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Ashe Build Guide by Loxely

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Loxely

AD Ashe - Fire away!

Loxely Last updated on May 1, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, it's Loxely, and welcome to my first build. I've been tempted to do a build on MobaFire for a while now, but having a look at many builds I've seen the immense work and effort that is put into a build to make it truly amazing. So, I'm going to try do just that, so please bear with me. If you have any constructive criticism on how to better this guide, please comment.

So, Ashe. Most people probably think, that because she is a cheap champion, that surely she can't be any good to play. This is not the case. In fact, cheap champions like Kayle and Master Yi are actually quite good to play, you just need to play them correctly. The same goes for Ashe. I will - hopefully - be showing you how to play Ashe correctly, and be able to maximize on using her slows and attack speed to your advantage. Enjoy! :D

Important Note

One word. SmartCast. This has been invaluable to me because it makes playing LoL infinity easier, faster and better. This can be used for all Ashe's abilities (bar Frost Shot, because it's a toggle ability). This can be used for all champions, and even some are already intergrated like Karthus's Lay Waste Ability. I strongly suggest you give SmartCast a go, because it can change the way you play LoL forever, and hopefully, for the better.

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Pros / Cons


+ Good Crowd Control with Volley
+ Amazing slow with Frost Shot. Can literally keep the enemy slowed while you still have mana
+ Enchanted Crystal Arrow goes all the way across the map. Can be used when other team members need some help or when someone's trying to get away
+ Hawkshot gives you your own ward
+ Extra money granted through passive of Hawkshot
+ Gains a critical hit every 3 seconds of not shooting anything with her passive Focus


- Mana eater early game
- No escape mechanisms, so don't forget to use that Flash when you need it most
- Squishy, will get targeted a lot. This will be combated later with life steal and exponential damage
- Bad base attack damage and attack speed, so be sure to farm to try and gain some points early on

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Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Health Regeneration

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  • Summoner's Wrath : For while your Ignite is on cooldown, gives you some extra attack damage and ability power for that time
  • Brute Force : Max this to give you a three attack damage advantage
  • Alacrity : More attack speed for taking down those minions and getting those last shots in early on
  • Deadliness : Gives you 0.5 Attack Damage extra per level on max, so at Level 18 it gives you 9. Not really needed as much, but needs to be put on for progression through the tree
  • Weapon Expertise : 10% Armour Penetration is quite a lot if you think about it, so definitely have this one
  • Lethality : 10% Critical Strike Damage. This with your Infinity Edge and your passive, Focus will get your Critical Strikes doing a fair amount of damage
  • Vampirism : Always good to get even that little bit of life steal, because it can heal you a lot faster than no life steal at all
  • Sunder : 6 Armour Penetration. This adds on to the Weapon Expertise 's 10% Armour Penetration, that's a little bit of Armour Penetration you have there
  • Executioner : If you keep on auto attacking champions, and then using Frost Shot with that so they don't get away very easily, you'll be able to take them down faster with Executioner
  • Resistance : Magic resistance is always good, so when your build has little magic resistance in it, it's good to put some in it with this Mastery
  • Hardiness : Armour. And when the items don't contemplate armour, it'd be good to just have a little more
  • Durability : 6 Health per level. That's 108 Health at level 18. That's pretty good, and if you just get away from a fight with 50 or so HP, this has just saved your life
  • Veteran's Scars : Even more health, so you're not as squishy as you once were

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  • Focus: Useful for getting opponents scared, because your first shot will do a lot of damage. The critical will refresh for every 3 seconds Ashe isn't in combat, but by late game your doing a critical every second shot
  • Frost Shot: A great toggle ability, use when champions are running away. Watch out, it eats mana quite quickly
  • Volley: Great for Crowd Control, can hit many things at once, damaging and slowing them
  • Hawkshot: Like your own Sight Ward, but free! Also gives a gold bonus each time you kill something
  • Enchanted Crystal Arrow: Fantastic Ultimate. Damages, stuns and slows targets. Also does splash damage.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

You may be wondering, "Loxely, why would you do it this way?? Why not so and so". Well, there is always a reason for an ability sequence, otherwise, builds wouldn't show them. Mine is based largely around how much use they are in battle. Of course, the Enchanted Crystal Arrow is easy to determine, because it's the ultimate. You upgrade thatwhenever you get the chance. As for the others, it's a little bit different. The bottom line is, I try to get the Volley (W) first, Frost Shot (Q) second, and Hawkshot (E) third. As seen, it is mixed up a little bit, and that's because of their different abilities. You may think that Hawkshot is quite useless, but if you're enemy team doesn't take their time to go in bushes and patiently wait for the enemy to come to them, it's still useful, and this is because of it's passive. And it's one thing. Money. 5 extra money for each enemy killed at it's maxed out level. I still don't find it as useful as Volley and Frost Shot and this is why I've upgraded them, largely, beforehand. Those abilities slows and attacks will save you more in a battle them Hawkshot.

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Essential. Every build uses boots, and this is no different.

Get a couple to a few of these so you can stay in lane longer. Saves you having to recall if your down in health a little bit. Do note that this does not give you 150 health straight away so it will not help you if you're getting hit while you use a heath potion.

Get this next. This is a must, because Ashe has one of the worst base movement speeds.

Optional Starter

The reason I say optional, is because it's not really needed. If you're doing bad and you want an extra boost, get this. But, if you're doing well, leave it out, because that means that you'll have more money to get your main build quicker.

Core Items

Good to get early game, because it gives you health for doing damage on enemies. This will be very useful over time.

Gives you a massive attack damage boost, will be able to get you in front of the other champions and you'll be able to push more, easier. Also gives more critical hits, imagine if you did a critical on top of a 100% critical using Focus' passive. That's massive damage.

Attack speed upgrade, just what you need. You'll be able to smash other players with your high attack speed, attack damage, plus your array of slows. Also gives you more critical hit chance and attack damage. What's not to love?

More attack damage again and 40% Attack Penetration to give you that little bit extra to do some more damage

Late Game Items

And of course The Bloodthirster. Nothing is complete without it. This will give you even more attack damage, and 12 Life Steal. This can be stacked, giving you 1 Physical Attack and 0.2 Life Steal each time it is stacked. This can be stacked up to 40 times. You'll be mowing down enemy champions by now. Watch out though, because these bonuses are halved upon death. Don't rush into 5 champions because you think your invulnerable, because you're not. If you take long shots and keep with your slows, you'll take down people easy.

Do you need an explanation? It's a Guardian Angel. Yummy Armour, plus most importantly, when you "Die", you get revived, giving you a nice 750 health to make a final push to kill your enemy, or just have enough health to run away safely.

Optional Switch Ups

If you're going really well and have a sufficient amount of money pourng in, try get some extra items. Things like a second Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge or The Bloodthirster. With another one of these, in place for something like the Zeke's Herald or Last Whisper, you will be very dominant, where ever your going.

This should be bought when you know you are doing well and are getting a sufficient amount of kills and some assists. Stacks up to twenty times, giving out a whole 100 Attack Damage and 15% Movement Speed. It stacks twice for each kill, and once for each assist.

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Summoner Spells


  • Flash: Probably one of the best Summoner Spells, because it can save your life. This works with ANY champion, but it works very well on Ashe because she doesn't have any fleeing mechanisms. If you keep this on you'll be sure to not die as much.
  • Ignite: Can be put to use quiet easily. If you think a champion could beat you in a 1v1 fight, chuck on Ignite and it'll do true damage to the champion (depending on what level you are) and will reduce healing effects. Do not be afraid to use this, because this can do you a lot of good. Also, do not forget that you have it - like I do - and be sure to use it when the times right.

Good Summoner Spells

  • Teleport: Quite useful as you can teleport to minions and allied turrets. Good for recalling for an item and quickly teleporting back without the enemy team getting the chance to take advantage and push. Also good for teleporting into a team battle and helping out instantly.
  • Ghost: Like Flash, this can be used as your escape mechanism. It doesn't give you that first bit of distance as fast as Flash, but you can get further away quicker with Ghost
  • Exhaust: This is also viable as it lowers the damage output of your target and greatly reduces their movement speed. If you are versing an enemy, Exhaust is definitely something you should use on them.
  • Heal: If your running for your life, and your slowly dieing, use this for more health which will hopefully let you survive the battle

Bad Summoner Spells

  • Smite: Are you jungling? Didn't think so. This spell is not for you then.
  • Revive: You may be thinking, why wouldn't you want Revive? It revives you instantly at your base. How Great! Yeah, not so much. This is pretty much a wast of a Summoner Spell slot if you have it on. You want to be using things that will keep you alive, rather than saying your going to die and just succumbing to using the Revive Spell.

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Team Work

Ashe can be used very well in a team.
This is because when rushing with other teammates, she could make or break a team battle. If you're pushing while the enemy is running back, you can use you're Volley or Frost Shot which can be used with your attack speed to slow them down long enough for one of your teammates to come and clean up house. This can also be viable with you're Enchanted Crystal Arrow because it can stop an enemy in it's tracks, stunning, slowing and giving them a fair amount of damage to give your team a great advantage. The same can be used when running from a mass of enemy champions. Use your slowing abilities and if you're in grave danger, your ultimate, so you and your teammates can get the time to run away. If you get left behind, don't forget to flash away.

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In summary:

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Updates & Things To Add


  • 4th of August 2012 - 04/08/12 Build Created!
  • 5th of August 2012 - 05/08/12 Changed rune selection and changed the item build with Last Whisper instead of Sword of the Occult, which has been moved to optional items.
  • 5th of August 2012 - 05/08/12 Switched item sequence between The Bloodthirster and Zeke's Herald
  • 5th of August 2012 - 05/08/12 Added in-between items in the item sequence.

Things To Add

  • Images/Videos showing Ashe's capability
  • This will be vastly improved with images and better descriptions as time goes on, I'm just making it very rough to begin with. There is also a lot of stuff to add into it, I know, but since this my first guide, I'm not the best at this.

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Special Thanks and Conclusion

Special Thanks

I want to thank jhoijhoi again for the guide on how to make a guide. This gave me a lot of tips and ideas on how to make my guide looking nice and presentable. That guide can be found HERE.

I would also like to thank Matt for his guide on BB Code. I know BB Code, but this gives you a whole extra type of coding, and I couldn't have known how to do all the fancy things without that guide, which is located HERE and HERE.

Another thank you to IceCreamy's How To Use Columns guide, really helped me spiff up the guide. That guide HERE.

Other people who have made this build what it is:
  • CookiesNCream
  • Isthatok
  • Vapora Dark
  • Commercialized
  • Syther Blade


Yes. It's come to that time, the end of my guide. Thank you so much if you had the time and patience to read through my probably very short - shorter than very In Depth Guides that are found fluently throughout this sight - guide. I hope you learnt something about Ashe and you can see how good she can be if used correctly.

Well, that's it for me, again, thank you, and I hope to do another guide soon
I'll try to keep this guide updated as much as possible.

- Loxely