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Miss Fortune Build Guide by jamespongebob

AD Carry AD Miss Fortune

AD Carry AD Miss Fortune

Updated on September 9, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jamespongebob Build Guide By jamespongebob 52 3 772,169 Views 67 Comments
52 3 772,169 Views 67 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author jamespongebob Miss Fortune Build Guide By jamespongebob Updated on September 9, 2014
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Miss Fortune is a champion who focuses on dealing attack damage from a distance, a champion known otherwise as a marksman. As with most marksmen, this means that Miss Fortune can deal a substantial amount of damage for her team, but in return, she can easily be killed and must be positioned correctly in fights and skirmishes.

Other than her high damage output, Miss Fortune's other selling points include her ability to apply grievous wounds via her Impure Shots, Strut, a passive which gives her exceptional movement speed, and her ult, Bullet Time, a long ranged AoE ability that goes well with other AoE CC abilities.

Not all is fortunate for Miss Fortune though. She does not have the best of late games, and she lacks a gap closer. Assassin-type champions are the bane of her existence, as they can easily jump in and burst her down if her Flash or Heal is down. She is not a top-tier marksman, being somewhat situational, and she'll need certain team compositions in order to do her job effectively.

My recommended summoner spells are Flash and Heal. As Miss Fortune has no gap closer, Flash is non-negotiable. You can use it to chase enemies, flee from them, dodge abilities, and many more. One of its greatest uses is in positioning yourself for Bullet Time. For your second summoner spell, Heal is the preferred spell because its movement speed buff is useful in kiting or escaping. It also affects two people instead of one.

Other options for your second spell are Barrier, Exhaust, and Cleanse. Barrier is an alternative defensive spell which is useful in negating burst damage. It's better for damage absorption because the shield is instant unlike Heal. Exhaust is another alternative defensive spell, which is useful because Miss Fortune doesn't have any natural escapes and might be forced to fight anyone who engages on her. You'll want to get Cleanse if you're against a team with heavy crowd control.






On Miss Fortune, your rune set up should optimize for damage, as with every marksman. I prefer taking flat runes over scaling ones because they give better stats early game, which will help give you a stronger laning phase.

For marks, you'll want 9 AD Marks. Attack Damge Marks are primarily for last hitting. ArPen isn't as effective at last hitting because minions normally have low armor. Other than that, most of your abilities are powered by AD, and your auto attacks will deal a bit more damage. You can add a Crit mark of two if you prefer.

For seals, you'll want some defense since Miss Fortune has pretty low defensive stats. I recommend taking 5 Health Seals and 4 Armor Seals. Because of the armor changes, it is now more effective to mix in use a combination of Health and Armor seals. Together they will reduce damage from enemy marksmen, supports, minions, and junglers.

You'll also want defense for your glyphs, so take 9 MR Glyphs. Magic Resist glyphs are mostly for magic damage-dealing supports, although some marksmen and junglers also deal some magic damage, such as Corki or Evelynn. If you need mana regeneration, you can mix in some Mana Regen glyphs as well.

Life Steal Quints has been nerfed recently and are no longer as good, so I take 2 AS Quints and 1 AD Quint. in its place. AS quints make your auto attack animation a lot more smooth. Plus, they've been buffed recently. Miss Fortune does not really need three (you can run three if you want though) because she has an AS buff in her Impure Shots, so I usually put one AD to further improve last hitting.

If you want to buff up your defense defensive, Armor Quints + Health Seals are your safest bet. Miss Fortune is a pretty fragile champion, so you can take three Armor Quints or mix it with AD or AS quints if you prefer.


21|9|0 is my recommended mastery set up when playing AD Miss Fortune. 21 points into offense is for more damage. Masteries like Brute Force , Devastating Strikes , Executioner , and Martial Mastery are pretty self-explanatory. Miss Fortune mainly deals physical damage, so take all the physical damage-related masteries. Dangerous Game gives you some sustain in team fights, which is good since Miss Fortune is usually quite vulnerable in team fights. Feast is pretty much mandatory with its buff, so you can have sustain in lane. The last few points are a toss up between Warlord and Fury . Neither are really exceptional (being filler masteries), but I prefer Fury as you need a full build for Warlord to be effective (and you'll generally want to end games quickly when playing Miss Fortune. Alternatively, you can take Spell Weaving or Blade Weaving in its place if that's your thing.

In the defense tree, Block and Unyielding are for trading and reducing overall damage, Veteran Scars and Juggernaut are for more health. Recovery is a better option over Enchanted Armor as your "filler" mastery, as standard marksmen builds don't have much defensive items until late game.

If you want to go into the utility tree, some alternative setups I suggest are 21|2|7 or 21|6|3. 21|2|7 would let you have Block , Phasewalker , Meditation , and Summoner's Insight . Phasewalker is useful for making clutch recalls, Meditation for mana problems, and Summoner's Insight reduces the cool down on your summoner spells, most importantly, in Flash. 21|6|3 would let you have Block , Unyielding , and Meditation or Fleet of Foot .

Doran's Blade
+ Stealth Ward and Health Potion
For your starting items, take a Doran's Blade, Health Potion's and a Stealth Ward. The Doran's Blade start is the best option on any marksman, as it gives a mix of useful stats that will help keep you sustained. The Stealth Ward is the best starting trinket, as it helps in keeping an eye on the jungler or controlling the brush. With your support, your lane should be well warded. Later on, you can either opt to upgrade your trinket into the Greater Stealth Totem or sell it out for another trinket, such as a Farsight Orb. It would usually depend on the situation. Lastly, Health Potions keep you sustained in lane.

Infinity Edge
+ Doran's Blade and Boots
The first big item you'd want to working on would be the Infinity Edge to increase your damage. If you need some more sustain early on, buy another Doran's Blade, but otherwise, aim for the components of the Infinity Edge, prioritizing the B. F. Sword. If you don't have enough gold on your first trip back, you may want to pick up a Pickaxe. Bloodthirster used to be the first item you'd get on Miss Fortune, but its recent changes make it a lot weaker than rushing Infinity Edge. You'd also want to get Boots for the extra MS whenever you can.

Statikk Shiv / Phantom Dancer
You'll want to ramp up your DPS at this point, so purchase a Zeal and upgrade it into either Phantom Dancer or Statikk Shiv. Both are good options, but Statikk Shiv is usually better on Miss Fortune. Statikk Shiv offers lower DPS than Phantom Dancer, but it offers more pushing power and burst. It's price also means you can get it faster than Phantom Dancer. Miss Fortune usually gets her power spike earlier, so Statikk Shiv will let you become stronger much more quickly. It's also useful in pushing, though its passive becomes less useful late game. You may want to swap out Statikk Shiv for a Phantom Dancer late game if the game stretches too long.

Berserker's Greaves
Distortion / Furor / Homeguard
Upgrade your boots into Berserker's Greaves whenever you can, and think about whether or not you'd like to buy enchantments. Enchanments are optional purchases, as they can delay buying big items, although you may want to pick them up at some point later on. Enchantment: Distortion is useful for the improved Flash because of Miss Fortune's lack of mobility, but Enchantment: Furor (kiting) and Enchantment: Homeguard (getting out of base quicker) are good as well. If the game stretches too long, you may want to consider swapping out your boots for a Zephyr.

Last Whisper
+ Negatron Cloak / Chain Vest
Last Whisper is a core item on pretty much any marksman, and you'll want to buy it to cut through enemy armor. You'll be finishing up your build at this point, so you'll also want to start building towards your final items. The typical build order for your final items is Last Whisper > Defensive Item > Life steal Item, but you may want to switch up the order in some situations (ex. picking up your life steal item sooner when the enemy isn't building much defenses).

Banshee's Veil
Mercurial Scimitar / Guardian Angel
Late game is when Miss Fortune starts falling off, so you'll want to purchase a defensive item. My recommended defensive item is Banshee's Veil, although Guardian Angel and Mercurial Scimitar are other alternatives you can take. The reason I prefer Banshee's Veil as my defensive item is that with assassins and bruisers being very popular (and also strong counters to Miss Fortune), the passive is dead useful in keeping you from being blown up to pieces or choking on Nidalee spears or other forms of poke. It also increases your health unlike the other two, which is good with the popularity of Mikael's Blessing on supports. Mercurial Scimitar is another good option because its active is a free Cleanse and helps give you mobility. Guardian Angel is good if your team wants to make a game-ending push.

The Bloodthirster
Blade of the Ruined King
Your last item is usually a toss up between Bloodthirster and Blade of the Ruined King. I personally find Bloodthirster's shield more useful, as it soaks up damage in team fights. Since Miss Fortune has no gap closer to help her position, the shield can keep you from being automatically blown up. Its higher AD scaling is also better with Miss Fortune's abilities. Blade of the Ruined King on the other hand, can help you kite and deal more damage against enemies who build a lot of health. Your choice mostly boils down to preference.

Miss Fortune's passive is mainly used for roaming purposes. Needless to say, if you want to retain that high movement speed, useful in chasing, fleeing and dodging skill shots, you should avoid getting hit. Strut can also be extremely useful in split pushing or reaching team fights quickly.

Double Up will be your main tool for harass and trading in lane. You're mainly going to want to use it in conjunction with AAs and Impure Shots to gain some presence in lane. The bounce function takes a bit of getting used to, and remember that the second shot is far better than the first. Your basic combo would be AA AA, as it can function as an auto attack reset as well. You can also Double Up to an enemy when she approaches to take a CS via a minion. Remember the bounce will prioritize targets marked by Impure Shots.

The passive of Impure Shots means you deal more damage when attacking the same target continuously, so you must stacks on your targets to amplify your damage. Your ultimate will also apply the stacks and further increase its cap limit. You can also switch between targets whilst still keeping the stacks. The active is useful in clearing minion waves, destroying turrets, or negating the healing power of the enemy team. This is especially useful with the popularity of Heal in the bot lane.

Make it Rain is probably Miss Fortune's weakest ability. Its uses are fairly minimal, as it has a high mana cost and cool down. It does have them though. Its slow is okay later on, and it can be used when enemies are clumped together, usually to set up Bullet Time. It also provides vision where it is cast, so it can be used in checking brushes. Keep in mind that in chasing or fleeing, there's a casting time wherein you fire the bullets.

Bullet Time is Miss Fortune's ult, an AoE conic ability that fires up to 8 waves of bullets, and it can be extremely powerful if used correctly. You can deal a significant amount of damage on enemy teams or single targets with the extra damage of Impure Shots. It can be used to clear minion waves easily or split push, but it's mainly used in fights. As it's a channeled ability, you're pretty vulnerable while using it. It's best to use it when enemies are all clumped together (such as in narrow areas) or after some sort of CC. It can also be fired through walls. There are many factors to keep in mind (how many enemies are in it, how long they'll be there), and remember you can stop the channeling on your own. For each wave a target gets hit by, a stack of Impure Shots is applied, and they stack for successive waves.




You're going to want to level up your ult, Bullet Time whenever it's up at levels 6, 11 and 16, primarily for the reduced CD, increased stacks on Impure Shots, and increased damage.

After that, you're going to want to max Double Up next. It will let you trade aggressively, and it deals a good amount of damage early on. Its damage is very potent at level one, so you'll also want it as your first skill.

Next, we have Impure Shots. It's not worth to consider maxing over Double Up since it's damage no longer increases with levels. It is still better than Make it Rain though, so have it maxed by level 13.

Lastly, there's Make it Rain. Its high mana cost, low damage and the fact that its CD isn't reduced when leveling it up makes it your last priority. Some people in fact don't pick it up until level 13, but I advise against it. You don't gain much by having an extra point in Impure Shots, and you will never know when you would need Make it Rain.

A common mistake some people make is picking up Make it Rain at level 1, as it can function as a brush check. I advise against this because it severely decreases your power and it's unnecessary with the addition of trinkets.


[OVERVIEW] Miss Fortune has a generally decent laning phase, and it's very important to take advantage of it. Note that winning your lane does not mean winning the game, but it will give you power heading into the latter stages of the game, and it's that advantage you want to get. You're going to want to do more than just out farm your enemy. You have to shut them down early, especially if they have a weaker early game.

You're going to want to get a level advantage early on by pushing/shoving the lane harder than the enemy. In doing so, the enemy marksman and support will have be pressured and zoned.

If you can't push, focus freezing the lane, last hitting, and occasionally poking. You should be poking with AAs, but you could also use Double Up if necessary. On a full-on trade, your standard combo is AA AA, and active Impure Shots if needed.

Coordinate with your jungler and support and don't forget to ward. Once you reach level 6, your kill potential goes up by a lot, and you can easily pick up a kill or force your enemies out of lane.

[MATCH UPS] Match ups are pretty subjective in all honesty, as there are way too much factors to consider. You have to take in fact what team composition both sides are using, who are the junglers, their play style and it's really important that you adapt to various situations because it isn't going to be that just because you're in a favorable lane it's a win, and if not, it would be a defeat. Usually, you'd just want your team to play champions they're skilled at. In any case, knowledge is power. Know who you're facing, and how to play against them.

Recommended Supports
As far as supports go, Miss Fortune isn't very picky. She does, however, go particularly well with supports with a lot of CC, mainly AoE CC. This will allow her to easily maximize her Bullet Time. Miss Fortune's lack of a gap closer means supports that can help keep you alive are valuable as well. Shields and disengages that can keep assassins and bruisers from blowing her up would be very useful in skirmishes.

High Threat Marksmen
Miss Fortune struggles against marksmen with strong laning phases and high mobility. These marksmen simply hit harder than you do, and it is well advised to tread lightly when playing against them. Champions who have hard CC also deserve special mention, as they can interrupt your ult without the help of a support. High mobility champs can also easily avoid getting caught up in Bullet Time.


[MID GAME] Mid game is when you are no longer as confined to your lane and objective control becomes an issue. Miss Fortune has a good mid game, and if you can, try to finish the game as soon as possible because Miss Fortune scales badly into late game.

Early on, warding is done to scout around bot lane, especially to spot ganks. Lane wards are also effective in order to control the lane. Later on, however, you want to use your ward on objectives such as buffs or Dragon . If necessary, you can also buy extra wards besides your trinket. Blessing of the Lizard Elder is a nice buff, but you don't need to always have it, as some junglers and solo top champions may need it more. Dragon is a different story, and it's usually one of the main objectives of mid game. Remember that you can steal it with Bullet Time as well.

Miss Fortune can move around the map pretty quickly with Strut. If the enemies have recalled, you'd want to push your lane so as to deny them CS and experience, and, if necessary, activate Impure Shots in order to destroy the enemy tower as well. Once you have push a lane it is advised to leave that lane, especially if you don't have vision, and help push other lanes. Strut means you can roam quite effectively and get to other lanes quickly. You can help push waves in other lanes with your team, so you can split the enemies apart and force a fight in your favor.

push lanes when enemies have recalled/been killed to gain xp and deny them cs

[TEAM FIGHTS] Marksmen tend to deal the most sustained damage in a team fight overall, and you will be a priority target by the enemy team. Due to this, positioning is extremely important. You have to be in a safe place, usually behind tanks, and hit whatever you can effectively. It's a common misconception that you need to focus on carries, but what is important is staying alive, so kill the closest. You want to work your way through the enemy team while in a position of safety.

Bullet Time is one of your biggest assets in a team fight, but it's rather easy to interrupt. It's best to use this to follow up an AoE CC when no one can stop you, such as Crescendo. Keep in mind though, you may want to stop your ult yourself if necessary. Consider the factors; how long the enemies will be in the AoE, how many enemies are actually getting hit, how long you can afford to stay immobile.

Other than that, your AAs and Double Up are your main source of damage. Remember that you can switch between targets and still retain its stacks, but to make it effective, stick to one target and keep the stacks on that target for maximum damage. The active will reduce healing on the enemy team, and increase your DPS as well.

Keep your positioning in mind, as you have no gap closer save Flash. Check your CDs to know whether or not to engage. Communicate with your team, and lastly, don't forget to use the actives on your items if necessary.


Learn how to cancel your animations, or move while attacking. This is referred to as orb walking. Orb walking is an important technique to master on any marksman, to prevent being a sitting duck, and to prevent enemies escaping with low health. You can learn more about it here.

This would be the end of this guide. If you want to check any of my other guides, I have one for Jinx and one for Janna. I also have A Coding Service. Do not hesitate to leave feedback, and I will respond to them to the best of my abilities. Thank you for reading.

League of Legends Build Guide Author jamespongebob
jamespongebob Miss Fortune Guide
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