even on ADCs).
While writing this guide I realised that putting Zhonya's Hourglass at the beginning of my guide would make people to insta switch to another guide XD, so I chose to put Guardian Angel in that build order: it gives you 40 AD (VERY UNDERWHELMING) and 40 armor (pretty good, not gonna lie). The passive is really good, but WHY IT HAS A 5 MINUTE COOLDOWN??? WTF RITO! As I said earlier, you already have enough damage with Vayne, so the AD is pretty useless... you will buy this item for the armor and for its passive. Let's take a look at Zhonya's Hourglass now, shall we ;D? Zhonya's Hourglass will give you 65 AP (completely useless stat for a Vayne, she doesn't have AP scaling abilities...) 45 ARMOR (5 MORE THAN Guardian Angel... WHY RITO?), 10 ABILITY HASTE (this means more Tumbles in fight bro, think smartly! :D) AND YOU CAN CHOOSE WHEN YOU WANT TO BE COMPLETELY INVINCIBLE FOR 2.5 SECS!!! WHAT DO YOU WANT MORE? OH, AND IT COSTS 200 GOLD LESS!!!!!
For me buying Zhonya's Hourglass instead of Guardian Angel isn't troll. Well, I think that Zhonya's Hourglass is the better choice right now, which is sad... you CAN consider buying it AS AN ADC WITH NO AP SCALINGS because Zhonya's Hourglass is FAR FAR FAR (!!!) SUPERIOR than Guardian Angel... seriously, if Guardian Angel would give you 20% crit chance, I would buy it every time, but without crit chance... I don't know bro :D !


Once upon a time THIS WAS THE CLASSIC Vayne BUILD! Now things have changed... I don't think it's worth it anymore! Compared to the normal crit build, the on hit build will do less DPS overall. Some Vayne mains tell that on hit would be better if there are 3 or more beefy targets (tanks) on the enemy team. How many times do you see 3 beefy targets in a team in this early game focused meta? ALMOST NEVER! People, especially in ranked matches where you can't trust anyone to carry you other than yourself, prefer to pick solo carry champions such as Fiora, Irelia, Viego, Kha'Zix, Hecarim, ecc..
That's why I DON'T recommend this build anymore!

The passive from this item sinergizes very well with Guinsoo's Rageblade passive. I think that after all the nerfs is still a good item for Vayne because it gives you ATK speed, a bit of lifesteal AND two wonderful passives! If you are against a dive comp this item is a godsend! Sometimes I pick this item over Bloodthirster in my crit build if I must kite a lot!


Zhonya's Hourglass, but 1950 gold cheaper! Sign me the hell up bro! One of Vayne's weaknesses is that she must stay alive during fights in order to dish out her balanced damage. If you are dead you are useless :D ! Stopwatch gives you the ouplay button against dive bruisers and assassins for one time. After you complete your other items, consider upgrading into a Guardian Angel or a Zhonya's Hourglass!

Man, I wish we had an item that gives you ATK speed AND armor... if there are a lot of AP threats on the enemy team you can buy Wit's End, as it gives you MR AND ATK speed... im sad, the Wit's End counterpart against AD comps doesn't exist... so I would say that the best armor item you can choose for and ADC right now is Death's Dance! It gives you 15 ability haste (=more Qs Tumble during fights!), 40 armor, 50 AD AND 2 very good passives in order to stay alive! ONLY RECOMMENDED IF THERE ARE 4 OR 5 AD CHAMPIONS ON THE ENEMY TEAM, AS THIS ITEM DOESN'T GIVE YOU ATK SPEED! Grab a Guardian Angel or Zhonya's Hourglass instead if there are 3 or less AD threats on the enemy team!

This item is a godsend if there are very hard to dodge CCs on the enemy team, for example vs Ashe or Seraphine (if you didn't take Cleanse!) I usually buy it after Kraken Slayer. If you buy it earlier your damage will suffer! Also good vs Malzahar, Lissandra, Pantheon, ecc.
Remember that it doesn't "cancel" knockups anymore!

I ONLY buy it if I go CRIT Vayne AND UNDER SPECIFIC CIRCUMSTANCES! I will buy it IF the enemy comp is full of squishies and if Vayne's base range isn't enough. For example, against a Zoe mid, Vel'Koz supp, Caitlyn adc, Vi jng and Irelia top I will buy this item. I mainly buy it because of its passive, but the stats it gives are also nice for only 2500 gold!

I fell in love with this item a long time ago! I will buy it IF Guardian Angel OR Zhonya's Hourglass AREN'T ENOUGH! These two items will give you frames of invincibility, BUT THEY DON'T GIVE YOU ANY HP! That's why I buy it vs a heavy burst oriented team comp (vs Zed mid, Kha'Zix jng, Garen top and Lux support). It gives you 50 AD,400 HP and A VERY USEFUL SHIELD! Why take Immortal Shieldbow first item and lose the early game when you can go Bloodthirster - Sterak's Gage?
I ALWAYS buy it AFTER my core!!!

I buy this item whenever I see 3 or more AP threats on the enemy team! I'm in love with this item, really! It gives you 40% ATK Speed (yes, you heard it right! 40%!!!) AND 50 MR! 30 AD is really the cherry on top! The passive lets you kite better, but generally you'll take this item for the ATK Speed and for the MR! Oh, it doesn't cost much too (for what it does)!
Before you start maining Vayne... knowledge and mindset!

So from what we know so far from Riot is that Vayne has a Marksman - Assassin Hybrid playstyle: she likes to abuse her range vs melees, but she also likes to stay in close proximity to their targets. She's not like Caitlyn or Ashe who prefer a more snipey - long range playstyle.


So please, do what I say before going into a draft/blind/ranked game and ruining someone else's lives :D (because you WILL feed in your first games!):

1) FIRST OF ALL, go in practice tool and check some information first: check her base range, her base AD, her base ATK speed, her abilities, ecc...

2) After you know these kind of information, go to a lane (preferably bot lane) after picking a Doran's Blade (that's the easy mode, later on you will need to pick Doran's Shield or no items at all :D) and wait the minion wave. Do MULTIPLE 10 minutes sessions where you ONLY farm. The maximum amount of minions in 10 minutes is 105. You should aim at AT LEAST 70 cs. I personally have 95 cs regularly, it's not that difficult, just focus!

3) After that you should farm against a bot. Bots usually are very aggressive and they will perma attack you XD. DO NOT KILL THE BOT! Aim at 70 minions AT LEAST!

4) Before continuing I HIGHLY SUGGEST that you learn how to orb walk (=kite, =attack move, they are the same thing).
I can give you some tips, but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to watch some Youtube videos to better understand the topic (because learning this skill is mandadory and if I write all I know about kiting this guide will be huge :D ): basically, the first thing you want to do is to open "settings - hotkeys - player movement - player attack move click - put a key that you will SPAM A LOT :D". Then go to "settings - game - scroll down till the end of the page - UNCHECK auto attack and CHECK attack move on cursor" (I put attack move on cursor on the spacebar).

5) Try to spam attack move on cursor ( the "red arrow" instead of the standard green one) and try to simulate kiting (in my case I would do spacebar - rightclick - spacebar - rightclick ecc.)

6) Once you do step 5 you should create a custom game and simulate a real match and practice all you have learned!


Note that there isn't a precise number of points when you will be a Vayne god, you will be SLOWLY improving (this may take a while). If you want to IMPROVE FASTER I suggest you to watch some Vayne montage first to see what a skilled Vayne can do (Gosu's montages are good for example).
After that I suggest you to watch some videos of ADC basics. I personally follow SKILLCAPPED: they have a playlist where they put about 50 ADC videos (I know them all like the palm of my hand!).
After that I suggest you to watch some Uzi videos/VODs (he has a small Youtube channel where he posts some gameplay; just watch the gameplay, you won't understnd nothing from what he says unless you are Chinese :D ). Try to absorb every bit of information from this guy, he is the REAL face of Vayne (looking at you, Rise cinematic :D !).


When you start learning Vayne don't be that toxic player that always blames the others for their mistakes! You must accept that Vayne is a very difficult champion to master (easier than Riven, Lee Sin and Yasuo though) and every death you have IT'S YOUR OWN FAULT! Try to be humble and learn from your mistakes! Later on you should limit test to become a better Vayne player. In order to truly master Vayne you should know how the champion works AND all the different bot lane matchups if possible; I know they are a lot because bot lane contains 2 roles instead of only 1, but learning this will help you A LOT!
Ability Explanation
Here I will tell you 3 things, based on difficulty: firstly I will essentially copy - paste the descritions of abilities themselves, secondly I will tell you what does that ability with my own words and thirdly I will give IN DEPTH ANALYSIS OF THE ABILITY!



INNATE: Vayne gains 30 bonus movement speed when moving towards a nearby visible enemy champion.

FINAL HOUR: Night Hunter's bonus movement speed is tripled to 90.

EXPLANATION: There's nothing much to say, really... you get a free 30 movement speed boost towards enemy champions VISIBLE ON THE MAP. The enemies must be in a pretty close proximity to you in order to get this passive movement speed. The range is pretty long though: you still get the movement speed if you are near your tower and the enemy is in the middle of the lane. Note that this bonus movement speed will get tripled if you are in your ulti Final Hour!

TIPS AND TRICKS: This passive may seem VERY weak compared to new overloaded passives like Kai'Sa's, but this single small movement speed boost defines the playstyle of the champion! Although it doesn't help you when you are engaged (it doesn't save you when you must run or when you must kite backwards), it is a VERY powerful ability when it comes to closing the range and considering that Vayne has a pretty short range for an ADC it helps her SOOO much! Sometimes when I play Kai'Sa and her E Supercharge isn't enough so chase the enemies, I think to myself: "If only I was Vayne... that guy would be dead!". It's an addicting passive, warned :D !


TARGET RANGE: 300 CAST TIME: NONE COST: 30 MANA COOLDOWN: 4 / 3.5 / 3 / 2.5 / 2
ACTIVE: Vayne dashes in the target direction, though not through terrain, and her next basic attack within 7 seconds deals bonus physical damage.

60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80% AD
Tumble resets Vayne's basic attack timer.

EXPLANATION: this may seem Vayne's most simple ability to learn and understand... this ability gives you a mini-dash to dodge skillshot/reposition and your next auto attack deals bonus damage. It resets Vayne's attack timer (you can AA - Q and you can fire another bolt without waiting any time). BUUUUUTTTTTTT.......

TIPS AND TRICKS:.......BUUUUUUTTTTT this is Vayne's most difficult ability to master! Think this spell as Yasuo's dash Sweeping Blade: in order to truly master Yasuo you need to know when to dash, how to dash (the direction) and the cooldown of your dash!
For Vayne it's the same!
Fist I'll explain WHEN to use it:

1) TO DODGE ENEMY CC/SKILLSHOTS: This one is pretty obvious... when you see the enemies' CC don't be afraid to use your Tumble! In fact, Tumble's most important use is this one. If you are caught by CC/Skillshots you are usually dead, so safety first, damage second!

2) TO CHASE OPPONENTS: You can close the gap between you and your opponents by Tumbling forward. CARE, IT'S PRETTY RISKY! You usually want to save your Tumble to dodge something, and using your main mobility skill for chasing may make you very vulnerable during Tumble's CD!

3) TO REPOSITION FOR Condemn: This one is the second most common use of Tumble: use it when you see a wall near your opponent and you need a better angle to stun him with your Condemn! If you are in your ult Final Hour, your Tumble ability is available again after your Condemn stun duration ends, so you have another use of your mobility skill afterward!

4) TO AUTO ATTACK RESET: This one is rare AND pretty common at the same time: You should ALWAYS auto attack reset when you help your jungler leashing his first camp. You basically need to stay close to a wall and cast your Tumble TOWARDS THE WALL. The closer you are to the wall the better the auto reset will be ( AUTO - Q IMMEDIATELY TOWARDS A WALL - AUTO AGAIN)!

5) TO KITE: this one is self explanatory: you can Tumble (usually backwards) in order to create space between you and your opponent! It's super effective vs opponents with no mobility skills and less effective vs mobile ones.

HOW to use it: NEVER EVER Tumble PERFECTLY FROWARDS OR BACKWARDS!!!!! I see SOOO many times this mistake that I cry blood everytime a Vayne player does it :( .
Man, it's painful to watch, they know they must Tumble but they do it in the wrong way...
So I decided to make this mini paragraph to correct this mistake ;) .
Contrary to Bronze players' belief, Vayne can also tumble diagonally! XD
Remember these tips, they will save your life and your sanity! XD

1) NEVER Tumble PERFECTLY FORWARDS! This direction is the most picked among newbie Vayne players! It makes you VERY vulnerable to the enemies' skillshots! Is it worth to trade one of your empowered autos for AT LEAST half your health? I don't think so bro :D .

2) Tumbling perfectly backwards may be a bit RISKY sometimes! I don't recommend it!
A lot of skillshots in this game are in a straight line! Let's take for example Blitzcrank's hook: if you Tumble perfectly backwards to dodge it you may still be hit! And you know what comes next after a Blitzcrank's hook... a grey screen! Some thing applies to Seraphine's abilities, Zyra's root, ecc...

3) You can Tumble diagonally if you want to make super aggressive/super passive plays, depending on your Tumble direction: you'll want to Tumble BACKWARDS diagonally to create space between you and your opponent or to have a bit more time to see where the enemy's skillshot direction (I call it the passive/safe Tumble).
On the contrary , if you Tumble FORWARDS diagonally you can punish the enemy's vulnerability after they miss one of their skillshots: for example, if you Tumble in this way and you dodge Zyra's root, you'll have a favourable position to punish her HARD. I call it the high risk - high reward/aggressive Tumble. Do THIS type of Tumble if you want to chase opponents down, DON'T USE THE PERFECTLY FORWARD Tumble! You may think that you'll cover a bit less distance, but you'll reach your target because of your Night Hunter passive ability! Don't worry!

4) Tumbling "horizontally " (90 degrees compared to the coming enemy skillshot) should be your most used Tumble direction, because it's a good compromise between a safe and a proactive position! I use it ALMOST ALL THE TIMES!

The COOLDOWN: If you Tumble and use your empowered auto IMMEDIATELY its cooldown is
4 / 3.5 / 3 / 2.5 / 2 secs, if you Tumble and then wait for the maximum duration of your empowered auto Tumble's cooldown goes up to 7 secs more at all ranks, going to 11 / 10.5 / 10/ 9.5 / 9 secs. So after you Tumble immediately auto attack something in order to have Tumble's cooldown as low as possible! If you want to chase people down and you can't reach them and there's an enemy minion wave near you, you can TUMBLE - AUTO ATTACK A MINION IMMEDIATELY - WAIT FOR YOU NEXT TUMBLE - TUMBLE - REACH THE ENEMY! Very few Vayne mains do that regularly! I like to call this the "Spiderman tactic" XD (for obvious reasons!)


PASSIVE: Vayne's basic attacks and Condemn Condemn apply a stack of Silver Bolts for 3.5 seconds, stacking up to to 3 times, with the duration refreshing upon applying the second stack. Attacking a new enemy removes all stacks from the previous target.

The third stack consumes them all to deal bonus true damage, with a minimum threshold, and capped at 200 against Monster monsters.

4 / 6.5 / 9 / 11.5 / 14% of target's maximum health
50 / 65 / 80 / 95 / 110

EXPLANATION: all Vayne's abilities are easy to explain because on paper they seem very easy to understand, but the difficulty is using them at their maximum potential!
Vayne's basic attacks (and also Condemn, remember that!) apply a stack of Silver Bolts. At 3 stacks the stacks are consumed and the target loses a certain number of health; this type of damage is pure and scales on the enemy's maximum health. The damage this ability deals scales on Silver Bolts' level. It works against jungle monsters and objectives too, but it will deal less damage!

TIPS AND TRICKS: this is your second bread and butter ability! Vayne is known for her mobility and for her tank shredding potential. This passive is STRONG AF WHEN PROCCED, BUT IT HAS A DRAWBACK: YOU MUST HIT THE SAME TARGET 3 TIMES IN A ROW! Without this passive procced Vayne's damage is ridiculously SMALL! Smart opponents will trade with you and when you reach 2 stacks they will disengage immediately: if you don't proc your passive you will deal A LOT less damage, but if you are greedy and you choose to chase him for your third auto you could be EASILY OUT OF POSTION and CCed to death! In teamfights try to isolate 1 target and to transform the teamfight in multiple 1v1s. Vayne is almost unbeatable in 1v1 duels!
That's another difference between Vayne noobs and Vayne onetricks: Vayne ontricks KNOW when they can or can't go in for their 3rd auto and they will break up the teamfight in multiple 1v1s (positioning is key!).
In lane DON'T GREED FOR YOUR THIRD AUTO, YOU MIGHT DIE!!! I warned you because I see SOOOO many Vayne newbies that will risk their lives trying to proc Silver Bolts (and they almost always die :D ). The fastest way to proc Silver Bolts is AUTO ATTACK - Q - USE THE EMPOWERED AUTO ATTACK FROM Q - E AS SOON AS THE SECOND AUTO CONNECTS.


TARGET RANGE: 550 CAST TIME: 0.25 COST: 90 MANA COOLDOWN: 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 / 12
ACTIVE: Vayne fires a heavy bolt at the target enemy, dealing physical damage, Airborne knocking them back 475 units, and applying a Silver Bolts Silver Bolts stack.

50 / 85 / 120 / 155 / 190 (+ 50% bonus AD)
If the target collides with terrain, they take Critical strike physical bonus physical damage and are stunned for 1.5 seconds.

75 / 127.5 / 180 / 232.5 / 285 (+ 75% bonus AD)

EXPLANATION: Vayne fires a bolt from her big crossbow and will knockback enemies. If they collide to a wall, they are stunned instead and they will take bonus damage. Pretty simple, right? :D

TIPS AND TRICKS: This is Vayne's most underrated ability in her kit, but this ability is OP imo!
DO NOT CAST IT AT THE LAST SECOND, IT HAS A CAST TIME! I died sooo many times because of this :D (yes, I'm VERY greedy with this ability :D ). This is your ouplay/dueling button: usually if you stun the opponent with this ability they are usually dead because they will eat all your DPS (which is one of the highest in late game, especially with Lethal Tempo! ). Walls are Vayne's best friends! NEVER engage on a Vayne who is standing near a wall , especially when you are melee(i'll link some videos at the end of the guide, watch the "ez triple vayne behind" one!)!
Always try to stun your opponents with this ability, not just knockback them, BUT if you risk your life trying to find the perfect angle to stun him, just knowback the opponent and run for your life XD !
There's only 1 combo Vayne has, and you will amost never use it :D : the E - FLASH combo. This sequence is an improved version of FLASH - E: the final result is THE SAME, but E - FLASH is MUCH faster and will 100% catch opponents off guard!
Basically, when you CHARGE your E (during the cast time) you must FLASH: the bolt will essentially change its direction in the mid air and the "line" of the bolt will be determinated by the target position and YOUR NEW POSITION (the postion you have AFTER you FLASH!). In this way you can stun opponents and do sick plays! Most often than not you will save Flash for escaping bad situations than doing this fancy stuff ;) .


ACTIVE: Vayne equips her crossbow, gaining bonus attack damage and tripling Night Hunter's bonus for a duration.

8 / 10 / 12
35 / 50 / 65
Additionally, Tumble's cooldown is reduced, and casting it grants Vayne invisibility for 1 second. Attacking or casting Condemn breaks the stealth immediately.

30 / 40 / 50%
While active, takedowns on enemy champions within 3 seconds of being damaged by Vayne extend Final Hour's duration by 4 seconds, up to the original duration.

EXPLANATION: The final piece of the puzzle! During the ultimate Vayne gets various buffs: bonus AD, it reduces Tumble's cooldown by a good amount and everytime you Tumble you have 1 sec of invisibility! Attacking or casting spells (you have only 1 active spell besides Tumble, which is your Condemn :) ) will break the invisibility!

TIPS AND TRICKS: Vayne's level 6 all in potential is enormous because of this ability! It gives you soo many buffs that will trasform Vayne from an annoying mosquito (pre level 6 :D ) to a serious threat! This ability has a pretty low skill ceiling and a VERY HIGH skill cap: knowing when to ult comes with experience. If you ult too early the opponents may retreat and you wasted a VERY important cooldown; if you ult too late you will not make the most of this spell! Vayne's kit functions well even without this spell, but Final Hour is the cherry on top! When you ult there can be 2 situations:

1) a bruiser - assassin dives you and you need to dodge the enemy's CC. You can do R - IMMEDIATELY TUMBLE to dodge the CC and to turn the fight in your favor!

2) you simply want more AD/kite potential/chase potential. In this case don't use your Tumble and wait for the enemy team to focus you with CC. Tumble ONLY WHEN you must dodge an important skillshot/create distance/reposition to stun your enemy with your Condemn.
Laning Phase / Early Game
So, you just picked your favourite champion (hopefully!), you picked your runes following this guide :D and the match just started. What to do now?
Don't worry, I'll guide you step by step :D !

When the match starts listen to your team's pings: if they want to invade because your team has a better lv 1 you should follow them (and hopefully grab some kills!). If you get the first blood/2 non first blood kills the laning phase is over for the enemy botlaners (if you know what you are doing, of course!). Vayne's lv 1 is pretty strong for a hypercarry, but much weaker compared to Draven's or Ashe's lv 1 for example. If they don't want to invade you should protect one of your jng entrances: if you are blue side to go your tri bush (the bush near your bot lane tower) and stay there until 1:20. If the enemy team wants to invade you should drop a ward in the tri bush and IMMEDIATELY retreat! If you are red side you should postion more deeply into your jng: draw an imaginary line between your Wolves and your Gromp; you should stay in that spot (near the Buff's bush) order to see the enemies that come from the drake and from the pixel bush entrances.
At 1:30 the jungle Buffs spawn and most often than not your jungler will need your leash; help them until the red buff's health is about 450. Quickly go to your lane (beware of your tri bush if you are blue side, as cheesy enemies may wait for you there!) and grab your first 3 melees. You should AUTO one minion, use the Q AUTO ATTACK RESET to grab the other cs and your support should take the third if you can't secure it (only if he has Steel Steel Shoulderguards OR Relic Shield!).

Then there are 2 options: if the enemy ADC / support (or both!) is an early game bully you DON'T WANT to touch the enemy casters. In this way the enemy bot lane will push into you and you can farm safer under your tower. There are pros and cons:
You can farm safer under your tower, you will not get poked too much and at lv 3 (or a bit later) you can look for a good trade once the minion waves reset in the middle of the lane. If you can stun one enemy with your Condemn the trade is almost always won (and you might even kill the target!).
On the other hand, if you don't push the enemy will have lane priority (they can help your jungler and you can't, for example), they will hit lv 2 first (and immediately restreat, you will 100% lose the trade if you and your support are still lv 1!), they get lv 3 a bit faster than you (same thing for lv 2 powerspyke, stay back until you also get lv 3!) and if they are good they can do a cheater recall: this play does NOT have counterplay if done well imo: they wiil have a minion advantage in the first wave, they will slow push the second (and harass you if you are too close) and will fast push the third wave, giving them a free base time. The enemy will have a SECOND starting item for free basically. Oh, and then they will freeze the wave near their tower and it will be a nightmare for you to crash it!

second option: if the enemy bot lane are both a very weak early game champions ( Twitch - Sona for example) or if they have an aggressive bot lane combo, but they don't know nothing about wave management. In this case you can have a minion advantage, hit lv 2 AND lv 3 first and if you can afford it DO A CHEATER RECALL! The cheater recall is broken imo, so abuse it! Once you hit lv 2 / lv 3 before your enemy IMMEDIATELY ping your support to INSTANTLY engage / make a favourable trade. If you can force a trade with a level advantage you will almost always win the trade! The ONLY downside to this option imo is the enemy jungler: if you die while you push the enemy bot laners WILL freeze the wave near their tower and you will lose A LOT OF CS (AT LEAST 6!)! Take into consideration that gold is less important that exp at the beginning, so the enemy WILL have an exp advantage AND the wave will be frozen near their tower. It's GG go next!

ALMOST ALWAYS TRY TO AUTO ATTACK THE ENEMY ADC WHEN THEY LAST HIT, UNLESS YOU HAVE TO COLLECT YOUR CS TOO! Usually ADCs will collect his cs and will eat a free hit from you. If they retaliate they will lose the gold form the cs! It's a win - win scenario for you! DO NOT TRY TO DO IT VS THE "EXTREME" THREATS IN THE MATCHUP LIST AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GUIDE!!!

Once you reach lv 6 and you are not too far behind you can look to be more aggressive, especially if you have an engage support like Thresh. The all in pressure you have vs the enemy bot lane is HUUUGE! When you all in with your support ALWAYS try to find the angle to stun your opponents with your Condemn!



I'll try to write less because I must cover 37 champions... forgive me!


Zyra - Very difficult / Dodge worthy

Zyra IS THE WORST SUPPORT TO HAVE AGAINST as Vayne imo. Feel free to dodge if you see her face in champ select :D. You WILL NEVER win lane against her, however you can have a VERY VERY small chance of winning the lane if you have an engage support and you insta shot her / her ADC.
In lane, pre lv 6, dodge ALL her Es Grasping Roots or you will lose the lane instantly!
You and your support have a small window of engage / making a good trade EVERY TIME she wastes the root. Same things apply after lv 6. Concede lane priority at early levels.

Senna - Very difficult / Dodge worthy

She will poke you to death. If you get hit by her W Last Embrace you will lose half health. Always save your Q Tumble to dodge her W Last Embrace. TRY TO POSITION TO THAT SHE DOESN'T HIT YOU WITH HER Q Piercing Darkness. If she has her E Curse of the Black Mist she can nullify every attempt of all inning. An engage support like Leona is a godsend! You CAN win the lane, but it's pretty difficult!

Pantheon - Very difficult / Dodge worthy

He is VERY SCARY pre lv 6. You can take Cleanse if you want. Pre lv 6 concede lane prio most of the times. After lv 6 he doesn't powerspyke almost at all (he will have global pressure though...) so you and your support can force an all in / good trade. Dodge his Comet Spear with your Q Tumble and don't waste all your damage when he Es Aegis Assault.

Brand - Very difficult / Dodge worthy

It will be a nightmare lane for you... good thing that you have your Q Tumble to dodge his W Pillar of Flame though! If you dodge his W Pillar of Flame OR he walks up to auto you you can trade with AUTO - Q SLIGHTLY TOWARDS HIM - EMPOWERED AUTO. After lv 6 you can all in him if he misses his W Pillar of Flame and you dodge his Q Sear!

Karma - Very difficult / Difficult

Her Focused Resolve is OP af vs you. You basically can't all in if she has that ability. She will poke you with her Q Inner Flame, so be prepared to dodge it with your own Q Tumble if necessary! Her Q Inner Flame doesn't go through minions, so stay behind your minion wave!

Nami - Difficult

If she is good she WILL win the lane and you can't do much... try to not trade with her at all because she has that broken spammable heal Ebb and Flow. She wins short trades. Save your Q Tumble to dodge her Aqua Prison. After lv 6 you either insta shot her / her ADC or you don't engage at all: she will ult both of you and she will bubble you afterwards, turning the fight in her favour!

Alistar - Difficult

He has a very difficult engage to predict because he is almost point and click and he moves fast during his charge Headbutt. There is some counterplay though: you can Condemn him while he charges at you. Play around his cooldowns and his mana pool!

Lulu - Difficult

Lulu will poke the living hell out of you, and you can't do nothing in the early game. If you want to trade back she will instantly shield all your damage. Lulu in late game isn't really a threat alone, but if she's near her ADC prepare to cry.

Maokai - Difficult

Plain and simple: point and click engage. Don't stay near bushes! You may win the trade if you have minion advantage and you can kite him after his initial engage. You can take Cleanse in this matchup if you wish.

Annie - Difficult

At the beginning she isn't THAT strong, but after lv 6 prepare to concede lane prio permanently, because if she hits you with her point and click stun YOU ARE DEAD!

Zilean - Difficult / Medium
He will poke you very hard. I recommend taking Doran's Shield vs him if you don't know how to play vs him. Always try to dodge AT LEAST ONE Time Bomb WITH YOUR Q Tumble! If you get hit by both you will lose the lane! His bombs are slow to land though. Pre lv 6 he is very weak, but after he gets his ulti you basically can't score kills in lane anymore...
Abuse him early when his bombs are on CD!

Thresh - Medium
I think that Vayne is very weak vs poke supports and pretty strong vs engage ones. THAT'S WHY I LOVE ENGAGE SUPPORTS IN MY TEAM! THEY CAN EASILY PUNISH THOSE ANNOYING MOSQUITOS! :D
If he is willing to start his engage with a hook, simply stay behind minions or dodge it with your Q Tumble. HE CAN PREDICT YOUR Q WITH HIS GRAB: IF THE GRAB HITS YOU PREPARE TO LOSE YOUR LIFE OR WASTE AT LEAST ONE SUMMONER SPELL!
The only combo that is uncounterable is FLASH - E - R - Q. Save your Flash to dodge this combo!

Leona - Medium

If she hits you with one CC you are dead. You can pick Cleanse. Pre lv 6 dodge her E Zenith Blade with your Q (backwards diagonally). After lv 6 keep your distance and save your Q to dodge her ult! Buy Quicksilver Sash after your core (or earlier, BUT NOT BEFORE Kraken Slayer!)

Nautilus - Medium

Pre lv 6 he is pretty weak vs you. Just stay behind your minions! If he tries to grab you, Q to 90 degrees. After lv 6 RESPECT HIS ALL IN! Stay near your tower! If your support is good you can counter his all in: when he ults you, you Q away to create as much space as possible, then your support (if he can tank it!) should "shield you" (eat the grab). You can turn the fight around after that! Ult and then go full rambo!

Janna - Medium

The same as Lulu: if she is good she can nullify every engage and her poke is uncounterable. If you try to trade back she will shield all your damage. However, if she shields herself your support should engage / poke the enemy ADC instantly.

Rakan - Medium
Pre lv 6 he can't do much vs you. His knockup is pretty hard to dodge though...
After lv 6 if he starts his engage with his ult you are doomed! Cleanse / Quicksilver Sash may be helpful after lv 6...

Vel'Koz - Medium

He will poke you to death. The only thing you can do is to dodge every Q Plasma Fission he throws at you with your own Q Tumble. If you have an engage support go full rambo vs him once your support grabs him! In this case save your Q for his E Tectonic Disruption and he's dead!

Xerath - Medium

Same as Vel'Koz, but instead of dodging his stun with your Q Tumble you can also stay behind your support!

Seraphine - Medium

You can buy Doran's Shield vs her. Cleanse will be useful after lv 6. If you are good enough she shouldn't hit you with any of her spells! Her poke is annoying though... Engage support recommemded (as always, you got the idea ;D !)

Morgana - Easy

She shouldn't pose a threat to you. Pre lv 6 her poke might be a bit annoying. Save your Q for her Q Dark Binding. After lv 6 dodge her Q Dark Binding with your Tumble and if she ults you, you can Condemn her away. If she ults you with her Black Shield up, wait for your support to break the shield and then Condemn her! You can also Tumble away, Flash or Heal for the movement speed! There are plenty of options! Just DON'T BE HIT BY HER Q Dark Binding!

Miss Fortune - Easy
Her poke with her E Make it Rain might be a bit annoying, but that's all :D ... Grab a Doran's Shield IF YOU REALLY NEED TO...

Yuumi - Easy

Yuumi in early game is an annoying mosquito, nothing else... if you have an engage support you can play SUPER AGGRO EARLY, if you have an enchanter play to scale ( you can pick a Doran's Shield if you really want)

Braum - Easy

Pre lv 6 he is VERY KITEABLE. You should NEVER get hit by his Q Winter's Bite. After lv 6 you can Condemn him away if he engages with his ult Glacial Fissure! You can dodge his ult with your Q Tumble too!

Pyke - Easy

If you stay behind your minions he can't engage on you with his hook. If he engages with his E Phantom Undertow dodge it with your Q Tumble. If he does the E - FLASH combo, you can't do much about it...
The key to winning is to always dodge his E Phantom Undertow!

Anivia - Easy
She is very weak and mana hungry early game. DODGE HER Q Flash Frost AT ALL COSTS! After lv 6 if she ults you, you can cancel her ult with your Condemn! DON'T UNDERESTIMATE HER THOUGH, AS THIS CAN BE YOUR DEMISE!

Shaco - Easy

He doesn't have much kill pressure against you... you can pick a Doran's Shield if necessary. Poke him to death, and if he goes invisible IMMEDIATELY back!
Small useful tip: if he throws his ranged knife against you DON'T TURN YOUR BACK TO HIM! It will do extra damage! Eat his Two-Shiv Poison turning your champion towards him for a millisecond (until it hits you)!

Ashe - Easy

Very annoying poke. Her slow can be annoying too, but she doesn't have any kill pressure against you. Pick a Doran's Shield and/or Cleanse if necessary

Sett - Easy / Very Easy

If you can keep the distance and you respect his Flash and his Hextech Flashtraption he can't do nothing against you ( you poke him to death). The only thing that can worry you is his in-sec (when he Es Facebreaker you, Flashes behind you and ults The Show Stopper you)

Poppy - Easy / Very Easy

Just poke her to death and DON'T STAY NEAR WALLS! After lv 6 dodge her R Keeper's Verdict with your Tumble if possible!

Sona - Easy / Very Easy

Every time she wants to Q Hymn of Valor - AUTO you, you AUTO - Q - EMPOWERED AUTO and trade back!
After lv 6 you may want to buy a Quicksilver Sash, but it's usually not necessary! You can pick a Doran's Shield if her poke is too much for you!

Tahm Kench - Easy / Very Easy
Always stay behind your minions to dodge his Q Tongue Lash. You can also dodge it with your Q Tumble. If he's too beefy consider taking Lethal Tempo instead!

Rell - Very Easy

You must be completely blind to get hit by her W Ferromancy: Crash Down (I can't link the ability, **** :D) (her main engage). If you dodge that you can even kill her, as she will be a sitting duck! After level 6 save your Condemn for her ulti Magnet Storm!

Blitz - Very Easy

You just counter all his kit by staying behind your minions! Problem solved! If he engages with his W Overdrive and E Power Fist, you can Condemn him!

Swain - Very Easy

Just save your Q Tumble for his E Nevermove and if he misses it he is VERY vulnerable! Sidestep his W Vision of Empire and Condemn his ulti Demonic Ascension ! EZ CLAP!

Taric - Very Easy

Just poke him to death and dodge his E Dazzle...problem solved!

Soraka - Very Easy

Just save your Q Tumble for her Q Starcall and trade back afterwards! Her Equinox may be a bit annoying though...
Focus her first!

Lux - Very Easy

Just stay behind your minions and dodge her E Lucent Singularity with your Q Tumble . After lv 6 if she EVER wastes/misses her Q Light Binding RUN HER DOWN!
Mid Game
Mid game usually begins when the first tower falls (I would say at around minute 15:00).
Again, there are a number of options here:

1) You lose your bot lane tower before you take the enemies'. This will happen the majority of the times vs strong early game bullies like Draven and Caitlyn.

a) The enemy botlane keeps pushing and they siege your T2: this is the fastest way for them to lose all their lead! Spam ping your jng and/or mid laner to gank them non-stop! After 3 successful ganks they should lose all their advantage.

b) They go to another lane to take your next T1: if they go top and if your top laner can't handle 2 people, ALWAYS switch your bot lane with your top! If you don't do so your top laner will be put extremely far behind! If they go mid and you have an assassin, SWITCH lanes with him. However, if you have a very safe champion with a lot of waveclear such as Xerath or Anivia who can handle even 3 people at once, DO NOT SWITCH lanes, be smart! Stay in your bot lane and try to collect as much gold as possible while your mid laner stalls the game for you!

c) They do ARAM mid: THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT, ESPECIALLY IF YOUR MID LANER IS Xerath, Anivia, Ziggs, ECC! At the beginning freeze the wave to see where the enemy ADC goes. If he goes mid and do ARAM, IMMEDIATELY FAST PUSH THE WAVE! Make sure to ward once you get past the river! The enemy ADC has 2 options: he will continue ARAMing mid and he loses A LOT OF CS, or he goes to bot lane to collect his cs. Either way it's a win - win scenario for you! As I said, if he stays bot he can lose 50 cs or more, and if they collect the cs you essentially invalidate him! I'll explain why: we can assume that if the enemy ADC destroys your bot T1 he has a gold advantage, and you should be behind more or less. If he goes mid and you fast push the minion wave, he will think: "Lemme catch the wave and then I will return mid to continue the ARAM!". But EVERYTIME you see the enemy ADC mid you fast push the wave! So basically you stuck him with you in the bot lane if he doesn't want to lose cs and he can't pressure your team! When your wave fully crashes into their T1 tower retreat to your jungle and farm your bot side jungle camps for more income (ONLY IF you jungler is on the other side of the map OR he is also ARAMing! I think I'll put a video on how I destroyed an ex platinum 3 Caitlyn m7 220k points in ranked using this tactic!

2) You SOMEHOW manage to take their bot T1 first: IMMEDIATELY FAST PUSH THE NEXT WAVE IF THERE IS ANY AND MAKE SURE THAT YOUR MINION WAVE FULLY CRASHES INTO THE ENEMY BOT T2!!! This is very important, because when you'll switch with your mid laner/top laner they can't get too close to the enemy wave to farm, so you essentially invalidate him!!!

The next thing you want to do is to switch your lane with your top laner / mid laner: I personally prefer switching with the top laner first with Vayne because she is a VERY GOOD pick versus popular top lane picks such as Darius and you won't have ANY PROBLEM destroying their top T1. Make sure your support is sticked to you like a glue! You CANNOT AFFORD TO DIE OR YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR ADVANTAGE! After that you should go mid and you will stay there till the end of the match (if possible) because mid is the safest lane and you can easily rotate to important objectives. Vayne ahead is VERY oppressive and you should win every "fair" teamfight!

I don't like going mid first because mid laners usually will have the tools to waveclear and / or kill you.
Late Game / Teamfighting
There isn't an exact time when mid game ends and late game begins, but as a general rule (at least in low elo) late game usually begins at around minute 25.00/30.00.
This is the time when you should generally group and take objectives!

Before I explain how YOU should play during the late game, I must tell you something about "late game team formation" (as I like to say it): it basically anwers at the question "In which lane should I go? And my teammates?" Let's answer at this macro question first, because this is usually the reason that the teams can't close out games in low elo: in a perfect/hypotetical world where everybody does his job (which will VERY RARELY heppen, until maybe in Diamond!) you and your support should ALWAYS STAY MID (I explained the reason earlier!) and if your team must play around Baron (ex. when it's the only objective available or when it's the first objective that spawns in a given moment) your mid laner should stay top and your top laner should stay bot WITH TP READY IF POSSIBLE!
If you play around Elder Drake (rememeber, Elder is much stronger than Baron!) you and your supp stay mid, the top laner should stay top and your mid laner bot.


Most of the times you'll want to teamfight with your allies, but there are situations when split pushing is the best option! Remember, Vayne is a GOOD teamfighter AND ALSO a good splitpusher! This will happen maybe 5% of the times though: I basically splitpush all the game when I'm put EXTREMELY FAR behind in the early game ( 0/6 and 50/60 cs at 10 minutes) AND they have an EXTREMELY fed assassin. If you participate in fights vs a fed assassin he will instantly pop you, especially if you are far behind; if he goes for you in the side lane, you will most likely die anyway :D , but he will lose A LOT of time and pressure on the map! Be that annoying mosquito XD ! DON'T RECOMMENDED THOUGH, AS YOU MUST HAVE A GOOD TEAM THAT DOESN'T DIE 4V5!

Oh boy, now we have reached the main topic of this mini chapter!

So, as an ADC your main job is VERY simple: stay behind your frontline (yes, you heard it right, I see many low elo players who think they can 1v5 and/or they play Vayne like a frontliner!) and hit the cloest enemy (it will usually be the enemy frontline!). Good thing that Vayne is a tank shredding god and beefy targets will usually go down in 6/9 hits!

At the beginning of the teamfight STAY IN THE FOG OF WAR ( =OUT OF THE ENEMY VISION) and, as I call it, be an "observer" (you can also bring some popcorn while you watch the entire bloodbath XD) AND MAKE A LIST IN YOUR HEAD of the already used enemy team important cooldowns!
To explain it better, let's make and example: The enemy team consists of Sejuani, Malphite, Vel'Koz, Caitlyn and Leona. As you can see the enemy team has a lot of CC, but once used the fronliners are VERY vulnerable against a late game Vayne! So the timing when you enter the fight is very important in this situation! YOU MUST STAY OUT OF VISION UNTIL THEY WASTE Malphite'S AND Leona'S ULTIMATES (and to an extant Sejuani's, but if you stay behind your frontline her ult shouldn't hit you anyway...). AFTER THAT YOU CAN JOIN THE FIGHT! DO IT EARLIER AND YOU WILL BE CCed TO DEATH, I CAN GUARATEE YOU! But when they blow all their important cooldowns, the enemy team will say:"Why do I hear boss music?". IT'S Vayne THAT WILL COME FOR YOUR ***ES! Ok, enough with memes XD.
While you wait for important cooldowns you may be feel really pressured by your team to enter in the fight much earlier than intended. DON'T LISTEN TO THEM, you must be VERY GREEDY in this situation. Treat your teammates as meatwalls with no soul at all! It's better for the team to have a Vayne do a Quadra (and letting your frontline die for example) than being instantly CCed and killed!


As I said earlier, a general rule of thumb is to attack the closest enemy champion to you, BUT if there are 2 or more champion at the same distance you MUST FOCUS the most dangerous one! Let's say you have in front of you a Sejuani that is running towards you (she's in your auto range) and a CCed Zed without ulti also in your auto attack range (because as a good "observer" you waited for that moment, do you ;D ?). Let's apply the rule: who should we target first? Of course Zed, once the ally CC ends he will do a lot of damage to you with his W-E-Q-W SWITCH-AUTO-IGNITE! So you should first target Zed and hopefully insta shot him with you team AND THEN target Sejuani (what can Sejuani do to you, especially vs a late game Vayne?). In this teamfight example (vs Sejuani, Malphite, Vel'Koz, Caitlyn and Leona) I would also buy a Quicksilver Sash in order to "wait" for one less CC before I participate in the fight, as I'll nullify Leona's ulti!

Once the enemy frontline falls, the teamfight is essentially won! Especially with the crit build you will basically bishot or trishot the enemy backline!
Then you can do Baron/Elder drake or destroy the enemy Nexus straight away!
Videos (from my Youtube channel)


Currently I don't have much time to grow my Youtube channel, but in the future I will!


In this video I had A REALLY REALLY BAD GAME (for my stardards at least!). Don't worry, as I said multiple times in this guide Vayne is a ticking timebomb, she WILL come online sooner or later!

Here you can see where you should position yourself at the beginnning or the match (in that pretty big area between Wolves, Gromp and the Buff), You can also see how to leash faster with Q AUTO RESETS and an overall match won by pure macro (I basically nullified every attempt of pressure by Caitlyn). Caitlyn and Rell are ex Plats btw, I think they were in duo too. (MUST WATCH!). 500k points m7.
"When should I freeze the wave and when should I push it?"
As you can see in this video, everytime I don't see Caitlyn on the map I freeze it. When I see her I INSTANTLY fast push!
This may be a pretty boring video because everything that I show is pure macro; but macro wins games alone! Remember that!
As you can see I AM NOT AFRAID to post videos where I do poorly, learn from my mistakes and improve!


This was my first ever pentakill in League of Legends! I'm the Project Vayne in this video!
At first you may look at this... still huge misplays! 60K points m6.

Second penta. Still huge misplays (such as that random Condemn!), BUT WITHOUT TRYING YOU WILL NOT IMPROVE! 80k points m7.

If you are behind as Vayne all it takes for you to get back into a game is participating in a fight! 150k points m7.

If you are ahead though, you will DESTROY THEM! 180k points m7.

The CLEANEST penta I've ever done as Vayne! 450k points m7 (MUST WATCH!)
Skin tier list
Oh yes, my favourite section! Skins! :D


I like her color palette very much! That red is just wow for me :D.
Her auto attacks feel pretty smooth compared to other old champions too!

A VER SOLID skin overall. It keeps Vayne's base model, but it improves it a lot!
This skin line just fits her well imo!

Overall one of the best skins out there. Her auto are a bit different, so you must get used to them...
Her Condemn is pay to lose...

Overall a VERY SOLID choice. Her autos feel REALLY SMOOTH imo. Her ult makes her autos even smoother! I don't like her hair though :D

An improved version of an already very good skin!

FPX VAYNE: 8.5/10
Her autos feel really smooth, but her recall is A BIT cringy :D

WHAT DO YOU WANT MORE? She is basically a waifu with this skin! Her ult makes her skin darker and she fits her surprisingly well imo :D. It's basically a cheaper version of Project Vayne and this skin is has not a pay to lose Condemn too!
This skin is perfect imo!

It's really cost efficient for her price! You have an entirely different color palette and her autos feel REALLY smooth!

SKT T1 VAYNE: 1/10
WTF is this!? Clunky model, maybe because of her strange shoes and trousers...

I don't like the Heartseeker skinline at all...
I think it doesn't fit her lore at all...
Pink bats during her Tumble are pretty cool though :D

Basically the classic Vayne skin with new clothes...
And I think that it fits Vayne's lore (as a monster hunter) really well!

I hate the splashart AND ALSO her hat in game! EWW... :D

Absolute power.. At a price.
I hope that this guide will help you to understand better Vayne, my favourite adc!


If you liked this guide feel free to upvote and to comment!

And don't forget the backgroud music (if you like to listen to music while you play Lol)! I prefer a more pop-rock oriented music in order to match Vayne's aggressive playstyle and to make me feel like a boss! :D

Have a great day, and see you in Summoner's Rift! :D
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