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Galio Humor Guide by Firefox321

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Firefox321

AD Galio- Here's Something New!

Firefox321 Last updated on August 27, 2012
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This is just a fun, simple build. I don't want to say much so please rate and comment. Hope you enjoy it!

Feel free to change things in the build to your own liking.

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Why it's Viable

Anybody can play AD and do a decent job. Although, Galio has a few tricks up his sleeve to make him better than some other champions who play AD.

Runic Skin gives him Ability power while he builds AD
+ This build still allows him to be the anti-caster champion
+ His ability Bulwark allows him to do even more damage

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Greater Mark of Destruction- help him deal more both physical and magic damage

Greater Seal of Clarity- helps him spam his abilities a little more. More specifically, use his Resolute Smite for harrass and Bulwark for healing from minions and to reduce incoming damage

Glyph of Warding and Quintessence of Warding- Gives him Survivability and more Ability Power
The Masteries I chose are for more damage overall and more mana.

You can also go 14/9/7
Offense Tree-Taking Armor and Magic penetration
Defense Tree-Magic Resist, Health Per Level
Utility Tree-Mana and mana regen

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Mercury TreadsMercury Treads- Tenacity is always a good thing and you get magic resist.

Maw of Malmortius- Attack damage, A nice sheild for close battles, and MORE MAGIC RESIST!

Wit's End-The attack speed is good. The passive lets you do more damage and it gives EVEN MORE MAGIC RESIST!!

Aegis of the Legion-This item is a well-rounded item that not only helps you, but your teammates as well. Furthermore, not only do you get a tiny bit more damage, but you also get MORE MAGIC RESIST!!!

Zeke's HeraldZeke's Herald- This item can be good for your AD carry and yourself, for it gives lifesteal and attack speed.

Banshee's Veil-Although not my favorite item, this item is very good for Galio, it gives him everything he needs and as a bonus, a shield!

Frozen Heart- This item is a good item overall and gives good armor, mana, and Cooldown reduction. Oh and don't forget the nice attack speed debuff.


Randuin's Omen- If you don't want Frozen Heart, this is a good alternative for it. Also, if you are having a bad early game, you can pick up an early Heart of Gold

Force of Nature- Good sustain and magic resist

Atma's Impaler- Gives a decent amount of damage and armor.

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Resolute Smite- This ability gives a nice slow to catch up to your opponent to punch them in the face a few times. It also has a good base damage, so I max this ability first

Bulwark- Bulwark is a very good, versitile skill which can be used offensively or defensively. It allows you to tank damage and heal yourself depending on the situation. ALSO TAKE NOTE: Each tick of Damage over Time abilities will heal you; such as Ignite. This can also be used offensively because it will give you more magic resist. More magic resist=more ability power=more damage.

Righteous Gust- This is good for escaping and chasing foes.

Idol of Durand- This ability can be game breaking and should be timed well to get as many enemies inside of it. It can make the difference of winning a teamfight and losing one.

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Summoner Spells

- this will help finish your opponents and stop them from healing to much.

- This ability will allow you to get in position for your ultimate. Or it can help you finish off opponents or run away.

you can also use...

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I hope you enjoyed the build and remember, this is just for fun!

Depending on how well tihs build is rated will decide whether I go more in depth or not. Have fun!


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