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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Katsuni

AD Nidalee - How to kill a base and get away with it

Katsuni Last updated on May 13, 2011
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Hello peoples! This is my first guide, at least for playing, as most guides generally have a significant amount of similarity to them, to the point it's not worth bothering to make one myself.

In this case, however, there is something gravely lacking. Something which no one ever seems to take into account for. And something, which usually makes a terrible mess of the enemy team.

This, I'm speaking of course, is the AD Nidalee.

Almost everyone builds pure AP Nidalee, or a hybrid, but few have ever seen the true power an AD carry nida can unleash upon the unsuspecting world.

Wait, AD Nidalee yeu cry? (That or yeu go "zomg it's spelled YOU!"; silly mortals, it has always been 'Yeu', but noone has realized this >.>; )

Well, the thing is that an AD Nidalee is brutally powerful in hit and runs, ranged support, and is quite possibly one of the strongest 1v2 early laners in the game. It's near impossible to actually kill an AD nidalee even if she's outnumbered against much stronger champions who can tower dive at level 2 even. All that bulk they think will save them really just doesn't last, since Nidalee, build as AD, can out harass virtually anyone on the top lane.

Then, of course, there's her amazing mid game, and far more useful endgame than the poor AP Nida, which begins to lack later on. Those 1500 spears are nice... as are the heals, but let's face it, that's about all she can do anymore at that point. Getting into range is suicide if she goes heavy AP, so a large portion of her abilities are never utilized to their best extent.

In this Nidalee build, I will cover quite a few points, from how to play her with this style, why it works, and whot to avoid in the process.

Keep in mind, this is a bit of a novelty build, and it can be brutally effective in the vast majority of situations, but it is open to interpretation and personal play style. Some people will simply not enjoy this style of play. Some will feel very ineffective in some cases. Others will drool at the possibilities.

Regardless, everything in this guide, as with all guides, is based upon personal preference. I can give my reasoning behind why I do this the way I do, but it is not set in stone, and there are times that changes will need to be made, ESPECIALLY in item build!

There is no way to make a single, perfect, 100% flawless build that works in absolutely all situations. A player must be versatile and adaptive to change to the situations presented to them. If yeu blindly follow a guide that says "stack armour" and are doing a normal solo queue and run into 5 AP champions with absolutely no AD on their team, and stack armour anyway... well... let's just say yeu kinda deserve that loss.

Anyways, onto the guide!

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Overall Purpose

The goal of this guide is provide a method of playing Nidalee which is terribly effective, but rarely ever seen.

In this particular case, that means being a heavy AD champion, focusing on her main strong points.

    Incredible mobility
    Ability to leap over 'jump points' in the map
    Massive natural attack speed
    Self healing
    Brutal burst damage
    Ability to fight from range and melee
    Able to outrun an entire team, even when boxed in

As such, we will be making use of these to build a very effective pusher, tower killer, and assassin/chaser.

Mobility is her most important aspect, and she can, and must, learn to make full use of her incredible capacity to move around freely. There will be a chart of 'jump points' added later in which will show key areas where yeu can manage to jump across as Nidalee. Knowing where these are, and how to use them, is absolutely required to play her in this style, or yeu flat out WILL die trying.

I highly recommend making a custom game and just testing each of these jump areas repeatedly to get a knack for being able to make the jumps before yeu need to in a real live-fire situation. Some of these yeu can only make the jump from certain angles, and some of them, the target gap is very small. Learning to use these will let yeu safely escape some of the most ridiculous situations, and leave the enemy team wondering WTH just happened.

Now then, the two main goals we have here are:

Killing a tower rapidly
Getting out again in one piece

Champion kills do not win the game, people. I don't care if yeu went 30-0, if they burn down yeur nexus, YEU STILL LOST. The only reason for champion kills, is champions prevent yeu from killing their buildings. As such, this build shall also be focusing upon being capable of ripping enemy champions apart in a bizarrely short amount of time.

Time is of the essence with this kind of a play style. Yeu need to be able to assassinate yeur target (be it a single enemy champion wandering alone in their jungle, or a tower that's left unguarded) in record time, and get the hell out as fast as possible. If yeu take more than 10 seconds to perform either of these tasks, yeu are already in massive peril, so everything about this build is dedicated towards speed and power.

Played properly, and with a fair bit of experience as a Nidalee user, and yeu will have people cursing yeur name, and wondering how they sent 5 people to kill yeu after yeu burned their inhibitor down, and yeu seemingly just vanished into thin air, only to find their red and blue buffs are mysteriously missing and so is that other tower on the other side of the map.

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Nidalee has 8 abilities in total, and every single one of them can be used to great effect in this build. Most other builds let several of her spells either languish, or just don't really make full use of their capabilities, only using part of such, or not at all.

Commonly overlooked, this is a very useful ability, and helps greatly with this particular builds' goals. Keep in mind that it's poorly worded; so long as yeu're in bushes at all, yeur speed is permanently +15%. *AFTER* leaving a bush, yeu retain that +15% movement speed for an additional 2 seconds. Admittedly, this can suck when fighting Caitlyn or Teemo, as running into bushes may be dangerous, as will fighting higher level games where entire teams have a nasty habit of just sitting in the bushes waiting for each other to wander by (personally I found these games to be very boring, myself). As such, it's not always beneficial to run through bushes, but if yeu're being chased, just clipping a bush for even a fraction of a second, can be worth the tiny loss of time required to deviate from the straight line course yeu were going in. There's a lot of bushes in the Summoner's Rift which are very useful for this kind of weaving in and out of bushes, and with Boots of Mobility, yeu'll often find yeurself practically perma-hasted if yeu can get between bushes within about 2 seconds of each other.

Many other builds prioritize this very high on the list of spells to get and max out. While it's pretty potent early on, even with low AP, it's not a high priority for this build as there are more pressing matters to attend to, which take priority. That being said, Javelin Toss is great for harassing, and even with a tiny bit of AP, can take a serious chunk out of someone's health, or finish off someone who flashed away, thinking they were safe. Against better players, it can even be used intentionally to force them to dodge sideways, letting yeu catch up to them to hit them with normal attacks instead. Regardless, nice as it is, it's not the first spell yeu'll be maxing, but it will be the second.

This is one of the most powerful abilities Nidalee has access to. Actually, it's one of the most powerful abilities ANYONE has access to, routinely reaching over 1000 damage. The real power in this, lies in that it can hit buildings, and, like Nasus' Siphoning Strike, will reset yeur attack cooldown, letting yeu essentially double-hit. Though, Nidalee naturally has pretty strong attack speed anyway. Keep in mind this also procs Sheen/Triforce, and will even be so kind as to apply procs from items. Yummy indeed. It's also strong enough that it can outdo smite on stealing stuff like baron, and allows for making sure yeu got red/blue buff or the dragon almost guaranteed.

This is sadly a very poorly designed ability. Essentially, it does not scale. The AP ratio is ****, the damage is marginal at best, it requires people walking over it (but they can see it) so it's pretty much delegated to being shoved into bushes, and the armour/mr benefits are limited since it takes a second to arm after dropping it, which enemies typically just avoid. It doesn't even benefit its' sister spell, Pounce, other than making it available at all. On the plus side, it can be used nicely to catch peoples sneaking up on yeu, even invisible peoples, who for some odd reason, seem to like going through bushes, even when they're invisible. Go figure. I highly recommend getting this at LEVEL 1, because yeu have lots of mana, regen lots, and have lots of time at the start of a match to drop 4-5 of them down before the minions get there. This gives yeu a nice cozy spot which is more or less safe from any nasty surprises from a jungle and such. Keep in mind, that Bushwhack gives about a 0.25 second brief glimpse into bushes when it's originally cast, so even if it doesn't actually HIT someone in the bush, for that briefest of instants, yeu can still see if someone's in there from a good range away, without being so obvious as tossing a spear. This can let them think yeu don't know they're there, which can be of a great advantage. Another great benefit, is it *WILL* latch on to wards, and *WILL* let yeu see them. As, coincidentally, people tend to like putting wards in bushes, due to that being the only way the ward will be able to see into the bush, which otherwise makes the purpose of the ward kinda pointless... yeu will often find yeur traps grabbing onto wards by sheer accident, and giving yeu a free 25 gold, and pissing the enemy team off. Any time yeu're running through the jungle, drop one of these on the ground. Sadly, the cooldown sucks, and never decreases with level. Note that dropping one of these on baron, red/blue buffs, or dragon, will lower their armour/MR significantly enough to make them considerably easier to kill. At level 9, this build is capable of soloing dragon, and her takedown's strong enough to steal it from enemies trying to use smite. A little counter warding, and yeu can grab dragon when they see yeur jungle in lane, making them think it's perfectly safe. Yeu will want yeur first point in this for defensive purposes, but past that, the armour reduction and MR reduction is low enough of a boost, with a high enough base, that there's not much point in further points until near the end of the game.

This is quite possibly one of the most powerful abilities in the game. It's so powerful, in fact, that it is literally the *ONLY* spell, in the entire game, period, which is NOT affected by cooldown reduction O.o; A 3 second cooldown, which lets yeu bypass terrain, and outrun practically anyone, including in some situations, Kassadin. It's excellent for Juking (essentially tricking a chasing enemy by weaving through bushes or line of sight, but in this case can also include hopping over barriers at 'jump points' ), for AoE damage against minions to farm a whole lane almost as fast as Sivir can, for respectable nuke damage against enemy champions, and it even cuts Julian fries! ^^ Seriously, awesome ability. It does take some time to get used to though, and it's a little glitchy. Sometimes yeu'll jump straight up in the air and not go forwards at all, which actually slows yeu down instead of going faster (it will tend to happen 2-3 times per game, but considering yeu'll spam this literally hundreds of times in a game, that's not too bad. It virtually never happens during important engagements, so it's tolerable, still annoying when yeu die because of it though). It also requires some practice to use, as it goes straight forwards, not the direction yeu want it to, neccesarily. This requires careful positioning of yeurself, as well as knowing how big a gap yeu can get away with jumping across. These narrow spots which are strategically placed throughout the map, are known as 'jump points' (or at least I call them that, and refer to them as such throughout the guide. So NYAH). Knowing where the jump points are, and which little personal quirks each has (like the one to and from baron requires facing a certain angle to work), and learning this spell intimately is key to playing ANY Nidalee build. Flat out, if yeu do not know where yeu can jump, yeu will not be able to use Nidalee to half the capacity she can be. As such, I'll be attaching a map later on in this guide to help everyone out.

Too many people think of this as "just a heal". Derp derp derp. It's also one of the most powerful buffs in the game, and can be applied to OTHER PEOPLE. In this case, however, yeu won't be doing that very often. If someone's dying, or really really really needs it, then yeah. Otherwise, it won't be healing for that much (enough to keep yeu at high health if spammed regularly, swapping out of kitty to heal before returning), and yeu are essentially an AD carry with this build, so there's really not much of anyone else who needs the massive attack speed boost more than yeu do. Note, that with CDR, yeu can actually get the cooldown LOWER than the duration. That's right, yeu can have a 60% attack speed buff up perpetually 100% of the time. Nifty, huh? Anyways, the reason why we max out this one first, is, as a physical damage dealer, yeu need the attack speed very quickly, and it's literally the only ability which directly translates into a benefit in kittyform.

This hits in a forwards arc for a pretty descent distance; as in longer than melee range. Paired with Pounce, this can be great for jumping on enemy minions and slaughtering an entire group of them. Admittedly, it does stop yeu moving for a moment, and while its' range *IS* slightly above melee range, and *CAN* sometimes net yeu a kill because of such, it's not too common, but it does happen. It's a good little short ranged nuke on a short cooldown though, with no cost, so it's not that bad, honestly.

Alright, here's the big one. The ultimate. The grand high awesome of everything and then some! KITTYFORM WHEE! Everyone loves kitties. Kitties hate yeu though. Kitties would love nothing better than to watch yeu slowly die in terrible, horrible, painful ways which would make Hitler cringe. Fortunately, if yeu're the kitty, this pretty much means yeu get to be the one making the enemy team die in terrible, horrible, painful ways, though admittedly, it'll probably be with lightning speed instead of slow and agonizing. Oh well, can't win 'em all. This ability turns Nidalee into a cougar (please, don't say it; I use leopard skin for a reason >.>; ), and grants her a new set of abilities (namely, the ability to swap back to human form as her new ultimate, pounce, swipe and takedown. She will only gain access to these abilities if she has at least 1 point into their corresponding abilities (for example, to get takedown, yeu need to have at least 1 point into Javelin Toss, or yeu can't use it). Oddly enough, after yeu have 1 point into each of those abilities, yeu no longer gain any benefit at all whotsoever from leveling those abilities in relation to kittyform's abilities. All of Nidalee's kittyform abilities gain power directly from levels put into her ultimate. This is why she is the single most level-dependent champion in the game; she gains the other half of her playstyle, and each level into her ultimate actually boosts 3 abilities instead of just 1. Note that she also gains +20 movement speed, and +10% dodge while in kittyform. The movement speed means that if yeu are running around the map for any reason at all, regardless of whether yeu're AP, AD or hybrid, yeu should pretty much always be in kitty form (and spamming pounce to go even fastah!). Because of how important this is, yeu pretty much must always level this up every time its' available. Most ultimates are like that anyway (poor twitch, left out in the cold), but this one's even more so important than most others. A Nidalee with a level advantage can be near impossible to kill for many champions, even if her gear sucks.

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Summoner Spells

Ah, summoner spells! Whot to pick, whot to pick... well, there's a lot of options available, but here's the main two I find are useful in virtually all situations, against virtually all opponents.

Ghost allows Nidalee to run like hell, either to get into position to drop someone into the ground, or to get to a safe jumping location to escape. She already has pounce, which, if properly used, removes all need for flash; she just NEEDS to be able to make it to that escape point on the map that lets her live.

Teleport which is excessively useful in this particular build. Being able to move around the map freely is highly important, both early, and late game. Early game, this allows her to go back and pick up boots and a sheen without leaving her lane at risk of a push while she's gone at all. Mid-game, this allows her to heavily exploit any openings that present themselves, such as catching the enemy team in their jungle on one side of the map, and a minion wave nearing their tower on the opposite side; with this build she is a brutal tower destroying machine, and can both sneak in with a teleport, and escape with her other abilities afterwards. Late game, using wards to teleport back and forth through their lanes and jungle, hitting priority targets is a massive boost that can win yeur team the game at times.

There are other options available as well, but most of these just aren't nearly as potent these two primary ones for this particular playstyle.

Flash Some people LURVE their flash... and admittedly, it can be quite nice with her kitty-Q. Thing is, though, she already has pounce, which does that quite admirably, and ghost works better in most situations because of her spammable pounce. If she were AP, then yes, she's much squishier and needs the help, as if she's not at range, she's kinda weak. In this form, she can stand toe to toe with far more champions than one might find possible, so is not in much need of flash.

Ignite Booyeah! IGNITE! Everyone loves ignite! ...Right? Right? No? Well, the thing is here, Ignite is usually used to prevent healers (durn yeu Soraka!) from healing up, or to get that last little touch of damage in. This build is such that she can demolish most any healer with ease (especially enemy Nidalee's; this build tears other Nida's apart with ease). There's also the matter that her kitty-Q does obscene damage to low health targets, and her abilities are all highly spammable. It's excessively rare to be able to escape her as it is, so Ignite really isn't that valueable a tool, and mostly just takes up space.

Cleanse is one of the most powerful abilities in the game, and all too often overlooked. So why do I not put it in this build? Because she doesn't need it. Nidalee, with this build, will mostly be fighting people 1 on 1, or occasionally 2 on 1, and the rest of the time, will generally be avoiding combat, as it's damned near impossible to pin her down if she doesn't want to be caught. While one of the very few things that can kill a Nidalee is CC... most of the time, with ample use of wards and good map awareness, yeu'll be in and out long before the enemy team can even reach yeu, and have so many jump points on the map that many people don't even know about, that she really, honestly, doesn't need to get caught in the first place most of the time.

There are other summoner spells that could go here, but the rest are mostly a joke. She has good enough mana control with the occasional blue buff, which she solos with impressive speed with this build, that she doesn't need Smite nor Clairity. The rest just aren't really useful to her in any way, shape, or form, so it's pointless for me to link each one and just go "no, derp, lulz".

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Why the runes I have chosen?

Well, let's see:

Greater Mark of Desolation These marks add significantly to her armour penetration, which is a big deal on this build. Endgame, she can often be packing nearly 100 arpen, letting her shred even tanks who think themselves safe. Every little bit counts, and she'll be doing primarily physical damage instead of magical with this build.

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration Admittedly, I'm cheap so I don't have a bunch of the dodge runes, but at the same time, Nidalee's pretty rough on mana at times, especially with only a Sheen or a Trinity Force to provide her with mana. Early game, it's not that big a deal; her spells are cheap, her cooldowns aren't that low yet, and she has a few health pots to keep her from being completely in need of spamming her heal. By the time she needs mana regen, these will be more useful than the static Greater Seal of Replenishment anyway, so no point ever getting those. Nidalee also gets to generally pick and choose her fights (If yeu can't win a fair fight, don't fight fair! =D ). Tack on that there's no real purpose on her getting dodge runes either, especially when lacking the dodge mastery and not using the Ninja Tabi, since she won't dodge consistently enough to really matter.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist While the AP/level would be nice here, in most situations, I find that Nidalee's biggest enemy is sudden burst damage from a caster. In most cases, she can win a fight with this build, but only if she lives long enough to be able to heal and make full use of her ability range. Burst casters can end her or chase her off before she ever gets the chance to do her thing. Early game, she can generally handle herself well enough, as most casters won't have much in the way of AP or insta-gibbing just yet, which will let her escape or kill as needed. As such, the /level is usually of more use to her than the flat amount runes.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation Once again, I stress how powerful she will be with armour penetration, and how brutal her damage output really can become. While I normally run most champions with the CDR/level quints, which I typically feel give me far more flexibility in which items to get, for this particular build, she just flat out needs the raw Armour Penetration to truly crush the things she wants dead.

There are, of course, variations on a theme here, but after extensive attempts and testing, I've just found this to be by far the most effective setup.

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Alright, a few of yeu are surely shaking yeur heads, wondering WTH I'm thinking here. I didn't even get Havoc? WTH!?

Well, this is a tactical build that is not focused on brute force. Nidalee is very much so a finesse champion, and with this build, it's even more so.

The goal of the game is to demolish buildings, first and foremost, and many people forget this fact. It doesn't matter if yeu have 100 kills and 0 deaths on yeur team, if they kill yeur nexus, yeu still loose. If they have yeu pushed into yeur base with all yeur towers and inhibitors down, and yeu haven't even scratched their level 1 towers, then yeu are LOOSING.

This build is all about using Nidalee's greatest strengths: mobility, sustainability, capacity to run when needed, and ability to handle herself in a fire fight if need be.

As such, Havoc means going heavily deep into the Offense tree, and, let's face it, there's really not that much in there she really needs. She will not be a big bad crit spammer in most situations. I've tried it, it doesn't work so well on her. Many of her abilities can't crit, and those which can, usually don't need to. Sustainable, predictable damage is whot she needs more than anything. So, no Havoc, because it requires wasting too many more points in the tree on useless junk, and depriving her of far, far more valuable stuff elsewhere.

Primarily, she needs a bit of physical damage to start out, to let her last hit a tiny bit better at the start of the game, as her base damage is low enough that it can be trickier than most to pull this off with. Once she hits 6, no big deal, she slaughters minions and jungle then, but those first few levels are crucial, because we want her to have enough for both boots AND a sheen by level 6.

Nidalee is also, quite possibly, the single most level-dependant champion in the game. She *NEEDS* experience because of how her ultimate works, and how her kitty abilities only scale with her ultimate, not their respective spells. Therefore, we absolutely must have Awareness on all Nidalee builds that even consider using her kittyform at all ever.

Meditation and Quickness are also highly important; she's a bit mana hungry, and doesn't have much to boost her in this regard with this kind of a build. She also needs to be able to outrun anything that can box her in, and needs to be able to get into position immediately to exploit any openings that occur. Quickness is only 3%, but that 3% can be the difference of life and death all too often for this kind of a play style.

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The above item build is only an EXAMPLE. Yeu may even notice that it only even has 5 items. Funny, that.

Wards. Get them.


I'm not joking; this isn't up for debate, and it isn't negotiable. For the kind of build we're looking at here, she *NEEDS* to have map awareness at all times, or she can, and will, die horribly.

As yeu play her, yeu'll gradually develop better map awareness, and get a feel for how much time yeu have to burn down buildings when noone's looking, but even then, it can be hard to gauge if someone blew their ghost early to get to yeu that much quicker because yeu're wailing on an inhibitor.

Toss in that yeu can Teleport to wards, and yeu have just created a very powerful mobility tool, which can be more powerful than any amount of attack damage in the world.

Now then, the item build for Nidalee as a building demolisher is a bit odd, because it's highly, highly variable. It does not conform to a single aspect, and it shifts wildly based upon the enemy team composition.

Some teams will be excellent at defense, and yeu'll need to completely rework yeur build. Others will have heavy magic damage and CC, and some will even have brutal physical damage yeu can't take in a fight (Tryndamere and... and... yep, that's about it. Even then, yeu stand a 50/50 chance. Even Vayne can't hold up in a fight against an AD Nidalee, who is virtually the perfect counter for her and rips Vayne apart with ease).

Still, there are a few core items which will occur on every single game of this, regardless.


Youmuu's Ghostblade I've had people actively complain at me for picking up this item on Nidalee (Derp it only works on melee attacks!). Well, yeah, but that's not a problem, as yeu only need to proc it 4 times total, and it lasts after changing back out of kittyform. The armour penetration and damage are a huge benefit here, though the crit is admittedly kinda wasted. The CDR never hurts, but the real power in this item, is the really quick cooldown speed burst. This can save yeur tail (pun intended >=3 ) when ghost is down, and still be ready for use on offense soon after. Popping a heal on yeurself, then leaping in on a tower in kittyform, proc'ing sheen, and kitty-Q'ing the tower, then popping this, will allow yeu to go berserk on a tower (or an enemy player!) in record time, shredding them to pieces with surprising speed. The general versatility of this item, and the pre-requisite The Brutalizer being excessively nice at a low cost to surprise people with early game (caught quite a few people unaware, such as a recent game with a Udyr who was confused at how I tore him apart so fast), and the low cost in general of the whole package deal, just makes this too good an offer to pass up.

Trinity Force This is a mainstay of Nidalee as an AD carry/tower-assassin. This gives her a bit of AP, some AD, some move speed, some health, some mana, some slow, and the proc works off ALL her kitty abilities (on their lovely low cooldowns), and WORKS ON TOWERS. Let me repeat that. Trinity Forces' proc is one of the only ones in the game that works against buildings. With her damage output on a kitty-Q, she can leap in and tear hundreds of life off a tower in a single burst, allowing her to effectively backdoor pretty much any tower under 50% health. The mana doesn't hurt her low mana pool with this build, and the AP certainly aides her healing capacity. Toss in that Sheen is the first item she should finish building, which just so happens to be part of the Trinity Force, and yeu've got a perfect item, more or less.

The Black Cleaver This is another mainstay that will show up in virtually all games. Its' attack speed, damage, and armour reduction all play perfectly into this build as a whole. This will both aide in her building demolishing prowess, and will let her rip apart pretty much any squishie she pleases without hardly any chance of loosing. Even Vayne and Rumble are easily dispatched with the armour penetration yeu'll be packing.

Now then, let's get onto the optional items. The ones listed in the main build are the most common that I normally get, but they can be swapped out depending on the situation. Here's a few other really good ones:

Boots of Mobility These are EXCELLENT for this build. Nidalee is all about speed and finesse, and being able to have the entire enemy team chasing yeu down half the map after yeu backdoored an inhibitor, and actually getting away with it, is a huge deal. Getting into position in the first place before they notice yeu're missing is another huge portion of things. The *ONLY* time yeu would *NOT* get mobility, is if they have very, very fast reaction times, yeu're having problems counter warding (really shouldn't be since traps can also see wards, letting yeu often kill their wards for free so long as yeu see where they dropped theirs), AND they have lots of CC. All three of these must coincide, or yeu will be getting the mobility booties.

Mercury's Treads These are for those situations where, no matter whot yeu do, they always seem to find yeu and have a whole ton of CC waiting for yeur face. The other tenacity items just flat out don't provide the same value, and lack the magic resist that will also be needed in this situation, while wasting another inventory slot yeu can't afford. Keep in mind, that these will *NOT* be used very often, unless yeu're at much higher levels of play. If they don't have fast reaction times, and don't always support any lane which looks even remotely like it may be getting near a tower, then yeu've no need for these. If they have only one or two CC total, then yeu won't need these as Banshee's Veil will work much better in this situation anyway. If they are not using wards (lower level play), or yeu are not having problems counter-warding them with traps and Vision Ward, then yeu will know long, long before the enemy shows up, and can simply run away with mobility, which works far better than trying to run after they're already in yeur face. The better yeu get at playing Nidalee in this way, the less yeu'll need to rely on ever getting merc treads, as yeu'll develop a feel for whot yeu can get away with.

Banshee's Veil This will be invaluable if they have any CC at all. Even one stun or root, will often be the end of yeu if they have friends nearby. (Unless they don't, then it's their funeral) Tenacity just isn't useful if yeu get chain stunned, so it's best to avoid the problem in the first place. Nidalee sits on the edge of battle, lobbing ranged spears and physical ranged attacks, until she sees a clean opening to go in for a kill in kittyform; in a fight against a 1v1 opponent, the veil will work wonders, in a full on 5v5 fight, this will often keep yeu from getting jumped on and focused. But primarily, yeur hit and run tactics require yeu to be able to take a hit and keep going. Slows are really not that big a deal for Nidalee, as she can generally just outrun them by getting to a jump point and escaping. (Nunu or Vayne with a Frozen Mallet are about yeur only two threats here at all, and yeu can kill either of them so long as yeu're at full health) If they have no hard CC, like suppressions, stuns, or roots, then yeu may as well not bother with this. This gets more and more rare at higher levels of play, so yeu'll typically find yeurself usually getting this as yeu get better.

Thornmail This pretty much will give yeu the upper edge against virtually any physical damage dealer. Nidalee can heal, can lower their armour/MR, and as soon as anyone is at half health, they are literally a free kill. Note that thornmail reflects damage *BEFORE* armour and damage resistances apply, meaning yeu will be doing, in some cases, more damage back to them than they will be doing to yeu. With this, yeu can take on pretty much any physical damage carry and win, even if they're more fed than yeu are. With the possible exception of Tryndamere. *Shakefist @ his ultimate*

Nashor's Tooth CDR (40% max with Youmuu's), ability power and attack speed. Three great things that go great together. In this case, however, it's generally overkill, and normally not needed. Nidalee already has immense attack speed with this build, generally surpassing 2.0 attack speed with ease, and the AP/Cooldowns aren't so badly needed that yeu can't just pick up a blue buff if yeu're that hurting for it. It helps, but unless yeu find yeurself backed into a fight far too often and needing to heal frequently, it's not really that big a deal.

Frozen Mallet Few things are harder to accomplish than running away from Nidalee, especially an AD one who isn't reliant upon landing a spear hit to make yeur head go squish. I suppose, trying to skii through a revolving door may rank up there, but this is still pretty high up on the list. Considering she has a proc on her triforce already, it's usually not needed, but there are a few special cases where someone may just be a pain to pin down and kill. For all those belligerent Kassadin's out there, who just don't know when to die, an AD Nidalee with a Frozen Mallet is pretty much a death sentence. The extra health doesn't hurt either, since she usually caps out at about 2250ish otherwise, leaving her mildly squishy still, if one doesn't count her insane maneuverability and healing.

Madred's Bloodrazor This is sometimes nice, but admittedly, most tanky dps that yeu'd get this for, already have pretty good magic resist, so it really isn't that impressive of a bonus. She has good attack speed already, and the armour boost is low enough that it's not that big a deal. Yeu may find it very useful, however, in some situations, so don't rule it out entirely. More than one "derp Imma tank" have met their end by ignoring nidalee chucking her normal ranged spears at them, and not realizing she's tearing huge chunks of their health out with every hit. People have this silly notion that she's only dangerous if she has a large spell spear to throw, and have a habit of ignoring her little spears. This can very well make them regret that silly mistake.

Hextech Gunblade With high damage and high AP to go with it, if yeu find yeurself needing to heal far, far too often, this can be the perfect solution. Toss in an activated slow, and a little bit of life steal and spell vamp, and yeu're looking at a very viable toy. But... she's really not needing that much of the AP or life steal or spell vamp with this build, so I rarely get it myself. Even a mere ~100ish AP is more than enough to keep her topped off in most cases, and she doesn't honestly need the lifesteal or spell vamp in general. If yeu find yeu're constantly getting stuck in combat against champions that feel like they outclass yeu, then this is a very viable solution at times, but if yeu play her right, yeu probably won't need this.

Quicksilver Sash This is very useful at times, but considering the build, it's generally better to avoid it. Banshee's Veil is typically far more effective; in most cases with this game play style, yeu will be attempted to be boxed in by enemy players coming from all directions, or a single one will get there slightly ahead of the pack by a few seconds. Yeu probably won't really need to survive multiple chain nukes, and a veil will be more useful due to the bonus health, mana, and lower cooldown. If, however, the enemy team is absurdly coordinated, and don't rush to charge yeu to try to slow yeu immediately so the others can catch up, but instead all show up at almost the same time, and do this consistently, then the sash will likely be better than the veil. Typically though, if someone can outrun their allies, they usually will, lest they risk yeu simply running away before they all get there, so the veil is still the preferred choice in 90% of situations.

Now, for some stuff yeu SHOULD NOT GET. Yeu may think it's a good idea. Yeu may think it's an awesome idea. DO NOT DO IT.

Guinsoo's Rageblade Wait, wth? A Nidalee without a rageblade? O.o;; In some cases this can be alright, or even pretty descent (full AP nida for example, and some poor quality hybrids), but in this particular build, she doesn't really need that much AP, she already has nearly maxed out attack speed as it is, and the damage boost is low enough that it can be replaced with other, far better items. It's not so much that this is a *BAD* item for her... it's just, with this build, there is absolutely ZERO reason to ever get this over place of anything listed above it. Getting the rageblade is essentially a wasted slot. Get a Hextech Gunblade or a Nashor's Tooth if yeu're that insistent that yeu absolutely need some AP.

Berserker's Greaves No, yeu don't need attack speed. Stop derping around, yeu already have one of the best attack speed buffs in the game and a Trinity Force, Youmuu's Ghostblade and a The Black Cleaver. This is a waste and should never be gotten. EVER. (At least on this Nidalee build)

Boots of Swiftness Each additional rank of enhanced movement provides +20 flat move speed. Compared to any other Level 2 boots, that's a whole whopping... +20 move speed. Generally not enough to be that big a deal. Sure, yeu can use it in combat, but honestly, if Nidalee can't outrun someone long enough for Boots of Mobility to kick in, then she's already dead or needed the Mercury's Treads instead. Don't ever bother getting swiftness on her. It's a total waste.

Ninja Tabi This sounds good... but... no dodge runes, no dodge masteries? Mmm no Ninja Tabi then. Much like armour or crit %, a tiny boost has virtually no effect on its' own, and may as well not exist. While she does get a natural 10% dodge bonus in kitty form, the fact of the matter, is that it's just not worth it unless yeu stack for dodge heavily, and yeu have better things to get. It's better to slaughter their buildings and get out without a scratch, than to try to go toe to toe against Tryndamere anyway.

Phantom Dancer AWE WHY NOT!? Because yeu already have obscene attack speed and move speed, and the crit isn't really going to help out all that much anyway. Trust me, I loves me a good Phantom Dancer, a little salt, some vindaloo, perhaps a garnish of garlic and shredded mozzarella... but not on this build.

Lich Bane Just because every single other guide on here goes "lulz ap", does not mean it's necessarily the best option. Yeu'll also notice that yeu seem to be somewhot lacking on AP in this build, which makes a Lich Bane practically useless. So please, try to give me my delusional scant traces of faith in humanity, and don't buy this on her if going heavy AD.

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Early Game

Nidalee *NEEDS* a solo lane for early game. Ideally, she wants the top lane, doubly so if yeur team has a jungle and the enemy team, for some odd reason, does not. Nidalee is one of the best champions in the game for a 1v2 and can be near impossible to kick out of her lane early on.

In this particular build, yeu pretty much are forced to grab the Sapphire Crystal first thing, with 2 health potions. The health potions aren't honestly all that big of a deal, but since yeu'll be dropping traps first thing, yeu may need them to cover for healing until level 2 when yeu get yeur first point into primal surge if the baddies are overly aggressive.

For now, yeu want to be very, very passive. Focus solely on last hitting in most cases, and don't worry too much about harass in most situations.

If, for some odd reason, the enemy decides to just autoattack minions, or is very aggressive, it's their loss. Nidalee can both heal, and do substantial damage, even at level 1 with this build, so if they want to be stupid, let them. Start focusing their enemy champion with a few hits at a time. Most players, until yeu get into the very, very high ranks, will automatically turn around to chase yeu as soon as yeu turn around; use this to yeur advantage by turning around for about half a second, then turning back towards them and targeting their face for a few free shots as they run away again.

Since Nidalee can heal, and yeu'll be maxing yeur heal first (unlike most builds), yeu'll be able to take on pretty much anything most people can throw at yeu. Be really careful if they have extra-spammy abilities (I fought Mordekaiser and Katarina earlier today solo; still killed them both though, tsk tsk, that's whot yeu get for being too aggressive). With her attack speed boost, and 25 armour penetration from runes/masteries in the suggested build for those, she will rack up some considerable damage on anyone stupid enough to try to win a poking match. Even Corki usually looses these I find, though a truly expert Corki player can more or less break even.

Regardless, yeur goal here, above all else, is to make monies. Lots and lots of monies. Last hit, and make use of yeur attack speed buff, even if yeu're not at full health. Yeu are aiming to get at least 1210 gold by the time yeu're level 6. The reason for this, is that just so happens to be perfectly enough to finish off both sheen, and grab a pair of level 1 boots.

Once yeu have yeur gold for the sheen and boots (AND NOT BEFORE!), push up a bit. Yeu should be level 6 around now, so should be able to shred a wave of minions within a few seconds, which no one else really can at this level. Get them away from yeur tower for a few moments, and TP back to town, grab the sheen and boots, and use yeur Teleport summoner spell to get back to yeur tower without missing a beat.

Congrats, yeu now have about triple the damage output of virtually anyone else at yeur level, and can kill practically anyone yeu want at will.

Whittle the enemy champion down to about 50% health with a mixture of feints and ranged autoattacks, mixed with Q-spears and kitty abilities.

Once they are at half health, ghost in, pounce, swipe, takedown, and they are as good as dead.

People who buy doran's items and stack health quints will think themselves safe from burst, but Nida's so good at it with a sheen and her kittyform, that she can blow through virtually anyone at this point for a free kill. It is rare to not get a kill at this point, and usually involves either a gank (did yeu forget to drop more of those traps? >=O ), flash on their part (which yeu may not be neccesarily capable of catching up to them yet, depending on their champion; for example an Ezreal player will generally be a little harder to really put down), or just blind luck (wth ~10 life?).

If takedown does NOT kill them, but leaves them close, yeu will have to decide whether to use pounce a second time, or to swap out into ranged form again to finish them off. I normally chase and use pounce, then swap after to range them down, with a javelin toss for good measure if someone really is being that difficult with just not dying.

Keep in mind that most people will not expect yeu to have such a massive sudden increase in firepower. Someone like Malzahar or Shen, yeu call out when they hit 6. Nidalee, yeu usually don't bother... until she promptly takes yeur face off with her brand new sheen.

Throughout this phaze, yeu should be periodically applying new traps as yeu're able to, and preferably will want to lay a trap directly on the blue golem, because the instant it spawns, yeu'll know it's up, probably before their jungler even notices if they're preoccupied elsewhere. And once Nidalee is 6 with a sheen, she can eat golem in record time, putting even the jungler to shame with their smite, probably.

By this point, however, yeu have pretty much ended the early game, and things are going to start getting interesting.

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Mid Game

This is when the build truly starts to shine. It already was more than enough to take out any other Nidalee build, so if yeu're playing a normal blind pick game, and face another Nidalee, yeu will have a major advantage in both healing and damage output. They will have better spears, but yeu will typically tear them apart in every other way. Just don't stand in the easily avoidable spears is all. Even if yeu do, yeu can heal it back, so no big deal.

Anyways, by now, the laning phaze is probably coming to a close. Yeu have probably managed to tear the enemy tower down, even if they tried to gank yeu (and probably died trying), and now yeu've got mobility boots and a brutalizer.

This is where yeur true face begins to show.

Once yeur tower is down, start pushing other lanes. Yeur high physical damage output, paired with yeur close to maxed out attack speed buff, and kitty+sheen combo, will let yeu rip down towers with ease, and yeu can usually manage to sneak in one extra tower before they realize that the laning phaze is completely done with.

From here, yeur position becomes twofold:

- Track down skirmish fights and insta-gib anyone at half life or lower
- Constantly change lanes, focusing on demolishing towers whenever yeu get a chance

Keep yeur Teleport spell ready and don't blow it early just to get out into combat again faster. This is yeur ace in the hole, because at some point, the enemy team is going to try to gank someone with 4-5 people, and at this point, they aren't really suited for, nor prepared, to defend against a ridiculously high damage anti-tower pusher.

As soon as yeu see an opening, where yeu know where most of their team is, and they are significantly far away from a tower that has minions nearby it, teleport over, kitty pounce/shred the minion wave, and then start wailing on the tower. Youmuu's should be available soon, and only makes this even easier, dealing ungodly amounts of damage at so early a level.

Remember, TAKEDOWN HITS BUILDINGS! Also, SHEEN HITS BUILDINGS! Also, also, KITTY ABILITIES PROC SHEEN. Even if yeu can't hit a tower with swipe or pounce, use them anyway to proc sheen for a nice damage increase. Don't forget to pop out of kitty and use primal surge again for more attack speed; don't worry about youmuu's; once yeu hit 4 times in melee as a kitty (takes no time at all really since takedown also procs it and yeu have a stupid amount of attack speed already for this level). Whot's even better, the primal surge, and transforming into or out of kittyform, also just so happen to proc sheen as well. This means sheen will be pretty much constantly up every 3 seconds, ready to do more damage.

As yeu start trying to reach their Level 2 towers, they will become increasingly more cautious (if they're even remotely sane anyway they will), and here's where yeur next dirty trick comes in...

If yeu see the top or bottom lane is starting to push a little bit, but is still around the river, go to the OPPOSITE lane, and start pushing really hard. After seeing yeu eat through a tower or three, the panic lights will come on and yeu'll soon have 3-5 of their team barreling down at yeu.

With good wards and traps, or at least a good sense of timing, yeu can generally estimate how long it'll take for them to get there... and then teleport about 5 seconds before they make it to the opposite side of the map and push there instead, and claim another tower while they helplessly run back across the map yet again.

A strong team comp later on will probably have a fortify to use, but they can't keep yeu out of doing this forever, and with being a puss in mobility boots, yeu will have little trouble outrunning them, leaping over obstacles they have to go around, and demolishing their base.

If yeu see a team fight, yeu will be forced to make a decision; either help out with it by playing the role of a ranged AD carry, skirting the edges of the fight, and leaping in with kitty only when someone's very low and it's unlikely yeu'll be insta-gibbed for doing so.

The alternative, is if yeu think yeur team can hold their own at a tower, or at least break even, take that opportunity to go kill another one of their towers.

Each time yeu kill a tower, it harms their morale, above all else. When they look at the map and see maybe 1-2 of yeur Level 1 towers, and they're barely clinging onto their last Level 2 tower, many teams will start to become lethargic, or even better, skittish.

When they become skittish, they are paranoid about yeu. They finally realize yeu are a major player in the game, and if they don't shut yeu down fast, then they are going to lose.

This means that, when yeu push a lane, they are now going to send 3-5 people after yeu every time.

This may scare most champions, but not Nidalee. She's near impossible to chase, and with proper ward placement, she can be anywheres on the map she pleases in a matter of moments. Using the jump points present on the map, and she can even evade a full team of 5 chasing her down.

Yeu *WANT* this. Bait them. Lure them. Make them chase yeu endlessly around the map in circles. If they blow a full minute sending 5 people trying ot pin yeu down, that's a full minute for them to walk right into an ambush from yeur allies, or for yeur allies to just demolish another tower or two while they're distracted.

How many times have I had teams so scared that I would kill their base, that they send their whole team mindlessly tunnelvisioning after me, while I weave between their towers with ease, all through their jungle, and their base is being wailed on the whole time by my allies.

In the end, the goal is to make their base not be there anymore.

Whether this comes about by yeu killing them and pushing, or from yeu killing the towers with backdoors (about midgame here, anything with ~500 health on a tower is fair game for a backdoor; yeu'll barely take any damage if yeu use all yeur abilities to burn it down fast, which gives yeu enough time to get out again safely as well), or from yeur allies tearing it down while yeu distract the enemy team.

The end result, is that they have lost a lot of map control, and are now in prime pickings for the endgame.

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It's time to end it. Their forwards and middle towers are in ruins, they're scared to leave their base for whot it may mean if yeu are left alone for 5 seconds without a fortify guarding them. They try to go near their jungle but it's warded fully and yeu have teleport so can immediately go defend any backdoor attempts they try to make.

The end is nigh.

The goal here, is not to push hard in a single lane, like in most games. Often, yeu get a 5v5 fight on the Level 3 forwards base towers, which turns into a mess. The enemies are scared to leave their tower, and yeur allies are scared to attack it.


Let yeur allies push middle hard, and as soon as they do, hit one of the side towers. They'll be forced to divert more than one of their number to stop yeu, since by this point, they'll have learned that it's pretty much impossible for any one person to actually nail down Nidalee and keep her from just showing up 10 seconds later to repeat the process.

This means yeur allies now have a perfect opportunity to attack. If the enemy team is willing to sacrifice the tower yeu're hitting on... well... 'kay? Kill it I guess. If yeu can breathe between laughing so hard, I suppose.

Yeu move really, really fast at this point, with multiple massive move speed boosts, and teleport, and can keep pressure on them hard all over their base. They can't stop yeu from getting at least a few sheen hits in on their towers, and even the occasional takedown on a tower will bring it to its' knees after a few attacks.

After they've started loosing inhibitors, I think yeu know whot to do from this part, and I need not elaborate further.

(Psst, the answer is not "surrender")

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Fighting enemy champions

This varies widely between particular champions yeu fight, but Nidalee is versatile enough to be able to lay most anyone down pretty hard.

To do so normally requires a mixture of kiting, healing, and so on.

In the event of a 1 on 1 surprise fight, typically someone trying to jungle on their own without group support, or forcing a group to split up with a split push... yeu will want to typically try to get in as close as possible and in their face off the start.

Open with a pounce, and swipe, followed by a takedown immediately. Then, rather than just turning to caster form, pounce back away again, swap out, heal any damage they did, and drop a trap, followed by spearing them in the face. The spear won't hurt that much, but yeu can't really spear them immediately after leaving kittyform, as it has a bad bug with targeting when yeu do that which will usually make it go flying off in some random direction, as in pretty much anywheres other than where yeu want it to, so always spear AFTER a short delay from leaving kittyform.

Try to lead them into yeur trap, such as dropping it directly on yeur feet and backing up slightly. Either they eat the armour/mr debuff and a bit of damage, or they walk around it, giving yeu an extra 2-3 free spears to their face.

Get back into kitty and repeat the first assault, and by now, most champions are either dead, or the really bulky ones have realized that they are not going to be winning this fight any longer, no matter how much health they have.

Make sure to glance at yeur minimap for warded areas to see if anyone is trying to come 'help' yeu play with yeur friend by shooting at yeu too.

In many cases, this build is actually capable of taking 2 enemy players in a row, sometimes even 2 at the same time, and still come out ahead.

Past that though, and it's time to run like hell.

Make a break for yeur nearest jump point and juke yeur way to freedom.

In a team fight, Nidalee is quite squishy, and even with defensive items, she still goes down pretty fast. Yeu will also become a very, very high priority target, as if the team fight is a draw, or in yeur favour, or they're aced, or even if they win by a tiny bit but have to go heal... if yeu're still alive, they are screwed, because yeu can get out faster than they can and start breaking their stuff again now that they don't have a full team to stop yeu any longer.

As such, yeu do NOT want to jump right into the fray in kittyform. PERIOD.

Even if someone looks like an easy kill, resist the urge! Gold is not yeur primary concern here, and neither is getting a last hit. Let someone else have it. Yeur goal is to still be alive at the end of the fight so that yeu can make them pay dearly for thinking they could do a team fight at all in the first place.

Use yeur high priority status to edge just a little bit close to the fight, enough to tempt one of their bruisers or offtanks into going for yeu. If they have a singed, blitzcrank, or whotever available, position yeurself accordingly.

As soon as they try to go for yeu, kittyform and pounce back out of harm's way, luring them directly into the rest of yeur ranged dps, and getting them killed.

Nidalee looks squishy, but with her immense mobility and descent healing in this spec, she's still very hard to nail down anyway, and can kite most teams with relative ease, especially once she has a banshee's veil.

Do *NOT* suicide to get a kill, no matter whot. Yeu are one of the most destructive members on yeur team, and yeur being alive after a group fight is whot is going to win yeu the game. Don't take stupid chances, don't go too aggressive.

It doesn't mean sit at the back and wait though, like most Nidalee builds, which have yeu tossing spears and pretending to be useful in between without doing much.

Yeu have a very potent, fairly long ranged autoattack, which by now will be packing a good 100 armour penetration, letting yeu pretty much shred those silly bruisers who think they are invincible up front. Feel free to melt their faces off and show them otherwise, but be prepared to back off if one of them thinks yeu'd be tastier in melee range.

If they try to follow, kittyform and finish them off as soon as they're far enough away from their group that pouncing on them won't get yeu instantly hit with every single CC and nuke the enemy team has.

Ideally, at the end of the fight, the enemies will be backing off to heal, or in full retreat. This is yeur chance to chase them down and get those kills yeu wanted so badly.

Nidalee excels at laying waste to low health targets who like to think they're invulnerable (such as Swain or Mundo, who are pretty much free kills as far as I'm concerned. They like to sit around at 20% health, thinking their regen will save them, but it never does), and those that are trying to run away. With a triforce, or a frozen mallet, she can chase them down with ease and rip them apart. Flash is hardly enough to save someone from a hungry Nidalee who really, really wants to see them in tiny pieces.

If a fight looks like its' about to turn sour, and yeu may not win it, help as much as yeu can, but if it's just about to break, get back and try to teleport up to another lane. Considering how much ridiculous pushing and tower slaughtering power yeu possess, yeu can probably manage to get them to chase yeu over to whereever yeu are, rather than taking advantage of the time they just bought killing yeur allies.

Killing champions does *NOT* win yeu the game. All it rewards yeu with is free time to push and kill towers. If yeu can force them to chase yeu all over the map instead, then yeu have just wasted the only thing they got out of winning that team fight: time.

Gold and exp is a distant secondary to that time benefit; time lets yeu win the game. Gold and exp just lets yeu win the next team fight a little easier, and honestly, positioning and coordination are far more important than gold count anyway.

In the end, waste as much time of theirs as yeu can, and break as many buildings as possible.

Unlike Sivir, who pushes harder, Nidalee, with this build, kills towers faster, backdoors better, and can hold herself up far, far better in a fight, with only a minor hit to her pushing power compared to Sivir.

Because of yeur ability to take most enemies that face yeu in a fight, unlike Sivir or AP and hybrid Nidalees, yeu are a highly effective form of bait and group splitting. It is rare that enemies will send just 1 person after yeu, as that one person will generally just give yeu a free kill and slow yeu down a few seconds at best. (Except tryndamere who is particularly strong against this build, but then again, who isn't he strong against 1v1?).

Use these to yeur advantage, and yeu will find yeurself in a favourable position.

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Jump Points

These are absolutely essential to playing Nidalee in this manner, because without them, yeu flat out *WILL* die. Period.

As such, I have prepared a map for use, so that people can see where their best escape routes are.

Once again, as mentioned above, I highly recommend doing a few practice games to get used to where these points are, and the particular finickyness of each. Some of them are significantly harder to jump than others.

Map key:

Red circles are typically easier to jump across I find, and not quite as picky about positioning and direction. They also tend to have a larger area which they can be jumped across.

Red arrows are jumpable, but they have a habit of being very finicky on the angle and distance, and are less reliable, sometimes causing deaths if yeu don't pre-plan to limit their chance to screw up. These also tend to be very narrow, and need to be hit nearly dead on.

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This is not the be-all end-all Nidalee guide ever made. It will not win 100% of games, especially if yeur team is not very coordinated. Certain team builds are significantly resistant against such (such as a team comp specifically designed to back door endlessly with several fortifies on their side).

It is not set in stone, and modifications are possible, obviously.

It is not the "best" or "only" way to play, but merely a perfectly viable alternative option which can be very potent in its' own right if played properly.

It is not something which can be learned overnight; if yeu have no hit and run experience, or have not used Nidalee before, yeu will find this very difficult to pull off because of needing to know exactly whot she's capable of, and how much time yeu can get away with before having to run.

Whot this guide will do, is give yeu a new and unique way of playing Nidalee, which can be highly entertaining, and has an overall much stronger early, mid, and late game than the typical Nidalee builds that are found on this site.

This build has limited healing capacity, and is intended to use her heal more as an attack speed buff on herself, with moderate self healing capacity. It does not spear chuck particularly well with Javelin toss, but her autoattack spears will rip through nearly anything, including tanks in many cases, and most any beefy dps wannabe who thinks they deserve to be both high in defense and offense.

This build is also one of the strongest current counters to Vayne, and has really no issues with tearing her to pieces, even when underleveled or undergeared, so long as Nidalee has a Sheen and a moderate amount of health.

Yeu still can not run from Vayne if she has a frost mallet though. Sorries, I don't really think anyone can pull that one off XD

Keep in mind, once again, that this is for somewhot seasoned Nidalee users. If yeu're not really sure whot she's capable of for escaping, then yeu're probably going to die a lot at first.

Even then, if yeu haven't played her AD before, yeu probably will not be used to using the full range of her abilities properly, nor how much damage she can really put out, so will not know at which point it's safe to tower dive and such.

It's a fun, rewarding build, but takes awhile to get used to. It makes up for this, by surprising people, leaving them unprepared for whot to expect from her, and can often get wins simply because of being underestimated for too long.

Regardless, I hope yeu all enjoy playing yeur shiny new AD Nidalee, and get some wins out of it!

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13th May, 2011, 8:12pm AST - Added quicksilver sash, since somehow I forgot this (I was really tired at the time, this took hours to write XD ), and fixed a few errors caused by icons for summoner spells stating the name as well as my own stating the name, which led to several weird cases of "teleport teleport". Also updated a few notes on abilities and why they're gotten in a certain order.