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Kayn Build Guide by Poohlio

Jungle A Vietnamese take on Jungling with Kayn

Jungle A Vietnamese take on Jungling with Kayn

Updated on August 17, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Poohlio Build Guide By Poohlio 3,181 Views 0 Comments
3,181 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Poohlio Kayn Build Guide By Poohlio Updated on August 17, 2020
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Runes: The only one you need

Dark Harvest
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Presence of Mind
Coup de Grace

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Summoners Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

A Vietnamese take on Jungling with Kayn

By Poohlio
About me
Hello there! I'm Poohlio and my summoner name is Hasuki Komai. I'm 20 years old and live in Hanoi the capital of Vietnam. I study digital marketing and stream on Twitch as a hobby and hopefully turn it into a career. My parents are not very supportive of me doing it but I hope with knowledge and actual results I can make them proud. English is not my first language but I will try my best to deliver the ideas I have into the guide. I'm also studying Chinese and Japanese to appeal to a wider audience both on stream and in life. My passion is to find heart-racing moments in video games, inspire other people to pursue their dreams and share my experience with others.
- If you enjoy the same, check out my Twitch here.

- I have been playing League for 7 years now and probably my most played game of all time. I also enjoy a wide variety of games such as osu!, Apex Legends and Monster Hunter Worlds. I don't have any cool game achievements like others but I can say I find the most joy in playing games haha. This is my first guide on Mobafire so if I have any errors in this, feel free to tell me in the discussion OwO)b
Strengths and Weaknesses
Alright now lets head straight into it. Kayn is a monster of a champion and is my favorite jungler. His kit is very simple but truly effective which fits my playstyle. I'm no Riven player that needs to worry about fast Qs, triple cast, or anything like that haha. With Kayn things are pretty simple:

+ One of the best clears in the game. Especially with camps like Raptors , Wolf , and Krugs . Kayn can clear them fast and doesn't lose much HP because of his , this is why you see Kayn player usually take Raptors first for the early level 2.

+ Unmatched in utility, Kayn has 2 forms to choose from, one being an assassin to take out the enemy backline, one being a juggernaut to fight their frontline head on.

+ Super high mobility with his and . The ability to walk through walls is exceptional for junglers and opens alot of paths for ganks and invades.

+ Simple kit. This is the point I argue with a lot of players saying he has a high skill floor. Because even though Kayn skills changes when he chooses his form. It is still based on his original skill, meaning it's not an entirely different skill but more like a beefed-up version of it.

But then, all champions have weaknesses:

- Can't take Buffs and Gromp fast. His damage is mainly AOE from and it does not work well against a single powerful monster which leads us to the next point.

- Bad at taking Big Objectives like Dragon and Baron Nashor . Rift Herald is fine because you can hit his weakspot and evade his hook punch but Dragon will just evaporate Kayn's HP even after he got his form.

- Not strong until mid-game. Kayn needs time and items to become effective so a Jungler with strong early damage like Lee Sin can give him a very tough time :c

- Susceptible to crowd-control. Yeah, nobody likes to be CC'ed especially Kayn. Getting snared or stunned as Kayn can be devastating because he relies mainly on his movement and attacking enemies with skills to become a threat.

- Very weak if behind. This can be said for every champion but Kayn biggest powerspike is when he gets his form in the midgame and if this is delayed then playing him will feel very underwhelming.
Alright let's talk about why I think Dark Harvest is the best keystone for Kayn. There is no data available for Vietnam server so I can't prove my playtime on him but trust me, I've tried both Electrocute and Conqueror for Kayn back then, both of them are OK but not on the same level as Dark Harvest and here's why:

- First of all, Dark Harvest works wonders for both Red and Blue form. The same can be said for Electrocute but what drives me away from it is the unreliability when you miss your skills and this does not scale as good as Dark Harvest. Dark Harvest damage is not significant unless you are able to get alot of stacks, and to do so you need to gank alot. Which is exactly what Kayn needs to do in order to collect essences and reach his form.
So TLDR: You lose abit of early damage but gain stronger finishing damage later.

- Secondly, it makes your build unpredictable. Most people will think you will go Blue form because of the runes but little did they know you can go for either and still be super strong in mid-game. Dark Harvest gives Red form what he has always been missing... A finisher ! Red Kayn consistent damage is very good but abit lacking against squishy target so the extra bump that Dark Harvest gives will help him a bunch to secure kills.

- For the secondary tree, this is just my preference but I like to take Presence of Mind over Triumph mainly because it fixes one of Kayn major problems... He does not have the mana for long fights. I'm a very simple minded person, I like to spam skills whenever I can. But hold on, you need mana for that and Kayn doesn't have a large pool for such a task. Presence of Mind increases your mana up to 500 and gives you back 20% maximum mana for every takedown. But to take it you have to trade of Triumph which is the favorite of alot of assassins. As we can see Triumph heals you for 12% missing health and gives you extra 20 gold after takedowns. The only reason I see they take this is because it can maybe help them survive DoT like Ignite or Challenging Smite and the 20 extra gold is not as big as you might think. For me I will choose Presence of Mind and only take Triumph when I gank lanes with alot of DoT that can kill me like Cassiopeia or Singed.

- Next is Coup de Grace with the extra 8% damage to finish off opponents, you should not switch to Last Stand unless you are committed to go Red form and build Death's Dance to maximize the damage you get from the rune. Regardless, this is a very risky rune to run and in my experience does not pay off as much as Coup de Grace.

- Finally for the bonus, just go for the 2 Adaptive damage stone and armor. Damage because Kayn mainly use his and attack speed does not compliment is kit much, CDR rune is plain bad and Armor rune because you are in the jungle and all camps (except Gromp ) deals physical damage.
What to do in the Jungle
There are tons of Kayn guides and videos talk about how you should clear the camps in specific situations, what combos you should use and all that but here, I will show you the general route that you should be taking and maybe a bit of Dos and Don'ts. You should take the red side first whenever possible because Kayn clears Raptors and Krugs really fast because of his . Start at Raptors , 2 s should be enough to kill all of them and get an early level 2. Take Red Brambleback next and head on to Wolf . Work your way to Blue Sentinel after that and that's when you hit level 3 can choose one of the following options:

- Take Scuttle , this is fairly risky against bad matchups like Kha'Zix because they can out damage you but you gain excellent early vision for your team and a chunky amount of gold.

- Take the enemy's Krugs , This is what I usually do because most people kinda forget about this camp in their clears. Once you clear the camp you should be in a good position for a top lane gank.

- Look for a gank in mid, this is easy if your midlaner has good minion control but hard if they don't. If you don't feel like you can gank a lane then honestly don't and just take the enemy's Krugs

Once you complete the first clear, go back and get a bit of item and ready to take Raptors again and move to the bot side for potential ganks or invade. Rinse and repeat!

And here is some Dos and Don'ts:

- Do get Oracle Lens. Oh my god! I can't recall how many times I forgot about this. Imagine getting ready for a gank and they see you from a mile away just because you didn't scan the bush.

- Do realize the role you need to fill for your team when choosing your form. This is very important because Kayn is a very diverse champion and can fill the role the team composition is missing. So when the team needs someone on the frontline, go Red. And if they need someone to kill their backline, consider Blue.

- Do gank often. People tend to only gank when they are SURE to pick-up kills. This is actually a bad habit, ganking does not need to result in A KILL. When you gank as Kayn you will at least get essences for your Passive, put preasure on the enemy lane, and maybe pick up a Dark Harvest stack. So don't be afraid to gank even if you are uncertain that you can pick up kills. Just do it, your laner will appreciate it a lot OwO)b

- Don'ts Waste your time taking Gromp in your first clear. It's not worth the time and will cost you a chunky amount of HP, which could be allocated for invading the enemy or ganks.

- Don'ts forget about the Big Objectives like Rift Herald , Dragon and Baron Nashor . I know that Kayn isn't good at taking Dragon but ignoring them is creating a huge disadvantage for your team. At least keep them warded and when the enemy tries to take it, just in and try to steal it with Smite.

- And finally, Do have fun OwO)b !
Tips and Tricks
- You can use while using to give you that bit of damage needed to finish off the enemy or slow them down for your team to catch.

- If you didn't get the form you want, don't worry you don't have to wait 4 minutes for the other. Did you know that when you arrive at that point and attack champions with the opposite essences you can reduce the time it takes to get the other form? Crazy right? So if you got Red and want Blue, go and hit the enemy range champions and vice versa !
I had a lot of fun using Kayn and I hope you will find this guide helpful and make out want to pick up Kayn the next time you visit the shop ;). GLHF !!!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Poohlio
Poohlio Kayn Guide
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A Vietnamese take on Jungling with Kayn

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