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Rakan Build Guide by 0kruemlmonster

Middle A five minute guide to AP Rakan

Middle A five minute guide to AP Rakan

Updated on September 4, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author 0kruemlmonster Build Guide By 0kruemlmonster 24 0 82,555 Views 3 Comments
24 0 82,555 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author 0kruemlmonster Rakan Build Guide By 0kruemlmonster Updated on September 4, 2020
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Champion Build Guide

A five minute guide to AP Rakan

By 0kruemlmonster
Okay guys. This isn't a usual guide. In this guide I just wanna explain ESSENTIAL things about AP Rakan and I want everyone to be able to read this in about five minutes. This is a guide for people that just picked up Rakan and need to find out quickly how he works, what his abilities do, and his strengthts and weaknesses to play him properly in the mid lane. Please do NOT expect this to be a detailed guide to Rakan where I explain every single item and rune. No, this guide is just to make you understand how he works and how to play him in five minutes. First things first, AP Rakan is a low range-AP-assassin with great mobility.
A reason why Rakan is so fun is because of his abilities. Only the usage of one of his abilities is fun.


Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

W > Q > E

1. PASSIVE: Fey Feathers
Cooldown: 40 - 16 seconds
Rakan gains a 33 - 254 (90% AP) shield that lasts until it's broken. If it is damaged, but not broken, it will regenerate itself for 10% of its maximum value every second after 5 seconds out of combat.
Each of Rakan's basic attacks on enemy champions reduce his passive's cooldown by one second.

This ability grants Rakan some more tankiness that he definitely lacks.

2. PASSIVE: Lover's Leap
Whenever Rakan or Xayah recall s, the other one can join his recall by moving nearby him and activating their recall as well. Both of them will reach their base at the same time the initiator's recall ends.

Useful ability if you got a Xayah on your team. Why not I guess.

Q: Gleaming Quill
Cooldown: 12 - 8 seconds
Rakan throws a projectile, dealing 70 - 250 (60% AP) damage to the first enemy hit. If this enemy was an enemy champion or an epic monster, Rakan creates an area around himself, healing himself and surrounding allies for 18 - 120 (70% AP) after 3 seconds or the moment an ally comes within the marked area.

This ability is good for last hitting minions under your turret, last hitting minions from range, poking your enemy, sustain in lane and stupid heals in the late game. Do not be afraid to pretty much spam this ability. It can help you saving your allies too.

W: Grand Entrance
Cooldown: 18 - 12 seconds
Rakan dashes to a location. After 0.35 seconds, he deals 70 - 270 (70% AP) magic damage and knocks up all enemies in this area. If Rakan gets CC'd during the dash, he gets knocked down again.

This ability is used for teamfighting, jumping over walls, engaging and waveclearing. Use it to get to lane faster and engaging on your enemies. It deals tons of damage late game.

E: Battle Dance
Cooldown: 20 - 12 seconds
Rakan dashes to a targeted ally, shielding him for 40 - 140 (80% AP) HP and landing right behind this targeted ally. Battle Dance can be recasted and used again for no costs within 5 seconds. The first cast of Battle Dance can be used from increased range if the targeted ally is Xayah.

Not useful in lane, but very useful in 2v2 situation, at ganks and teamfights in general. This ability gives Rakan insane mobility and playmaking potential.

ULTIMATE: The Quickness
Cooldown: 130 - 90 seconds
When activated, Rakan gains 50% bonus movement speed and becomes ghosted for 4 seconds. All enemies he touches in this duration gain 100-300 (50% AP) magic damage, are charmed for 1 - 1.5 seconds and slowed by 75%. This may only occur once per unit.
The moment the Rakan collides with the first enemy unit, he gains 100% bonus movement speed which starts decaying by 20% after 0.5 seconds every 0.5 seconds.
During the first 0.5 seconds of his ultimate, Rakan is in Cast Time and cannot use any other abilities. Rakan also can't basic attack enemy units if he didn't charm them during his ultimate's duration.

Use this ability in combination with your W for great CC, engages and burst damage.
Strengths / Weaknesses

+ High burst
+ Stong roamer
+ Great gank setup
+ Enemies are surprised by the damage you actually deal
+ People will overextend and underestimate you
+ Hard to gank
+ Can engage, assassinate, peel and CC late game
+ Can win a teamfight on his own
+ Great mobility
- Hard to last hit
- Squishy
- Long cooldowns early, means not good for long trades
- Low range
- Weak early game
- Bad waveclear early
- Your team will flame you
- Can't take objectives really fast
- Needs a team
Rakan basically has two combos. The first one is just for small trades and to proc Electrocute:

W > Q > AA

Do you see how much burst you actually have?

A full one shot combo would be:

R > W > Q > Revolver > AA > Ignite

Early, Mid and Late Game


AP Rakan doesn't have the weakest early game, but not the strongest either, which is because of his high cooldowns. Yes, he has high burst, but that's it, the moment he used W, Q, AA and Electrocute, he has to wait about 15 seconds to get his abilities back. Just focus on last hitting and maybe look for some engages when W, Q and Electrocute are up, but after that, back off. Go roam a little bit, help your jungler at dragon and fights in the jungle as you are a pretty strong champion in 2v2 situations and focus on getting your items.


You are pretty strong right now. If you farmed well, you should have your Core items and enough burst to oneshot squishies. Go for objectives, look for picks, focus on the game and never forget your win condition.


AP Rakan is basically a oneshot machine in the late game. If you see an enemy squishy, just run at him W, Q, AA, ( Electrocute Proc), Hextech Protobelt, dead, if not even after just WQ. Defend your carries, CC the enemy team, look for picks, get the turrets and NEVER forget that don't kills win a game, objectives do.
There are three things that you can do as AP Rakan.
1. Getting in the enemy backline, 2. engaging with your tanks or 3. defending your ADC. If you can get into their backline, you can actually oneshot two people at the same time if you hit R, W and Revolver on both of them. Your priority is to kill the ADC and get out, what works pretty good with your E dash and your Q heals you up again. After that, help your teammates, especially your ADC out and actually just spam every ability you have.
If you already have an assassin like a Zed Jungle or whoever on your team, you can let your tank (Nautlis, Leona, Maokai, ...) engage and then follow. You never want to be the one to engage first as you hate CC as AP Rakan. Charm and knock up as many people as possible. After that, get out with your E and heal yourself up again with your Q, defend your ADC and spam your abilities.
If you have a fed ADC or a hypercarry on your team, you need to play around him to win the game. Let him deal the damage and let nothing touch him or her. You have insane peel and can really help your ADC surviving.
Viable Summoner Spells
Flash is absolutely mandatory. It helps you making Flash W plays, escaping a gank when you just used W, reaching your enemy for a last basic attack, reaching your enemy to ignite and kill him, and so on and so on.
Ignite gives you immense kill pressure in the early game, helps vs heals and can deal pretty much damage to an ADC late game. Usually you want to take this summoner spell, as AP Rakan is something like an assassin and assassins love Ignite.
Exhaust is a really good choice vs burst champions like Talon, Zed or LeBlanc. It will reduce their burst early game on you and late game on your ADC. Exhaust helps you landing your W easier too.
Cleanse helps you vs champions like Zoe, Neeko, Brand or Twisted Fate that need to land their CC to burst you down. In my opinion Cleanse is really underestimate and underused.
Have fun playing Rakan in the Rift! I hope I could explain Rakan to you as fast as possible.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author 0kruemlmonster
0kruemlmonster Rakan Guide
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A five minute guide to AP Rakan

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